Ardell Duo Lash Adhesive

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Ardell Duo Lash Adhesive Zoom

Ardell Duo Lash Adhesive

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4 Ashleigh
Would recommend, long lasting, stayed on during a rollercoaster. but does come off at the ends if your eye waters in general, like mine
4 Sabrina
Amazing glue, it dries quickly and also keeps lashes on for long, however, since the glue is black it makes it hard to remove off of lashes (which is essential with expensive lashes) since you literally can't see what you are doing, so thanks to the glue being black, I've gone and ruined my new fake eyelashes. But if you are using this for cheap lashes this glue is perfect, if not, perhaps try and find a glue which is visable on the eyelash.
5 Anna
Best eyelash glue I've owned!! Easy to apply without getting too messy and makes my lashes stay on all night :)
5 Tine
Great product. Probably the best on the market. Does not smell nice but who cares. Does the job!
5 Mart
Keeps my lashes on all day! But smells disgusting.
5 Carolina
I love this glue, I have it in both clear and black color. I prefer the black one because I think makes my roots really black and I don't have to cover with a second layer of eyeliner. Since I've never tried a different brand of glue I can't say much, however, I can say that this glue works perfect for me!
5 Hana
Perfect glue, unfortunately I have put it somewhere or lost it so I will have to order a new one, shame haha, maybe even the double pack.
5 Ana
I highly recommend this glue! It's perfect and stays intact all day! love it
5 Kate
This glue is amazing! With its ability to last all day and night, it's definitely the most reliable eye lash glue I've ever used! I bought the dark one and used it to apply my lashes for prom. They didn't budge one bit throughout the whole night and I didn't have to worry about checking up on their stability - this glue is definitely worth 5 stars.
5 Kamyla
The best glue ever!!!
5 Emilie
I love this glue!! I tried the clear one, and it's so easy to work with. Best glue ever!!! Diffently want to buy it again!
5 Amanda Valadares
I super recommend it! Use it every time I put on fake lashes... the best glue
5 Polina
Great product. My lashes stay long day. Musthave!
5 Lily
This glue lasts all day long. Highly recommend it!
5 ann christin
i use false lashes every day, and in crises i have tried other brands, but its a lost case. this is the best one, end of story.
3 Teresa
I´ve tried the clear one with ardell invisiband lashes because a lot of people recommend it but after some hours the lashes began to come off.
5 Carla Butler Kelly
Best I've ever tried.
5 Camilla Jacobsen
I have never tried lash grip before, so I have nothing to campare with.. but this one really works! Love it!

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