Ardell Duralash Starter Kit

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4 Katrine
I really like this product. You have to be patient when applying, since it can be a bit tricky, but the result in the end is very nice! The lashes doesn't look too fake. I would say that the maximum lasting power is about a week. During the time when you're wearing the lashes you might have to reapply some of the little clusters if they should fall off, but it doesn't take long to reapply, and it sure saves a lot of time compared to applying mascara everyday.
1 Mave
I don't recommend this product for semi-permanent eyelash extensions because it comes of very easier and the adhesive and remover hurts the eyelids. I've tried applying it on my eyes multiple times but it never stayed more than 1 hour.
3 Chat
I bought this thinking it would be easier to apply individual ones but with this tweezers it is so hard to grab each lash. Perhaps different tweezers might help. Also end where you put glue on, it is a bit rough so my eyelids feel strange after applying these. I hope a few more practices will improve my liking.

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