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bareMinerals Quick Change Brush Cleaner Spray 110ml

4.5 23 Reviews
bareMinerals Quick Change Brush Cleaner Spray Zoom
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5 N
First brush cleaner I've bought however I wont be trying any others as this is amazing! Really cleans the brushes and even sponges, quick drying great value for money.
4 Allyne Zamel
4 Enrico De Felicibus
5 Silke
A real lifesaver! This saves alot of time and makes applying and blending eyeshadow alot easier. I just swipe my brush on a cloth with the product on it and it's perfectly clean!
5 Camila B.
Just can't live without! Excelent performance. It cleans my brushes quite easily without wetting them. Some find the scent strong but I like it. It really does what it says: quick change. Don't expect it to do the complete job. In this case, try a shampoo. Still, I love it!
5 Verena
Solid product. Great for a quick color change on brushes. Brushes don't dry right away, but quickly enough. Of course it doesn't replace thouroughly cleaning your brushes every once in a while, but that's not what it's made for anyways.
3 Ana
PROS: Works as product's name - you can quickly use the same brush with different colors with a quick spray over a tissue. Very convenient. CONS: Extremly strong smell, not only from the alcohol, but also from its fragrance. From my experience a bit aggresive for brushes (dry, stain and some falling bristles after use), which makes it unsuitable for frequent use.
5 Cleo
As previous have written, the scent is quite strong, but not overly so, I think.It does the job if you want to change colours. Great product!
3 Asa
This spray do what it is supposed to. Spray the liquid on a tissue and then sweep the brush on the wet spot. Now you can use another color. But if you want something to really clean your brushes, then this is not what you should use. The scent is also very strong. If you like it then it is great, if you don't then you will be fed up with the scent rather quickly. It is a OK product but not a wonder.
4 Lucy
Fairly strong smell and the brushes don't dry THAT quickly, but overall it's a really great way to save money on brushes and time on cleaning.
4 Henna
The product does what it's supposed to and the price is very reasonable. I took off one star for the ridiculously strong scent. It's not something I can't live with but I can definitely see myself getting tired of it in the future. If you're sensitive to scents, I'd give this a pass.
5 Josephine
I had previously used this at one of my friends getting ready for a night out, but now I've brought my own I love it! This leaves my brushes very soft as good as new, I love the smell, even if others don't!
5 Jen
I love this Quick Change Brush Cleaner!! It is so handy for when you need to use the same brush for different colours
4 Nora
I was torn between trying this out and not trying this out for quite a while, but finally bought it.It's a pretty handy product, it does get the job done. I wouldn't say the brushes dry "super quickly", but pretty fast compared to the alternative.The smell is quite thick and heavy, which is a downside. It wasn't as amazing as I expected from some of the reviews, but overall it's a pretty good product.
5 Isabel
I used to use another one that you rather poured out than sprayed on a tissue, but I like this one better where you can control the amount you use. It does have a strong smell, but the brushes dry quickly, and feels soft and clean which is what it's supposed to do.
4 Sofie
It works well and my brushes feel clean and soft straight after I've used this (they dry super quickly). It does however have a strong smell that annoys me every time I use the product. All in all a good buy.
5 Helene A.
Well i was only buying this because i got free delivery. However now i love it. I really like that it's a spray bottle, so it's easy to travel with. Doesn't get the bristles dry, but rather soft. It doesn't have a weird smell and they dry quick. It last a long time, the spray give a good amount I really LOVE this! Total Must have for me and good price!!!
5 Tracey Murphy
Fast and easy for cleaning my brushes. Brushes clean and ready to use in no time.
4 Jenny Martine
Agree with the other ones here, a must have for all make-up lovers! It works well, but not so good as i expected. I love that its so easy and quick to clean the brushes!
5 Mimi
I have to agree with all the ladies here, this is a must have for all make-up lover's.
5 mrs g booth
If you have the make up ,you need the brush cleaner.So quick and easy to cleen your brushers (no waiting for wet brushers to dry).BRILLIANT If you love bare minerals you will love the brush cleaner.
5 Marianne D.
This is by far the best brush cleanser I have ever tried. Although I don't think it has any perfume, it smells rather good :) And it lasts for eveeeeeer! Seriously, i use it quite often, have had it for about a year, and I have still not even used one third of the bottle. A definite must-have for everyone who wears makeup ;)
5 Kimberly
This is a must, if you use the same brush for different colors. It's an easy way to keep the brush clean at all times! Just loving it!!!

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