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bareMinerals Well Cared For Brush Conditioning Shampoo 120ml

4.5 15 Reviews
bareMinerals Well Cared For Brush Conditioning Shampoo Zoom
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5 Aneela
very good
1 Marija
This shampoo works fine for small eyeshadow brushes but when cleaning foundation brushes and blush brushes is doesn't do a good job, firstly it doesn't foam easily therefore you have to use a lot of product, and even though you have shampooed it loads it still won't clean it properly, if you clean it straight afterwards with a normal schampoo you will see how much makeup is actually left in your brushes, I have to do this step everytime I use this schampoo, disappointing, I wouldn't purchase again, you do better off with a basic fragrance free schampoo!
3 Natasha
Although I am happy overall with this product, there's definitely pluses and drawbacks. Pluses- It does get dark pigment out of brushes, it doesn't let them stain, e.g, a very pigmented black shadow may leave white brushes slightly greyed; this shampoo will get it out with a good rub between your thumb and fore finger. Drawbacks- no matter the amount of time you soak the brushes, how much of it you use, how much you scrub into them it still can't completely budge one of my studio standard kyrolan foundations. It clearly just isn't good at breaking down oils. Due to this, more scrubbing into the bristles is needed with your finger tips and if you had some cheaper quality brushes I could see this causing them to shed and deteriorate quickly. I'd say this is ok to recommend for brushes used by casual makeup fans and users but other makeup artists, not so much. I would probably buy this again but I will be looking for something better. I haven't found a new go to with this product.
5 Anna
Amazing product! Only need a tiny amount for each brush so it should last a long time. Brushes look fresh and completely clean afterwards.
4 Christel Van De Rijke
4 Vinnie
Great product! I use this for alle my brushes - and they all com good as new.
5 Alex
I use this on all my brushes. I have some from mac, e.l.f., coastal scent, urban decay...They all come good as new and stay really soft.
4 Archie
great product! you only need a little bit to completely clean your brushes
4 Sarah
I have been using this with my bareminerals brushes and it definitely does the job! The brushes feel like new afterwards.
5 Evie
This shampoo soaps up really nicely to clean all brands of brushes and left mine lovely and soft. :) Only a minimal amount for each brush being cleaned is needed and I feel this product has cut down the amount of time spent whilst cleaning brushes as it quickly gets rid of the product on the brush.
5 Paige
Used this on my Sigma brushes, works nicely and keeps the brushes soft! Love it!
5 Liz
Great shampoo! I use this on my sigma
5 Sigrid
A great schampoo for your brushes, it keeps them smooth and in perfect condition.
5 lettid
Good brush shampoo. I use it on my Lily Lolo brushes and they come clean and soft when washed with this shampoo. A little goes a long way. Used on my mum's Bare Minerals brushes and worked well but they are not as soft as other brushes anyway so not can't really compare.
5 Lynda
I have used this on brushes from different brands (bottle says it's for bareminerals make up brushes) and it does the job perfectly. Cleans my brushes thoroughly with one wash and leaves them looking like new :)

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