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4 26 August 2014 Lolita
This brush is really cool, but the plastic is a little bit too hard and aggressive for the head. I prefer the Macadamia Natural Oil No Tangle Brush version. Anyway, for this price, it's cool!
2 24 August 2014 Evelina Von Oldenskiöld
To soft
5 20 August 2014 Kristina Detelj
Very gentle, does excellent work in detangling without breaking your hair.
5 31 July 2014 Cinzia
Hi, this product si very nice and works very well. I think I will buy again and again from this website: the site is clear, products are easily accessible and the shipping is fast, free and on time! FIVE STARS
4 28 July 2014 Dora Mathe
Nice brush! Although never tried the Tangle teezer, this brush helps a lot with detangling my hair (a little dry), and does not it when brushed.
5 08 July 2014 Carol
i have split end,s would it be good product for them
5 30 June 2014 Doris Graham
Excellent for detangling wet hair. Used on my grandaughter who has very long hair and not had any complaints about pulling her hair.
5 30 June 2014 Doris Graham
Excellent on my hair which is in poor condition after chemotherapy.
5 14 May 2014 ALEXANDRA
Very good product and a nice price too.Perfect for thin hair!
5 16 April 2014 Eva
Bought in black, love it! Easy to detangle hair after washing it, good quality.
5 28 March 2014 Dawn
Great product at a very reasonable price- doesn't pull at my hair. I used this on my 7 year old without any fuss too
4 25 March 2014 Johanna
Not as soft as Macadamia tangle brush or TT but does the job.
5 20 March 2014 Theano tou Georgiou
i bought the wild zebra design and seriously i love it..Great quality and much cheaper than others..
5 11 March 2014 Elaine
Much cheaper than similar alternatives and fantastic on both mine and my 2 year old daughters hair. Love it!
5 03 February 2014 Natalya
took a wild zebra-she's beautiful and quite large - about 18 cm, with a handle, like the TT, but the cloves a little thicker, but also a great comb!
5 01 February 2014 sofia
This brush makes my hair smoother and much more easy to brush thrugh. Love it.
5 29 January 2014 Maggie
I just bought this brush as I have curly hair and it gets crazy knotty! This brush has made brushing my hair so much easier and a lot less painful! awesome brush!
5 12 January 2014 Becky
Very impressed, great quality for a small price!
5 07 January 2014 Jo Lui
I don't know how this brush works but it separates out my tangled clumps of hair on the back after a few strokes. At first I was skeptical of spending this much on a brush, but this has been saving me so much time and products to release my knots. Totally worth it. Love the shocking pink!
5 04 January 2014 suzan whymark
I bought this for youngest daughter as i have a angel hairbrush but wish i had this its brilliant simple good size perfect shape for comfortable hold and it detangles and has given shine to daughters hair fab

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