BEAUTY BAY the Collection Detangling Brush Large

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BEAUTY BAY the Collection Detangling Brush Large Zoom

BEAUTY BAY the Collection Detangling Brush Large

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5 Reut
Very good brush! Liked it and it dose the job :)
3 Lizzyathan
I bought this brush to see if it has anything in common with a tangle teezer and although I kind of liked it in general, it's no dupe for the Tangle Teezer whatsoever. Good brush for the value though.
5 Andrijana
I bought this as a present for my friend - she has long and really thick hair. She says that it is a lifesaver :D I bought the black leopard print (and it looks really nice)
4 Alice
Got this hoping that it'll be a Tangle Teezer dupe. Not as good, but does the job for a fraction of the price, so overall happy with it.
5 Ayeesha
Amazing if you have extensions in like me, doesn't rip or tug your hair.
5 Sara
I really really recommend this brush!! Super gently and perfect for my thick and long hair! Never had a brush so delicate..
5 Jelena
I have been using this brush for a year and I love it! It's in the same condition as the first day. Excellent product for even better price.
5 Natalia
Muy buen cepillo!! Recomendable 100%
5 Laurie
I am a hairstylist. this brush is really good. It's look is nice and it did more than I expected.
5 Jennifer
Very nice brush, also easy to use.
I have bought Macadamia no tangle, Tangle teezer and finally this brush. I have very long and thick hair. C
5 Desislava
It's so easy to brush my hair with this, and the brush itself looks great :)
4 Nasrin
I have naturally long curly hair and brushing was becoming a nightmare. This brush is a life saver - I would recommend to others. Its a lovely well made brush,, I went for the black leopard print.
5 Siobhan
Really nice surpise when I saw the price and quality. This is a nice little extra to put in with a gift for someone. It comes very nicely boxed and the colours are so beautiful. I love these brushes for when I wash my hair and it's so easy to brush when wet but still gentle on your hair. Great price!
5 Amelia
Excellent for my thick and long Asian hair. Thanks Beauty Bay for creating such an amazing brush!
5 Zoe
Love this Brush, I have thick long hair and it works wonders for me! Defiantly a must have!
4 Kay
Happy with my purchase. The brush isn't as soft as tangle teezer but it works just as great, detangles my hair in mere minutes. The handle is sturdy and large, making brushing my hair easy and fun! Plus, it's so pretty! This brush is suitable for anyone from kids to adults. Planning to get more to give to my friends. Lovely selection of designs as well.
5 yustina
very very beautiful brush!! i have the pink one, i use it on my wet hair, and to massage my scalp daily, stimulates my head circulation So my hair gets longer!
5 Maria
I've been using my tangle teezer forever but thought I would give this one a try and its amazing, just as my tangle teezer so i love it!
5 Stacey
I ordered 4 of these and I'm soo glad I did, I have really thick hair and this brush was amazing for it, I also have one to my mum who loved hers, I think we may order a few more just to have spares lying around. Xxx
3 Abigail
The brush itself is quite hard so I don't use it very often as I find it too painful against my scalp!
5 Riosgirl
I just had to come on and write a review for this product- not only is it at a fantastic price point but the quality goes beyond what you would expect! I have numerous tangle teasers but I have to admit that BeautyBay's brush is superior in so many ways. It is very delicate on the hair, it detangles effortlessly and I just Love, Love, Love that it has a sturdy handle. As I suffer from Fibromyalgia in my arms I find this brush so easy to use! Please go ahead and buy one or several or these brushes-you really will be impressed with the quality and value for money! I'm definitely going to buy more in all the various colours for my family and friends. Well done BeautyBay!
I have been using it ever since I had it because it doesn't hurt my head.
5 Rosalie
Love this brush! Worth its price for sure. I wanted to try this because my hair been falling out than usual lately. With this brush my hair is falling way less! I was so surprised how a brush could make such a difference.Also no frizz and leaves hair more in place and with a healthier look. Highly recommend!
5 Giulia
The brush arrived in just 10 days. It is harder than the original TT but it is really worth the purchase, you can comb your hair in 5 minutes with no pain at all.
4 Tany3DJ
The plastic is a bit hard, but this brush detangles the hair effortless.
5 Angela
It's amazing! And I am very happy that have this brush!!!
5 Agnese
I never tried the original tangle teezer but this one works fine. Yes it's a little bit hard on the head but does detangle my hair fast and without breaking them.
2 Jemma
As it had good reviews and wasnt expensive I thought I would give it a try. However, it's not as soft as the original tangle teezer and it takes longer to detangle in my experience.
4 Lolita
This brush is really cool, but the plastic is a little bit too hard and aggressive for the head. I prefer the Macadamia Natural Oil No Tangle Brush version. Anyway, for this price, it's cool!
2 Evelina Von Oldenskiöld
To soft
5 Kristina Detelj
Very gentle, does excellent work in detangling without breaking your hair.
5 Cinzia
Hi, this product si very nice and works very well. I think I will buy again and again from this website: the site is clear, products are easily accessible and the shipping is fast, free and on time! FIVE STARS
4 Dora Mathe
Nice brush! Although never tried the Tangle teezer, this brush helps a lot with detangling my hair (a little dry), and does not it when brushed.
5 Carol
i have split end,s would it be good product for them
5 Doris Graham
Excellent for detangling wet hair. Used on my grandaughter who has very long hair and not had any complaints about pulling her hair.
5 Doris Graham
Excellent on my hair which is in poor condition after chemotherapy.
Very good product and a nice price too.Perfect for thin hair!
5 Eva
Bought in black, love it! Easy to detangle hair after washing it, good quality.
5 Dawn
Great product at a very reasonable price- doesn't pull at my hair. I used this on my 7 year old without any fuss too
4 Johanna
Not as soft as Macadamia tangle brush or TT but does the job.
5 Theano tou Georgiou
i bought the wild zebra design and seriously i love it..Great quality and much cheaper than others..
5 Elaine
Much cheaper than similar alternatives and fantastic on both mine and my 2 year old daughters hair. Love it!
5 Natalya
took a wild zebra-she's beautiful and quite large - about 18 cm, with a handle, like the TT, but the cloves a little thicker, but also a great comb!
5 sofia
This brush makes my hair smoother and much more easy to brush thrugh. Love it.
5 Maggie
I just bought this brush as I have curly hair and it gets crazy knotty! This brush has made brushing my hair so much easier and a lot less painful! awesome brush!
5 Becky
Very impressed, great quality for a small price!
5 Jo Lui
I don't know how this brush works but it separates out my tangled clumps of hair on the back after a few strokes. At first I was skeptical of spending this much on a brush, but this has been saving me so much time and products to release my knots. Totally worth it. Love the shocking pink!
5 suzan whymark
I bought this for youngest daughter as i have a angel hairbrush but wish i had this its brilliant simple good size perfect shape for comfortable hold and it detangles and has given shine to daughters hair fab

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