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beautyblender Blendercleanser Solid 28g

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beautyblender Blendercleanser Solid Zoom
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5 Mollie
This is by far the best brush/beauty sponge cleaner out there! I have tried 10000s of makeup brush cleansers from Mac to baby shampoo.. I have always found that no matter how long I washed my brushes for they would never be truly clean. I also have sensitive skin and found that 99% of brush cleaners broke me out but not this one! For the price you get soooo much product, I wash my sponges and brushes 2x a week and this lasts me at least 2 months!! I will forever repurchase this!!
5 Ashley Roberts
This is the most powerful brush cleaner I've ever used and I've used them all! It strips oil based makeup, liquid latex, glitter, literally everything!! Its unreal! The only problem is I use so much of this because I have so many brushes!! I need a life time supply lol!Definitely worth a try!
5 Sandy
It's AMAZING!!! It cleans my brushes and sponges so well! I love it!!!
5 Analize Hobbs
Most amazing brush cleaner I have ever used! They are like brand new... will be buying more.
5 Emily
I recently purchased this after using baby shampoo and coconut oil to clean my brushes. Not only did it make my brushes look completely clean and removed stains it also took half the amount of time to do. Will be repurchasing before I run out so I am not without it!!
4 Frida
Really great for cleaning beauty blenders as well as brushes. Regular bar soaps would work great too as a dupe
5 Ashleigh
I have been using so many different makeup cleaning solutions and even home made ones, but since I've got this product it has been the holy grail! It has managed to clean up some brushes I thought were completely stained, now they look brand new! It's a MUST have if want to give your brushes a good clean! Literally can not fault this product at all.
5 ramesh
Use to easy
5 Kathy
Best make up brush cleaner ever!!! Would definitely repurchase !
4 Zin
I love this cleanser. It cleans my brushes really well and especially anything deep set into my brushes like foundation. One of my brushes was a hopeless case - no liquid cleanser was getting it out but this one was so fast. My only niggle with this is that it runs out soo quickly. I used it maybe 2/3 times with all my brushes (I have about 30/40) and it was finished.
5 Sophie
I must admit I'm not the biggest fan of the beauty blender sponge itself (I just prefer the real techniques one for the money) however this product is amazing! The one thing that puts me off using sponges is the stains that just won't go away, but this product is just brill at removing them. It also works great on brushes but I only use it to clean ones with dense bristles that are usually a pain to clean as I feel I would use it up too quick if I cleaned everything with it. The first time I tried this it was a free 15g sample with beauty bay which did last a surprising amount of time, if you can get a sample do so you won't be disappointed. If I had to give one down side it would be after using this my hands do get very dry but it's nothing that can't be fixed with hand cream! I would definitely recommend this 100% for cleaning and removing stains
5 Kate
Best brush cleansers I've ever used, makes the task so much quicker and easier! I could never use anything else after this.
5 Laura
Just like the beauty blender itself I have tried many dupes but this solid cleanser is the only thing that gets my beauty blenders looking like brand new every time nothing else can remove all of the stains love this stuff will definitely repurchase over and over only regret is not buying this sooner!
5 Hania
Excellent for cleaning beauty blenders and brushes. It is quite small but works so well that it's worth the money. I have tried cheaper versions and they don't come close to this one.
5 Adam
I have about 7 beauty blenders and about 200 brushes and it took me ages to clean them. This product is awesome and cleans them all thoroughly and best of all, quickly!
5 SK
This is the first proper brush cleaner I've used and it's brilliant. It's perfect for thoroughly cleaning your brushes & sponges in a lazy yet efficient way! I use it with my Egg Brush Cleaner and it makes a brilliant combo. My brushes have never been softer or cleaner!
5 Kathleen
This Brush/Sponge cleaner is excellent! The fact that it's a solid also means that you don't lose as much product as you might with a liquid one. It really helps to get of the makeup quickly and with ease. Definitively going to be repurchasing this in the future.
5 Anastasia
Best brush clenser ever made !
5 Hanna
Love how handy this is for travelling. Really cleans the Beauty Blender well and lasts a long time too.
5 Louise
This is so handy for my eye and concealer brushes I would love to see a larger one for foundation/ powder brushes etc love this product is ill def be buying again and telling all my friends about it
5 Maria
Very very good and effective cleanser. really easy to use to clean my beautyblender properly and my makeup brushes. Defiately buying again as i've used my in time!
5 S
I bought this to clean my beauty blender, and I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly it cleaned and made my beauty blender look like new. I also used it to clean my make makeup brushes, the results were amazing. My brushes look brand new. Will deffo buy this again. A must have for all makeup bags.
5 Alexis
Great for cleaning my beauty blender. Really easy and convenient product.
5 Beth
Best make up brush cleaner!! As a make up artist I have many brushes and it's a chore to clean them and used to take me hours. This has more than halved the time it takes me to clean my brushes and even easily cleans the most stubborn make up from brushes too!
5 Phoebe
Best cleanser I have ever used! Brushes look brand new, definitely worth paying for!
4 Kathleen
I wash my brushes weekly as I am particular about keeping it clean do that I don't have to deal with acne. This has been my go to cleaner for my sponges and brushes together with sigma spa mat. I like the smell and how it leaves the brushes very very clean. I am giving it 4 stars because the product is so little and with the frequency of washes I easily use up 1 in 6 weeks!
5 Jessica
Love this cleanser for my BeautyBlender! Its so easy to use - just rub your wet blender into the cleanser and your done. So quick and hassle free. Will definitely use this on my brushes and will buy again.
5 Charlotte
I adore this cleaning solid for my brushes and sponges! It cuts my cleaning time in half! I don't know how I coped without it! The one thing I will say is that it can leave your sponges feeling a little waxy but that's no big deal for me!
5 Louisa
This solid cleanser is brilliant!! The only cleanser that makes my brushes white again! :)
4 Kseniya
This cleanser is much better than liquid one by BB, it cleanses better. Only one minus is that it lasts not so long and quite expensive for such small amount.
5 Leia
This is really great stuff it is easy to use and it cleans my beauty blender also has a nice clean scent and it works great on brushes too!
5 Alina
Good for blenders and brushes. Travel freandly. Extra water drips to special compartment. Works as good as conditioner on brushes.
5 Alexandra Simushina
I love this blendercleanser! It cleans beauty blender so fast. What's also important is that it's travel frinedly and you can easily take it with you when travelling!

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