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5 Jane
Perfectly blended foundation with this sponge
5 steph
The best makeup applying tool I own!! Definitely better than the pink one too, is worth he extra money compared to cheap alternatives
5 Disha
You wouldn't want to use anything else on your face after you have given this a try. I have used multiple sigma brushes and other blenders but the result this can give with your foundation/concealer is flawless and 100/100. Once you go beauty blender you are never going back to anything else.
4 Kuldip
Purchased this for a friend's birthday & she loved it, blends foundation and concealer just as good.
5 Kelly
Amazing! I always used the real technique sponges but WOW you can see why nothing is better than a real Beauty Blender!
5 Emily
After using other easily accessible sponges (yay to living in Australia..) I gave in and purchased this. Since using it I have since realised how bad all my old sponges are. It blends my foundation and concealer effortlessly and is so easy to clean!!
5 Marjia
I used to always use the Real techniques sponge so many people said it was a dupe but it would always soak up a lot of foundation so I just decided I have to purchase the beauty blender.Since then I never returned to the RT sponge!If your willing to pay more than I highly recommend you purchase this!!!
5 Emily
I have used Beauty Blender sponges for a few years. The Black is my favourite so far. Wouldn't use anything else!
5 Marianna
This sponge changed everything. It blends foundation so smoothly it's really unbelievable. I think everyone needs to purchase this.
5 Megan
I had been using the Real Techniques sponge for a while and thought it was good, but this Beauty Blender totally blew me away. The finish is flawless and it feels much nicer to use on your skin. I picked black because I personally find that it stains less - I would definitely recommend this, especially to anyone with dry skin!
5 Grace
Gives the most flawless finish. My favourite sponge by far! Denser then other sponges to give good and even coverage.
5 Amber
I started using my Beautyblender Pro about 6months ago, and what a difference it has made! Gives a flawless foundation application, leaving a seamless base for additional products to be added, and is also perfect for blending together products to avoid harsh lines and pick up any extra product after application. Easy to wash after each use, (either with ye Liquid Beautycleanser or a Tea Tree Face Wash), and just pop on top of it's container and it drops right in as it dries, and I love that it's latex free as it is suitable for all skin types.In a nutshell, it's a ride or die - if you haven't got one, invest in one asap and your foundation application will be transformed! :)
5 Simone
Flawless application and blends well :)
5 Sumi
Best sponge ever for cream and liquid makeup
5 Roxy
this is the best tool to blend foundation with! Creates a flawless finish which looks extremely natural, I love it!
5 Ellie
Fantastic sponge! So good for leaving flawless finish with foundation and fantastic for blending contour and highlight too!
5 Airi
I had trouble with applying liquid foundation. looked cakey.But with this sponge, my face doesn't look cakey at all and any blemishes can be covered up.Using beauty blender is the best way to apply foundation.Also, it's perfect to apply powder products as well.
5 Chloe
This sponge is by far the best out of the whole range, it's so bouncy and gives such a flawless finish on your skin I love it
5 Laura
Just received my beauty blender and it was really small! I was really confused until I remembered to damp it with water and it expanded! Moral of the story, WET THE BEAUTY BLENDER BEFORE MAKING ASSUMPTIONS!!! :)
5 Rukaiya
This sponge has changed the way my make up look and gives it such a flawless and airbrushed finish. I absolutely love it!
5 Jessica
Hands down my holy grail. Have been using this for ever now and it's really worth the price. First I thought, what 20€ for a sponge? But it's more than that, it's perfect!
5 Tess
AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! Completely changed the way my foundation looks (: (: (: Covers all imperfections with ease would DEFFINETLY RECCOMEND PURCHASING
3 Chelsie
Slightly disappointed maybe im doing it wrong but . I use estee lauder double wear foundation and im not getting an even coverage like i do with my brush and its using more product.
5 Danielle
This sponge has changed the way my foundation looks on my skin. FLAWLESS!
5 sarah
such a beautiful sponge! i had the real techniques one before i purchased this and although i was really sceptical about spending on this, i have to say, theyre honestly different! this one is so velvety and i would totally recommend it! worth the splurge!
4 Saarah
This product is truly a soft, absorbent sponge that feels gorgeous in the hand alone HOWEVER, do not be fooled about the size, it is so small I was shocked and convinced I was sold a faulty product! With water, the sponge does begin to expand yet I can definitely say it is much smaller in person, a beautiful product with amazing application!
5 Shim Tim
5 Kate
Really love it for blending foundation,concealer and baking it works really well!
5 c
I was hesitant in purchasing this bcos of the price. However I did splurge on this item and I must say, I LOVE IT. It applies my foundation flawlessly and gives a beautiful finish to my makeup. It is so much better than the RT sponge which I was using before I bought this. Will never use any other product again other than this BB
5 Kaela
I will never use anything else for foundation and blending every again. This is a completely game changer! My face is so smooth and flawless everytime.
5 Queen
Buy it!! This sponge is amazing! I've used real techniques sponges and they tear so easily so I decided to buy a beautyblender sponge and now I will never go back to the drugstore versions! This sponge doesn't tear when cleaning and doesn't absorb tons of foundation like the others. The quality is so good and gives a flawless finish, definitely worth every penny!
5 Shu
I used sponges from high-ended brands to put my foundation, but nothing was as good as Beauty Blender Pro. It helps your foundation looking flawless on your skin. Easy to use. Just wash with Daiso sponser cleanser (AUD2.8), so easy =]
5 Zin
I love this beauty blender... more than the original pink one. The point is so much more defined that it really helps with blending in my concealer near my eyes. This one is definitely my favourite. I haven't tried it with foundation yet but that will be my next step!
5 Alicia
Just had this delivered yesterday, star product, wet the beauty blender with setting spray and my foundation looks so natural and lasts all day. Worth the money, cheaper versions don't even come close!
5 Julie
I don't know why I hesitated purchasing this amazing little product my foundation was so flawless I certainly will not go back to using anything else and it is certainly worth the investment!
5 Ellie
Love love love this. Always used the original pink one but this is definitely my favourite!
5 Laura
This sponge is my beauty essential! It has so many uses, it blends out foundation and concealer effortlessly and is amazing at applying loose powder under the eyes to bake without looking cakey. I will continue to repurchase this sponge again and again. Personally I think it is the best out of the beauty blender collection as it blends more seamlessly and doesn't suck up as much product as the pink one. I would highly recommend this to anyone who hasn't tried applying makeup with a sponge as it will up your makeup game!
5 henna
Thankyou so much for my beauty blender! I have actually fell in love with it and I definitely recommend it!!
5 Hope
5 lilli
I was so skeptical about spending 16 pounds on a sponge and I was buying the fake beauty blenders (?) the knock off ones etc, but this is the best make up tool I've ever bought. I can't live without it! So worth spending 16 pound on a sponge.
Oh my God!! I'm in love with it!It arrived today and I used it for the first time.Such a flawless and fast application! Every girl has to have one! ;)
5 Sabine
AMAZING! I always used my hands to apply foundation but will never be doing that again after I tried the beauty blender. I also got the regualar pink BB but have to say the black pro sponge is much better!
5 Rosie
Absolutely love this sponge! All my other cheaper beauty blenders seem to be so hard and blending is hard work and takes forever. This is the complete opposite, it's so soft and blends my contouring beautifully, I highly recommend it & wouldn't be without it now!! Also came super speedily so I'll definitely be buying from beauty bay again!!
2 Catherine
I have many beauty blenders of different colours, but under good lighting I have realised that the black one always seems to come off on my face, and leave me with tiny black spots. This obviously doesn't look great. I love beauty blenders, just would recommend going for a different coloured one. The pink ones are my favourite.
5 Tasha
This is the best beauty blender I have tried. My foundation and concealer applied perfectly! Definetly worth the money!
5 Clarisse
10/10. Cannot go wrong with this beauty blender. Applies liquids beautifully and flawlessly.
5 Paul S
I will NEVER apply my foundation with anything else again! beats every makeup brush! my face is flawless when I apply my makeup with this! it's a makeup bag must have and everybody needs a beauty blender!!
5 Taliha
Freaking love my beauty blenders.
5 Dominika
A must have in a makeup bag! Blending concealer and foundation never been easier! It beats every makeup brush!
5 Vicky
best sponge i've ever used to apply foundation!!! its a bit pricey but worth it!
5 Beth
When I received this beauty blender I did expect it to be a big bigger but as soon as I put it to use if it had been any bigger it wouldn't have worked as good. The point at the top of the brush is perfect for around the eyes too! It is pricey but it does the job perfectly for contouring and day-day coverage.
5 Emma
LOVE this item!! I have tried to cut corners in the past by buying 'high street' branded beauty blenders, but I must admit none of them come close to this little beauty (blender)!!!! Foundation is flawless when applied with this! Do not hesitate to purchase - buy it, you won't regret it!
5 Sophie
I cannot get over how amazing this sponge is, no wonder there was a massive hype over it. This sponge isn't just an ordinary sponge, it's got some sort of magical power to it! It's AMAZING, cannot rate enough. You can use it for about just everything from foundation to powder to highlight, I would defiantly recommend splurging out on this sponge it will be the best you will ever spend. I can't imagine what I would do without it in my makeup collection now! I would also highly recommend buying it on beauty bay as It was the best delivery ever, ordered it on the monday night and had it by the wednesday morning and it was free!
5 Aimee
Brilliant! Best thing I've ever used to apply my foundation.
5 Natasa
Love the Beauty Blender.
5 Jessica
I remember thinking this must be so overrated its only a sponge how good can it be? Well wasn't I wrong. This is a GAME CHANGER, literally blends everything together and its so versatile - moisturiser, primer, foundation, powders. So easy to use and really changes the look of your make up. I use this everyday now and can't manage without it. It comes everywhere with me.
5 Priya
Absolute bargain in the black friday sale, after buying it without the high price tag I am extremely pleased. It is much better than the other cheaper dupes on the market. Great for foundation and concealer and every cream product! Worth even the full price tag.
5 Ally
I cannot do my makeup without my Beauty Blender! It's pricey for a sponge but it is worth EVERY penny! This applies my foundation, concealer, cream contour and my powder for baking. An absolute game changer!
5 Nadine
Best multi-purpose product! I use it to blend foundation, concealer, highlighter, etc. Love to buy all my makeup from Beauty Bay!
5 Paola
And I thought cheap sponges were good, WHAT A FOOL I WAS! This Beauty Blender does not absorb any of the makeup (as cheap sponges would do), nor does it make your face look patchy - IT MAKES YOU LOOK FLAWLESS. It's also great for applying powder! Honestly, I cannot stop singing enough praises, everyone is bored of me talking about it hahaha! It was well worth the price because you definitely get the quality!
5 Raffaela
Applying makeup with this sponge is so easy. It is such a game changer especially when applying with a brush is hard for you.
5 Maria Worthington
After blending my foundation on my skin, it looks flawless, so easy to use. You won't be disappointed.
5 naomi
I'm not much of a one for using extra brushes and I don't wear a lot of make up; despite having once been a professional make up artist I always used my fingers for my personal make-up routine, but this has become a can't-do-without-it part of my make up routine within a couple of days. Unlike some cheaper imitation sponges it doesn't absorb make-up, so there's very little wastage, and it blends even poor quality, streaky foundations quickly and evenly. Can't recommend it highly enough!
5 Harriette
Just buy it, this product is a game changer. Especially for highlight and contour
5 Jas
Cant live without this! Everytime ive ordered from beauty bay its always quick and hassle free! LOVE
5 Annie
The best multi-purpose product. I use it to blend foundation, concealer, highlighter, primer etc. Works better than any brush I've ever used!
5 Lucy major
I already had the pink original beauty blender and decided to try the black pro, instantly fell in love, nothing helps foundation application like a beauty blender. The blender stops makeup being absorbed into sponge and gives a professional look every single time, quick and easy. Love to buy all my makeup from beauty bay, everything under one roof!!!
5 Lauren
So glad I bought this I don't know what I ever did without one! Perfect for achieving a flawless foundation base and contour. I've also found it great for blending in concealer and cream highlight. I always use it damp which can give a really nice dewy airbrushed look to your makeup and really helps it stay in place.
5 Becky
Beauty blenders are the best. They don't absorb any of the make up and blend perfectly on to your face. Works best when damp. They last a long time too. I use them for foundation and concealer as the pointed part of it makes it easy to do the concealer.
5 Liza
I opted for the this because I was dying to get my hand on the original Beauty Blender but it was sold out. I could not be more happy with this product, it's literally better than any brush I have ever used! It's easy to use and blends both liquid foundation and concealer really nicely. I also tried using it with a pressed powder, which also worked well. Thumbs up to Beauty Bay for the quick (and free!) delivery!
5 Aima
This is my first visit to and I have to say YAY! I've finally found one place which has all the high-end beauty products that I've been looking for. In particular, I have been struggling to find one UK website which sells Anastasia Beverly Hills AND the original Beauty Blender but thank god I found beautybay! The fact that I get free delivery is a BIG FAT PLUS! I am a major beauty junkie and have definitely found my new haven.

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