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beautyblender Red Carpet Sponge

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beautyblender Red Carpet Sponge Zoom
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3 Poppy
The beautyblender is an amazing product, but the colour red ran after one wash and it's now a pale pink, it doesn't effect the way it applies foundation but it's a shame since it was not cheap
2 jane
blends well but material feels a bit different to the original or the black also the red still comes out in every wash
3 Mai
Do not buy for the colour! As soon as you wash it so much of the colour comes out of the sponge, so it always looks dirty to me. However, it does work just like a normal beauty blender would, it's just a shame that the colour doesn't stay and runs out of the sponge instead of getting all the makeup out.
1 Luke
I bought this sponge and it was the worst beautyblender ever. Firstly the dye washed out on my first time washing it and it also came off when I was doing my makeup. Secondly it didn't expand whatsoever and thirdly it fell apart in one week and I wasn't rough with it. I would suggest getting the beautyblender pro (the black one) or the pink original beautyblender as those are great and I've repurchased these countless times but I just wouldn't recommend this one.
3 Amy
Love the beauty blenders. Blend foundation and concealer seamlessly. However, avoid the red one. I didn't even have to wash it before it turned a pink colour. The other colours I have bleed the first time I wash them. But the first time i even set this, itt turned a pink colour. Then I had to wash it immediately otherwise it would turn my foundation pink. Any colour, except red
2 Hannah Paterson
Wish I had bought the original pink beauty blender. Bought the red one thinking it would stay the vibrant red it was delivered in. Instead after just damping it for use the colour ran instantly without any use of soap. 100% dissappointed
2 Lucy
Usually love beauty blenders, but for some reason the day after i received this one i washed it and already there are two holes in it along with it appearing smaller and a slightly different texture to my other blenders. Wouldn't buy this one again but cant fault any of the other blenders
3 Sabrina
I am a huge fan of the beauty blenders, however this one was a bit of a letdown for me. It does blend foundation and concealers in beautifully, as all beauty blenders do - however as soon as you clean it with any kind of brush cleaner (I use solid blendercleanse), it looses its colour. Mine has gone from a gorgeous vibrant red, to a peachy pink colour, and I have only washed it twice. Due to this, it always looks dirty as the colour comes off of it in patches - meaning I cannot use this on my clients. For me, it was a letdown as I cannot use it for the purpose I bought it. A good idea, but not well executed - stick with the Black Pro Beauty Blender as it is by far the best.
2 Katie
Am really disappointed with this blender!!!! I have the original and love it however this one just is no where near as good!! It's not as firm and the first time I washed it all the colour came out!!! Wish it had just stuck to the original
5 dana
5 Hannah
I purchased the beauty blender back in December and I have not gone back to brushes since! It gives the most even, flawless coverage and blends so seamlessly. I love it so much :)
5 Rachel
I bought this sponge the other day for a new foundation and it is better than any brush it leaves no marks and blends effortlessly. I would recommend buying these beauty blenders to anyone.
4 Chloe
In love with this. NEVER buy other brands versions of Beauty Blenders because they don't come close to this. Applies foundation so much quicker and more evenly than a brush. The only problem is that the colour runs out of the sponge when you wash it, I've washed mine only twice and the red is now pink.
4 Melissa
I love the beauty blender the only problem I had was the colour ran and when I washed my beauty blender which was not a big problem it still works great.
4 Victoria
It is an okay sponge, that does help you apply makeup so it doesn't look cakey. It is so hard to clean though, even if you use a sponge cleanser and the color washes out.
5 Harleen
Got this the other day and ever since I've used it my concealer and foundation is so flawless! This sponge is amazing totally recommend
5 Rachael
This is the first time i' ve owned a beauty blender and its safe to say i don't know how i could have ever done my makeup prior to this. It applies almost any foundation flawlessly (except extremely runny ones like l'oreal true match and some tinted moistures), and makes my skin look so dewy and natural. Since using it my under eye concealer hasn't creased once, which was a big deal for me. Love the red in comparison to the pink too.
5 Irina
I dreamed buy a Beauty Blender!!! I was very happy to get this great product!
4 Ankitaa
I am a big fan of beauty blender. This is my holy grail sponge when it comes to applying foundation, concealer and loose powder. While surfing through the site I saw that Beautybay had the limited edition red carpet sponge and knew I had to get this one. So I ordered immediately. I am rite now on spree to buy all colours of blenders. The red color is very attractive and that's what caught my eyes. After first wash the color from the sponge washes out making it look less vibrant. Other than that I have no problem with the blender. It was safely packed and delivered. Thank you Beautybay for having this particular sponge.

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