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5 08 October 2014 Shai
I was not sure about purchasing this because it looked like an average makeup sponge to me, but I was totally wrong. The perfect way to apply makeup. I would not recommend storing it wet though because I did it and it got some dark spots all over it
5 06 August 2014 ruby
Wonderful sponge, I have aged skin and it gives me a wonderful finish will never go back to the old way of application. Tried it on my girlfriend and the results were amazing. Love it!
5 30 July 2014 julia
very useful sponge!
5 17 June 2014 Gemma
This tool has completely changed how I apply makeup, I am obsessed with this little sponge. It creates the most flawless application from foundation to concealer to powder. You NEED this in your life!
5 08 June 2014 Nina
This is my holy grail! I ordered my first BB about a month ago, and i think it's worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY that you pay. This is simply the best makeup sponge that is out there!
5 14 May 2014 Skevi
Such a great product! Best thing ever invented! Love it soo much!
5 06 May 2014 Grace
If you're a bit of a self confessed makeup guru like myself the beauty blender is a must! I have always struggled with foundation/BB cream application in the past. Whether it be streaky or just not as flawless as I'd hoped the beauty blender has solved all my problems! I never leave the house without an evenly covered face, cannot recommend this product enough. One small downside is I believe you do use slightly more product but as long as you are mindful of that you'll be fine. Beauty blender is A+!
5 16 March 2014 Anamarija
I have sensitive and dry skin, so applying foundation with a brush does not look good. I end up looking all flaky and painted. Applying with fingers is somewhat better but doesn't look sophisticated enough. But with beautyblender my foundation looks perfect! Very happy with this product and I willmost definitely buy it again.
5 25 February 2014 Hanna
I have tried different makeup sponges and this one is my absolute favorite! It makes my makeup look flawless and I LOVE the feeling when i apply my foundation, concealer and powder with it. The spunge is worth the hype and the only thing I regret is not buying it sooner!
5 19 February 2014 Elarner
Love it! Just what I was expecting!! I did purchase this after using the real techniques version! They are VERY similar in application however this doesn't drink as much foundation up as the RT and also I find it rings out water much much better! Defiantly worth spending the extra £10 on the original if you are a true makeup lover you need this in you're collection :-)
3 29 December 2013 Emily
Really like this sponge but I recently received a topshop version which was half the price and exactly the same! This is a good product but not worth the money :( Shame I found out the hard way
5 04 December 2013 Kim
This is SO good! I was a bit skeptical about that cute, pink sponge, but really, this is the best thing to apply foundation/concealer ever. But a little tip, if you like full coverage, or already have a buffing brush, I don't think you will need this. As this is supposed to be used damped, it will give a sheerer application, unlike a buffing brush. But, if you like a more natural look and think every single thing you put on your face looks caked on even if you blend it very well, try this. It's easy and fast to use, great for the rush. Also, be warned! If you have long nails, you may end up giving the sponge little scratches when pressing it. I know I did! lol
5 01 November 2013 Laura
OMG!! This sponge isnt like your typical make up sponge..its a million times better!! I always used a make up brush when applying my make up which I found took about a min or 2 but with this it only takes seconds!! :)
5 23 October 2013 Arita
excellent' wonderful and GEAT PRODUCT. make up looks very natural
5 11 October 2013 Jessica Dallas
This sponge is definitely worth the hype! So good for applying foundation and concealer, blends everything perfectly. Way better than other similar sponges. So much quicker than buffing foundation in with a brush. They are difficult to clean though!
5 16 September 2013 Kristy-Leigh
I love the beauty blender!! It spreads out foundation evenly and it leaves your skin feeling light. I love the beauty blender so much I repurchased three weeks later!
5 14 September 2013 Marina
I love beauty blender, it really does work wonders on your skin. Applying make up with it looks way more natural, not cakey or obvious, it's quite subtle.
5 07 September 2013 Heidi Jay
Great product! I still prefer brushes for foundation but this is better than a brush for blending out under eye concealer! It gets easily stained though so I suggest purchasing a coloured one!
5 04 September 2013 Heidy
Fabulous product gives a airbrushed finish and amazing quality!
5 30 August 2013 linnéa
Oh my god how did I even put on foundation before I bought this? it takes just a little bit more time but the result is so worth it. A natural finish with every foundation that I've used it with. Probably one of my best makeup-buys ever.
5 22 August 2013 Kerrie Craig
The best application sponge I've ever used. Great blending for a smooth result everytime.
5 21 August 2013 Julie
Can't live without it! It makes me the most flawless look! Quite pricey but definitely worth the money! Love it from Belgium!
5 14 August 2013 Kristel
LOVE it!
5 05 July 2013 AMS
I love when my foundation looks flawless and natural. And with my beauty blender it does it in seconds! I love how quick and easy it is. Perfect for liquid/cream foundations, powders, primers, concealer etc! A must have!!
5 04 July 2013 Madelene
I never thought I could fall in love in a SPONGE until today, I love it! The best way to apply makeup :)
5 04 July 2013 Patricia Prychodczenko
Is an amazing product! I was incredulous at the comments but really is best for applying foundation. Leaves skin with a flawless finish, makes the product mix with the skin. A must-have for a flawless makeup
5 30 June 2013 Ana
I used to use a brush when I applied my foundation but now that I bought this beauty blender to try it out and see what the fuss was about, i am NEVER going back to using a brush again. You wet the beauty blender and squeeze out any excess water and apply your foundation. It goes on so nicely and looks super natural.
5 26 June 2013 Rosaria
This is definitely worth the great reviews it gets. It is amazing!! I have tried other dupes but they just don't give the same results that the beauty blender gives. If you're considering trying it, TAKE THE LEAP!! You wont be disappointed :)
5 13 June 2013 Alexandra Simushina
This blender is just great! Makeup application is so fast and flawless with it. I highly recommend the original beauty blender!
5 10 June 2013 Elise Freeman
MUST HAVE! for anyone who cares about their make-up and takes it seriously it the fastest way to get airbrushed looking skin you can actually see the difference. Make sure you watch the you-tube video on how it is used correctly by the founder of it make a difference alright!
5 07 June 2013 Anna
Foundation blends perfectly with this sponge. You won't regret buying it)
5 07 June 2013 Mikayla
I bought a beauty blender thinking it would just be like an average makeup sponge.. It works like a dream for applying your foundation, doesn't leave any lines.Looks very small until you wet it :)
5 23 May 2013 Stacie
Absolutely AMAZING! after you put the product on to your face it pretty much does everything else for you. Very natural results!! Love it! :)
5 23 May 2013 coco
Love the beauty blender, it gives such a flawless finish when applying your foundation. At first I was quite hesitant buying this beacause to me it is just a sponge. But I am glad I got it!! It's such amazing result from applying foundation with it. You wont regret it!!
3 04 May 2013 Shayla
it's great for blending in all the makeup, but i find that i have to use more of my foundation than i usually have to. It always makes my makeup's ability to last shorter. It's good , but i think i'm going to stick to my fingers and brushes.
5 04 May 2013 Zena
Seriously I was hesitant to buy due to price but when I got it, all I can say A-mazing when i apply foundation I usually get cakey face but when i use the beauty blender gives me a dewy look not cakey, worth the price xx
5 27 April 2013 Jaime
I'm such a beauty blender convert. I had my doubts like this glorified sponge could be so great but it really is. It gives such a nice natural finish and I honestly use so much less product with this. I was hesitant of the cost, but it is definitely worth the slightly higher price tag.
5 14 April 2013 Zara
Seriously the best thing ever!!! Got this from my recent trip to USA and its amazing! Fluffy, soft, doesn't soak up your makeup and I use it damp to apply foundation, concealer as well as to set my under eye concealer with the Ben Nye Banana Powder! Perfect tool and my makeup is flawless and never cakey! BeautyBay also has the best selection of all the new styles such as the Pro and the Pure! Just placed an order and can't wait to order more already! Thanks BeautyBay and the Beauty Blender!
5 07 April 2013 vanessa
LOVE!! Took two weeks to arrive in Australia but so glad I purchased it! My makeup has never looked so good! Amaze-balls!
5 21 March 2013 Marta
Amazing!! I was doubting on whether to buy it or not, after all it is 15 pounds just for a sponge...however i really think its worth it and much better than other ones ive tried.
5 28 February 2013 Emma
Amazing! Never regretted buying this! No stripes in the foundation, ever!
5 27 February 2013 Olesia
It's amazing!!!!!!! I've never tried anything like this! I forgot about my brushes! The face looks great and fresh! Especially concealer under my eyes. I'm buying a second one!
5 18 February 2013 Goga
Got this few days ago and I am delighted!!! It's so convenient and handy, you can use it with any liquid or cream foundation, even powders. It gives me such flawless finish. I'm so happy I bought it!!
5 18 February 2013 Yvonne Quayle
I cannot believe how quickly you despatched this to me. Ordered late on Thursday and arrived before noon on Saturday. Great Service. OMG. This is a revelation. Completely changes the way you makeup sits on the face. It looks flawless. I have already had one person ask what make up I use and its the same one I have always used but applied more seamlessly. I am soooooo glad I invested in it.
5 31 January 2013 Laura Rubbi
The best thing I've ever used to apply foundation - works amazing! Makes my make up last longer too. I'd never go back to brushes!
5 27 January 2013 Sammy Boyce
I have frekles which i like to cover and this works really well with hign coverage foundation amd leave a flawless finish. apply my foundation in 1 minute now instead of 10!
5 25 January 2013 BANTI THEODOTA
nice blending smooth sponge!!
5 14 January 2013 Gaelle
I just lost mine and it is really annoying because the Beauty Blender works great! You can use it to apply foundation seamlessly, as well as under eye concealer and cream blush. I heard that you can even use it with powder products! A real keeper!
5 14 January 2013 Linda
The best tool for a flawless look! I'm happy to have it!!!!
5 03 January 2013 Sandra
J'ai trouver le prix trop élevé au départ mais en fait c'est pas une simple éponge. Franchement je ne m'en passe pas et je la recommande les yeux fermer !!!! I though the price too high at first, but in fact it is not just a sponge. Frankly I say do not pass on it and I recommend closing your eyes to buy!!
5 10 December 2012 Enrichetta
I got this a while back because I had heard so many good things about it and I got curious, but I thought it was going to be just a gimmick but it's not! It really does apply foundation so smoothly and flawlessly, especially the thicker ones (like MUFE HD). A bit expensive since you have to replace it but it does last quite a few months.
4 04 December 2012 shivani karwal
I thought it was a bit too pricey but I had read many reviews on it before so I thought I should give it a try. It's an amazing product! It feels so soft on the skin and makes blending as easy as pie. It gives me a flawless look and also a more of a natural look than cakey. I also love the hot pink color it comes in.
5 24 October 2012 Anna
Very useful, amazing design. I tried it several years ago and was impressed. I have an allegie to all brashes so Beauty Blender Sponge perfect fom me.
5 23 October 2012 Ms
Amazing! I was horrified about the price but it's totally worth it. Makes my foundation look flawless. Makes foundation last longer also. I've not used any other sponge or my fingers or any of my foundation brushes with liquid or mousse foundation since i bought this. I really recommend this to everyone.
5 08 September 2012 Anita
Love!!! Fantastic coverage with a flawless natural finish. I've used it with concealer, mineral & liquid foundation, even pan stick foundation.
5 31 July 2012 Shell
OMG! I gave into peer pressure and hype and bought one of these and I am NEVER going back to brushes or those cheap makeup sponges again. It applies concealer, foundation and liquid eye shadow flawlessly, which i love because i have multi-tonal skin. I am going to buy one of these for all my girlfriends for xmas this year!! Thanks Beautybay!
5 16 March 2012 Mimi
This is 'the' sponge to have in your kit! Believe all the hype... its true :)
4 28 November 2011 Katie
Just bought this and very happy so far. I didn't see the tip to use it for concealer but I tried it anyway and it is good for that too. But really, the PACKAGING. The original plastic box is ridiculous - a small plastic bag would be fine - and the outer packing put on it by Beauty Bay was beyond ridiculous. Huge box, polystyrene packing, and a plastic bag!! <br><br>BeautyBay.com: Glad you were pleased with your Beauty Blender Katie. We like to ensure that all orders are received safely and undamaged which is why we take care to package them appropriately. All the packaging we use (including the filler and the outer bag) is biodegradable and recyclable.
5 17 August 2011 Helena Christensen
Great applicator, does use quite alot of foundation even when it's wet, but great result
5 31 July 2011 Christie x
I love this it has replaced all of my foudation brushes its just the right size and the colour is gorgeous and i think everyone should try this super pleased with it thankyou beautybay <3
5 12 July 2011 DORA
At last no more messy hands with make up and foundation!!! So brilliant shape and size and extra cute colour!!! Better than the brushes I used to apply my liquid base and gets all the extra product from my face!!! Genius the man or woman who desinged it!!!
5 21 May 2011 Krista
Belive the hype, this is the one and only tool you need to apply foundation with! But it must be used wet, I cannot stress how important that! It applys foundation flawless and works amazing with fullcoverage and cream foundation that can be hard to blend normally! Exellent, exellent product! Highly recommended!
5 08 April 2011 Karen Williams
I cannot believe I have gone without this great product all these years and not applied my make up without it!! It blends and covers my foundation so well and is really good at applying concealer too! This also means my make up lasts all day long, even when I get home after work I still have my make up intact and perfect. Amazing!!! 5/5 full marks!
5 06 April 2011 abe
best sponge ever, really does what is says.
5 25 March 2011 Helen Mitchell
This is such an excellent product you'll wonder how you lived without it. It's latex free and about the size of an egg in a very eye catching pink. To use it you bounce it lightly over your skin whilst damp creating a flawless application for foundation/blush etc. This works amazingly with liquid and cream products..must have if you find it hard to blend!
5 01 February 2011 Elisa
I LOVE THIS SPONGE!!!!This is my best purchase!!!
5 29 September 2010 Silver lady
I love this - wasn't convinced at first that it was any different to any other sponge, but I went back and tried some old foundations (which I hadn't liked at the time) and the difference with the blender was excellent. turns a no-use foundation in to a must-use foundation! Well worth the cash!

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