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beautyblender Sponge Duo Set

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5 katelynn
It's kind of pricey for a sponge but it is definitely worth the spend. Flawlessly blended foundation and concealer is the result. I also use it to blend cream blushes, bronzers or highlighters. This is a product i can say makes a huge difference in the way my make up looks.
5 Jeanie
I keep coming back to it. It's great for giving an airbrush slightly dewy finish. The key is to wet the sponge!
5 isabelle
this one arrived to me on monday and let me tell you girls I never really believed it would be so amazing as everyone says it is. Well I need to stop being so skeptical because I LOVE IT! It is the most amazing little thing I've ever used! It doesn't even matter if i'm using a drugstore foundation or if i'm using my MAC pro long wear the result remains the same, which is AMAZING! I'll never stop using this miracle sponge! If you don't have it, GET IT!
5 Kay
best make up sponge ever!! work well on foundation powder!!
5 Sandra Halvarsson
5 Ioana Maria
This set is a good value for money. The sponge itself is amazing, it gives a flawless application. I also love that when it's dry it's quite small so it's easy to take on trips.
5 Iva
Since i bought this, none of my foundation brushes were used. it leaves flawless skin, almost airbrushed. it's easy to clean and it does not rip like some cheaper copies. the real thing is the real thing:)
5 Kristy-Leigh
Talk about not ever using a foundation brush again!! Truly the best foundation applicator I've used. I currently own three original beauty blenders and I'm looking at purchasing the Pro and the Pure. It's one of those applicators that you can't seem to own enough because they're so cute and so great!!
5 Racheljit Kaur
One word, AMAZING! Say hello to flawless skin ladies!
5 Aleks
This stuff is fantastic. Forget the foundation brushes. Face look flawless.
5 Leila
Paying that much for a sponge seem ludicrous..However, I have been looking for a foundation application tool that wouldn't leave streaks for so long that I thought it was worth a try..and boy did it live up to hype. The finish is flawless. It did take a little more time in the beginning but once I found my technique, it was a breeze. I would buy it again with no hesitation
4 Rean
Really great for applying foundation! Takes longer than usual but the skin-light finish makes it worth it. Items came in the mail in expected form.
5 Chantelle
By far the best way of applying liquid foundation. Gives suck a flawless finish, you can't even believe. Easy and quick to use. Feels refreshing to use as well because you use it while its damp, it wakes me up in the morning. Can't say enough good things about it. Also this twin pack is excellent value!!
5 Lien
Great product! I deliberated for a while before buying this but am glad I did! It's cute and functional. :)
5 Ruby
I used to solely purchase the cheap triangular drugstore sponges and I will never go back. As I possess fairly sensitive/reactive skin, applying foundation with brushes doesn't offer me the best result but the Beauty Blender makes application simple and quick. All hail the little pink egg!
5 Liz
This product is AMAZING, if you want a flawless application of liquid foundation, this is the product for you.Easy to use. All you have to do is wet the BB and it will expand. You then apply your liquid foundation all over your face, which gives an even, subtle, dewy, airbrushed finish. Make sure you use with a good primer for long lasting results.This little product lasts forever and must be cleansed after every use to prevent bacterial build up and break outs on the skin. It will give you a better finish than any brush ever can if used properly.I was skeptical about the price and the oddly amazing reviews for this product. However I still decided to give it a go, and I will be stocking up again and again with these small beauties.I love it, it goes everywhere with me.BUY BUY BUY!
5 Bena Irina
I bought this set and am very excited! Package came exactly as described on the website.
5 Asa
A wonderegg. Soak it in water, squeeze out the acces water and you are ready to put your foundation on (cream or even mineral!). Put it on in dabbing motion on your face. The result? Flawless skin that lasts and lasts. Wash your BB regularly to stay away from those nasty germs. Then your BB will be your best secret beauty friend for many months to come. I love my BB.
5 Abby Holland
Best sponge I have ever used! Great purchase! Highly recommend

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