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Blinc Heated Eyelash Curler

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Blinc Heated Eyelash Curler Zoom
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5 Lauren
I recently got the Blinc eyelash curler, I was a little unsure at first but I decided to try it anyway and it curls my long straight lashes easily ! fantastic and easy to use.
1 Pat
Burnt my eyelashes off 0/10 do not recommend. Sad I now have no eyelashes due to this.
5 Preeti Sundaram
I have a Blinc eyelash curler that I bought approximately 12 years ago in London. Except for changing the battery and giving it a bit of a clean up every now and then I have never had to do anything to maintain it. It still works perfectly and though I have tried other curlers (for the novelty) I always end up coming back to this. It curls my lashes perfectly working best at the very outer lashes (my problem area).
4 Viktoria Johansson
It's ok, it does the job but you have to work a bit with it, is faster with a normal eyelash curler. good at lower lashes.
4 Sari
I don't think his really curls your lashes as such, or then you must be really patient. I use this together with mechanical curler, as in this way they make a good combination, as the heat helps the mechanical curl to stay. I would recommend this to those who have problems with straight lashes
1 Lisa
Completely useless does not curl lashes cannot get any control over my lashes with this product.
5 tiziana
fantastic effect, very easy to use
5 K from DK
Love it! But need to use the Blinc mascara first!!! Perfectly curved lashes. K
5 Ciao Bella
Couldn't live without this product, love it!
1 Pheodora Dyhr
I was really disappointed by this product. Even after using it for several minutes, following the directions for use, there is no effect on my lashes. Or well, there is, but it lasts 5-10 seconds. I tried to use it a several times, to make sure i wasn't just doing it wrong. But the result remained the same; the effect completely fades after just seconds.

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