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iWhite Teeth Whitening Kit

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3 April
Even though there were good reviews for pearl drops and iwhite, i’m cynical about such reviews online being totally impartial, that’s not to say they don’t produce good products, even though some are pricey. as i don’t believe sites that review them are totally impartial. So i did my own research, there are 100s so couldn’t decide. However a friend recently told me about a home whitening kit because she had good results. I had to search for it online as it’s usually only given as part of an after care solution once you’ve has laser teeth whitening, but they now sell them separately. It’s called White Guard home teeth whitening kit, it’s non peroxide so claims it won’t damage teeth. It worked really well for me, but that’s no guarantee it will for you. And no i’m not being paid/sponsored, i’m just a regular girl who has no affiliation to any supplier of products. I’m just cynical about independent reviews as the same mags and publications trot out the same brands pushing the same products day after day, do they think we are stupid or sheep. If you’ve found a product via your own research and testing that turns out to be really good, do same as me and add to comments section for such products so that real women like me and you aren’t being sold the usual suspects and get to try other good products. Don’t be like sheep and just follow the crowd it’s 2017 BFN. :)
1 Elaine
Not effective at all. No visible result after 5 applications. Waste of money and time.
3 Charlotte
I had high hopes for this product as it was the first whitening kit I had used. Very easy to use as the trays are already filled so it reduces a lot of the mess, however my teeth after using up all of the trays (1 a day) my teeth were only two shades lighter at best. It didn't cause sensitivity which is a bonus but there are better products on the market!
2 Kirke
Unfortunately they did not work on me! Since I am huge coffee drinker, they did not whiten my teeth at all. Also the plastic thing with special chemical inside, made me puke.
3 Anne
Not a huge difference after three uses so far. Trays are definitely not wide enough to cover top teeth completely. Okay but not fantastic.
3 Tarnyalouise
I have used them for 4 days find them easy to use but make my mouth water a lot and feel like from this im not seeing great results my teeth are maybe 1 shade whiter but i don't think anyone else would notice it
5 Cliona
I have just used the first sachet from the box. I'm impressed with how easy they are to use, it didn't make a HUGE difference but it was only the first one, so far so good. Only negative is they are slightly messy.
5 Mo
I bought this product yesterday with the mouthwash + the toothpaste and believe me, I am already seeing some outstanding results. You should definitely try it. Thank you iWhite.
5 Oksana
Worked really well. Easy to use, my teeth got visibly brighter after first application. It doesn't produce laser whitening results, but I use it every now and then to boost the natural whiteness and to get rid of the coffee/red wine stains.
4 Heini
Worked really well, my teeth got couple shades lighter!
3 Karin
The use of it is pretty easy and it doesn't taste bad, but I'm not sure if it made any difference in the whiteness of my teeth. I would say, that maybe they are a shade lighter, but nothing big.
1 Yvette
This doesn't work. Save your money and buy a better product or let a dentist do the work (which must be the best and most long lasting option if you want a Hollywood smile).
4 Guiomar Lopez
4 Lior
It's nice, easy to use and doesn';t taste that bad. Not sure if it did or did not make any difference in the color of my teeth though...
5 Charlotte
My teeth got a few tints lighter. Nothing too obvious, but that was what I was searching for. My teeth didn't get more sensitive and I even had results not using it 5 days in a row as instructed. I quite like it!
4 Yvonne Zheng
Not too keen on the kit as it didn't work well for me, but that is more of the product suitability rather than your site. Would love to see even more variety so that I can find something suitable!
1 doha
used it 20 minutes a day during 5 consecutive days!! DID NOTHING!! REALLY BAD.. DO NOT RECOMMEND..
5 jouni koivisto
5 Mr. Kristian
Good job!
5 Beny
I love it, It is convenient, fast and effective. I recommend it to anyone who wants to whiten your teeth at home and cheaply. Me encanta , es cómodo , rápido y efectivo. Lo recomiendo a quien quiera blanquear sus dientes en casa y a buen precio.
5 Echo
really helped my tooth go whiter!
1 Nora
I regret buying this. I followed the instructions and the results aren't that great, barely noticeable at all after a few treatments. What bugs me the most is how lazy the packaging is. The gel on the trays is really lazily put, on some trays almost all of the gel is on one side and barely nothing on the other and on none of the trays it's even close to even. There's always way more gel on one side than the other, and on very many trays a lot of the gel has leaked from the tray into the packaging. On top of this the trays aren't actually even close to wide enough to cover all your teeth from front to back. Not impressed.
5 Sai
I really like this product! I have slightly yellowish teeth naturally, and it's been a problem since I haven't been able to wear whatever lipstick I feel like because some shades enhances the discoloration. I also have quite sensitive teeth so I've been afraid to try teethwhitening before, but I tried this when my mom bought some and it worked really well. From the first use I could really see the difference and I felt nothing during treatment or after. And I love that it's so quick and easy, just pop the trays in and make sure you don't have to talk for 20 minutes.
1 Nisha
I ordered this as it seemed like a good product for teeth whitening after trying many different products which didnt work, from the discription given seems like a easy product to use and my teeth would be instantly white or up to 8 shades whiter, this product does NOTHING, i have seen no change in the colour of my teeth and its messy. i am very disappointed.

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