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Kevyn Aucoin Eyelash Curler

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Kevyn Aucoin Eyelash Curler Zoom
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5 Dinara
Excellent curling irons! They take care of my cilia. Definitely worth it to buy. I am pleased!
5 Dinara
Excellent curling irons! They take care of my cilia. Definitely worth it to buy. I am pleased!
5 Ivana
Definitely worth the price, curls the lashes beautifully.
5 Ansecrets
I'm lovin it! Finally is the best one like no other. It's amazing
5 Jess
The most amazing eyelash curlers on the market, I have tried many eyelash curlers including the shut uemera ones and these ones do not quite compare!!
5 Danai
These are very gentle and a bit wider than other curlers, so I find them perfect for me.No nipping or pulling hairs out, very nice curl without causing your eyelashes to end up rectangular. I also don't find them too expensive for the quality.
5 Chiara
Great tool! The best eyelash curler I have tried to date. Gives a proper curl without pinching or pulling. Very gentle & effective. I really like it, although it's an expensive item. Puts all my other curlers to shame!
3 KarenK
It's good, however the price is too high considering that I have a cheap curler ($3) that does almost the same thing. Another thing is that the effect doesn't last more than a couple of minutes, at least in my eyelashes (with or without mascara) ... I just hope this one will last longer.
5 Ines
This is simply amazing site. So happy i found this online store. The prices are the same as in the USA. This curler is simply awesome. Curls your lashes like nothing else:)
5 Karen
Excellent, I used a cheap curler years ago but it put me off, this curler is large and gentle
5 Yulia
It's really the best curler I've tried. It doesn't leave your lashes as rectangle element, but make smooth curl. I have really short, straight lashes, but I like effect very much.
5 Lara
Amazing and wonderful !! Thoroughly recommended and the price you have is good !!
5 Midgey
These are in my opinion the best eyelash curlers out there and I have tried them all. Shu uemera... Hated them. Bobbi brown really good. Kevyn aucoins are great, no nipping or pulling hairs out. They are a tad wider than standard curlers and the opening is larger which is great as you get every single hair in the curler. The curl is awesome too. Love them. So pleased beauty bay is now stocking them. I highly recommend.

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