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5 15 October 2013 Elena
After tons of tried and tested nail files - this one is the best (for my flaky nails). And my mom loves it too :)
5 17 August 2013 Diane
I ordered this product from America, and I have to say it was worth the wait and the effort. I was not able to find anything similar 'across the pond' since every crystal nail file I found was small (which is fine for a purse size), inferior quality and without much control insofar as shaping the nail. The large size is what I was looking for, and I purchased two. One for home, one for my purse. Some over here even had the crystal surface wear down over time with use. Not this one. It's everything I wanted and more. Highly recommend!
5 12 July 2013 Rachel
I love this nail file! it feels a bit weird to use at first as it is bigger and thicker than a normal emery board but it is so much better for your nails. My nails split when using emery boards but with this file they don't at all! very happy customer :)
5 09 July 2013 Ilaria
This nail file makes doing my manicure so easy and looking great! Works really well both back & forward direction and never damages the nails.
5 24 May 2013 jean newton
great file...smooth.
5 04 March 2013 Enrichetta
I don't know what it is but this tool makes filing your nails so much quicker than it would be with your standard emery board files, it's incredible! Apparently it's also much better for your nails altogether because it's less damaging, but what I can for sure say is that it makes the whole process so fast! Totally recommend it.
5 18 February 2012 Li
Just try it and you will know another world of nail file. It's the Rolls-Royce of the nail file.
5 18 February 2012 Li
Just try it and you will know another world of nail file. It's the Rolls-Royce of the nail file.
5 05 February 2012 Lou
After years of purchasing emery boards and always being left disappointed I decided to buy this nail file. Great, fast results, smooth nails and like the case to keep it at its best. Best price too, got for 9.75 at the time. Really pleased
5 14 August 2011 Amy
I decided to trade in my old emery board for the Leighton Denny crystal nail file as I had heard some good reviews, I wasn't let down. It glides effortlessly, almost instinctively across the nail and leaves a really smooth finish, I love it and wouldn't go back to anything else. It is definitely worth the money and Beauty Bay offers the best price.
5 03 July 2010 June
These files are fantastic for nails that split easily. I've got mine and I'm now ordering 3 more for my grandaughters,for xmas table presents. Great price also
5 16 June 2010 mags
Just bought this on reccomendation and its worth paying that bit extra.The case keeps it safe so no chance of it cracking. Nail edges feel really smooth. Also best price I could find.
5 14 October 2009 Angela Miles
The best nail file I've ever used. Perfect results really quickly.

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