Louise Young Angled Brow Brush LY30

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Louise Young Angled Brow Brush LY30 Zoom

Louise Young Angled Brow Brush LY30

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2 Sara
This is a good quality brush but I found it far too soft too use. I bought it to use with the ABH dipbrow pomade and was disappointed with it, so, I've had to continue using my original ABH brush.
5 Carolyn
Wonderful brush, good quality, it has a very fine edge that I've never been able to find before in cosmetic accessories or art brushes. It is also quite stiff which I didn't expect, but that really helps to control the line, as I have a bald patch on my eyebrow and need to draw in fine hairs this is great. I usually use it with Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade and it works well. The handle is a little too slim which makes it fiddly, but it is easy to fix this with tape. Overall it is the best I can find and the price is suitable.

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