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Louise Young Super Foundation Brush LY34

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Louise Young Super Foundation Brush LY34 Zoom
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5 Kelsey Bennett
Amazing, used this brush for 2 years at least now, , couldn't use another!
5 Sue
I really do LOVE this brush it's like candy for me. just want buy 10 more to just have in my closet.
5 Ylenia
I was quite curious about this brush, thanks to two Youtubers (Camiloveskiwi and Viviannadoesmakeup, probably everyone knows the last one), and I'm going to be honest, I really really LOVE this brush. It gives you just the perfect natural finish with any liquid foundation (foundations with a liquid/thinner consistency). And I want to evidence the fact that this brush is better for liquid formulas, if you use it with a creamier/thick foundation it doesn't work as good. I wouldn't recommend it with something like Doublewear or Colorstay. It's soft and washes quite simply. And, if you are into mineral makeup, you should give it a try, because I find that is quite good with that kind of makeup too. For everyday I use Lucyminerals or Alima mineral foundations and if I want a high- medium coverage, I can use this one instead of the traditional kabuki/ buffing brush. Hope this review was helpful.
5 Blondie33
I have A LOT of makeup brushes, just got this yesterday, it is my new Favourite brush, amazingly soft and can be used for so many things..LOVE IT
5 Julie
This brush has changed my foundation application, feels wrong, when I don't use it - considering buying a second one, just in case :-)
5 Eileen
Beautiful, beautiful brush! No wonder it's a cult product in the beauty world, bristles are super soft and washes easily. Feels sturdy and this brush definitely made my foundation application so much more easier. LOVE!
5 Charrile
OMG,I can't tell how much I love this brush!!You must purchase your own and you'll absolutely love this as well.M-U-S-T H-A-V-E!!!
5 Fiona Campbell
I love, love, love this brush. application is so easy and the finish is smooth and perfect. So glad I bought this brush.
5 tatiana
A feeling of painting a wall with a big brush ! Make up goes really much faster here ladies, maybe it does not give so good coverage as smallers brushes but give a very natural look. I recommend. Really must have .

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