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Makeup Eraser The Original Makeup Eraser

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Makeup Eraser The Original Makeup Eraser Zoom
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5 Anna
I cannot deal with the amount of wizardry within this cloth! Removes full coverage makeup and eye makeup in seconds, hardly any rubbing and with only water! I'm super shocked it does everything it says. I bought this to try as a makeup remover for my sensitive skin so I can double cleanse with my other prescribed products after use. It works a treat! Just wish I found this earlier so I didn't waste money on numerous other removers, cleansing oils and washes. Will be buying a couple more so I can have a cycle of them in the washing machine.
5 Simona
I own blue one and I love it! It removes all my makeup and it is very gentle. Especially perfect for travelling.
1 Debbie
Not worth it. Dragged on my skin like sandpaper even though I followed the directions to a 'T'. Does remove makeup but you need to agitate the cloth on your face and for me thats a no go. I have sensitive skin prone to redness - not cool. This went in the bin. Waste of money on my part. My oil cleanser does the job gently and effectively without any abrasiveness from a cloth. Would rather spend my money on my oil cleanser than this.
5 Nicky
This is fantastic, removes foundation, powder etc plus eye makeup too and I wear quite a lot of makeup!
4 Laisa
I tried this out for the first time tonight and I was so pleasantly surprised by how amazing this works! Removed all my makeup no problem !!!
5 Jacqueline
I just love that I only have to use this cloth and warm water to remove all my makeup. Ever so gentle and removes everything without drying out your skin. I have very sensitive skin and the gentle exfoliation is fantastic, my skin hasn't looked better. I recommend purchasing two, one in the wash while one is being used.
2 Debbie
I found this product too harsh - I followed all directions - but I was not impressed with it. I felt it dragged across my skin (sensitive and delicate which is why I bought this item) but it was just too harsh. My skin looked quite red after using it and felt tight even though I wet the cloth and was so gentle with wringing it out, I left it pretty wet! It did remove my makeup but I felt like it was only successful after using circular motions applying slight pressure which I do not like. A I have much better make up removal results with my cleansing oil. I would save your money and not purchase this item. I have tried it a few different ways (face mask removal etc etc - on the body etc etc but I still don't like it). I just don't feel cleansed and my skin feels stripped and dry and unclean.
5 Elle
I have never ever written a review on any products I have tried in the past but I just HAD to write one for this! Tried this cloth for the first time tonight and I was just so shocked at how easily my make up came off!! Incredible product and so easy to use, I'm now in the process of buying my sister and cousin one too!! Would highly recommend!
5 jeannette forbes
fantastic product, removes make up ect., in just a few seconds, I love it. great colur and so very soft....
5 Safiya
I've had this for about a year now, and I've had no desire to use make up wipes since. With in only s few moments my make up is gone like it was never their in the first place, something I've never found with any other product. It really is worth the money.
5 Karen
Was very sceptical buying this as I thought there was no way this one cloth was going to remove all of my makeup with just water. It did however feel a little harsh at first but that was only because i didn't realise one side was for exfoliating but ever since then I use it all the time. It's so easy to remove even the toughest amounts of makeup when wipes just simply won't cut it. My face feels so clean after using and it really does what it says. When sometimes you can't be bothered with face wipes but you need to take your make up off at bedtime, this is a god send for making life that little bit easier. Can't be without it now.
5 Alejandra
asombroso ! Ya no uso tanto para quitar mi cara y siento que ayuda a hacer mi piel más suave :) es soooo suave xx
5 Karen
This is the best make up remover ever.
5 H
Love! just used this product for the first time and it worked so well! I wouldn't say it removes 100% of make up, I took some cleanser on a cotton pad and there was still residue but it was only minimal which is still great!
4 Ella
I have used this for a week now and it's amazing! Very soft and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin at all. It does a good job removing even waterproof mascara too.
5 Lauren
I can't actually believe my own eyes, I used this product for the first time today and I wear a LOT of make-up as I'm a make-up artist. I'm in disbelief at how effortlessly it took off my layers and layers of make-up!!! Primer, colour correctors, concealer, foundation, powder, eyeshadow primer, eyeshadow, eyebrow pomade, mascara primer, waterproof mascara, liquid lipstick, contour, highlight and soooo much setting spray. Cannot recommend more!
2 Sarah
I bought this recently and have been using it for a week - I washed in the washing machine as per the instructions, but I find that once I wet it and use it to remove my makeup it leaves black fluff all over my face no matter how gently I use it. I don't feel its worth the money I paid, but it is handy for lazy makeup removal days or nights away - It certainly won't take off waterproof mascara or liner - I will go back to muslin cloths and a good cleanser in future
5 H
Actually, I use it as a face cloth to wash out my face mask. But it is soooo soft!!!!! Really love it
5 Nicole
Wow!!! Just used this tonight for the first time to remove my makeup and it is amazing!! I brought it to use instead of make up wipes as I found they irritate my skin, this didn't irritate at all and removed all my make up in less than a few minutes. I was sceptical about how easily it would remove mascara but there was no need to scrub as it just melted straight off. Its quite large so ill probably get 3 uses out of it by rinsing in-between before ill need to put it in the washing machine. I think this is great for people who are travelling and can't take lots of liquids due to restrictions and especially for people who find even the gentlest or products irritating. Cant recommend this money and environment saver enough!
5 Lia
Best thing I have ever used to remove my makeup. Absolutely love it!
5 Shante
This product is amazing literally one swipe and it's gone, so affordable every where I look to find it and there expensive this is the only place that I've seen it for such good price. Defo rate it a 5 star.
5 Sam
So I use Mac Pro-Longwear foundation which can be a struggle to get off even with makeup wipes leaving my face quite dry and sore! My housemate bought me this for xmas and it's amazing! It took my foundation, eyebrows and two different powders that were set with fix+ off in less that two mins!
5 Sarah Gerber
I just ordered a bunch of Makeup Geek shadows and they are to die for!!! I love how I can save now on tax costs. I live in Switzerland and I can easily order them now of Beautybay. If you haven't checked them out yet, do it now, because you are missing out on the greatest shadows ever made!!!
5 Alex
I love the makeup eraser so much I had to give it a review, I saw this on beauty break on YouTube and it worked so well. It removes my makeup easily and softly!

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