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Mister Mascara Lash Curler

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5 Aimee
Great price! Gives a nice curl and love that they come with extra pads.
5 Mah-Noor
I have had this product for almost a year and am still in love! It curls my lashes so beautifully without that awful dent that some curlers tend to give! Very good quality and so inexpensive! Also love how it comes with extra pads. A must have :)
5 Shepa
This is a really good curler especially for the price! I love it. It's really strong and it curls the lashes beautifully
2 tara
I bought this eyelash curler purely based on the reviews on beautybay. However, unfortunately it didn't live up to the hype. it curls my lashes after about 5 times of clamping, although, i loved that it came with extra pads.
3 AllieBee
I agree with all the positive reviews about how well they first. My disappointment was that they didn't last very long. Not unexpected as they have a spring mechanism which has clearly loosened to the point that I can no longer get a good curl.
5 Natalia
Whoa! Great price, great quality, AND spare rubbers!!! This is my first eyelash curler, and while I still manage to pinch my eyelid (OUCH), when I do get it right, my lashes look r i d i c u l o u s. Love it love it love it. It has great grip as well! Will use until it breaks!
4 Rathavann
Of course it curls the lushes. The price is good for the quality.
4 Olga Anufrijeva
This Mister Mascara tool gives my lashes a curl that stays pretty much all day. It's also nicely designed and the price is very friendly!
5 Brooke
A++ these eyelash curlers are the bomb-digity!! Highly recommend!
5 Belinda
Best eyelash curler I have ever used! Curls lashes beautifully and doesn't pull at them! Also the spare strips are such a bonus! For such a cheap price this is an amazing product!
4 Helen Priestley
5 Jodie
Bought these for my sister and she loves them! My ted baker ones are a bit knackered now and I'm definitely going to buy some of these for myself to replace them! It's so hard to find a well made pair with decent rubber replacements! And at this bargain price!
5 Nadine
Very handy and cheap, no need to look for an expensive one.
5 Mafalda
No need to spend more money than these to buy an eyelash curler, this one is just fine. It does not hurt the eyelid and it's super comfortable to use. Recommend it!
5 Jiah
The best eyelash curler so far! I was planning to invest on an expensive brand, but am glad I found this just at the right time. Its the best quality for the price you pay and it curls the lashes perfectly for me.
2 Jen
I'm sorry but I am not a fan of this eyelash curler at all - I find that it does not curl my short, straight Asian lashes even though I tried desparately to love this because it looks so awesome. However, truth be told, I ended up using the spare red rubber pads on my old cheap drugstore eyelash curler...
5 Ioanna
I love this...
5 Daisy
This eyelash curler is the best you will find! It is incredible, especially considering how inexpensive it is. I have really short, stubby little eyelashes which I hate and I have used cheap eyelash curlers that have just been a waste of time. I thought I would try this one considering all the great reviews but I was still not convinced it would be able to make any difference to my tiny lashes. But it really works, I'm so happy! It creates such a beautiful curl to my lashes and makes them look a million times longer, and I find that I don't even have to curl them every day because they are so good that they stay curled for two days after a single use! I love everything about them, how well they work, the price and that they come with replacement strips. Once you buy these eyelash curlers you will never want to use any other brand again! You have got to try them.
5 Anne Sophie
This eyelashcurler is definitely recommendable! It doesn't break my lashes and it works amazingly with a waterproof mascara! Xx
5 Lilian
This product holds curls really well and makes my eye lashes really long. Love it!
5 Nanna
I love this! its really soft and it doesn't damage lashes nor pinch any skin. It curls very well and the curls really holds! Very good product for so cheap price.
5 Laura
I bought this on the recommendations here, and the price- so cheap! Curls just as well as any other curler and I love that it comes with 6 replacement pads.
5 Louise
I really do like this eyelash curler, it's very pretty and really does a good job at creating nice curled lashes, great value for money! I love that it comes with replacement strips.
5 Elena G
I love this eyelash curler!!! It does the job and it is super cheap for the quality. Perfect!
4 Lana
It's alright. Does the job but doesn't curl for long. Good as comes with replacement strips though which is why I bought it. Real cheap too!
5 Miriam
I really love this eyelash curler! It does the job perfeclty and has the replacemente strips! I LOVE IT
5 Mya
I brought this product around 5 years ago and it still works like its BRAND NEW! What an excellent product!!! Definitely recommend to everyone out there.
5 Sylvy
It's perfect!
5 Ingvild
Great eyelash curler for the price! It does the job and feels good on the eyes. Definitely worth the money :)
5 Anna
A very good and affordable eyelash curler, I really liked it. It curls your lashes in a great way and it doesn't pinch the skin. An extra plus for the 6 extra stripsSo if you don't want to spend so much money but still get a great eyelash curler this is perfect for you.
5 Josephine
I loved this curler! I have been enjoying 'mister mascara' tweezers for over a year, so when I thought it would be time to purchase an eyelash curler, after my excellent experience with their other products I would purchase from them as it was cheaper than other brands. I have found these absolutely fantastic! They curl my lashes very well, and don't have that cheap metallic look to them. I would definitely purchase these again!
4 Lulu
I think this eyelash curler is great and very affordable. The colour of the curler looks very stylish but at the same time its a bit hard to use. I can't see my lashes when curling them because I have dark coloured lashes. Overall I really like it once I got use to it.
5 Maité
I was also thinking about buying an expensive eyelash curler but then I got this one and I'm very happy with it. It does the job without pinching me and does not feel or look cheap. The replacement strips are a nice extra. Good choice!
5 Ingrid
Love this eyelash curler! It's really good, and worth the money.
5 Nora
Pretty good actually, the huge plus with this one is that it doesn't pinch my eyelids (happens a lot with other eyelash curlers). I don't really like the "string" on it, it feels somehow a bit shaky at times, but that's just a small minus. Otherwise I really like this eyelash curler.
5 Konstantina
While debating if I should invest in a really posh eyelash curler, I decided to give mr mascara a try and i'm so glad I did! It curls the lashes beautifully, without pinching my lids (my major problem), probably because of the curve, it's more rounded than average. The extra strips are a bonus!
5 lynsey
Absolutely love this eyelash curler. No problems grabbing all the eyelashes and doesn't pinch the skin like some I've tried. This has to be the best investment ever and the fact it comes with spare strips is a total bonus. A must have for the make up bag!
4 Sarah
Lovely eyelash curler & came with lots of spare rubber replacement strips so really get your moneys worth.

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