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Mr. Blanc Professional Teeth Whitening Strips 2 Weeks Supply 14Pieces

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1 Stephanie
So soo disappointed in this product! I previously used crest strips which work brilliantly but struggle to find where to buy them anymore! On my 3rd day with these, followed all the instructions and I have had no change in my teeth colour. Waste of money would not recommend.
5 Toni
100% recommend this product, noticed a difference after the first use. Will be repurchasing again.
5 Shelly
Really good on my teeth
5 Marlene
These are the most effective whitening strips I've used and they are gentle on the gums. It's important to dry your teeth off before applying or they will slide around a bit at first. There is a lot of gel to clean up after but it has a nice minty taste and no peroxide.
4 Bella
After the first use I definitely saw a difference in the colour of my teeth. They were brilliantly white for about half an hour and then the colour went down a bit. I don't know whether this is just because it's my first use only or its something that happens to other people. however the product is amazing and I couldn't recommend it anymore xx
5 Rachel
These are a great buy for a one who wants gorgeous white teeth, you can see a difference in the shade of your teeth just after the first use and don't make your teeth feel sensitive at all like most teeth whiteners, I love these and will definitely be buying them from here again!
5 Jennie
It did make teeth whiter after 3 uses. No icky taste. Easy. Can increase sensitivity if your gum line is retracted. You feel it when putting them on. But it doesn't last long.
4 Kim
These teeth whitening strips definitely work, there was a huge visible difference after the first use which continued to improve up to the 4th or 5th use. After that I didn't notice my teeth get any whiter. Unfortunately the results haven't really lasted as well as I'd hoped. After about a month my teeth are almost back to their previous colour. However, these are definitely worth it for short term use as they are quick and effective with absolutely no unwanted side effects such as sensitivity or pain.
3 Shannon Henderson
I noticed a difference within the first 2 days, but then it just didn't really make any change to the colour of my teeth at all. Maybe it's just me so i don't know, but there's nothing wrong with trying it!!!
5 Lauren
Very pleased with this product. Results are visible after just one use so very excited to see what it will be like after 14! Great value for money! I will definitely repurchase.
5 Lucy
Really happy with the product!! Noticed a difference after the first use! Will definitely be purchasing this again! :)
5 sanna
OMG!!! So so SO happy with MrBlanc! After the first use I saw a Huge difference and now my teeth are a lot lighter. I am a coffee drinker 3 + cups a day, just so you know where I am coming from:) I will repurces. Love Sanna

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