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Pai Skincare Muslin Face Cloth

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Pai Skincare Muslin Face Cloth Zoom
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5 Alison
excellent product, but the colour makes it look like a rag
5 Izzy
LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Beautiful, soft, gentle exfoliating cloth. I always use it after applying a face mask and it leaves my skin feeling silky and fresh. Definitely recommend as it's not too harsh on the skin and removes excess dirt/makeup in an instant
5 Andrea
I bought one of these cloths to try, especially with the removal of make-up. And I have found it effortless, I use a cream based cleanser (dermol) with it and had amazing results even with the removal of mascara (not waterproof as I don't wear that type). I will be buying more, I have amazingly sensitive skin and this exfoliates without causing any irritation leaving me with a brighter complextion! Highly recommended.
5 Cláudia
Amazing! The skin is super clean and soft after use, it removes the cleanser really well and gently exfoliates. It also washes really well, keeping it's shape and softness.
4 Anna
I enjoy using PAI muslin cloth. It exfoliates well without causing irritation. This has worked well with my skin care regime esp in times when my skin acts up with dry itchy patches. Price wise, it is one of the cheaper, unbleached ones that i have found.
4 Adele
Feels rough to the touch - I feel like I'm exfoliating my palms when I wring it out! I have sensitive skin/ eczema, but after a few months of using this, I haven't had any adverse reaction. It's great for removing thick makeup and exfoliating, but washing the cloths can be a hassle, especially if you travel a lot. Also, quite unfortunately, the colour of the cloth makes it look rather cheap; I left this at a friend's place by mistake and she threw it away, thinking it was a rag!
4 Daria Mityukhlyaeva
5 Fabienne
What a great product! My face is so clean and so soft after using them, I can't believe it!
5 Kirsten
Removes my cleanser well and gently exfoliates. Holds the heat from the water too!
Great product.
5 yazmin
I don't normally write reviews but this cloth definitely deserves one! Their light, organic and have a slightly gritty texture that's superb for manual exfoliation! I use this at night with my regular cleanser and the result?! Clear, smooth skin! Really love these cloths! definitely will be purchasing the 3 pack!
5 Isabelle
A must have for every girl! I've been struggling to get rid of my blackheads forever so I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this muslin cloth managed to remove them. It gently exfoliates my skin without being too harsh, leaving my skin feeling fresh, clean, supple and tightened. LOVE.
4 Laura Turner
Very good product - especially if like me, you have bad breakouts and sensitive skin, this face cloth is not harsh and does make your skin feel nice and soft.
5 Charrile
great product,I use it to wash my face,body.really really love it.
5 emerald
I bought the 3-piece pack because of other's reviews. Definitely best buy for me so far. The cloth makes washing face so much easier, thorough and clean. It also creates a tightening effect afterwards. It makes all my facial wash work better than before! The pores are clean and less blockage, less blackheads etc. I find my face more lifted after using this for a few days, don't know why but it definitely makes a huge difference! I've extended the use of this to my neck area, bust area,... and then the entire body! It's amazing! It's eco-friendly, saves a lot of water while washing face too, face becomes firm and clean in a few wipes!
5 Ina J
I love these muslin cloths. I use them with my Antipodes Grapeseed butter cleanser. The cloths are really exfoliating but it's not harsh at all and I have sensitive and dry skin. I love how they are reuasable too and I will definitely repurchase once these clothes become unusble.
5 Maria
I bought this in the triple pack and really like using it. I use it everyday to wash my face with cleanser. It helps exfoliate lightly and is not irritating. It actually makes my face feel clean to apply moisturizer and make up after. The only bad thing is the color. After using it and hanging it to try, it just looks like a dirty rag because of the color. Other than that, loving the product. Will repurchase once my cloths are unusable.
5 Alyssa
Excellent product. Definitely a must have :)
4 Maria, Italia
tris conveniente, li uso da soli o con il detergente, anche sugli occhi e per il trucco waterproof Translation: three of a kind convenient, use them alone or with detergent, even on the eyes and waterproof makeup
5 E.
Not too harsh for my sensitive skin and yet, it works. My exfoliated skin looks much better since I use them. Costs almost nothing, reusable, no wasting and throwing away. Perfect!
5 Marv
These muslin face-cloths are fantastic. Why buy a face exfoliating scrub when you can use, and re-use, a simple but effective muslin cloth? The muslin cloth has a lovely texture, so it feels like it exfoliates effectively but relatively gently. I use it on my face and lips with the Pai gentle cleanser every day and my skin looks unclogged and bright.
5 Anca Luiza Sirbu
Very good product. I'm pleased with the results. The skin feels softer and cleaner and has a beautiful luminosity.
5 Caroline
Nice product! The cloth is exfoliating but not too harsh on the skin.
5 Katrina
Love these cloths! So much softer than other brands I've tried. Gentle and effective. Would buy these again.
5 Gautier
Really love them too ! Feel great on the skin and exfoliate very well. A must have in every bathroom.
5 Daniella
I love these cloths - I use them all the time and re-new every six months or so, so the three pack is ideal. I use with the gentle pai cleanser and they give great exfoliation without being too harsh on the skin!
5 Hannah
Love this! So much more effective at exfoliating than a regular face cloth, but not as harsh and abrasive to my sensitive skin as a scrub. I've seen a definite improvement in the condition of my skin since using this daily. It's very affordable and the quality is great!

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