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Paul & Joe Cat Cosmetic Pouch

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5 Lucy
Cutest make up pouch ever! I store all my makeup and skin care products in it for my half term break :-)
5 Kathleen
This is the cutest thing ever! And so much fits into it. Might have to get another one for a gift.
5 India
I absolutely adore this washbag. I go to boarding school and wanted something I could fit all my makeup and brushes in for a couple of weeks. This is perfect, when it arrived I thought it might be a little small, but I can fit 2 makeup palettes (mac/sleek), about 9 brushes in the holder, the pockets around the side are perfect for lipsticks, there is plenty of room for eyeliners, eyeshadows and mascaras. The little zip up pocket by the brush holders is perfect for tweezers and curlers. I love this bag, its very nice looking aswell as functional!
5 Jo
I love everything about this pouch. The size is just perfect for your daily cosmetics and holds more than you think. It's compact enough to fit all of the full size essentials. It has plenty of interior space for horizontal and vertical storage of products, with convenient little clear plastic pouches around the inside wall of the interior. To help get more inside, dispense products into travel bottles and sprays to make the most of the space. It has space for three brushes and a plastic flap to keep them in place, a mesh pouch double sided with a zipped pouch. The fabric is delightful with its cute cat pattern and is very good quality and wipeable, not cheap looking or with a rigid shiny plastic! This pouch is the best handbag cosmetics product I have ever bought. An added bonus is the fact that my other half is called Paul and I am Jo (but without the 'e'!!!) I love cats and cosmetics so this product is perfect!! h
5 Linda
I love this little thing! The pattern on it simply adorable. It looks small, but it's roomy enough to hold a small bottle of shampoo and conditioner, toothbrush and paste, and other toiletries including your make-up(depending on how much you need to take with you). Lots of little pockets inside, and it's squishable so it will pack easily into a suitcase or rucksack.
5 Olga
Very useful and nice bag! It is small enough to suit well in any bag or suitcase. But it has enough space inside for all your need. Except one thing - it's not good for toothbrushes.
5 Ada
I fell in love with this and it is a great product to use, but the cats on the design just made it irresistible.. Paul and Joe used to put cats heads on the top of lipsticks. This is an echo of those times ...
5 Chih Yang Tsai
At first, I saw a lot of reviews about this product,so I bought it. And the product doesn't disappoint me! The material and look are pretty. It will be taken with me at anywhere!
5 Kristine
Deceptive in size, this is small and compact but holds so much! It has heaps of little pockets for lipsticks and brushes, and plenty of room for all kinds of things. I can fit my Urban Decay Theodora palette in here, which is the bulkiest palette I own. I take it everywhere and adore the little cats and the perfect organisation of it. I am tempted to buy a backup!
5 Lydia
This is my second one as I love my first one so much and cannot find it anywhere else. I love the soft material, love the cat, love the color, love the spacious design...basically the best makeup bag I have ever had! Perfect for travel and so unique!!!
5 Rachel
Adorable make up bag with plenty of little pockets to keep things organised.
5 Marianne
This cosmetic pouch is sooo cute ! It has a good size, perfect for traveling it will be your best friend ! Great quality of product and materials, there are also lot of little pockets and spaces to fit your brushes, tweezer or other accessories. Definitely it has everything a girl need !
5 Kim
I used this for travelling last year, it is adorable, made of smooth waterproof like material. I really liked the many small compartments/pockets, they were quite handy to stick mascaras, blushes into, so that they wouldn't move around the bag. The bag is quite roomy, and fit almost everything I needed for 5 weeks of travelling. A great buy.
4 Anastasia
I was not sure when ordered what size it would be but it appeared to be great for travelling although I can't fit in long brushes for the foundation. Only if I hardly pull them into. Anyway - I am using it and is quite satisfied with quality/price!
5 Sophiana
this is the perfect ideal cosmetic bag for me, it does look rather small but in fact it fits all i need and very compact indeed! so many pockets to organise your stuffs inside i put all my tube stuffs on the edge of the bag (ie. mascaras, concealer and some small brushes etc.) and my full size powder stuff and liquid foundation and base make up inside and everything is like bam! perfect!no need for transferring to a smaller container and those worries. i put my travelling brush sets on the lid of the thing (that has pockets for brushes) and all turned out to be absolutely amazing. i am deeply in love with this bag, and i mean it!if paul
5 Juliana
Great finish, ideal size for travel. So cute!
5 Monica
This is the most adorable cosmetic pouch your money can buy. Very well made and with lots of extra little pockets inside to fit brushes, cotton pads, etc.It looks rather small on the outside but it is, in fact, quite roomy inside. Perfect to fit in all your cosmetics for a weekend or long-haul plane trip. Absolutely recommended!

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