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Silkskin Pillow Case

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Silkskin Pillow Case Zoom
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1 Paula
I've only used my Silkskin pillowcase for two nights and the seam has already started to fray so I can't see it lasting very long at all. Disappointed as it's a really nice idea, but the quality isn't there (at least from my experience!)
5 Marika
Saying goodbye to face creases, this is an amazing product. I really did not think that this would work. But I have had no face creases since buying this. My hair is also chemically treated and this is great for keeping hair in style for the next day. I will buy for presents now. Incredible.
5 Tigi
I have only had my pillowcase 3 days and already seen a difference and benefit of using a 100% silk!! My skin has a more plump and youthful glow.My hair has no frizz at all when I wake up. Before using this pillowcase my heavily bleach blonde hair was unmanageable and had lots of breakage. I will be using this silk pillowcase every night from now on!! Btw thank you beauty bay for sending this item to me so quickly,and also sending loads of nice free samples..
5 Carmen
Love this and worth every cent! I had to do my hair every morning, now I wake up and it is still smooth even a couple of days later. I wish I had bought one years ago, I notice a lot less hair - actually none on my pillow, and unlike the synthetic satin versions, you don't get sweaty during the night. Great buy!

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