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Supersmile Original Whitening Toothpaste

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Supersmile Original Whitening Toothpaste Zoom
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5 Stephanie
I have a full top set of porcelain veneers and use this toothpaste just to maintain their brightness and shine. Although veneers are stain resistant I do find that over time they get a slight build up of general everyday stains (coffee, curry, etc.). This product is perfect for maintaining the original appearance of veneers. My bottom teeth are natural and I bleach these. I wouldn't recommend this product if you are trying to whiten but I completely would recommend if you are just looking for a product to maintain a level of whiteness already achieved with veneers or whitening. There's no harsh chemical tastes.... Just minty fresh :). Cant get enough of this product!
4 Philip Harrison
2 rachel connor
if u just want to maintain your teeth after paying to get them whitened dis is prob good, but if ur teeth are off colour or stained, dont think this will do any better than any other toothpaste cause it wont, i used it for 2months and it was no different wat so eva,hurt my gums also prob cause ur not ment to use with water
3 youjien
I used the whole pack and i didnt notice a remarkable difference...
5 Roberto/Eliane
Do you know some kind of products that promisses to do this and that and when you buy, you get yourself so disapoint? THIS ONE NO! YOU DID BUY AND GET WHAT IT PROMISE! I'm a smooking, drink alot coffe and works perfect. Thanks to beautybay to make my smile brighter!
5 Niamh McInerney
My teeth have never looked whiter. Best toothpaste ever
5 PJ
Buy, buy, buy! I've used a certain brand's "strips" in the past and they were painful to my sensitive teeth and I drooled like a hound when letting them do their stuff. This brand is simply amazing, my teeth have lightened considerably in just a few weeks with no pain at all. I love red wine, smoke and drink black coffee, so I'm an extreme case and it WORKS!
5 Zo
A 5* PRODUCT!! Would'nt use anything else. Highly recommend to all.
5 Betija
This is a 5th pack of Supersmile toothpaste I've bought so far. That means something. We love this toothpaste. Really makes our teeth whiter and smile better. BeautyBay offers a good price and fantastic service. Would recommend to my friends.
5 Shane Hickman
This toothpaste is far superior than any other whitening toothpaste I have used! I noticed results in less than a week as it does a brilliant job at removing surface stains and making your teeth sparkle! I will never go back to high street brands after using this! Amazing stuff!
5 Linda Hitchin
Love this product, my teeth have never looked so white, would'nt want to be without it and highly recommend it.
5 Tash
I love tea. I love coffee. This is usually a disaster for my teeth. Not any more! Don't get me wrong- this won't bleach your teeth into blazing pearls- but it most definitely does remove daily stains and safely makes teeth look a natural-looking white. Also- is it just me, or does this toothpaste have the best minty taste ever??
5 Becky
Amazing, Ive only used it for two weeks and Ive already noticed a difference, my teeth look healthier and whiter, the tooth paste removes bacteria and makes my breath smell good.

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