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Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash

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Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash Zoom
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5 Courtney Grahame
I have long, thick, curly, dyed hair, so I know a lot about tangles. This brush works exceptionally well both wet and dry. It's great for distributing shampoo and conditioner.
5 Claudia
Purchased the blue one: I was a bit wary about buying this product, for two reasons:1. as it looks like it would be difficult to hold and use-especially wet and in the shower. I read some reviews where people have had difficulty using it. 2. Because I have thick very long curly hair which is down to my bottom. I read reviews where some people mentioned that it glazes over thick hair and doesn't actually brush through it properly. Nevertheless I decided to purchase it and test it anyway I can say for sure that it is an AWESOME brush. I found it easy to hold and use with wet hands which were covered in conditioner. I used it in the shower whilst I had conditioner in and It brushed through my hair soooo nicely- it doesn't glaze over. It brushed out my hair perfectly and removed all the tangles and knots and distributed the conditioner beautifully throughout my hair. It catches and hairs that may fall out and prevents the drain from clogging- you can easily remove the hair from the brush and throw away without having to go through the hassle of pulling it out of the drain. Absolutely love the brush and I'm so glad that I purchased it regardless of all of the negative reviews! Deffo worth it!
4 Louise
Perfect for distributing product through wet hair, unfortunately it's a bit hard to hold especially when it's wet
5 nora
This product is the best. I use it every time after i shower to prevent split ends and pulling out of my weak blonde hair. Every time i used normal hair brushes i suffered major hair loss,so this product was a saver. It works great for bleached blonde hair that´s damaged. I live in Macedonia so not many webpages deliver to this country so beautybay is one of my favourite since it has free shipping that makes it very easy to order since shipping is usually very expensive.
3 April
Unfortunately, for my small hands, it's awkward to hold. I also found that it doesn't handle tangles all that well despite the rave reviews - it just seems to glide over the heavy knots. I find a medium tooth comb is more effective. I have dark, thick Asian hair that is on the normal to dry side - it's also naturally wavy.
5 Claudia
I use my tangle teezer every day !
5 Ginny Lee
Just got mine today. Cant wait to try on my dried hair and it works fine. Then I got shower and tried to comb my hair when I applied a 10-minute conditioner. This product is so gentle to your hair and detangle your hair! I have tangled hair that I always comb my hair using my hand but I always break my hair. This would not break your hair and its an amazing product!
5 Lilian
I use it always when I wash my hair. This brush is amazing, in my opinion is better than the compact Tangle Teezer.
5 Uliya
Suitable as a stand for toiletries. Previous versions of the comb more comfortable to hold in hand. But at this large area with teeth
5 Ana
What a must have!!! I've always been aware that brushing/combing your hair wet makes it breakage prone, well, Tangle Teezer brought a solution. This brush is perfect for beach, spa, pool, gym, and shower. It helps distribute conditioner and leave-in smoothly on wet hair without breaking it. I've beem experiencing much less hair fall and best of all: can also be used on dry hair. Makes it soft, shiny and with much less frizz. Magic product.
5 Alison Butchers
Fabulous for combing through conditioner. Makes hair lovely and silky afterwards. Have owned a normal one for a couple of years but this is brilliant for the shower.

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