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Tangle Teezer Compact Styler

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Tangle Teezer Compact Styler Zoom
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5 Beth
This brush is an absolute life saver!!! I'd been meaning to purchase this brush for ages and now I have all I can say is I wish I'd wouldn't brought it sooner! It's like magic, the knots are completely gone with no pain or damaged hair. I've noticed a lot less hair in the brush because this doesn't pull and damage your hair as much as your regular brush. I honestly would urge everyone to get one of these, especially if you have long hair that's easily tangled like mine!
5 Davina
Just recieved this amazing brush & can't wait to use it as i've heard great things about it.Thank you beauty bay for the fantastic speedy service you provide
5 Amy
Amazing. Brushes the hair like the other tangle teaser, but great for throwing in your hand bag. It's Smaller, but still comfortable in the hand. It's little lid keeps too much dirt and debris from getting into the brush. Otherwise, in my bag, it would have food wrappers and receipts stuck in it.
5 Anna
I really love it very much. I think it's a great invention. Before I bought The Original Tangle Teezer I had many brushes and combs cause I couldn't find something for painless detangling. And 'Compact Styler' looks more attractive than 'The Original'.
5 Maria Cristina
I received a long time ago this brush I bought 2 for me and my sister who is a nurse we both love our combs even my husband loves it!
5 Grace
Amazing! My hair is long and really thick so it would take around 15 mins to brush out after a shower, and it would still pull and I would struggle to get knots out. With this, I can now brush through all of my hair in two minutes flat after a shower! No pulling and no knots! It's an absolute dream. So amazing I have bought two, one to keep and my bag and one to keep at home!
5 maria cristina
I love this brush i have the original too and this is just perfect when you travel or to have it on your purse i love it. the best brush of all times
5 S
This hairbrush is super compact and nice, at first I didnt know what the rave was about - unitl i tried it. Now i cannot use any other brush (i mean i dont want to). This tangle teezer is so great as it gets the knots out my hair without ripping it out. It makes my hair feel super soft and the plastic cap makes it super easy to pack everywhere, without breaking the bristles. I love this so much i am looking into buying the original tangle teezer as well as the aqua tangle teezer. So i can have one in my bag, one at home and another in the shower. my only complait is that its a little pricy, but i was willing to pay the price for this AMAZING brush. i HIGHLY recommend this brush, I hope this helped anyone who was on edge about buying it.
5 Bree
I bought the compact Pink Sizzle one: this brush really makes the difference! Much better than expected! Love It...
4 Virginia Aurigemma
Good service, affordable items in promotion otherwise prices would be too high and not justified.
4 Maya
the minus is the size, if You plane to use it only in the road - yes, if in home - it is too little. The first impression was great: so comfortable to taught, very shiny) But I noticed that I dont use it during a day. Maybe see a larger...
5 Maria
Better that the original! I got both Tagle Teezers but this one has firmer bristles AND the cap really helps to take it everywhere with you!
4 Sandra Szkopiak
5 Amy Rothwell
5 Barbara
wonderfull tool can't live without it, goes whit me everywhere i go
5 yanhui
This is my second time buying. I bought them two years ago for gift to give it to my friends and families. They all loved it. So I bought it again for gift. My daughter has curly hair and she can't brush her hair without this one and beautybay company is the cheapest and genium products. I am very happy with their products. I will buy more next time.
5 Vassia
this is perfect especially for my long manages to get all the tangles very fast!also it's so convenient for travelling because it is in a small it and the packaging is really cute!
5 Cheryl Capstick
Very competitive price and quick delivery, very pleased
5 Jekaterina
It's my first Tangle Teezer and I am completely satisfied with it. It's unique and really comfortable in use. Also I have noticed, that even my husband is using it, so I'm absolutely sure, that not the last one I have bought :)
5 Olga
To be honest I was skeptical of the so-called wonders of this brush... But after a few days of use, I admit that it is in fact a great product. Very compact and quick. NO STATIC! Thank God! I used to think a hair brush is just a hair brush - but this one has opened my eyes to quality! I will definitely be recommending this one to my friends. (Bought the Rock Star Black - very sleek!)
5 Lavinia
This brush is an addiction! This version is really great cause you really need the cover to protect the brush. I bought also the classic one and i really enjoy both! Value for money!
5 Jenny
I love this brush! It's easy to clean and is very handy to have in your bag. Great when you are traveling or on the go!
5 chiara
This hairbrush is a miracle! I didn't realize it untile I tried it!
5 Chelsea Crowther
Amazing hair brush! I have really long hair and it manages to get all the tangles out without damaging my hair.
5 Anastasia
Combs my dry damaged hair so softly! I love this brush and I own 2 of them, that is a must have brush for me) And I like the way the compact version of tangle teezer feels in my hand, I find it really easy to use. oh, and you can also comb your hair after you wash it with this brush, it won't damage your hair the way a regular brush would
5 Alice
One of the best hair brush I've ever had. It is smaller, it is gentle on hair, hair brushing is pain free with it. You can easily carry with you during travels without ruining it. The first days I couldn't stop brushing my hair! The Pink Sizzle is so so cute!
4 Sara
It is good, but not amazing. I think the quality is reduced comparing to the same thing in several years ago
5 Uliya
slightly smaller in size than Tangle Teezer non compact and really very nice to bag!
5 Katrine
Best. Brush. Ever.
5 Anni
I bought this brush because everyone was raving about it and now have no other choice, but to agree with them. This brush is nothing less than purely amazing! I just want to keep brushing my hair! I absolutely love it!!
5 Uliya
Very nice detangling and comfortable to bag
5 Ying
I have already a regular Tangle Teezer that a friend gave me as a gift and it works amazingly for my long hair. I bought this one for travel! It's smaller, cuter and so handy. I'm thinking about buying another one for my mother!
5 Doriana
Love! Makes my hair super smooth within seconds :) great size for my handbag and the cover ensures the bristles dont get wrecked
5 Ekaterina
I've had Tangle Teezer for 6 month and I completely happy to use it. This one for my friend, she tried mine and liked it. I decided to buy her this wonderful brush for present!
5 Yuliya
My mother loves it! Just bought a gift for her, course I have one Tangle Teezer and completely satisfied. Design is so stylish!
5 Sara
I bought my first Tangle Teezer last month and was soo happy with it that I ordered this one and the Aqua Splash too, what can I say... I'm never going back to my old brushes!!
5 Cassidy
I already have the original Tangle Teezer which I love and decided I needed one for my handbag. I love this brush in the smaller compact size and handy cover to keep the bristles clean. My hair gets quite messy and tangly and this is perfect for on-the-go. A few sweeps and my hair looks more presentable again.
5 Lisa
Tried a different style of Tangle Teezer at my hair dresser - awesome so bought this for home and travel. Definitely works.
5 Lily
I love this brush! I have the bigger one for home, but the compact styler stays in my bag. A couple of my friends tried it on their hair, and bought their own! Beautiful, silky, frizz-less hair!
5 Emmelie
I love it! The best brush I have ever tried! No more frissy hair! My hair is more shiny and I have less hairloss. It´s perfect.

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