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This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Talk

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This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Talk Zoom
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5 sophie molnar
On my travels to the UK I tried this product, I could not believe how this really does work, as I had no expectation. However, I left the UK and by that time had run out, its taken me 6 weeks to find this website. Cannot wait for my delivery.
5 Xueping
Always had trouble falling asleep, used it for the past week and I'm fast asleep. Was never a big fan of vetiver however it is not overwhelming and rather calming. Every morning woke up feeling well rested. This really works!
1 Juliette
I'm so dissapointed with this product. I've wanted to try it for ages, so when I finally bought it I was excited to use it. I've had and used it for about 3 weeks now and its nothing but a glorified room spray. If you're thinking of buying this, save your money and buy a cheaper alternative.
3 Elitsa
has a strong smell and smell lasts quite long. Not sure it works wonders but its a nice to have product
5 Anna Chiang
5 Rikke
My boyfriend had trouble sleeping. After I bought This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Talk, he slept great. The smell is so delicious - you get really relaxed and comfortable. Love it!
5 Taylor
I often have trouble sleeping, so when my sister saw this she automatically thought of me and bought it. This has made such a difference to my sleep patterns. I think my body now associates the smell with sleep so automatically goes into sleep mode. its amazing!
5 Leila
My husband brought back a sample from a Crown Plaza hotel:. It worked so well, I can't sleep well without it now so I am ordering a full-size set. Don't buy it or you'll get hooked!
5 Catarina
Got this combo at a hotel and not only brought it home, now I want to buy it! I really have had more relaxing sleep and my sensitive skin has not reacted to the essential oils.

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