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Toxic Twins Dream On Detox Green Tea

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Toxic Twins Dream On Detox Green Tea Zoom
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5 Lizzy
I was so skeptical on buying this for the first time but i thought... Why not give it a try? Im suffering from insomnia and can hardly get some sleep. I dont know this this thing works but it makes me sleep like a baby! You wake up feeling very refreshed and bloating is gone, i also notice that my joint aches are gone everytime i use it. Its my little miracle patch, i definitely recommend this to everyone. I gave a set to my mom and she is crazy over this thing too
3 Bodil
I tried these last night, and I cant say that I feel all that different. Its obvious that the pads have absorbed something from your body as they go from completely dry to moist. - however, the one thing is the smell. They have a really strong almost smokehouse/woody smell - and not in a good way.
5 Korina
I used these detox patches for the first time recently and now I'm hooked...They were easy to apply - just stick them on the arches of your feet, and then lay back and enjoy a lovely deep sleep.I felt amazing afterwards, energised and refreshed, but the best bit was my usually podgy belly feeling flatter and very firm! (How many beauty products can achieve this result?!).I gave the patches a sniff prior to use and thought they smelt like something you'd find on the menu at your local curry house! However, being on your feet you don't have to endure the smell. ;o) I couldn't smell them while they were on anyway, and the smell didn't linger once I'd washed my feet afterwards.If you enjoy using products such as pore strips, where you can see all the gunk that comes out afterwards, then these are definitely for you! :o)The instructions advise using the patches three of four times a year to keep you fully detoxed, so they don't work out to be expensive in the long run.Highly recommended. Especially if, like me, you're looking to tone up a wobbly belly!

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