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Violet Voss Perfect Weapon Applicator

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Violet Voss Perfect Weapon Applicator Zoom
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4 Lyd
Absolutely perfect for putting in your bag with loads of other things because if you just wipe it with a wipe then it is still hygienic. Can make foundation longer to dry and can make your arm ache after a long time blending. But still great to apply products with.
4 Nora
Good quality and the texture of it is nice - this has replaced my Sigma brush I used to spread my foundation before. Patting and slightly swiping is the way to go. Unfortunately for concealer there's just no way to use this from what I've learned, but spreading foundation by using kind of a slightly patting and swiping motion it's great.I still use my beatyblender to finish off everything (like with my Sigma brush) and to blend in concealer - I still see this as very useful tho. I'm giving it 4 stars due to the fact it doesn't work that well for concealer or under-eye area overall.Extra plus is that the cleaning is super easy and fast
2 Erin
its ok, feels like the overlay on the silicone is really awkward and just moves product about? not sure if you're supposed to remove this but no instructions provided about this
5 Meg
I'm so happy I bought this! It's amazing. It saves so much product and gives such a flawless finish. It leaves my skin looking smooth unlike when I use a beauty blender or brush!!
1 Abbie
Worst product I've ever used. All this does is move the product around your face and leave streaky patchy parts. Overpriced and smells disgusting.
1 Karen
I really wanted to love this but it was just like smearing foundation all over my face with my fingers. Doesn't blend well at all particularly round the eye area and just made my foundation look streaky. Won't be using it again and I had such high hopes for this product especially after hearing such good reviews on it.
5 kelsey
This is so strange at first the feeling, but honestly so good it doesn't drain as much product as a sponge does it glides foundation on so perfectly and doesn't leave any marks, would 100% recommend
5 meg
amazing! i only needed half as much foundation and, as I have acne- prone skin, this is so much more hygienic than my brushes, my acne is actually going down. Love this so much!
5 Leah
Love this! So easy to clean and ends up using less product than usual as it blends so well
2 Aisha
I would not recommend this product - you need to really work the foundation into the skin, it would take using a brush or blender half the time to get the base blended; even then I had to go in with a beauty blender to blend out product. it's waste of money for me.
2 Anya
Not great. Just looks cakey compared to a beauty blender. You can use it to spread foundation and then blend with a beauty blender, but if not, pretty useless
1 Fiona Currie
I purchased this ignoring what everyone was saying online about these type of applicators and to make up my own mind but I wish I had listened because I just wasted money on it, it's so awkward and doesn't benefit make up application in anyway I can make it.
5 Charlotte
Amazing! I've sworn my beauty blenders for years and I've thrown them out already after using this. I'm now using way way less product and it gives a great finish! Love love love
4 Aimee
Nice design, well made. Great colour pay off, felt lovely to blend in my foundation and obviously there was no wastage of product. However, not the best at blending around nose contours etc and personally I prefer the overall finish of a beauty blender. I would probably use this and then go over to finish with a beauty blender.
5 Neve
This product is a 10/10 I absolutely love it! It doesnt waste any makeup its easy to clean and gives me a full coverage. Its very flexible, gentle on the skin and can get in the creases which i wasn't expecting. Definitely recommend!
5 Natalie
9/10 Comparing this to a beauty blender you can see why everyone goes wild for this! Not soaking up any foundation a little goes a long way meaning that you only need one or two pumps to cover your entire face. However I still find myself reaching for my Beauty blender to smooth things out as I find it does not blend very well and ends up clumping on certain areas. But cleaning it after is ridiculously easy, clean using cleanser and wipe away with a cotton pad :) well worth the money
5 Ruby
This is far better than other blenders. So glad I bought this one. I'm using less product and getting better results. I would recommend this to everyone. It's also really easy to clean.
1 Ruby
This is AWFUL. smears your foundation on but doesn't blend or make it look flawless, i've never seen foundation look so bad before. Don't waste your money - id rather have bought 10 99p chicken mayos. stick to your beauty blender and thank me later.
5 Charley
Very good for people who only wear foundation and not concealer, like myself. You literally require a third of the amount of product you would usually use.
5 Dani
I absolutely love this product for applying my foundation, it allows full coverage over my skin and gives me a flawless finish! I preferred using this product for my foundation rather than my concealer as the concealer did not spread and absorb into my skin how I wanted it to. The applicator is easy to use and clean, highly recommend.
4 Abi
This is amazing for foundation but not so great for concealer as the silicone gets a bit tacky on your skin but if you pat and slightly VERY SLIGHTLY swipe at the same time it gives a flawless finish !

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