Z Palette Large Palette

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Z Palette Large Palette

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5 Lauren
I got the leopard one and it it's just fab! What a great invention! So fantastic to have all favourite eyeshadows in one place. As soon as it's filled I'm getting another!
5 Pigi
Absolutely love it!! Wasn't sure if I would like depotting my entire eyeshadow and blushes collection, but it is definitely more convenient having everything in one palette. I loved it so much that I ordered a second one and it's so great to have my entire make up collection in 2 palettes.
5 Gemma Grieson
Brilliant product don't no why I waited so long to order and fab service from beauty bay
5 Monika
It's a really sturdy, nice quality palette. Gives you instructions on how to depot your makeup. Helped me greatly to de clutter my collection. It is great to have all my favourite shadows, blush, bronzer and highlighter in one place. Great to take with you while travelling. Can't say enough good things about this product!
4 Molly
The large palette is about the size of a DVD case which is so much smaller then what I thought it would be. It's perfect other than that.
5 Jessica
Just received my two Zpalette and absolutely loved them. Got the black and in zebra. This is a must to get for all your eyeshadows and blushes in a beautiful and practical palette! Definitely will be getting more through beautybay.
5 Lauren
I love my Z palette so much! I have been wanting one for ages and finally decided to purchase one along with a few MUG eyeshadows and I honestly cant express enough how happy I am with this! I got the all black one and simply adore it. I would highly recommend and would totally shop with Beauty Bay again! Amazing!
5 shannon
I love this product, it's so sturdy I trust that my makeup will be safe when I'm travelling. I was pleased to see that there were quite a few of the metal stickers that came with the pallet. This product is amazing value for money.
5 laura
I think I have all the colours they are just so easy to use for all single shadows and pans I know I will continue to get them.
5 Anja
I own 3 of these palettes by now, 2 big and 1 small. I love how sturdy they are, even though I did not expect them to be. They are also nicely heavy and can be cleaned easily. One of the best points is the clear plastic on top, so you can easily see the shadows inside. They are made from this thick, sturdy cardboard-ish material and surprisingly, even when one fell to the floor, there was no dent. I will definitely get more to organise my make up.
5 H
I use it as a to-go palette when travelling. Fit all basic contour, blushes, eyeshadows and powder foundation. Love it!
5 Andreja
I have three z palettes and they're great! The large is my favourite because I can store 27 Makeup geek shadows in them or 8 blushes. Also, the animal print is so cute and fits perfectly with my style.
5 Robyn
I've been wanting a Z-Palette for ages, and so I decided to treat myself to one - the zebra one in fact ! This is an amazing item, far more sturdy than I thought it would be and extremely well made - and not too large that its unsightly. AMAZING for tidying up my collection. Also in terms for delivery I ordered at 10pm on Wednesday and received everything (VERY WELL PACKAGED)! by 11am on Friday - Well Done Beauty Bay.
5 Ali
Great for building a custom palette of single shadows, sturdily built and the magnet is really strong so the pans stay in place. Really glad I purchased!
4 noelleplay
a bit pricey for this type of palette but it does the job, also for a large palette I was expecting it to be slightly larger
5 Iida
Just received mine and plugged all my new makeupgeek shadows in it...I could just watch it all day coz I love it so much!
5 Kelly
The black one is so beautiful, I thought it would be matte but it has a beautiful shimmer in it. I love that it came with a couple magnets because I needed some for my older mac shadows that moved around a little bit.
5 Cara
Perfect for storing all my makeup geek eyeshadows. Would definitely buy again.
5 Debby
These are fantastic. Love them.
5 Sandie Aarons
I love my Z Palettes. I own 2 which I purchased from Beauty Bay and I've just ordered a third one. I keep my Makeup Geek eye shadows and a few Mac eye shadows that I depotted. The service and delivery was quick and amazing. I love ordering from Beauty Bay.
5 Catherine
This is the first palette of this kind which I have bought and can honestly say I am not disappointed. For me it is the perfect size to fit into my muji organiser. And the leopard print certainly adds a statement. It is very easy to clean and cannot wait to fill it even more.
5 Natasha
Wouldn't live without it after having mine for about two weeks. no mess and no bulk. Everything's where it needs to be within reach of everything. Can't wait to buy more.
5 Melissa
Amazing palette for depoting eyeshadows I personally keep all my makeup geek eyeshadows in here, when I received my package from Beauty Bay everything was packaged amazing and came the next day for free , I will definitely be purchasing from beauty bay again!!!
5 Jessica
Absolutely love this product, was in a rush to get this as I have makeup that needs to be stored, but the transactions and delivery were so smooth and fast. The magnetic is very strong and I did not have to worry about any damage to the item as it was packed very well and was covered in tissue, in case of a bumpy ride. This product is perfect for mac shadows and makeup geek as it saves the costs of buying an eyeshadow in a compact, I can now buy singles which makes my life much easier. I will definitely be buying from Beauty Bay again as they are truly amazing and so trustworthy.
5 Rachel
Love my z palette, had the leopard one so funky. My Makeup Geek eyeshadows look great in there, is great for when go away somewhere everything neat, easy to take. Good quality.
5 Farah
This is the most genius and versatile product I have in my kit! I have specific shadows, contour powders, blushes and highlights that I like from certain palettes. I have too many palettes to even keep so I've now depotted all my favs into one! Best thing is the magnet is so strong your product won't budge. It's perfect to travel with and the quality is what you're paying for!
5 Kamila Maria
Great palette! Love the clear window so see what eyeshadows are in which palette! Definitely recommend
5 Gemma
Love my leopard print Z-Palette. It's very sturdy and holds all my Makeup Geek Eyeshadows. Accidentally dropped it one day and none of my shadows smashed either.
5 Greta
Quality is amazing! Palette is very practical, helped free up so much space, and gives me the freedom to customize my looks into one location.
4 shruti Raj
I love the variety of products you have.
5 Char
Pretty zebra print palette with the ability to store make up of all shapes and sizes. Very handy if you mix and match brands and comes with useful depotting instructions (or you can look on youtube!). Also comes with a selection of circular and rectangular magnetic stickers for use on depotted make up that is not in a magnetic pan (surprisingly many are). The circular magnets are the perfect size for depotted MAC eyeshadows.
5 Siobhan
I've tried a few other empty palettes but nothing comes close to the Z palette. It is great quality,easy to store and clean and best of all they look great. I buy eyeshadow and blusher pans as I prefer mixing and matching and just taking out one palette for an entire look. It saves on time and space. I love these palettes and will keep buying them! The service from Beauty Bay is amazing. Fast free shipping and everything wrapped safely and securely. Brilliant online shop.
5 Shirley
I ordered this palette in royal blue and its not as bright as the picture, which suits me fine. I have started to depot my eyeshadows and now the palette is full it looks even prettier. This palette is a great idea and I'm glad I finally got one.
5 Kirsty
Love this pallete ?? beautybay were really fast with delivery and such a good price for this item !

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