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Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream 120ml

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Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream Zoom
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3 Faema
Looking at the reviews i thought i'll give it a try. I love how its made of all natural ingredients. The formula looks like wax at first when you open it up but when you get some on your finger and rub it in your hand it turns into a Vaseline kind of formula. I have been using it for a month now and i haven't seen any improvement in removing scars and blemishes. When i use it on my face i mix it with a face lotion so it doesn't turn out as greasy and shiny looking. Great for use after a bath though!
4 Nathalie Brissard
A very good product for a better skin
1 Sarah
Having heard rave reviews about this product for eczema, I was so disappointed. It actually made my skin sting, which is strange! Although I wouldn't recommend this for eczema, I'm sure it would be fab on normal skin!
3 Vanessa
I have been using this product for several months now, I decided to use this product for my scars and blemish marks though personally I have not seen a significant improvement in those particular areas of my skin, I do however love the idea of natural ingredients and feel like it definitely did provide benefits for my dry skin, overall it's a good cream but nothing special about it
5 Ornella Giancola
Very good product, nice to use on all purposes!
5 Leanne
I have just ordered my second pot! Both my daughter and I use it. We both have dry skin and this cream is fantastic especially as my daughters skin is so sensitive, and a little bit goes along way! Love it.
5 Gillian Roberts
Fabulous product. You can use it anywhere on the body.I have very sensitive skin and I have no reaction to it
5 Leroy Vanessa
I love it. For face, hair, nails, body, lips.
5 Juliana
This stuff is amazing and has helped my eczema after the first application. I do not find it too greasy. My skin stays moisturised throughout the night and it stops me from itching when asleep. I haven't tried it on my face yet though. I will definitely be repurchasing this.
2 Helen
I don't know what everyone's raving about. I but this with high hopes and found a greasy petroleum jelly alternative that doesn't sink in to my dry cracked eczema. Leaves skin feeling greasy. A disappointment.
4 Lucy
Product is great! My acne scars are slowly fading after a month worth of consistent use, and the moisturiser has not caused any breakouts on my skin, even though the texture of the cram is so oily! The only downside I have with the cream is that it does leave an oily finish on the skin, and it makes my skin shiny all day. Other than that, I am very happy!
5 Cilje
This cream made the dry and itching skin on my grandfathers legs better, infact the nurses helping him was amazed about the effect of the cream! I also use the cream to moisten my psoriasis. It does not remove the spots, but moisten it and prevents the skin from braking. My son has a rash over his eyes, looks like atopic rash, but he is not diagnosed. This cream reduses the rash significantly. The cream also make the skin recover faster. Need to have it in my house. Always!
5 Sophie.Cai
I got it today and tried it immediately on my dry hands and some dry patches on my face (just been back from a week's travel, been lacking water due to on-the-way). It seemed quite oily by looking, but it was absorbed quickly and really made the skin softer after a few minutes. Well, that was a good first impression. And I love the smell, which reminds me of some natrual honey food. I'll go on using it and comment later.
3 Christina
I finally received the Egyptian Magic Cream, after having read all the reviews I was wondering if it's so great as they say. I can't say about magic results as I just tried it but I wanted to share my first impression. First of all, in my opinion it doesn't smell great, not even close. Second, it's definetely not a cream (I mean the texture), but something between vaseline (not that oily though) and cocoa butter. So for me and my combination skin it doesn't work that well. I used it already as a hand cream and on some dry scars on my face and I have to say that it feels already smoother. I think it's ok but as a face cream it is not for every skin type. I have to wait more to see if it really works on scars.
5 Rachel
This has to be one of the most amazing products I've used in my life! I bought it mostly to try get rid of acne scarring on my forehead and after using it for about a month now the lighter scars are gone completely and the dark ones have faded significantly. At first I was apprehensive about using on my face because I've always been told to use oil free moisturiser but I had really dry areas of skin where I had the most problems with acne and this product seemed to balance it out and I haven't really had any pimples since. I also had really dry skin on my legs which Egyptian Magic sorted out after only one use. Overall for face and body it does an excellent job of smoothing and hydrating skin. Although it is a little pricey, a little really goes a long way with this product so its worth the buy!
4 Joana
I bought this cream for my arm's follicular keratosis. They are not as red as they were, but the skin didn't smooth out as with other creams for this specific problem. As a body moisturizer and lip balm I'm not very convinced. It's not terrible, but not as good as I've been hearing about. However, I love using it has a face moisturizer. Is doesn't break me out and it improved my cheeks redness and sensitivity. I'm thinking about buying it again for my face, not my body.
5 BuBu
I got this as a sample when I ordered something on beautybay and I absolutely LOVE IT. I had a few dry patches on my face and I thought I'd give it a try and it disappeared within 2 hours. It doesnt really have a particular smell, but it reminds me a little bit of the vaseline smell. Outstandig little product!
5 Dena
Egyptian magic is one of the best products i have tried so far!! Its 100% natural, super moisturizing and healed a rash and cut skin incredibly fast!! It truly is magic.. love this
5 ruth seychell
I got the sample upon one of my purchases. texture feels so smooth yet not too greasy. A very good moisturizer especially for people with eczema and dry skin.
5 muka
LOVE this cream. I apply it at wherever I feel uncomfortable, dry or tickle,it always works! FANTASTIC CREAM!
2 Bruna
Too greasy. It doesn't leave skin moisturized enough.
5 Lucy
I bought this cream because I was increasingly desperate after an outbreak of eczema left me with dark ugly spots on my back, hips and torso. I tried a dark spot correcting cream from the high street: it didn't help. I tried Bio-Oil, which is supposedly good for scars, but it made no noticeable improvement whatsoever, and I used it for a good few months. I applied this cream twice a day to the eczema I had on my torso, and after a few weeks, the eczema (and the marks) had almost disappeared. It was amazing! I applied it to older scars I had on my hips, and they are almost gone now. I would say that this cream is better than Bio-Oil at fading scars. Yes, it's pricey but it's worth it. It's now become a skin-care must-have, and I use it every day. Definitely will be buying a second jar.
5 Lauren B
I got a free sample of this when I ordered from here, was like, yeah I'll give it a whirl - put it on my breakouts that have been persistent for months - next day they're cleared up! Freaking out and laughing while ordering more! Amazinggggg holy stuff!
5 Priscilla
Love this product, I've used it for everything now that I have it. Very good for multiple uses including hair, skin, lips and it's not too greasy. Very easy to control how much you use as its kind of solid but when you rub it, with the heat of your hands it softens to apply easily!
5 JJ
LOOOVE this cream. Have been using it none stop for the past month and I am addicted to it.Personally, I really love the smell of this cream. Will purchase a 2nd one soon and will also get one for my mother-in-law:).
5 Monica
Wonderful it healed my poor dry hands great for the face too even very mature like mine
3 Nicole
Wasn't as great as I thought it was sadly, I think I was too excited and got a bit let down. Although, I haven't used it religiously yet because I'm really comfortable with the products I use now so I don't want to mess up my skin. It doesn't smell awesome either...
5 Carol B
LOVE LOVE LOVE this! the scent is fine, it's like a mellowed down version of honey. And soooo good on my skin! the stretch marks have not faded but then again, I'm still carrying the baby, maybe after that! hehe. It's very soothing and I bring it in the bag with me everywhere! :)it's not sticky, it absorbs very well and i'm 1/4 into the tub but then I use a lot. Have also tried it on the cheeks, no issues so far. Will repurchase!
5 Veronika
I have recently purchased this product and I am more than satisfied with the results of its use! I've been using this product for amost a month now, mostly as a face cream and it's incredible! My skin has become much softer, my acne is under control and generally it nourishes the skin. The fact that it contains only natural ingredients convinced me to try it in the first place and, I have to admit that I don't regret it at all. It's totally worth the money as it is exactly what it claims to be; a magic cream! Especially if you have dry and problematic skin, you should definitely try this!
5 Caroline
My favourite purchase yet! Keeps my skin hydrated, its been quite a while since ive purchased it and its lasted me ages : ) still going with my first batch, will definitely purchase again
5 Helene
I use it day and night. Perfect for my dry skin.
4 Emma
Great remedy to have at home, works for everything :)
5 Jessie
I have bought mine for over a year ago and I'm still using it. I just love this multi product. It's still smells and feels like new!
5 Isobella Jackson
Really, really great for dry skin. Deeply moisturising and oil balancing, not making your skin look too greasy. Vanished the dry skin on my hands and around my nose, in only 3/4 uses. This is amazing in my opinion, because I really have tried a LOT of dry skin and moisturising products, not of which have honestly worked nearly as well as this.Pricey, but definitely worth having. Whether it's in the back of your cupboard or on your beside table at the ready, this seriously is a product even only mild dry skinned people should have.
have started using this after seeing the many positive reviews. As I have dry skin (that's being kept in check thanks to Alpha H liquid gold) I thought I'd use this at night as a face cream. It turns out I love it, it's not greasy at all, sinks in quickly, and is great for a facial massage. Wonderful as a hand cream too. Really like the smell too (very honeyish). Am buying a second pot asap.
5 Cherry
I love this cream during the winter months. It keep my skin hydrated and also helps clearing the pink scars after blemish. Eventhough it's pricey, it contains a lot of product and you only need to use a little. One bottle will last you a long time :)
4 Mille
I think it's worth trying, though it's not as amazing as they say. However you can also use it for your hands and body etc. So it is gonna be useful in some way.)
2 Alina
I like this cream, but I don't love it as much as I thought I would after reading all the great reviews. It's nourishing for the skin on my face and it has really nice healing qualities (acne scars, blemishes and whatnot), but it didn't really work for me in all the ways it's supposed to. For instance, it didn't moisturize my cuticles, but rather coated them, it felt horrible in my hair, as if I'd applied pure honey to it, and I found it very difficult to apply to my whole body. Also, it's heavy, sticky, it takes a long time to absorb and it kind of smells like medicine. It's good, but way too expensive for what it does (IMO). But other people seem to love it, so do give it a try if you have the money.
5 jiamin
i can't believe it. everyone should have it
3 ItsyKitsy
Bought this product after reading amazing reviews. I'm a bit disappointed because I had high hopes. I think that this would be more suitable for people with dry skin. I have a full review on my blog Thank you!
5 Maya
I think every women should have this magic cream at home!! it is all purpose and amazing cream :) even though the price seem a bit high but trust me,you are going to just LOVE IT and forget about the price :)
5 Amalie
The best skin cream i have tried, when you look at the results.. I had many pink scars after acne, but they are almost gone now. Also I use it on dry areas and it gets so much better. One bottle lasts for a long time - i've had mine for 6 months, used it everyday and i still have a half bottle left :)
5 Inga
marvellous stuff! My cracked heels are gone, my superdry skin gets a boost in selected areas when needed. i am totally in love with this cream. Don't get fooled by the slightly oily feeling. It sinks into the skin in no time at all!
5 JJ
It's magic! I had chicken pox last year and it left me with scars and bumps on my arms. After only 1 application of this cream, my bumpy skin became noticeably smoother and flatter. I put a tiny bit in my hair while it's wet and it really moisturizes well. Remember little goes a long way with this one. It also heals big and ugly pimples. I love this product!
5 Mimi
So soothing, loving it.
5 Sophie
Everyone should have this. But then again... Don't want to share this fabolous little secret :-) Absolutely great!
4 Pjs
Just love this cream! Melts fast,, no smell, softens My skin perfectly! Just love love love 4stars just because I would prefer smaller jar for travelling..
5 James
I'm recovering from 6 months on roaccutane at the moment and i've still got some scarring, redness and dryness in places on my face but this is clearing it all up!! i'm totally astounded,everyone should have this! and if you think its a little expensive, the tub is big and its filled all the way to the top and a little goes a long way so definitely worth it!
5 Paula
Amazing! Really is an all purpose skin cream. Melts in your palms for an easy, smooth application to any part of your body. I love to use it as a night cream over my face and neck. Also super soothing after shaving for me and my partner. More recently ive used it after coming out of the sun for a cooling, rich coat all over my body. love it!
5 emilia
I was skeptical of this product because its price and that it cames in such a lage jar. but I had nothing to fear, it melted perfectly into my skin. it smells nothing special, you can use it in youre face and on youre body! magic!
5 anna
love this skin cream. It´s really an all purpouse cream, you can use it for everything. AND IT WORKS!! my skin is better, my hands are better anf my feet is mucg better. works fore anything.
5 Charlotte
I really like this product! It looks like a very heavy cream, but when you but it on it melts into your skin! It smoothens my face and has reduced my pores. I can only recommend this product, it's absolutely amazing!
5 mark blake
I bought this for my wife and baby after seeing it on tv. Its a "solid" cream but melts down in your palm! My wife loves it. I must admit i am using it more than them,this is the best after shave cream i have ever used! no more razor bumbs, or irritation, my skin looks sooo much better! less lines around the eyes and its just fantastic.... well done Beautybay
5 bernadette felice
This is is truly an all purpose...its a very very good night cream for the face and excellent as an eye cream...its also good to take off make up and to solve all your dry areas!
5 shenaz
I was a little sceptical about purchasing this product for the price it is. But I must say I have never come across anything as amazing as this. I use this as a daily moisturiser and it has cleared the marks from my face like magic.

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