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Institut Esthederm Sun Intolerant Protection Body Spray 150ml

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Institut Esthederm Sun Intolerant Protection Body Spray Zoom
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5 1234
This product is the best! I have a terrible sun allergy. Heard Lisa Eldridge talk about it, and it really saved my italian summer. Not a sun rash in sight for the first time in years.
5 Dana
From 3 years of age my daughter would break out in a rash all over her back and stomach when exposed to sun - even if only on her face! We found this product on a forum regarding sun intolerances and its been a true life saver - she loves playing outside in the sun and now she can. Must be used religiously and doesn't last all day, but it does work for her. Now she is 6.5 and still has the allergy but at least we don't have to keep her out of the sun when the other kids are playing.
2 888
I tried this product as I get sun poisoning when exposed to the sun. I get bumps on my hands first which would eventually spread over my arms. Although the bumps didn't spread up my arms with the use of this product, I still get them on my hands. I also used it two weeks before exposure but that didn't seem to help. I did forget to apply it every hour the first day (applied 2-3 times) but did the second day for 8 days. The bumps didn't show up until Day 3, so, I don't think Day 1 of less frequent application affect the outcome of this product. Will try again in December and see how it goes with hourly application daily.
5 Karin
My boyfriend had developed an allergy to the sun – a real intolerance, sort of rashes, like a bad reaction – we tried everything and nothing seemed to help. He was not able to get any sun until I saw Lisa Eldridge talking about this product on her youtube channel. I ordered it and his problem was solved instantly after the first use. This is such a brilliant product! I am so thankful and happy for him. I already ordered another bottle.
5 Becki
For the last few years my skin has broken out in a nasty, itchy rash after spending a few hours in the sun, meaning sunbathing was off the cards. Doctors have diagnosed conditions from heat rash to a sun allergy... However on discovering this product, the problem has almost entirely disappeared! If you have any sun sensitivity at all I urge you to try this!

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