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Mario Badescu AHA Botanical Body Soap 8oz

4.5 52 Reviews
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4 Manda
I bought this product on a whim after reading some reviews. I have had mild acne on my chest and back since I was 17 it comes and goes but lately the skin on my back had become very scarred and dry as I had used a product that dried my skin out a lot. This botanical soap has completely cleared my back since started using it 3 weeks ago. There scars are fading slightly now and I don't get painful spots anymore. However it did get a tiny bit worse the first week before dramatically improving. However, my chest has been breaking out a bit more after using this product so will discontinue use on that area maybe. Overall worth a try and smells good!
4 Autumn
Works really well, but can be drying!
5 Emily
Love this soap! Bought it after a recommendation and seeing the good reviews to help clear up the acne on my back and since using it, it's completely cleaned my back and my skin seems softer and not as dry
4 J
This is by far the best product I have come across to help with a severe breakout. I definitely noticed my skin getting worse when I stopped using it. The product lasts a while as I only use it on problem areas but it's gentle enough for all over and has a pleasant smell. The only reason I'm not giving it a 5 is because it hasn't completely solved the issue so I would recommend using a good, natural scrub followed by a lotion to get rid of scars. Scrubbing a couple of times a week and moisturising daily definitely helps.
5 Geraldine Hanson
Wonderful product have been using this bodywash for a few months non irritating on my sensitive skin I am always looking for a quality product to suit me and i have certainly found it with Badescu, the bottle goes a long way as it is very concentrated.
1 Julian
I bought this product based on the reviews but I was very disappointed. It is very thin and so is the foam, it doesn't feel as nice and creamy on the skin as my normal shower gel (Dove). The smell is not particularly nice either. Overall it feels like a cheap hotel shower gel. The tube it comes in looks cheap and dated.
5 Jess
I love this!! The scent is lovely and It doesn't feel like it leaves any residue after which I like, excellent for people who have problem skin on chest and arms, will always go back to this, worth the money.
4 Spillett
This product really helps to reduce my breakouts on the chest area and tops of my legs. I can't say it prevents breakouts as I still get spots from time to time but usually when they come they are gone within 24-48 hours thanks to this wash. It smells really pleasant and doesn't lather up too much which I quite like. At this stage I would repurchase when I come to the end of the bottle.
3 celine
Makes my skin feel softer every time
5 Cat
Received this as a free sample and will be ordering again. After starting hormone contraception I suffered from bad acne on chest and shoulders. Skin was so much smoother after just one use, and has quickly cleared up my acne, leaving my skin clean, soft and smooth. Love it!
5 kiran johal
AMAZING PRODUCT! Honestly i was sceptical at first as i have acne on my back but they are tiny break outs which even without touching turns into dark marks on my skin. I used it every time i showered which can be 1-2 times a day. After a couple of days i noticed my tiny break outs had gone and the dark marks have reduced effectively. The smell is lovely and leaves skin feeling smooth. Repurchased again. Definitely one of the best soaps i've used, especially as its cleared my acne and dark marks. Love it!
5 Rita
No wonder that this product has so many comments. After just a week, years of bumps on my back have disappeared! Last time I had skin like this I was 12! Just ordered a stock of this and will not use any other shower gel ever again. It smells amazing and worth the price! I hope Beauty Bay will carry it forwever-
5 Tamara
This is a wonderful shower gel, probably my favourite of all I've tried so far. It smells gentle and pleasant, and it leaves the skin feeling incredibly smooth. I bought it to treat hormonal acne, and while I haven't noticed a great improvement so far, finally my skin doesn't feel uncomfortably dry and painful after a shower. I strongly recommend it.
5 Will
I bought this product to use alongside the Papaya Body Lotion - it's worked wonders and my dry acne prone shoulders and back are slowly getting back to normal. Started to notice a huge difference so would repurchase again. Once a week I also use this with some exfoliating gloves in the shower and it leaves my skin feeling so soft and clean.
5 Sasha
AMAZING! I have suffered from very mild but annoying back and chest acne for two years (few small spots dotted around) but even though it is mild they never go away,always break out again!!(puberty, I am 15) I did some research and came across this which caught my eye I already trusted and loved the brand so I tried it out, great price as well. Calms my break outs and reduced them quickly and effectively, repurchased sooo many times I love it! Lovely smell as well.
5 Jade
I have suffered with KP (chicken skin) for all of my life - I am 21 years old. And this product, in conjunction with a great abrasive body scrub; I use lush Ocean Salt. Together they have changed my arms and legs!! I now feel confident about the look/texture of my skin. One tip I would give anyone using this product and/or a scrub is to be consistent!! Do it every couple of days for the first week and then once-twice a week thereafter. Amazing product would not be without it now.
5 naomi
This shocked the hell outta me!...in a good way obviously! Im an AHA junkie as I'm a overweight walking stretch mark with crocodile skin (I may be overreacting with that attractive description of myself). This is lovely, you don't need alot as it's very foamy and it leaves my grotesque skin smooth and soft. I use a loofah and a massage sponge to apply and it's doesn't upset any sensitivity. If, like me, you are gross, then BUY THIS and be gorgeous!
4 Nina
This is actually nice. Leaves skin fresh, clean and soft, very healthy feeling. However haven't noticed any improvement with acne and blemishes so far.
5 Rebecca
Absolutely loved this. It helped get rid of the breakouts I was having on my chest and shoulders. I would definitely buy again. Also the smell is quite nice as well.
5 Ashley
Just received this and a few other Mario Badescu products. I wouldn't say I have terrible skin but i do suffer from blackheads/whiteheads on my back and chest, and i have quite sensitive skin in general. After using this today for the first time I'm already impressed! usually after getting out of the shower my chest and back is covered in red patchy blotches and feels irritated, but after using this my skin looked and felt so clear! looking forward to seeing if my skin improves with further use!
5 Sandra
Love this product. I have suffered with bumpy skin on my upper arms for years, and have searched high and low for a product that would alleviate these. I use this body wash in conjunction with the Papaya lotion and honestly swear that my lumpy arms are a thing of the past. My skin is now perfectly smooth. I am absolutely delighted with this product and would recommend it if you have a similar skin concern.
1 Stockholmbo
I was really dissapointed with this product. I have combination skin and this product did absolutely nothing to treat my skin problems, the excess oil and spots. I do not recommend this product to anyone with combination skin nor oily skin.
5 Nikki
I think I am on my fifth bottle, so can happily say that this works! I noticed a difference in my skin after only a few washes, so now won't use anything else :)
5 Camila
This body soap is amazing, it removes the red bumps on my arms (KP). I will for sure buy it again!
5 Janet
Love this, I've just ordered my third bottle. I use it in conjuction with the papaya body lotion and it is wonderful on the bumpy skin on my arms and legs, which I had almost despaired of at times. Has a lovely fresh smell and a little goes a long way. It lathers well but doesn't dry my skin out or leave it feeling tight and desperate for body lotion/cream. Now that I've discovered this, no other body wash will do!
5 Christine
I have been searching for years for a body wash that would clear up my skin and get rid of annoying bumps on my upper arms. I have used quite expensive products in the past which haven't quite lived up to what they say. I had heard good things about Mario Badescu and after reading the reviews I thought I'd give it a try. I can honestly say that after only two weeks of use my skin is clearer than it has ever been and long gone are the bumps on my arms... they are now silky smooth! It lathers up nicely so a little goes a long way and it has a clean scent. I find that it doesn't dry out my skin too much which is good. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants clear, smooth skin and I'm now looking at other products in the range to add to my collection!
5 Irene
A repeat user, keeps body skin clear. Beautybay should carry the more economical larger size version.
5 Emma
Great product! It's true that it removes all the red bumps on the arms and thighs - and the acne on my back. I am now on my fourth bottle and can't imagine i would stop using it. The only downside is that it doesn't smell so good, not disgusting, just very green, like new cut grass. I recomend to use a shower glove when you apply it, to really let the body soap work it's magic! BUY IT
5 Vesna
I've been using this on my face daily, removes make up perfectly without irratating my eyes and still exfoliates gently. Leaves skin soft and not at all dried out. I have mainly dry skin with some spots of adult acne. I love it, it smells very nice and citrusy. I will probably buy again, though I bought glycolic face wash now and love that one too.
4 amy
you have to use it sparingly! i like it because it leaves skin smooth.. still waiting for dramatic resutls though
5 Maria
I adore this product! I have these small red bumps on my arms and I have had problems with it for years, then I heard about this product so I bought it and that have been the best decision ever. It helps the small bumps disappear, and it had made it so much better. I have bought it two times now and I will continue doing so.
Loved used and has left me amazed as I had tried many things to get rid of pimples on the back and finally think I have the right product. Very happy and I can not believe it is amazing!! Thank you. LO he usado por el momento, y promete, me ha dejado alucinada pues habia probado muchas cosas para hacer desaparecer granitos en el trasero y por fin parece que tengo el producto adecuado. Muy contenta y no me lo puedo creer es alucinante!!!! Gracias.
5 Shamim
This is my favourite mario badescu product!! It cure my keratosis pilaris and reduced the visibility of some of my scars. I absolutely love this product!! Great summer essential!!
5 Aviaja Skotte
This soap works great with the Mario Bedascu Papaya Body Lotion! I bought it because I sometimes get these nasty chicken bumps on my upper arms, and already after I used these products I could feel a difference. My arms felt smoother, and after having used the products a couple of times the bumps were gone!!!
4 Lina
This is one of those products that I absolutely adore. I already repurchased 3 times as it gives me the darkest tan my really fair skin wouldn't normally get. The only negative point about this would be the mineral oil as an ingredient.
5 Donna
Amazing shower gel. Help clear us and prevent back acne, but doesn't dry my skin out. My staple product for the summer!
5 Sus
What a great product! After two weeks I can already see the difference - acne on my back is almost healed and the skin is more evenly toned.
5 Shayla
I love this, it cleared up my acne scars. The smell is a bit weird at first , but i got used to it in no time. Would recommend to anyone with oily skin, scars or just generally.
5 Tamar
Cant think of any other body soap that has cleared up my skin so much. Great great product, highly recommend !
4 Helen
I received the product as a free sample to try. I used only a small amount of the product and could spread all over the body (yields enough), besides having a delicious smell of herbs.
5 Ani
Such a great cleanser. I use it when I shower and it exfoliates gently but really gets the job done. Has done a great job clearing up my back.
5 Jessie
This is one of my absolute favorite shower products. One important thing for me is the smell of a shower product. I've got hooked on it because of it's soothing smell. A faint smell of organic herbs.
5 Morgan
I got this as a free sample with my 1st Beauty Bay order,
4 Antonia
I have bought this for my teenage son to help with acne on his back and chest and it is really good. It works to help control and diminish the acne
5 marina
My acne is gone! I have been using this product just for a week. It does work!
3 Em
Did not make a big difference for me after one month of daily use and I did not like the smell. However, I did notice small improvements so maybe in time I'll have better results. Also, It did not dry out or irritate my very sensitive skin.
4 Adriana
Product lathers really well, leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth only downside is the faint smell of cut grass it has but it's not overpowering or unpleasant, just unusual.
5 Ashleigh
This is by far the best body wash I have used for the mild acne on the back!!!! I notice a difference instantly with this product and a little goes along way so it lasts months!!!
5 Sara
Yes, this does work. I've suffered (yes, suffered - imagine not being able to wear a bandeau top during the summer...) with acne on my back for a few years, but just after two uses of this soap I noticed a great result. So, If you have skin prone to acne, this is probably the easiest and cheapest remedy.
5 Diane S
So good I use it as a facial cleanser a few times a week. So much better that a exfoliator with bits in it!
5 Ab
Took me around about a month or so to see a difference, but this stuff really does work! The chicken skin (keratosis pilaris), tiny red bumps on the backs of my upper arms have completely gone! Been using it once a day with an exfoliating cloth, will continue to use it to maintain my arms. Slight fruity smell, not overpowering at all. And its cheap!!
5 Jayne Roscoe
Makes your skin feel as soft as exfoliating by just washing.Anything that saves time and effort goes down well with me.

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