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Mario Badescu Elbow & Heel Smoothing Cream 2oz

4.5 5 Reviews
Mario Badescu Elbow & Heel Smoothing Cream Zoom
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5 Lara
It really helped with my dry elbows! It's thick and has lemon (or something citrus) in it, which is known for being a good help against dry skin. You should just a little bit careful when you apply it, don't take too much. A little goes a long way here, which is great! It'll last me a long time!
5 Anne
This is very sticky when you put it on. But after 30 min I did wash it of and then the skin is soft and silky. And it smells so good
2 Silje
It's like gel and it's sticky so that's not fun. The skin is not smooth only sticky. This goes in the garbage. It smell good doh
5 Suze Su
Amazing product. I will defenitley repurchase. It makes your elbows and heels feel very soft. The first week I applied it every night. After that just once a week to maintain the results. The jar will last me a very long time, because you only need a very little amount. All the Mario Badescu products I tried are very effective and very well priced too. I love this brand.
5 Saneela
As im the first ome who is goving the review let me tell u its a good product its like jelly and leaves marks on ur sheet if u dont cover it.. I used footies while sleeping .. Try it.. It has helped me might help u too

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