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Mario Badescu Fruit & Vitamin A Hand Cream 4oz

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Mario Badescu Fruit & Vitamin A Hand Cream Zoom
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4 Anna Yanaeva
Very nice cream. The bottle is really convenient to use - it's on my table at the office and I use the cream each time I wash my hands. It is absorbed very quickly, leaving the skin very soft and nourished. Not as melting as Elasto Seamoillient Hand Cream (that's the very best for me!), but really helpful to make your hands well-groomed. The smell could be better, but it is quite neutral, so not a big minus for me. Would definitely recommend it.
5 Vesna
This is far best hand creme I've ever had. It absorbes quickly, leaves soft and moisted hands for hours and because of vitamin A it helps scratches to heal with a speed of light (I have three cats so I have scratches on my hands all the time from playin' with them).It also moderately reduces pigmentation spots and works very well on cuticles.I love it!
I have only been using this about a week but I love it.I have very dry hands and cuticles but this really helps and it feels so nice to use.All the products are lovely and very well priced so easily affordable to look after yourself

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