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Maui Babe Amazing Browning Lotion 118ml

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5 Uma
This is the best tanning lotion I've ever used. I always burn and have tried everything from st tropez to drug store brands. It's a shame this can't be shipped to the UK as I don't know how I'll restock!
5 Marianne
The best i ever had
5 Taya
I love this stuff! Gives you an instant glow and a tan that lasts!
5 MM
Best tanning lotion ever. I've been using this for over a year now. It's great for outside tanning on top of your SPF. It gives you a great tan in less time. I also use it for tanningbeds and it's the best. It gives you the darkest tan possible in very little time. Remember that it is coloured so watch out with light bikinis/clothing. It does wash off easily when you do get a stain so no worries.
5 Wallace
This stuff is brilliant!! In a short period of time you can really catch the sun. It smells amazing a cross between coffee and chocolate. It is a little greasy but as others have said a little really does go a long way
5 Miss G
This lotion is ridiculous, I don't know how it works but it's like magic to your skin. Either in a tanning bed or sunbathing outside, it's amazing. I will forever repurchase.
3 Kylie
This stains like crazy so make sure to wear it with a dark swimsuit or clothes. It definitely works but the staining just bugs me. It also comes off on my sun lounge when I try to tan so I probably won't purchase again. I'll stick to institut estherderm.
5 Jennifer
Love it! Been using it for a couple of years now. Always get brown very easily instead of getting burnt. It's oil in it so think about your face tho, you can get a bit of acne if you don't clean your face and leave it on for to long
5 Kelly
We have used this product for the last 10 years! It works great, smells great and leaves your skin feeling so soft.
5 Arya
By far the best product ever! Didn't need to sunbath and generally sat in the shade, and my color? The perfect brown you could ever imagine! Works wonders in such little time. Will definitely be using this over and over again.
5 Gabe
The best i have ever ued spent very little time in the sun and have got the best tan ever had
5 Amanda
Discovered this in Hawaii in 2011 and used it ever since. So much so that last year sitting on the beach in Panang and people were asking me what I use to get such a great tan. Yes, it is greasy but a tiny amount goes a very long way.
5 Mariana
Absolutely love this product, gives you a beautiful tan even with a few hours of sun. Looking forward to using it again on my next holiday next month.
5 Caitlin
Amazing! Being Scottish and ghost white I have NEVER had a tan before, not even after a week abroad. However a few days into the Scottish heatwave and I have great tan lines! And the aloe Vera in it has stopped me burning!! Personally love the smell, and it's great for using on sunbeds as well as outdoors. Got the Maui babe after sun too and love it!! Would never use another product. :)
5 thomas
By far the best tanning lotion I have ever used.
5 Nichola
Incredible- was on holiday a couple of years ago and the weather was ok but not great so I put this on and by the end of the hol my husband was begging me to let him use it as I was so brown and he had hardly tanned. Have used it in the uk too and in one afternoon I got a gorgeous colour that lasted well. Leaves skin super soft too. Only thing I disliked was the smell but other than than... AMAZING!!!!!
5 Nicole
Love it! I'm using this lotion for sunbed and my skin became darker just after 2nd use. i would usually use sun bed no more than 2 times per week 7-9 min per session. It feels and looks like a holiday tan!!!!
5 Eddie The Cruiser
Best tanning lotion I've ever used ! Great deep color and smell
5 Vicky Giougli
5 MissN
This stuff is really amazing! After a recent holiday to Turkey, being there for a week I needed something to boost my tan. It does help if the sun is out 24/7 so by the 3rd day my skin was already dark and by the end of the week using this alongside my Hawaiian Tropic oil my skin was glowing and super dark! Can be also used on the face too. The lotion looked a bit scary when I poured it, light brown coloured but smelt gorg like coffee! I would highly recommend this and will have to buy the Aftersun soon! :)
5 Justine
Smells amazing! The texture is lovely and definitely made me more golden. I've just ordered some more!
5 Karen Griffin
Just returned from holiday and very brown. Excellent product. First bought in Hawaii many years ago.
5 Molly
Im lilly white and it transformed me into a bronzed goddess! I felt so sexy when a tan well worth the amazing price Only thing is its really greasy and stains a little if you dont rub it right in! It smells like coffee to whitch is a bonus! Love love love
5 Stephen Heaney
excellent thanks
5 Hugh King
5 holly
Amazing must buy
5 Janet???? Nicolson
I have been using Maui Babe since I first bought in Hawaii in 2000. I LOVE Maui Babe, and I get a deep long lasting tan, from it, and recommend it to anyone :-)
5 Ceylan
Amazing product, very moisturizing and really works!
5 Jess
Love this - we take it to France every year and this year my friend was stealing it! There's such an improvement in my overall tanning colour when I use this. Adore the smell. 5***** BeautyBay!
5 sue taylor
What can i say, i actually bought this lotion in Hawaii when we were there on holiday, it was great, absolutely fab stuff, plus it smells nice with that coffee smell it has... i was amazed how quickly it worked for me and my husband! LOVE IT x
1 Gail Corrigan
After reading such good write-ups on this product, thought I would give it a try and had very high hopes for it. How disappointing and a complete waste of money. It smells pleasant enough, although quite strong, but is extremely greasy and stains everything it comes into contact with - everything that is apart from your skin. Does nothing to enhance a tan.
1 polly
having read the review I bought this product to try out on my holiday in the Canaries. I was very disappointed, it's very greasy, and if you get the lotion on any clothing it will ruin it. Made no difference at all. I switched to Piz Buin tan accelerator after a couple of days and finally got a bit of coulour. dont buy it.
5 Judy Hindom
Maui Babe is, by far, the absolute best tanning lotion I have ever used. I first bought & used it in Hawaii - I was as brown as the bottle. My tan lasted for months. I continue to use it every summer, home & at the beach. It is still the BEST on the market, and you can't beat the price! If you haven't tried it, you are missing out on an amazing tan!
I first used this a few years ago and wouldn use anything else for my tan,it is excellent to use on sun beds i go sooooo brown love it !!!!
5 Chloe Cohen
Amazing tanning lotion! I used this product for the first time this summer and absolutely loved it, I'm very pale and usually don't tan very well but this product helped me go a really deep brown very quickly. Beautybay has the best price around and I will definitely be buying this again next time I go away.
5 andrea
bought this 2 years ago while on holiday in hawaii and just loved it so much, smells gorgeous and give me a beautiful tan and moisurised skin 10/10
5 Jeannie Prescott
Found Maui Babe in Waikiki. Used properly, it's amazing, ordered a load from Maui on my return, so glad to have found a UK company that stocks it, I use it daily, after showering, and apply a good moisturiser on top, I still have my Hawaiian tan.
5 Helen Connelly
This is an excellent product with key ingedients like: Kukui nut oil and aloe vera, which softens the skin and helps to heal burns! I have very fair skin, and Maui Babe - helps to build up an even, golden tan, in a short space of tan. I find that this product works best when used with Maui Babe Sun lotion.
1 Afendra
After 6 hours on the beach and applied several times, it did nothing at all for my fair legs.Very very disappointing product although it gets so many positive reviews.
5 Dilys Pritchard
I first bought this lotion when on holiday in Hawaii in 2002 - and have used it ever since. Gives a deeper longer lasting tan,and the after sun lotion is equally as good, prevents peeling and keeps skin soft too.
5 aysha
omg new favourite tanning lotion, gorgeous cafe latte smell, keeps skin moisturised while u get a lovely brown tan. a little of this goes a long way but i will re buy AS SOON as i run out, beautybay has the best price i have found, & v quick deliv. thank you!
This product is simply the best tanning product that's on the market. Love it
5 Jane Savin
Love Maui babe products first used them while in Florida the browning lotion gives you an amazing dark moisturised tan you never burn with it. the after browning lotion is a fantastic daily moisturiser, so pleased Beauty bay are stocking it at great price & very quick delivery!
5 nicole
I first brought this product in Maui, its the best product i have ever brought.Being fair skin my tan was amazing. Is great to find some where in the uk that sells it,as my stock is low and my girls now want to use it after selling the fab results
4 Brendan Magill
I just love this tanning lotion, however if you were to put it on and then had to answer the door wearing a t-shirt you would have to throw the t shirt out, unfortunatley this did happen to me, however I am delighted with this product!!!
3 Pjs
Arrived for two days ago. Never tryed Maui products before. used it twice now and the skin feels softer, but I can not see any tan yet. Smells like coffie in the beginning, but after a while smell is gone. 3stars now to be continued
5 Sally Barnard
I've used this product on a number of holidays and my tan has always been deeper and longer lasting. My skin is fair and it takes a while to get a base tan, with this I didn't burn once and skin felt extremely moisturised.

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