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5 16 February 2013 Panthera
OMG! The smell is amazing, and my skin feel so soft now. It goes warm, almost like a wax when it's first applied, and then it just turns into a scrubbing, moisturising dream. Just wish it cost under 22£ so I could import it here without extra tax, because this is the first scrub I've really, really wanted to rebuy!
5 17 November 2012 Megha
I love that I can just slather this all over and I don't have to worry about clogging up my drain either, the sugar crystals completely disappear leaving the softest skin you've ever known. I used this before shaving and forget about it, my legs are insanely soft and have been this way for the whole day not a stubble in sight. I wouldn’t call this an everyday scrub because of the scent and texture. If I were single, I would use this before a first date as it would make me feel like I’ve really pampered myself. It’s a shame that SH doesn’t make a Vanilla Bean body butter as this would be the perfect partner.
5 10 November 2012 paige
Amazing product made my feet so soft

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