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5 03 September 2014 mariana
loved .... simply spectacular. I will recommend to my friends, and I will certainly come back to buy. Thank you ....
5 23 June 2014 Karolina
I had to wait for some time for my order to get delivered, but it was so worth it. When applied, this product gives super dark color (with a slight greenish tint - to counteract any orange undertones, obviously). I applied it in the evening before going to sleep and was pleasantly surprised that it did not stain the sheets and my pajamas. Another amazing thing about this product is its smell - it does not give you that unpleasant fake tan odor. My reaction after the first application and taking a shower in the morning was WOW. Natural looking bronze color, not too dark to look fake and not too light to disappoint me. I wish it looked a bit darker on my legs, because this is the part of my body that does not get tan at all (even with self tan products), but overall I am happy with the result. It has been almost a week after I applied the mousse and my skin still looks tan. I will definitely buy this again and recommend it to my fair-skinned friends.
1 31 January 2014 Matilda gustafsson
So disappointed in this... Expensive and so Not worth it. A LOT of drug store products are way better than this. Gives a very very very dark color when you put it on. Then when you wash it off, you're as pale as you were before. And I waited almost 24 hours to wash it off.... SOOO disappointed.... Unfortunately
5 17 September 2013 Natalie
I LOVE this stuff! I am very pale and this makes me look so bronze! I would recommend this 100% to anyone who wants a darker, natural looking tan. I love how it stays on for days on end, and is pretty easy to apply with the tanning mitt. Definitely my favourite new beauty product.
5 01 September 2013 Alexandra
Amazing! The best there is.
5 04 July 2013 Shams
Mousse is the way to go and this is the best one out there!
5 03 July 2013 KL
This product is amazing! It even works for fair skin, because of the green undertones you never turn orange, musthave!
5 02 July 2013 Ams
I'm in love with this! It looks so natural, and never streaks! No one has ever noticing that I have self tan on. It looks like I've been laying on the beach for hours, This suits best on darker skin tone. When you apply it on your skin for the first time don't be scared of the dark green color it gives ,the next day when you shower it will look AWESOME!! Love love!
5 07 June 2013 victoria
Love this product!!!Not only do i have a natural looking tan but it doesnt go orange when it fades and it never streaks !!This is a must in my beauty regime. Added bonus is it doesnt smell strongly like other tanners

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