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This Works Perfect Legs Skin Miracle 120ml

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This Works Perfect Legs Skin Miracle Zoom
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5 Kim
Does it rub or sweat off on clothing or sheets!
4 Bessie Glover
good product
5 Joana
Awesome product, love all about it!! My legs look gorgeous!
5 Andrea
I LOVE the smell of this, it is like an aromatherapy massage x with holidays, if this was a scent on its own I would buy it. Back to the perfect legs itself - I am a self tan addict, without self tan people ask me am I unwell. I am getting laser treatment at the moment and cannot fake tan, I need something that can I can easily wash off. This is it. I use it on my legs and arms and hands to give myself an extra glow.
4 Marlene
Since I use self tanner I wanted to try this product for those days when the self-tan has rubbed off and I don't have hours for a new application to take effect. It does make my legs look really nice by evening skin tone and imparting the slight hint of a tan. The product itself looks like a bronzer but it blends much better than any bronzer I have tried and is lighter in color. Overall a good product but there is definitely an unpleasant aroma that gradually fades away. Initially the fragrance was too overpowering for me but it faded so not an issue and I'll continue to use and recommend the product.
5 Daria Mityukhlyaeva
Really nice products, nourishing and make legs look better!
5 Eve Alamani
I finally got to try it!!! I wasn't disappointed. It gives an instant smooth look on the legs and it doesn't have any annoying smell. It really helps the legs look much better, without the feeling of fake, but if you have serious skin issues use body make up first, because this product will not help you on its own. It will give you a radiant boost after concealing imperfections. If your skin is generally good though, it will make your legs look great and polished! Definitely give it a try! I will absolutely repurchase it!
5 cynthia
I bought this product during the summer. I have to say I was reluctant about how good it would be at first, but I was VERY SOON convinced it made my legs look great w/o hoisery! Loved that! Not only no worries about nylons, but evens out the tone and makes legs look even colored and slighly tanned. What's not to love?
5 Chelsea
This is an INCREDIBLE product. After watching Lily Pebbles on YouTube use it, I decided to give it a shot and it really is wonderful. The slight colour is lovely on those days where your tan has rubbed off or you feel a little blotchy and dull. I also have slight veins on my legs that look almost like thin bruising and this covers them enough to look natural. Very smooth finish and BeautyBay is definitely the cheapest place in Australia to buy this product. This is a Holy Grail product and is non greasy and non sticky!
5 Christine
When I first bought this I was shocked by how dark the tint is. But after applying, it left my pale legs looking brilliantly sunkissed without a hint of orange tinge!! Leaves them feeling really soft and I love that it has a hint of glitter in it so enhances your legs even more. Never again will I get my legs out without applying this first!!
5 Taylor
This product is a life saver for those days when you need to get your legs out but they look pale and winter beaten. This product gives your legs a wonderful glow and bronzed look instantly, no fussing around with gradual tans. i could not live without this now

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