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This Works Skin Deep Dry Leg Oil 120ml

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5 Michelle
Quite possibly the best body oil I've used in a long time! Smells absolutely divine and leaves my skin feeling literally like silk. No greasiness like you'd usually expect from a body oil just super soft skin. I've also noticed since using this my legs are easier to shave and stay smoother for longer with no ingrown hairs!
5 Sandra
After my chemo left me with very dry skin, which on my legs would easily crack and get infected, once I had managed to heal all the breakages with an antiseptic cream I found this product (after a number of other products tried) This one is the first to leave my skin feeling smooth and stronger, since using twice a day, to date they are looking and feeling so much better, I am hoping the improvement will continue. I also love the way it easily absorbs. (I did also try the tinted one but due to condition of legs it was not for me)
5 Patricia
I have had really dry skin for years, tried all kinds of cream and lotions that never made impression. This Works is the best I have ever used I am very impressed with the results after just 3 applications :-) Wonderful
4 Inga Schjã¸Tt
Though not the moist legs that I hoped for
5 Mel
After using the product for about 3 weeks, my extremely dry scaley legs did show improvement. Although not a product that yields immediate results or brings me baby soft skin...I still rate it a 5 because I have tried so many other products that never helped my legs at all. I really liked that the oil is easily absorbed by my skin unlike other products that just remain on the skin surface forever and feels icky when I need to put on trousers. I believe continuous use after showers, coupled with nivea cream at nights will soon see even better results.
4 Elisa
I'm gonna buy another after being using this products after all my showering!!!!Love this product which absorbs so quickly and lives skin hydrated and goodlooking. The most important thing is that is so safe for really sensitive skins. 4 stars only for its price but it is worth the risk for people like me
5 Janel Morris
This product is wonderful ... I have extremely dry skin and it transforms my 'snake skin' legs making them soft and smooth. I also use it on my arms and elbows. Wonderful!!

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