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Pai Skincare Rosehip BioRegenerate Fruit & Seed Oil Blend 30ml

4.5 55 Reviews
Pai Skincare Rosehip BioRegenerate Fruit & Seed Oil Blend Zoom
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5 karen
love it so far, and the smell is actually good..
5 Henrie
Pros: The first thing I noticed when I opened my box was the smell. It's fruity and sweet, so calming and relaxing, almost like a peach infusion (which I love too), perfect to use it at night. The packaging is gorgeous. When I apply it on my skin (patting gently on top of every area), after a few minutes I already feel my skin supple, nurtured, soft and bouncy. It lasts such a loong time. It doesn't break me out and doesn't leave my skin with a greasy feeling. I've noticed a great response on my skin in terms of healing and texture.Cons: Even though it's not greasy to the touch, it leaves the skin a little bit shiny. It also tends to lose its orange colour (and, sometimes, cristalize) along the months, probably because it's 100% natural, the oxidation process is completely understandable. To decrease it, just make sure to storage it in dark places, protected from the sunlight and artificial lights.--I would totally recommend this for those with oily/combo/normal/acne-prone/sensitive dehydrated skin who needs a boost of beneficial ingredients, to help fix troubled skin. For dry skin types or in colder seasons, when skin needs way more moisture, this would not be ideal by itself. :)
5 Nicole
This skin cleared my acne within three weeks. I was so surprised! I'm 34 and was at my wits end.
5 gabriella
highly recommend this! I have used many products and since I've started using this I have noticed my spots going and also helps with acne scaring, very good and smells great too!
5 Stephanie
This is such a good product! I have dry skin and somehow my face even gets more dry after washing my face. I've tried a few cremes already but all of them didn't stay on the whole day. I would still get these dry patches during the day. I only used this product 3 times but I can already feel a difference, my skin feels soft and it even has a natural glow to it. It doesn't make your face oily or sticky just natural and nourished. Besides that I can also tell my scars from pimples faded a little already! I can't wait to use this more and see how it changes my skin even more (in a good way ofcourse)
5 Bea
I love this oil. I never thought that I would like it that much.I have combo skin and acne prone skin. So I break out pretty easily when I use the wrong products but this doesn't break me out at all.I use it every morning as a moisturizer.
It's good but not extraordinary
5 catherine
Skin is soft after one night use! No clogging. Very moisturizing. I'm currently using this because the winters in Canada is SO drying at the moment. My skin has felt like sand paper for the first time in my life (i'm 25)---this has drastically helped. Will be in my rotation of face oils when my skin starts acting up!
5 Bianca
Best skincare product I've ever bought! Skin looks amazing only just using it for a couple of days. Glowly and soft skin its a must have.
4 Elaine
This oil has helped make my skin significantly brighter tone the past few weeks i've used it. It feels very nice and soothing. So I definitely want to keep using it. I try to use it around 5 times a week at night, so far it hasn't really helped reduce targeted discoloration though hence the 4 star rating
5 Leona
My skin is dry and dehydrated and I can see instant results with this oil: skin is plumped, soft and glowing. I use it every 3-4 nights a week and if my skin feels particularly dry I mix a drop or two with my moisturizer in the morning. It has a lovely natural, herbal scent. It will last quite a long time as well because you only really need 2 or 3 drops. I don't have acne prone skin so I can't attest to that. It has quickly become a staple in my everyday skin routine. I will buy again and also look into other Pai products as I am really pleased with this one.
5 Radka
Amazing at night skincare. Soothes, regenerates and brightens my skin. Great for facial massage. Great price performance ratio. I love it.
5 Eliana
One of the best things I've one for my skin was to buy this oil. I have combo skin but I still love it. I noticed a difference from the beginning. My skin feels nourished, plumped and with 'life'. I may risk to say that even my pores are a little bit smaller. And in the morning, if I has used this at night, my skin is less oily than if I use something specific for oily skin. It's a holy grail.
5 Louise
This oil does a great job as for clearing and moisturising my face. I'm pretty surprised, since I've tried a couple of facial oils, and all of them ended up making my pores clogged. This did not, and this is quite impressive, and the moisturising is effective, specially in this cold weather. Will repurchase.
5 S. Craig
This is my all time favorite face oil/ moisturizer. I have been using this for more two years and it works effectively on my dry skin. I apply it everyday and the results is amazing. I wish I could bath the oil??. Love the smell and friendly, non toxic ingredients.
5 Kao
I have combination and acne prone skin very dry after washing my face with just water and in a few hours it become very oily. I have been using this oil for almost a week day and night and it's make my skin clear no more breakouts. and my mom who has dry and acne prone skin also love this oil!! I will probably repurchase!!
5 Gertu
Very nice nightly care. I use it three times a week and my skin is glowing in the morning. Definitely buy it again.
4 Elaine
I've been using this oil for nearly a year. I have combination skin that is prone to blackheads in the t-zone - my main skin issue (along with fine lines, the joys!). I wouldn't say it cleared up my blackheads - but it did improve the area as my skin was probably lacking in moisture before (and therefore producing more natural oil/congestion) - as with any oil application, make sure your skin is slightly damp to the touch before you apply so it sinks in nicely (I use any spray toner beforehand). Also you don't need to use a lot, maybe 2/3 drops to pat into the face/neckline. On days were I use a little liquid base, I have also started adding a drop of the rosehip oil to that also, which also works nicely. I would recommend it and will probably repurchase.
5 Aurora
A great product to have ! I've been using it on oily acne prone skin with enlarged pores together with the Geranium cream . I only use it at night and my skin looks great no more breakouts and lesser scars . Highly recommend it !
4 Klarisa
This oil is amazing!! It takes time for you to see a difference, but it's definitely worth it. I'm already on my third bottle cause it's that good. The only thing I don't like about it is the smell; hence, the 4 stars. Anyway, the smell doesn't stop me from buying this because this product is really excellent and worth the price tag.
5 Heather
I've never reviewed a beauty product before but I just had to with this one because it truly lives up to its description! I've been using it twice a day for about six months and I notice a huge difference in my skin. I no longer cringe at the end of the day when my foundation has worn off. It's not really a big deal because my skin tone is pretty much even these days, thanks to rose hip oil. My blackheads have cleared up and my skin actually glows now too. I've have fair skin with freckles that's on the dryer side, so it's never glowed before. I know all of this sounds too good to be true, but it's not. I'm buying this for all my ladies this Christmas. FYI, I've read that while this product moisturizes, it's really more of an anti-aging and healing product. I put a moisturizing face oil over it to seal it in but you could just use a regular moisturizer. My skin never feels greasy with the combination.
4 Sophie
This does not make any big difference for me over night, but I can see that my skin has improved over the past few months. I have less acne-scaring now and my skin is more even.
5 Abby
I got this oil two days ago and i am loving it as of now. My skin is super sensitive from past two years. Any product i use which i comedogenic , breaks me out ( i could use anything before though regardless of parabens,mineral oils,sulphates,stearates). Its been over two years that i am battling sudden pimples that emerge due to the fact that i try new products and sadly i couldnt find any moisturizer for my skin until i ordered THIS. I am glad that this product didn't make me break out neither left my skin looking oily. It blends in the skin like a serum.My skin feels super soft and glowing when i use this. Well, its been only 2 days since i am using this and i am glad i found this product. I will update after a month of continuous use as to how my skin reacted to this oil. But as of now i have given my kiehls midnight oil concentrate to my mom as it always broke me out and i wasted my money investing in it and for now i am happy to use this as my only moisturizer/oil.
5 Linnea Andersson
5 Iris
I adore this oil. It feels so freaking soothing when you clean your face and then put this on. Love, love, love this. I've got combination skin and it seems to work for every part of my face.
5 Michelle
This is an outstanding product! It just soaks right in and I have seen a noticeable difference in my scars, skin tone, and overall skin texture. A must-buy!
5 WanJun
I have been using rosehip seed oil for a couple of months now, and it works well on my skin and I love the luminous it creates after a little bit of massage, and my skin texture is visibly improved, and I will repurchase this product again.
2 Sophie
Completely dried up my already dry skin. My skin feels so dry and tight and flaky, the oil is very dry and takes a while to absorb, weird texture. Wouldnt repurchase
5 Charlotte
Not a miracle oil but it works! Healed up a lot of my acne scars and helped with dry skin. Used night and day, although daytime I used it under sunscreen.
4 Emma
Lovely oil. I have really reactive skin and this has caused me no problem. Its really light and absorbs really quickly leaving no greasy residue on the skin. I have used it to fade scars, as a cleansing oil, as a face treatment and on my cuticles and nails. Even my boyfriend has been using it. the products are all natural too which I love.
5 Sanita
love this oil so so much!!my skin feels so comfortable after using this for weeks.absolutely re-purchase.
5 Charlotte
I have tricky combination skin and I get a lot of blemishes. Got this about a month ago and it's definitely made a difference to my skin! Still getting the odd few spots but I've experienced less of the angry under the skin ones that hang around for ages and it has just generally improved my skin tone
1 vr
I really want to like this oil the other users.I got it because of raving reviews for marks and blemishes . Has done nothing- but more breakouts for me . I am still using it ( 1 month now)...hoping to see results.
5 Ana
After hearing so much about this oil I had to try it and see what all the hype was about... I understand it now! It's super lightweight (a plus for oily skin) and my spots/scars started to fade right away I'm can't live without it!;)
4 Isabel
Really great oil that rejuvenates your skin, and even delicate enough for acne prone skin. I usually use this in combination with another oil like jojoba and avocado oil. It's the only rosehip oil on the market of what I know of that uses both the seed and fruit oil! It's a wonderful first class oil that really helps with any condition. Apart from the oil the packaging is really no fun. The pipette is tricky to squeeze and the bottle should be brown to preserve the oil better. I hope Pai fixes this issue.
5 Rebecca
LOVE this oil. I gently press it into my face after cleansing and toning, especially in problem areas where there is acne scarring or congested pores. My skin just drinks it up, and it has really helped keep my blackheads at bay. Though I have oily skin, it is also dehydrated so using rosehip oil really helps to keep it plump and moisturized throughout the day and I even use a little in the mornings, as it absorbs well and is not too greasy at all. Will definitely repurchase!
5 Adela Jasarovic
I got this four days ago and I love it. I saw a difference in my skin the next day. My skin got smoother and looked a lot healthier, my acne scars started to heal faster and fade. I am usually left with dark pink/purple scars after a spot, but they got lighter. I am so impressed, this is the first time I have used a product that works so fast. I would recommend this to everyone, you do not even need to use much of it, the bottle will last you a long time :)
5 Emily
I didn't like the smell of it at first and only got used to it after 1-2 weeks of use. My skin texture has visibly improved and redness has been reduced. A good product to use for massaging face and provides immediate hydration once applied. Would definitely try other Pai products!
5 Alra
I've been using this oil for almost a month now and there's still plenty of it left. My technique is putting it directly on my face and let my face absorb it rather than the palm of my hands! I prefer putting it at night though because it usually makes my face sweat in the day when I am running around but it's still not as bad as expected because it does not feel oily, greasy nor sticky. It's more of like a mist on your face that wont just dry out. The other reason why I would only rather apply it at night because the moment you wake up in the morning, your skin is the softest and the most flawless skin you've ever seen and touched!
5 Gloria
Love this oil... it helps my drying and dehydrated skin, I alternate this with my liquid gold treatment. This also helps heal scarring. I deliberately apply on spots to help it to bring it to a head without scarring.
5 Natalya
This oil is great! I'm allergic and it's difficult to find a product that suits me. After the first application for the night, in the morning I felt my skin so soft, moisturized and glowing. Redness and inflammation decreased. . It takes only 2-3 drops of oil to put on the whole face. The smell is quite specific, pharmacy, it smells really rosehip. But the result is worth it.
5 Nancy Abdalla
Saved my skin! I had a skin reaction to a new foundation I bought and my skin ending up with tiny spots and blemishes all over my right cheek and down to my chin. After getting rid of that foundation I bought the pai rosehip oil and have been mixing it in with my night cream for the past week and the improvement it has made has been great. The blemishes are completely gone and the scarring has faded significantly. will repurchase forever!
5 Missop
I have been using this lovely oil for the past three weeks. My dry and sensitive skin feels more hydrated and the apperance of my skin is so much better. In the first week I thought the oil was running out too fast. I then changed the way I was applying the oil. Instead of rubbing it in to the skin right away, I first dab it evenly over my face and then rub it in quickly. By rubbing it in right away most of the product was absorbed by my hands which is a waste of product.
4 Kelly
This doesn't break me out, and it does make my skin feel nice on my face. At night I usually just mix three drops of this in with my moisturizer. I haven't found that it has done anything to the appearance of my skin, but it has definitely softened it. Maybe I should just give it some time?
5 Sarah
I have combination skin with impurities. I use the oil at night after cleaning my skin and in the morning before I apply my moisturizer. I think it helps to speed up the healing of my scars. I use 3 - 4 drops each time. Not sure if it lasts 'ages' like the other commentators say but you don't want the oil to go bad. you could also add a few drops to your moisturizer. The smells is a bit strong, woody, but not bad and will fade away quickly.
5 GoGa
Very pleasant and comfortable face oil. Not greasy at all, sinks into skin very fast. I have combo-oily sensitive acne prone skin with a lot of acne scars, so I use this 3-4 times a week in the evening. Had no side problems yet. Looking forward to seeing results in few months.
4 Theresa
My skin feels more hydrated and actually less oily. However, the scent requires some accustomization.
3 Annie
Doesn't do anything special for my combination skin. I'd rather use just argan oil with a little daily moisturiser.
5 Rebecca
My skin is usually slightly oily but as I work in a hospital it can get dehydrated very quickly. This oil massively helped my skin. It doesn't make my oily skin worse but it makes it feel plumper and hydrated. I don't personally love the smell but it's not bad and wouldn't stop me using it.
5 michelle
having suffered redness/rosacea i found this after hearing great feedback on the brand.. i purchased the cleanser, moisturiser and this oil. ive only just started using it but the oil so far is really good! has a unique but nice smell. only need a few drops(product will last ages!) skin is left so amazingly soft and oil absorbs almost immediately into the face/neck. great value for money will def purchase the range from here again!
5 elena
non conoscevo i prodotti Pai Skincare questo è il primo prodotto che acquisto ma sicuramente non l'ultimo per la mia pelle secca e sensibile e soggetta ad arrossamenti è veramente ottimo mi piace il suo profumo di erbe è molto migliorato anche il mio colorito molto buono I did not know Pai Skincare products: this is the first product to purchase, but certainly not the last. For my dry and sensitive skin and prone to redness it's really good. I like the scent of herbs and it also greatly improved my complexion. Very good
5 Julie
I have been using this product for 2 months and I love it! It leaves the skin hydrated (without greasing it too much) and it gives a natural "bonne mine" effect. After 2 months I still have enough product to use for about a month. This is a "must-have" !
5 Susanne
I have used this product for about two months now, and I absolutely love it. It can be used day or night, only requires a few drops. Skin gets a natural darker color when applied (due to carotene) makes me look fresh! It works well during winter as well. Yai for Pai!
5 itziar acosta
Love the scent very flowery, yummy and herbal. You can feel the light oil regenerating the skin without greasy residue. I have combination skin and it doesn't break me out at all. I use it at night and just the smell relaxes me! A must!
5 Laureen
I adore this product. It has an unusual aroma at first, but it is quite a comforting sort of rosehip tea smell. I use this on an evening before going to bed and after only a few uses my skin was glowing in the morning. I am well impressed and the bottle is going to last a long time. Great product.

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