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Too Faced Pretty Rebel Palette

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Too Faced Pretty Rebel Palette Zoom
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5 Elsa
It's my favorite palette, and I used to be a neutral girl! But this palette is just PERFECT! Absolutely in love!
5 Maria
Palette beautiful to be seized for the writing of the colors and for its uniqueness !!!
5 Yvonne
I was blown away by the pigmentation of these shadows! I also love the big variety of shades... it really allows you to make countless different eye looks with it. Definitely worth every penny!
5 Pinky
It's harder to get a palette with such a variety of colors, most palettes nowadays are same color with different tones. I love this one, it gives you different looks. The colors are also vibrant and solid. The package is awesome, makes me happy every time i use it
5 Charlene
Too Faced has incredible pigmentation with their eyeshadows. This palette is gorgeous and sexy! Totally Fetch gives that extra oop to your eyelids. Worth the buy!
5 Whitney
One of my favourite palettes! Great for blending, gorgeous colours, super pigmented, love love love it! :D Definately worth the money.
5 Renee
Where do I start. This palette has blown me away. I can't even tell you how many looks I have created with it. I love the two mattes shades, and adore 'girly' which is a beautiful green/brown dual tone colour. And the packaging is just beyond cute. I love everything about this palette
5 Michelle
Oh my god, really love this palette! After purchasing this, I can't stop buying too faced products. Many orders on the way!!!! Looking forward!!!
5 Emilia
Simply the best eyeshadow palette! The colours are incredibly pigmented and the texture is amazing, there is no palette like this! You can create a daytime or a nighttime look with this, and even go a little crazy with the colors! All the shades work perfectly together! The shade "Girly" is definitely my favourite of the palette!
5 Christa
This palette is so pretty! The colors are great and very pigmented, super easy to work with. The mirror in the palette is great, it actually works, which is great 'cause a lot of mirrors in palletes are horrible. Stand out colors for me are Girly, Gangsta and Totally Fetch!
5 Anna
Very beautiful palette, shadows perfectly pigmented. The colors are chosen well and combine with each other. Happy to take it, this palette is worth their money.
5 Sarah
Although I initially thought this palette looked a little expensive, I can now say that is it completely worth it! Such a lovely mix of colours, blends well and lasts the whole night! Must have product!
5 Juliana
This palette is amaaazing! I Love it!!! The colors are so pigmented
5 Lisa
Love this! The colours are super pigmented, and Girly might be the best eyeshadow ever! The packaging looks really good and feels like it's good quality. Bonus points for Totally fetch!
5 Rikke
Love love love this palette!!! Must love Too Faced! The colors are gorgeous and very well pigmented. The packaging is so cool and palette worthy of the name. It's super easy to work with and it is delicious with a mirror. Cool color combinations - anyone who loves a little rebellious must own this palette!
5 Alice
Love this palette! The colors are gorgeous and very well pigmented. I'm playing around for a couple of days now, and there are so many nice combos of colors left to try out. With an eyeshadow primer the colors stay vivid all day long...

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