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Toxic Twins Dream On Detox 5 Night Programme 5pair

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Toxic Twins Dream On Detox 5 Night Programme Zoom
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5 Sonia
All I can say is wow ! Was skeptical at first but they really work ! The black sap on my feet when I woke was gross but it was disturbing to think tha's how toxic I was !!
5 Francesca
Just WOW! I love this detox product and I will suggest to anyone who is looking for a smooth and reliefing programme.
1 Ana-Maria
I tried these last night and I didn't slept better, I didn't felt better the day after. Actually it was annoying having something sticked to your feet. It's placebo and it doesn't make sense to detox your body in this way.
1 Ava
Didn't work for me at all - in fact the smell was so off-putting that it had the opposite effect and I ended up feeling stressed! The glue that holds them on also doesn't seem very friendly to sensitive skin. I wish I had done more research and read more reviews before trying them out as it sounds like this product offers more of a placebo effect rather than any proven health benefits. For stress relief and good night's sleep a good old bubble bath and aromatherapy essential oils works better for me :P
5 Elizabeth
I purchased this about a week ago after suffering with lack of sleep and insomnia. First night I slept for like 8 hrs straight and woke up incredibly perky and then convinced my partner to use it the next night and he slept 10hrs straight, he still tried foo fooing it in the morning but how can he honestly deny it I don't know because all he can manage is 5 hrs maximum plus he recovered from his cold/ sickness overnight. It may be placebo but a incredibly good one at that. The only thing is though they stink!
5 Ramsay
I LOVE this product, have bought many times. Brilliant results every time and feel great the next day.
5 Michelle
Was given mine for a Christmas present...after a busy, hectic Jan and Feb, including plane flights, I did the 5 day application and found it easy and effective. Like other users, a great night sleep each time. Here I am on the site again ready to order another set :)
5 Lynne Johnstone 20 Jan 2013
Amazing product as per other reviews purchased on plane after 2 weeks in Caribbean. Puffiness of feet and ankles gone plus a good nights sleep. So impressed when you look at the patches you are truely shocked at result have just purchased 5 day programme from yourselves thanks for stocking them.
5 Tracey McDougall
Just ordered this for my 4th time! I love it!I tell everyone to try it if they are feeling tired or a bit blah, having trouble sleeping, have been on a long flight, etc, etc. Only negative for me is the smell, but that showers off.
5 Naomi
Incredible product. I have just invested in a 5 night package after trying a 1 night trial. So impressed with the results. Felt fresh, energised and healthy after only one night. Good bye grumpy mornings and lacklustre attitude, toxic twins is an excellent way to start the week feeling refreshed and ready to go!
5 wendy
I don't know how or why? But they totally work!!!! I am hooked - every girl should have a toxic twin!
5 Irene Trickett
Purchased on flight home after 2 weeks holidaying in Egypt. Have had insomnia for years, but this pair of the 'lavendar' option made me sleep soundly like a baby. Woke to an amazing, tranquil and relaxed mind and body. The gunk the sap sheets pulled out of my feet was a big shock. Felt like a new woman- ready to take on the world!
5 Amelia
Bought a one night trial on an 11 hour flight to Mexico and used on the first night in the hotel- Best nights sleep ever and zero jet lag!!! Woke up in a great mood feeling fabulous and ready to go! In one word? A-mah-zang!
5 kelly
These were amazing.its crazy when you see the results the next day and all the toxins that come friend is a beauty therapist and rates these! they made me feel much better after a week of partying hard

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