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Urban Decay Naked Palette 2

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5 Beth
This is by far my favourite makeup palette, the colours are gorgeous and so easy to blend! I'll be getting the others when I can because they're perfect!
5 Anum
The naked 2 palette is amazing. The colours are creamy and easily blendable. More over I am able to create a variety of looks with it. After doing a lot of research that which of the naked palettes I should buy. I chose this and I am so glad about my decision.
5 Aida Kadric
Finally bought this one and I love it! Colours are pigmented and blendable, especially Blackout! Definitely worth it.
5 Tarah
I do like this product, its very pigmented colours which are easy to blend. I think it adds drama to the eyes, I would recommend putting an eye shadow primer first before applying the product. Well worth the hype, I have this and the chocolate bar I still prefer the chocolate bar as it glides on and has more natural shades. However I mix and match between the two.
5 Andrea
Great buy ! I have tried a lot of make up brands but I think I have found the one I could use for a long time. Keeps the colours for an all day wear especially if you have primed, can do a touch up from a simple look to a dinner and party look after work ! Super Love this xox
5 Brylie
I do love this pallette, it is pigmented, creamy, blendable and the case itself is very solid. It is worth the price for sure.
5 Faye
I had wanted to buy this for ages and never got round to it, I think the price put me off. But I have to say that it's so worth the money. The shadows are highly pigmented so last for ages and the brush is divine. There are so many looks and colour combinations you can create with the pallette. I have a feeling that I'm going to want to buy the other two now! Worth the money, buy it!
5 Maddy
Amazing! It came a little late but it is 100% worth it! Best make up purchase EVER!
5 Geyse
This palette wonderful! The colors and the fixed the shadows very good! Neutral colors in all occasions during the day at a party night! much love for this palette!
5 Marina
Very good color for daytime and evening makeup. Reticulation is a very high quality! But the shadows fall when applying
5 Simonas Apanavicius
My wife glow in all naked2 colors and good mood. Colors is even better than looking throught Your Package was packed as always - perfect. I am pleased to get items in great quality, without even a scratch. Thank You, Keep going.
5 Theresa Aberilla
I love this pallete second to the UD Naked 3 Palette! My best friends ( relatives ) : Ellaine and Angel would like to have it, too, so I want to purchase 2 more before Christmas 2014! I love the quality of these Naked Palletes!
5 rose
I absolutely love this palette. the colours will suit any skin tone, eye colour and even if youre new to makeup this palette has so much to play around with. the colours are super pigmented and so easy to apply. The brush that comes with it is great, really fluffy and makes the application of the colours easy. i'm so glad i've invested in this palette, i can create so many looks with it, day or night. I recommend any makeup lover to purchase this! it does not disappoint! my favourite purchase to date.
5 Megan
I received this as a present and I love it! It is so versatile and the eye shadows are a great holiday!
5 Iliyan
this was the present for my girlfriend,she loved it!
5 Maria
Love this palette, I'm fairly new too this whole makeup thing, and this palette is so forgiving when I mess up and that I'm so thankful for!
5 Lydia
I love this product ,arrived so fast and in great condition.
5 Manu
I bought this palette one year and a half ago. It is the best beauty purchase I ever made. I use it all the time, the quality is excellent and all the colors have a role to play in my eye garderobe. The packaging travels well and I love the brush too. Simply fantastic.
5 Tiffany
Naked 2 is absolutely amazing.. So pigmented and blendable, and the selection of colours are perfect for anyone! If you only want to buy one Naked palette definitely go with Naked 2, because there are some pink tones like in Naked 3, and goldish brown tones like in Naked 1.. Pick 2! It can create the most looks! :)
5 Stasha
Amazing palette! Gorgeous colours and fantastic quality!
5 Simon Hadlow
5 Sherry Duckworth
5 Kristy Mittelstadt
Again I absolutely love this palette. I keep swapping between my two naked palettes! They are beautiful colours, last forever and so easy to create new looks with. I especially love the tin packaging and can see this pallette will be the one I travel with.
4 Paulette Embling
5 Veronique De Vreese
5 Elin
I love this palette! Have a great mixture of colors to create gorgeous looks, for everyday makeup and special events. It lasts all day long if you use an eye primer.
4 Ashlee
Firstly I absolutely adore the colours in this palette, I have green eyes with cool undertones in my skin and find every shade to be flattering. There is minimal fallout, my only real downside is this is so shimmer heavy. I wish there were a couple more matte shades to make this my "go-to" palette
5 Daya Henkel
Great shades. Some fallout with some brushes.
5 Goda Remeå¡Keviciute
5 Elizaveta Kravets
5 Gloria Lee Tsz Yan
5 Tatyana Makarova
4 Darya Galilova
4 Amber
Arrived to NZ in perfect condition, so impressed with this product, simply LOVE it
1 Marija
I bought this palette maybe a year ago, and to this day I do not know what the hype is about. There are way too many shimmery shadows in this palette, making it difficult to create a variety of looks. Also. the colours are all a bit too similar for my liking. On top of that, some of the shadows have absolutely ridiculous fall out, I really don't understand how UD expect some of these to last on the eye for long wear. The packaging of the product, however, is quite good; sturdy and good for travelling. It also comes with a fairly good two headed brush. I cannot fault Beauty Bay - they shipped the product to me quickly and I had my palette within 10 days. I will be using their service again, but not to buy anything from Urban Decay. IF you are looking for a palette with shimmery shadows, then this would be great for you. However, if you are after something with a good ratio of matte to shimmery shades, I would look elsewhere.
5 Inês
Great palette!!
5 Hanne
Perfect mix of mattes and shimmers, cool and warm, light and dark. The possibilities are endless with this palette, and I find myself reaching for it often. Being cool toned I prefer this to Naked 1.
5 Julia
Love this palette! I wanted it for so long but it's just a bit expensive. I really think it's worth the money though, they're such excellent colours which give you perfect metallic smokey eyes. The only thing is that primer HAS to be used for this to stay on a full day! Some small samples are given in this palette, but after that, that's another purchase. I still love it though!
5 Karen
I am in love with the colours in this palette. Since buying all 3 of the naked palettes I haven't touched any other eyeshadows in my kit at all! The only downside is the fall out from some of the glittery and darker shades leaving you covered in glitter or dark patches, but as long as you know it's happening you can plan for it.
5 Annika
Totally love this! And thanks to BeautyBay for very fast delivery!
5 Andrea
The pigmentation is incredible, and the colours are so beautiful, would definitely recommend!!
5 Kal
Finally found it, and they ship it free. Awesome this is my new best site xx
5 Janey
My first serious eye palette. I LOVE it !! The colours are gorgeous and it came with 4 eye primer samples which have lasted a long time. I will be buying more UD products.
5 Tamara
This product arrived in Australia within 13 days with the free shipping option. The product itself has gorgeous colours and comes in the most functional and sophisticated case with a brush. Great for travel.
5 Vesna
Received it with 4 primer potions (not lip gloss) - it is a new packaging and it is confirmed to be authentic (confirmed by customer service of Urban Decay). I haven't use it a lot yet (once), but the colours are very pigmented and shiny. Half baked is totally different (better) when compared with the fake Naked 1 I bought on the Amazon. Black is really black and can be used instead of black pencil on upper lash line. Did have some irritation in eyes when I used it, but I don't know if this is due to the eye shadows or other make-up/cream.
5 sheetal chandni
I got it..its really awesome. V v pigment n shimmer .. i m in love with it.
5 Natalie
I am SO happy with my naked 2 palette! I really love all of the colors. I wanted to buy this palette for years but it was too expensive for me. This website really has the best offer although I wouldn't recommend the saver shipping. My package took 2 1/2 weeks. I am really going to buy more items on Beautybay but with a different shipping option :)
5 Tenzing
I was looking for this Pallete everywhere online they could deliver to india but it was a very complicated procedure luckily for beauty bay it's not much of a hassle and very convinent I got the product exactly within a week and it's awesome :) great going beauty bay
5 Helene
This palette is totally one of my favourites! The pigmentation is superb:D Love it!!
5 Nattharuethai
This palette is amazing! ive always been a big fan of the first naked palette but this one is more daring. the shadows are very pigmented as well so a little comes a long way! it comes with a perfect double ended brush, one side for packing color and the other for blending!they're all fabulous. You can accomplish any look, both classy and chic.more colors to choose ,shimering that's amazing ,palette design also wonderful. just love everything about it! The shipping was so fast Amazing. I'm so satisfied.
5 Belinda
Amazing palette! Subtle enough for a gorgeous everyday look yet can give an absoultely glamourous evening look!
5 prapaporn
i am happy so much that i nave naked 2 pallette now. verry Nice . maybe i must pay more for custom ,because i leive in Norway. so i pay 226 kr. more and 364 kr. . but i happy for that. thank you beauty bay. so everyone must have naked 2.
5 Rose
Amazing amazing palette!!!! This is like an essential palette for me, all the shades are very beautiful and you get a good range of highlights, matte crease colours and some dark colours for lining your eyes. Strongly recommend it!
5 Delphine
Just Amazing!!!!
5 Celine
I bought this a few weeks ago and LOVE it ! It's a bit pricey, but in my opinion it's absolutely worth it ! I use it every day now .
5 Kristina
Best Palette I ever had! So pigmented and beautiful colors <3 I guess I'm in love !
5 maria jose
This is one of my best buys ever!! It is my GO TO palette!! these eye shadows are super pigmented!! i loveee it :)
5 Najat
My favorite! I don't use anything else. Nothing but love. Don't hesitate, just get it :)
5 Yuliya
My fave palette!! Use everyday together with Naked basics.
5 Madeline Deakin
This is an amazing palette I use it everyday, the pigmentation and the texture of the shadows are gorgeous xx
I love the palette !!!! Since there is no way to get this baby in Greece it was great finding it here ! Awesome colors and great packaging ! Money worthy for sure !
5 Sab
Just received this palette today! the colours are beautiful!
5 Sara
Palette is great!!! I love it! Best gift ever!!!
5 Daria
Absolutely one of the best buys ever! Love it
5 Veera
Great pallette, exactly everything I needed!
5 Patricia
I just really love this palette, I've always wanted the Naked One but the Sephora I went to here in Sweden didn't have it but they had the Naked 2 and I never regret buying it. My most loved palette!
5 Helena
I'm so happy that I got to buy this. Excited to receive it next week. But wooow it got sold out fast :D - I LOVE THE PRODUCTS ON BEAUTYBAY????
5 Mary-Jo Moussa
Thank you for bringing it back!!!
5 Cheyenne
Such a nice eyeshadow palette!! All the colours are so well pigmented and compliment each other really nicely. The packaging is also really nice quality and so is the brush that comes with it! 10/10 would recommend
5 Lynn Zaman
I have both Naked One en Naked 2 palette and they complete each other perfectly! Even the Naked Basis is a perfect small palette to keep in your purse during the day for small touch-ups! I love the quality and the colours look amazing on every skin tone/type.
5 Lucie
I'm in love with this palette! All the colors are beautiful and the gloss is perfect. Using it everyday !
5 Marina
I love this palette! It's so versatile, and the colours are just gorgeous. The shadows stay on really well too.
5 Despo
Just got my new fabulous Naked 2 palette! It's gorgeous! I LOVE it!
5 Liana
Amazing colours and amazing quality! Please restock in time for Christmas!!
5 Michelle
Loved this palette! Sadly i want to buy another one but itd still out of stock :(
5 Stinne
This palette is amazing!! So pretty colours!
5 Katie
Love it! eyeshaddows are buttery soft and the mini lip junkie is perfect for a night out!
5 Ervina
Best eyeshadow palette ever! I love it !
5 Lisa
I absolutely love this palette. The colours are beautiful and they have a good pigmentation
5 Tanya Lay
must buy it is the best eye shadow brand out the colors are very neutral and vast can be used for all occasions and when applied even without a primer it lasts all day/ night. Worth purchasing this palette.
5 Manuela saraiva
Comprei a Naked 2 e recebi ontem em Fortaleza, no Brasil, perfeita, intacta... Amei a experi&#234;ncia de compra!!! Translation : Naked bought 2 and received yesterday in Fortaleza, Brazil, perfect, untouched ... Loved the shopping experience!!
5 Samantha
Absolutely beautiful! Beautiful pigmentation, gorgeous silky feel, easy to apply and a perfect range of shades :D love it!
5 Ipek Gultekin
I Love it but i wish there was the color 'naked' like in the first palette. Also the brush is amazing as it has two different side.
5 Evie
An absolute must-buy! If you are considering it - you will not regret it! These colours are so useful and any natural toned look can be achieved with the mixture of colours, both matte and sparkly.The brush definitely comes in handy, but the lipgloss included I find too sticky for my liking. All in all, an amazing palette I would (and have) recommend to everyone!
5 Marina
I love this pallete,very pigmented and smooth!
5 Joanna
Such a great palette! Really nice colours and pigmentation. Pretty much everything you need for your everyday makeup! :)
5 Jade
This was my first naked pallete so I was worried about paying so much but its so nice that I would definitely repurchase this palette when I finish, they are super pigmented and the colours are awesome!
5 Katie
I looove this palette. It is great value for the price, very pigmented, vibrant colours, a beautiful palette and perfect for everyday use. I would recommend this to everyone.
5 Morgan Nunan
I would have to say that I did hesitate when buying this palette as I struggled to imagine whether it would be as good as the first Naked Palette, but I went ahead and did it and it was no doubt one of the best decisions I have made. The colours are subtle yet very pigmented and mixed together provide a fantastic look. Although the product may be considered pricey, it is definitely worth it and I can guarantee you won't be disappointed!!
3 Nadia
Very pretty colours, but they dont cover very Well
4 Daria
Beautiful natural colors, good blending, but for me not enough light colors for area under the brow
5 Ruby
Absolutely beautiful palette, great range of colours with excellent pigmentation. The double ended brush is surprisingly nice to use and the Lip Junkie lipgloss is not too sticky. Definitely would recommend to anyone!
5 jacqueline chetcuti
This palette is gorgeous, came well packaged
5 Cathy
Love this palette so much! I cant find any other brands around can compare with Urban decay, its really long lasting, smooth and pigmented. Thank you Beauty Bay to send me this lovely UD palette so that I could use it everyday !
5 Cherelle
Loveeee this palette! Highly pigmented, beautiful colours that just glide on! The brush is amazing too! Very happy!
5 Susan
Amei a palheta!! Qualidade incr&#237;vel! E o pre&#231;o com o frete gr&#225;tis ficou perfeito!! Translation: Loved this palette! Amazing quality! And the price with free shipping was perfect!
5 Grace
This palette is amazing, the colours are verrrrrry pigmented and they glide on easily, I also love the brush and lip junkie that comes with it too!
5 josie
These eyeshadows are amazing. They glide on easily and are super duper pigmented. Plus they come with a bonus double ended brush. definitely worth your money
5 Katharina
I hesitated buying this palette, because I couldn't really believe that the second naked palette is as good as the first one.But now I can say that it's a wonderful addition to my first naked palette. I don't use it as often as the first one, but I am completely satisfied with it. So if you like to use soft, natural colors - go ahead: buy it!
5 Rachael
Love no.2 palette for it's cooler shades and fabulous pigmentation! Highly recommend this palette it's well worth the money!
4 Hannah
Love this palette! I use it all the time! It has an incredible variety of colors and they are all really pigmented! They look beautiful on anyone and are simply amazing!
5 Maria Ol&#237;via Diniz
I bought the Naked 2 palette and loved it so much! It's really amazing :)
5 Ioana
The perfect nude color palette. The colors glide easily and cover evenly. Love it :))) the gloss is so nice, a light berry color, fit for a stylish summer.
5 Thanh Ly
I bought this for my friend for her birthday and she absolutely loved it! It's so pigmented and the colours are beautiful and I absolutely love that beautybay has free international shipping!!!!!
5 Lulu
AMAZING PALETTE! What I love best about this palette is its versatility, you can create so many looks with it! The shades are also extremely pigmented and long-lasting.
5 A M
Super fast delivery, thanks BeautyBay!!!...arrived in Sydney in less than 2 weeks and the colours are absolutely stunning. The brush is also really great, and I would love to buy more from Urban Decay !
5 Emma
Really great pigment, beautiful and blendable colours.
5 Carlos
I bought this for my girlfriend and she absolutely loved it! She said it was the best gift I could gave to her!
5 olga
I love this! The neutral colours are perfect for everyday wear.
5 Romy Diepvens
I love this! It's so easy and perfect for everyday looks as well as night time looks!
5 Sofie Rasmussen
I L-O-V-E-D it!! The colors are amazing and vibrant. They dont smudge, and with a little primer I find that even after a long night out the makeup is still intact after i wake-up in the morning! I am seriously considering buying another palette from Urban Decay.
5 Lina
Awsome palette, the quality of the shadows is perfect, they're really smooth and easy to work with.
5 Sarah
The neutral colours are perfect for everyday wear. They go on lovely and smooth, but last forever when worn over primer. The palette itself is really sturdy and the brush it comes with it great quality.
5 Christa
Naked 2 is my holy grail! I own both Naked 1 and 2, and though I love Naked 1, this one is my big big favorite! You can create both subtle and outgoing looks, it's so versatile. A must-have for make-up beginners and pro's, in my opinion! The eyeshadow has great pigmentation and is great to work with. A plus is the brush provided with the palette; I love it and always use it!
5 selina
This is so good, it's very natural and brings out the colour of your eyes if you use it...I recommend that you buy this you will have amazing results at the end !!!
5 Zena
The best eyeshadow pallete I have ever owned, great for travelling and can create many looks with this from neutral to dramatic, very pigmented love itttt <3 must own!
5 Sara
A must have in every girl's makeup bag. Love the packaging love the highly pigmented shades soo easy to apply and you can create so many different looks without carrying your whole makeup collection when travelling. PERFECT!
5 Stephanie
Was given as a gift, best gift they have ever gotten! Great palette!
5 Lu
Great set of nude colors, however it would be much better with more mattes! But I love it anyway, quality is good and long-lasting, esp. with UD base. Beautiful and practical package. I also like the attached lip gloss, perfect colour.
5 Stella
Just arrived!!!! The palette is simply amazing and it comes with a mini lipgloss which plumps the lips!! The variety of the eyeshadows included is superb and they are unique!! I am really satisfied!!
5 Katharine.
OMG, love this...hope buy this very soon...
5 Jenny
Just arrived today! Amazing pallete! Fast and efficient delivery!
5 Diana
Probably the one of the best earthy-coloured palettes out there; it would suit everyone ! Best investment for any girl to have in her army of makeup :)The sample of the lip plumping gloss is pretty neat too
4 Agnes Andries
This pallet is quite amazing indeed, the crease brush they give is a bit to harsh on the skin but the quality of the shadow is truly good.
5 Sandra
This is a beautiful palette! As always with Urban Decay shadows, these are highly pigmented and a joy to work with. In my opinion, the only downside to the Naked palettes are that Half Baked is included in both Naked and Naked 2. I would have preferred if the colors were completely different in the Naked 2. I'll still give it a 5 star rating though. I love it!
5 Farah
I love everything about this palette! Its packaging is very sturdy and I can bring it during travelling without worrying about damaging it. The color combinations are excellent, they are pigmented and love it that I could come out with so many different eye make ups! I love the brush and lipgloss too =)
5 Emily
Such beautiful colors. I really love this palette!!!
5 Marie
5 Kelly
Love Love LOVE urban decays naked palettes with all the colors you can really mix up your look while looking natural! A definite must have for anyone at any age specially comparing to the other brands of naked / nude palettes urban decay wins hands down!
5 Becki
This is my favourite eyeshadow of all times, I use it every day and when I go out at night. Great formula, highly pigmented, definitely recommend it for everyone.
5 Kathryn
My Gorgeous Friend Kristine bought this palette for me and I have to say its so nice!! My new everyday essential favourite. It has a whole range of beautiful nudes through to darker colours that all blend perfectly together. Buttery smooth and soft eyeshadows that you would expect from Urban Decay.
5 Gemma
The shadows are excellent quality, very pigmented, and are also very blendable. I love this palette, I use it pretty much everyday! Highly recommend it!
5 Liz
Love this palette
4 Kelly Kneebone
I really love all the colours, they are perfect for creating a beautiful natural look. However, they are not as heavily pigmented as I would have liked, providing more of a wash of colour. Would still recommend though. I've loved being able to create different looks. The possibilities are endless!
5 Kirstin
I love this palette! It's perfect for an every day work look and then it transforms into an amazing evening look. This is the second time i've purchased this palette and love it more and more.
5 Lou
Ive been waiting for this palette to arrive since I ordered it online and I finally got it today in thr mail. Thank you Beauty bay for the hassle free order. The packaging is good , it ensures a damage free product . Also, the palette is as good as everyone says it it. The colors are pretty .. The texture is soft and blendable.Thank you Beauty bay for the hassle free order.
5 Roberta
Beautiful palette!!! Very useful during the day and the night too!! I have naked 1 and 2 and I really don't know which one is better, I love both... So, I recommend both, they are really great!! I can't live without this palette!!
1 Sarah
I hate it, not worth the money.
Amei minha Naked!Lindas cores,textura maravilhosa...&#250;nico pesar e que fui taxada :/ Translation: I loved my Naked! Gorgeous colors, wonderful texture ... and only regret that I was taxed :/
5 Mariana
Lovelly pallete! Much better than naked 1 !
5 Katarzyna
I have a light complexion (NC20) and I was affraid that those colours would be to dark or too shiny and only for night time look. However, I wanned this pallette soooo badly, It looks soo preatty, and finally I decited to buy it.I have never experienced such a great quality eyeshadows! They feel so creamy and blendable but still pigmented!!! They dont look too dramatic or dark for me and I use it for daily make up very often. With adding some more dark or beautiful matt black shadow included you can easily make a more dramatic evening look!!! Pallettes are also way more convinient and easier to use than sigle shadows in my opinion. I love it!!!
5 Gita
This thing is just amazing. Very pigmented eyeshadows and a great brush comes with it. It really deserves 5.
5 Caroline
An essential for everyday make up!Never go a day without my naked2 : )
5 Cassie
Every girls dream eye shadow palette! Absolutely must have.
5 fahyme
Most famous palette in Brazil. soft, beautiful colors and great fix.has an essencial colors to do a good make up.
5 Camilla
I love this palette. I love how you can create many different looks, and i love the natural colours. I use this every day!
5 Ellen
Ah, what isn't to love about this palette! Super wearable and can easily be used to make infinite number of looks. If I'm away I will just take this palette and sometimes even wet my brush and use the darker shades as a liner. Perfect!
5 katie
I love this palette and I use it most days. I bought this for one of my friends and I've got her hooked too. I would reccomend this to anyone.
5 Alex
I am so desperately in love with this pallette. High quality, beautiful, durable colour. I have used this pallette everyday for months with great results and constant compliments.
5 Christina
Got this for a friend's birthday. Customer service was helpful and product arrived (just) on time.Nice packaging so didn't feel too bad about not having it wrapped :). The colours are beautiful in real life.She loved it! And was very impressed with the quality of the brush as well. I'll be purchasing the Naked pallet for myself :)
5 Antonella
It's a very versatile palette! I can create a daily make up mixing colors in new combinations always chic, Gorgeous!
5 Mita
This palette is totally worth the hype!The colors are perfect for creating a dramatic night time look and also very natural for day time. Love it ^^
5 Naty
Really love this palette! All shadows are very pigmented, so not a lot of product is needed. There are so many different combinations and looks that can be achieved with this one, amazing palette! Would purchase again. Definitely more than five stars.
5 Sheri
I absolutely love this palette, it's my favourite eyeshadow palette. The quality of the shadows are great and the cooler, taupe shades look great on my skintone. They are very pigmented.The service was excellent too, with safe packaging and was delivered in 1 week.Definitely a must-have.
5 Cassandra Brincat
This is the best palette I have ever brought and I fair few! It is an amazing day to night palette, you can do so much with it and the eye shadows are so pigmented but still don't have fall out. It is just a must have in every girls make up collection!
5 Noelle
Sometimes less is more: beautiful !Highly pigmented, great quality, adoreable shades.
5 Liz
what can i even say, guys? Must-have!
5 Marta
Loved it! all the colours are so easily blended together making great smokey eyes or just casual everyday makeup! They are well pigmented, something i find important as the colours achieve much greater depth.I highly recommend.
5 joyce
One of the best eye shadow palette i have used. the brush is really good for applying.
5 Emma
Bought this as a gift for my sister and she loved it. The colour selection is beautiful, I may have to purchase my own at some point. I also love the fact that beauty bay offer a free sample to go with your order. Perfect!
5 Beth
I can't explain how much I LOVE this product. It's super versatile, you can wear it any place any time and it'll look amazing. As much as I loved the original this is definitely my favourite. I love the grays and the prettiness of the colours. It's so fresh and perfect for the summer. To me the Naked original is too wintry for this time of year. This palette also suits lighter coloured skin tones a bit better than the original. I can't say anything bad about this item! I'm in love!
5 lolo82
this pallete worth every dollar.. its amazing
5 Camilla
Love it! These colours are so beautiful! Biggest wish!
5 April
Urban Decay is a very addictive beauty brand for me! Loved Naked 1, and loving the Naked 2! They are so similar, yet so different. Very complementary!
5 Mika
Great colour palette for a beginner, definitely worth the money. Works out far cheaper than buying a bunch of low quality shadows that are barely pigmented as this palette. Highly recommended!
5 Emma Walker
5 stars just isn't enough for this product! I love the consistency of these eyeshadows and there is huge colour payoff. I think this palette is reasonably priced as you are getting a lot of shadow. I do have the original naked palette which I love but the naked 2 has more cool toned shadows which in my opinion are easier to wear. You can create many different looks both natural and dramatic; this is a product that all women should have in their makeup kit!
5 Jessica
Absolutely gorgeous! It's an amazing palette, colors are beautiful and very pigmented. Great for neutral looks. Just loved it.
4 Solveig
Perfect for night look. In my opinion it is too cold and too few natural colors. But I love naked2 anyway.
5 Line
5 Isadora Lattmann
This is the best shadow Palette i've ever had. The colors are awesome, very practic choices. Well spent money.
5 Susan
Amazing palette! Use this at least 3 times a week! The colour range means you can do simple, natural looks to full blown smoky eye. LOVE IT. The included lip junkie is amazing as well. The scent is like mint chocolate!
5 Catherine
This is an incredible pallet with everything you need. Buy it and you wont be disappointed!
5 Samantha Lim
All I can say is, I've have not touched any other eyeshadows ever since I bought this palette. Good for day and night and just EVERY occasion! LOVE IT!
5 Yanika
Sooo happy with this palette!! Gorgeous shades for day time and night!! Thanks bay beauty for selling this product, in our country they dont sell urban decay so you made me very happy!!
5 Karen
Amazing! Best purchase in makeup so far! Love every colour, blend brush is great. Service also from beautybay is the best online shopping I've had. Can't wait to browse again.
5 Marie Hibo
It's just perfect! the opportunity to make lots of shade in one makeup palette.beautiful tones that blend perfectly !! and ease of use more. Love it!
5 maria eleni
i really like thiiiiiiiiiiiis...i <3 it!!!!!
5 evi
fantastic palette, great colours with very good colour pay off
5 Jessica
I really love this! I use it everyday and can make so many looks, great quality. I am not a fan of the lip gloss though
5 Jess
Literally the best beauty investment you'll ever make. The Naked Palette 2 has the most rich and usable colours, not to mention the pigment actually lasts all day. It glides on smooth and has incredible staying power. Also doubles well as an eyeliner when an angle brush is dampened. Cannot imagine beauty life without my new Naked 2 Palette. Long live Urban Decay!
It's a super full palette to who is more mild and is great for use on brides! It has since clarinhas shadows and illuminating, until golden / brown and dark. It kind of palette that goes super worth the investment. From all that I have, this is the most daily use.
5 Nona
This has been my best friend since I bought it!I literally use it everyday to do my make up:) love it
5 Kay-Lora Tang
Hands down the best eye palette I've come across. Having fairly tan olive skin, every single colour on this palette works so well it's unbelievable! Love it! Great quality pigment, when this runs out I will definitely buy another!
4 Jasmine
I'm from Hong Kong. Thx for beautybay, I can get foreign brands easily. About this palette, it's amazing. Their earth tone colors can be matched with all skin tone also different styles of makeup for day or night. Even it's really good but there's something I dislike about it. It's really heavy, not too friendly if u wanna bring it along with u. And the other thing is, it's made in China. This is quite disappointing me. Apart from these, this is totally worth-able.
5 Mikayla Williams
I LOVE this palette, I wear all the colours they are so perfect, I cant believe I put getting it off for so long! I wish I fell in love with it ages ago!
5 azra
This is amazing. It's suite for every day make-up all the colour just perfect.
5 Linh
I really love the color and the texture of the eye shadows. They are ideal for an subtle everyday look, but also perfect when you want something more dramatic. Some of the shades fade after a while, but still a worthy purchase.
5 Line Qvistgaard
I'm from Denmark, so i got super milky light skin, blue eyes and blond hair. If you have these kind of features the naked pallet will be your perfeckt match! :DThe pallete is luxurious as well as the lipgloss! the creamy eyeshadows are higly pigmentet so therefore this pallete is a must! (if you have really dark skin you might not be so impressed, tjek youtube)
5 Déborah Sousa
It's an amazing palette of shadows and irreplaceable. Their colors are neutral and beautiful, allowing various styles of makeup for day or night, from the looks simpler to more elaborate. The brightness that the shadows have exactly the extent. It has an amazing texture and durability is perfect. Still, the kit has a brush applicator with two shades, one for blending. Also, comes with a gorgeous lip gloss (both in color - pinkish, as the packaging) and great for carrying in pocket due to its size (5.5 cm). The kit comes with a mirror at the top and has length corresponding to it. So is a makeup kit perfect for any occasion, and include travel, where we can not load our home together. The case measures about 19 ??cm. Has the shadows princel and 12, each measuring 1.1 cm bristle by 3.3 cm. The brightness is 3.23 ml and comes with a holster, but does not come into it. Honestly, it's a makeup case that can not miss, either for those who use every day or occasionally.
5 Gybzy
It's suite for everyday make up all the colour just perfect. I do Love it Xx
5 Gib
My favorite eyeshadow. Great and suite for everyday make up. You will love it like me ^__^
5 Maria
This palette is gorgeous ! I think i prefer the first naked palette because the colors are a little bit more dramatic but this one is perfect for young girls ! The colors are very natural and perfect for a little brown smokey eye ! Love it !
5 Maddie
I love this so much! the colors are great and the pigmentation is great! Ive used this for a while and have fallen in love with it! Worth the price!
5 Tina
I love this palette, the colours are nice and warm and you can create many different combinations. As always with Urban Decay, they stay on long and are easy to use, even though I would recommend ditching the synthetic Good Karma Brush and use goat hair one for better result and more controlled application. Overall, I love it, I use it for the day look and just add some darker colors to the outer corners of my eyes and creases when I need to switch to evening look. I was also quite surprised by the size of the palette, I actually expected it to be smaller.
5 Gabby
Love this palette, I use it everyday and it's great, perfect colours!
5 Astrid
I just love this palette! I use it all the time.all the colors are beautiful and long-lasting.Its good for traveling and easy to have in a bag. I can only recommend this palette!And the first naked palette is also something you want to have! <3love these palettes!
5 Jackie
I love this product. I wear it everyday, the neutral earth tones are subtle yet they can be changed for going out with the easy addition of another colour. The eyeshadows apply easily and can be blended to fix any mistakes, and they also last all day. The brush is amazing, its dual end allows for blending. A good price for the quality and amplitude of colours. The colours are excellent.
5 Sara
This palette is amazing and it has come to great use for me. The pigmentation is out of this world and the color combinations are just splendid. The only thing that bothers me is that I got an uncomplete version.. My brush was missing and I have tried to contact beautybay about it at several occasions, but they have not given a proper reply. So if you order this, I hope you are in better luck than me.
5 Achilles
Just like everyone, i'm ABSOLUTELY in love with this palette :') the shadows are really buttery the brush is perfect for applying shadows all over the lid. and it comes with a little eyeshadow primer potion too!!! ahhhh, i don't think this palette can get any better :P
5 Carola
Usually I wear a very colorful makeup, but with this palette I'm getting used to more natural colors. I love the smooth formula and the pigmentation is just great. Extra plus for the big mirror and the lipgloss. :)
5 Liz
Excellent and beautiful! Beautiful colors suitable both for the lovers of the makeup but also for the professional. Long lasting color and super writers. The best!
5 Eve
I bought the NP2 a long time ago for a gift. But i ended up keeping it myself. The best move i ever made! Great colours, great packaging, perfect for travelling and you just don 't need anything else. The brush is so versatile and the lipgloss is amazing! It tastes like chewing gum! A really good investment in an affordable price. If you haven 't already, TRY IT!!
5 Amanda
This palette is the best! The colors are very beautiful and useful to everyday, of use for day and night! Im loving!!
5 Shengnan Wang
I love this palette, I use it every day, it has every thing I need to make a every day look. Very good color and very creamy.
5 Shannon
i love it :) just got it in the mail today, and all the colours complement my skin so well! took around 10 days to reach Malaysia, brilliant! will definitely buy more products from Beauty Bay :)
5 Shelley
Provides a look for all occasions. Beautiful colours that stand alone or harmonize with all the other colours. Very smooth product. This palette is all i need in my eye shadow collection! However the brush that comes with the palette is not that great.
4 Siobhan
Its been said already but this is my all time favourite eyeshadow palette. Only issue (which may be seen as a positive) is that it can be difficult to remove (even with heavy duty makeup wipes) Overall a great product. Going to buy 1 to compare.
5 Lina
Just like everyone else on here i absolutely LOVE it. I dont own the original Naked palette yet but i feel like this shades fit me better, but I might just purchase the other one plus the Basic palette soon as well!
5 Chantelle
First Urban Decay product i've purchased! loved it! very pigmented and perfect colours!
5 sue
Best pallet for bridal looks and everyday.I also like the brush.
5 Sofia Coelho
The ultimate palette for me. Has all the colours i need and I was pleasantly surprised by their quality - super pigmented and incredibly beautiful. I chose this one over the original one because of the packaging as well; perfect for traveling and super long lasting.
5 Beca Alderson
A brilliant, versatile high quality palette. A must have!
5 Thu
Obviously the holy grail palette of neutrals. I use this more now than my Naked 1 palette. It has more cooler and neutral colours compared to the original one and i like the 'bootycall' highlight better than 'virgin'. Awesome purchase!
5 Grace
Cannot live without! I use this palette every single day. Love, love, love! Pigmented, minimal fallout, so versatile!
5 Ale V.
Love it! Great quality on the shadows, super pigmented and the packaging is just awesome!! Love the website too, fast delivery and a lot of products where I can choose !!
5 Paloma
It's the first palette I've bought from UD and I love it. Good packaging, great brush and really good quality and wearable eyeshadows. A must-have!
5 claudia
I FREAKEN LOVE THIS PRODUCT im from Australia and wasn't sure if it was worth $50 bucks but it totally is i reckon mend this to any new beauty lover !!!!!amazing amazing amazing
5 Storm
Great for all occasions. Beauty essential!
5 Annesofie
not much to say!love it freaking much, its the most incredible palette, i have used it pretty much everyday since i got it, all my love goes to the naked2palette!! best palette in the world!!!
5 Ingvild B G
I love it! I don't think there is any more I can add that hasn't ben said before! I like how it's a little different from Naked 1 (which is still my no. 1), and the lipgloss is just adorable. Great quality on the shadows and lipgloss!
5 Maria
5 Chamaiporn
I love this palette and I got it today take 7 days for send to Denmark .i will buy more from you
1 Patricia
this palette is simply incredible. The shadows are super pigmented and beautiful for a perfect look. I love it!!
5 Jette
I am loving this palette. Great selection of colours, great pigment and great quality overall.
5 Ela
I absolutely love this palette!!! One of my friends had it and I fell in love on the spot!
5 Klara
I bought this palette like 6 months ago and now i can't imagine living without it!!!!! It is just the perfect combination of colors and the quality is just amazing. I also really like the brush that comes with it!
5 helen zhou
i love this for going out looks its alot dramatic but subtle at the same time! love love love love UD products <3
5 Leah Proebstel
My Urban Decay Naked2 palette arrived today and I am in love!! It has every colour I could possibly need to do either a day makeup or a going out look. I don't use many bright and bold colour's so this palette is the perfect fit for me :) Definately repurchase!!!
5 Ofelia Nilsson
I love this palette! Amazing colours that can be worn every day. They are not too dark, they are casual.
5 elina
What more can I say that hasn't been said? I love this palette!!!!! Best palette ever!!!!!!
5 Meredith
This is a staple for me and my makeup collection! I love all of the shades and I use them all frequently. The pigmentation is great and you get great colour payoff as well. Also a little goes a long way. I have found though that I do need a primer or a shadow base for them to reliably last all day - though I have a light base on everyday anyway so it doesn't matter. I think it is a fantastic investment as it will last you forever! xx.
5 zina
Love this palette! I also have the Basics palette and they go great together. Can create so many looks for day or night. Nicely pigmented and I dont find that I get much fall out with the glitter shadows. Love UD!
5 Katrine
LOVE this palette! The colors are crazy pigmented, and they can be used as an everyday look or a clubbing-look. If you don't know which palette to choose (original Naked or Naked 2), I will definitely recommend buying Naked 2. There is a lot of light colors and highlighters, and some dark, intense colors, and they are all pretty natural. I will go as far as saying, that you don't need any other eyeshadows, as long as you have the Naked 2 palette.In the original Naked a lot of the colors are "real-colors" (you know, green, purple, black, gold.....), so you'll definitely need to but other eyeshadows such as a classic black and a dark green.
5 Celine
Got this for Christmas! I love this pallet! If you have one of these you do not have to buy eyeshadows for a long time. I'm so in love! Best Urban Decay shadows in just one pallet. Best Christmas present ever!
5 Sara Beth
LOVE LOVE LOVE Naked 2... Just got it and I can't stop using it! Created some really nice looks with it. Saving up now for Naked Basics and maybe eventually Naked.. :) Such a great quality set of eyeshadows, well worth the price! Put them on at 7.30 in the morning and they're still in place at 7.30 at night! :) WONDERFUL!
5 Kristine Hasseleid
I don`t own this palette self :/ But my friend have it and I try it every time I am with her. I Hope I can get one of the naked palette someday because This palette is amazing !!!!
5 Sanne
I had been wanting this for a long time and debating whether or not to get it.And now I’m way obsessed with my Naked 2 palette. Except for the fact that I pretty much drained my bank account on it. But it is definitly worth it!! And really good service from BeautyBay, so thank you very much!
5 Isabella
I bought my naked and naked2 palette at the same time and i have absolutely loved both of them! the colours are amazing and you can do so many looks with them. Just buy it you wont regret it
5 Tiffany
I prefer this to the original naked palette on my pink undertoned skin. Such an amazing palette1
5 Aliny
In love for this palete! The colors are wonderful and fixation is great.
5 Ana
Love this palette. Use it with my Naked Basics palette now. long lasting highly pigmented eyeshadows.
5 Rebecca
Love love this product a beautiful mix of neutral eye shadow colours perfect for everyday use and can be used for a smoky eye look at night very versatile for day and night
5 Emma
I love this palette, the colours are so beautiful and pigmented.
5 natalie
Absolutely love this palette! It lets me create so many looks - from basic natural everyday eyes, to a more dramatic smokey look. It has so many useful shadowing and highlighting shades, I always end up using so many different colours at once simply because I can't decide! SO in love with this product!
5 Luciana
This palette of shades is a dream, it would complete my kit with perfect makeup and could make the most beautiful make ups!
5 roberta
5 Aline
All palettes I ever used, this the better. The pigments are intense and with long duration. I dont live without Urban Decay Naked Palette 2. I want to thank beatubay of the excellent service and great delivery to Brazil.
5 Lauren Henderson
Definitely a staple and essential palette that will provide you with hours of fun coming up with new combinations in order to spice up your look. Highly pigmented and very long lasting.
5 Karen Satie
This palette is amazing! I love it! Worth every penny. It's great for beginners, for day to day, for traveling. You can use to do a makeup for work or for a party! And the quality of the shadows is, well, urban decay quality! It's a must have!
5 Carolina
The perfect palette ever!!!!
5 Ana Julia
I have the Naked1 and my sister has the Naked2. I just love them. The Naked2 has a black matte eyeshadow that is to die for!
5 Kate
I love the naked palettes! Great quality shadows, creamy
5 Alyssa
Love it! Cant buy urban decay in australia so was really happy i found it at this price online. Great palette would recommend to anyone!
5 segolene
You already read everywhere that the Naked2 palette is wonderful, But I want to say it one more time. It's definitely a must-have !!! I use it every single day. You can do every eye look with this palette : Smoky, neutral, matt ...
5 Ika fithria axzahrah
I already had this pallete. I buy this new one for my friends. This pallete totally gorgeus and natural. All women MUST have this item!! :)
5 Annaki
Best palette I've ever had, opened up whole new worlds of eye shadow use for me!
5 Anne m
I wanted to know what all the fuss what about (blog post after blog post) - and i must say i love it. Its good for everday looks and evening looks. Very wearable, very blendable. Im impressed!!
5 Ting
Love this Palette, love all the details, the colour and even the package. The colours suit for daily use or a party look as well. The price is lovely. Just cannot wait to recommend to my girl friends. :)
5 Faye
I love this palette! I use it everyday and still haven't hit pan. I recommend it to everyone!
5 badigana
i loooooooove it! i can not imagine my day without this palett it rock it and i would like to try Naked basic i rekomendera to evrybody
5 Kimera
I prefer these shades better than the first edition of the Naked Palette, they seem to work a bit more seamlessly with my darker skin tone. It's a great set and gets used for almost all my looks, even when mixing it up with other brands and shades. It's long lasting and stays on well, the colour is very buildable too which I love. Price may seem a bit steep to some BUT trust me it is SO WORTH IT! You will never look back!
5 Helen Philp
Never have I had so much choice in one palette. The best value for money shadows I have bought. Would make the perfect gift for someone who loves makeup as it would suit so many skin colours. There is such an amazing range of shades to choose from - great texture, long lasting and good quality pigment. Would recommend it to anyone.
5 Evgeniya
This Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette is awesome for every day use. It has great pigmentation and is long lasting. It's really easy to match and blend the colours so it's perfect for beginners. The brush is awful though! I have not been disappointed. And the lip gloss included is gorgeous-a lovely neutral shade that feels and looks great.
5 Dee Wolfe
What can I say.... I bought naked palette and HAD to have number 2!!!! I'm obsessed with these palettes. I love how the colours last and all work sooo well together, I feel the make up artist coming out of me lol:)I have had heaps of my friends and work colleagues ask what type of eye make up I'm using and how to purchase it. Who needs any other eye make up when u have the urban decay palettes:)
5 Gopika
Love this a little better than Naked 1, everytime I wear eyeshadow I reach for this palette I use eyeshadow, whats amazing about it is I can easily go from day to night with it so Im not going to be carrying so many different shadows, amazing selection of colours, UD never fails me!
5 Kim
I love this product so much! If you're planning to start on eyeshadows then I definitely recommend this palette! Instead of buying single shadows for about $5-$10 each might aswell just buy this! It lasts ages! And it has every single color you might to get an office look to a date night look!
5 Lucy Taylor
I have Naked1 already, so obviously I needed Naked2 in my life. Good decision, it's just beautiful! I reach for this palette more than the other, but together they can make the most wonderful look.Adore, adore, adore! Urban Decay, you've done it again!
4 Shirley
I bought this about 7 months ago and I use it every single day. It's so versatile and the colours are perfect for an everyday make up look. The shadows are so nice and pigmented and even though I've used it to death, I'm not even close to hitting pan on any of the shadows.One problem with the shadows though is that I find that if I don't use an eye shadow primer, it'll be prone to creasing after a few hours.All in all, AMAZING palette that I don't regret buying at all.
5 Sarah S
The color selection and the color payoff is amazing. The eyeshadows are really pigmented. I love this palette, there is a color for every occasion :-)
5 Karen
This palette is amazing ! i like this over the naked 1 because it has a matte black and if you love smokey eyes like me, this palette will be better for you than the first :) There is a big mirror that is very practical for travelling. There is also a brush which is very good and the tin packaging is better than the cardboard packaging from the first. this palette is compact and very sturdy and great for travelling. The many eye shadows allows for many looks, natural or smokey. overall i love this palette ! 100% recommend this :)
5 Rita
Great palette, love it! Amazing color payoff, amazing performance on your eyes ALL DAY AND NIGHT LONG with NO streaking ! I super reccomend it :)
5 Morgan
Love this palette! The colours are so great
5 namrin
This product is amazing, it is pigmented, and the colors are gorgeous!!
4 Mette
Urban Decay did it again. a must have in every girl life. Beautiful colors and a lots of opportunties for many looks. Only minus is the brush which i dont like.
5 Loren
Fantastic colours! Am loving using this colour palette!
5 Kelly
Love this product, its a staple piece! Wonderful pigments, great for day and night makeup and easy to just bring it travelling with you and still having so many useable looks rather than using up lots of space with singular eyeshadows.
5 sara
Awesome palette! worth every dollar,I really didnt know which one to choose- the original pallete or this one, but I am so happy I chose this one! , the colors are beautiful!!! I think you can create much more looks with them, cause you get bright colors, and in the original palette most of the colors are darker, I really recomend it to everyone!
5 Elodie
I absolutely LOVE my naked 2 ! The eyeshadows are amazing and the brush is just perfect! I use it every day! This is a MUST HAVE ! ;)
5 jamie
My very first product from Urban Decay, but certainly not the last! What a good palette to have! I use it almost every day. I will be stocking up on some other palettes from Urban decay in the future for sure! Love it.
5 Karen
The best eye shadows palette I ever had!!!
5 Sofie Kongsdal
This palette is great for a natural daylook, but can also be perfect for so many other looks. I don't use eyeshadow everyday, but at any other occasion, I use this. I absoluteley love it, it always make me look fantastic! :-)
5 Rachel
Great cool toned colours that have a buttery texture and no fallout all in durable packaging with a build in mirror and a double sided brush hell yeahhh!
5 Ane
I love this palette!
5 Niyati Desai
The UD Naked Palette2 was one of THE most top things in my Wish List for 2012. This is one palette that everyone must have from beginners to make up junkies! It has a great combination of matte, silky and sheer powdered eye-shadows. It is absolutely wearable - be it everyday or for a party. The palette also comes with one of the best blending brushes for easy usage. Its worth every penny of its price!
5 natalie
amazing palette!
5 Raissa
Melhor paleta, linda e com cores &#250;nicas, qualidade 10! Best palette, with beautiful and unique colors, quality 10!
5 Jess Hanes
This Pallette is AMAZING!! well worth the money. the colors are so pigmented and gorgous!! and the packaging is so sleek. its what i grab for on a day to day basis. you can do so many amazing looks with this pallette. deffinatly a 10/10 :)
4 Fernanda
amazing palette, with beautiful colors. however, I think some of them could be a little bit less glittery.
5 Megan
I've been eyeing this palette up for a while and I'm so glad I finally purchased it! The colours are beautiful and are extremely soft which makes for an easier application. The shimmer shades are not too glittery and there was no fallout whatsoever, which is common in these finishes. This palette is worth every penny and I will be replacing it when I run out, I also love the double ended shader brush as it blends my eye makeup effortlessly and is lovely and soft! I wear natural colours nearly every day and this palette is perfect.
5 El?onore
I loved the colors. The texture of the eyeshadows is amazing.
5 Veronica
This palette is well worth the money! It comes with a variety of great neutral shades, including matte and shimmers. A great every-day makeup palette.
5 Naz
I love this palette! I reach for Naked 2 more often than anything else. It has the perfect balance of light, medium and dark shades that I need - super smooth to apply and blend. Its a must-have when I travel, the size doesnt bother me as its still very slim and has a tough case. My go-to is bootycall and tease... LOVE it. Glad it came with a lip junkie that I might not have tried on its own, love this too :) Its worth it
4 Thaleia
What an amazing palette!! <3 I use it every time I put my make up on...I thought that the colors would be matte because I don't like pigmented colos but in this one I wear them all the time!!I can tell that the price could be lower,but I don't have any complaints!The mirror!SO BIG,and the brush....oh my,I love the brush!!Definitely reccomend it,you can have all kinds of make up in just one palette!!In love with it! :)
5 Martine
A must-have for all girls! I love this and I use it all the time. The colours ar soo nice, they blend very well, and it lasts all day!!
5 Linda
Ohhhh I love this palette with the nicest satin colours I ever had. I use them every day an they seem not to end. Realy good quality! I will also buy the NAKED (1). The best palette for a natural look!!!
5 Em
The colours are so perfect, absolutely worth what i paid for the palette! They go with everything, and I will not ever regret buying this! Wearable with any occasion, urban decay is back with another classic! Yay! :)
5 Sophie
Awesome palette. It is hard to go wrong with it. great variety of neutrals for everyday looks as well as it can be vamped up for evening looks. So pretty and great quality shadows. You get your moneys worth with this little number!
5 Caitlin
Wow is all I can say about this gorgeous Naked 2 palette. Since recieving this as a Christmas present, I have literally used it everyday. I like the colours as they are cooler than the previous palette which makes the shadows very wearable and suitable for all occasions. My favourite colours are bootycall, YDK and Suspect. I was extremely impressed with the quality of the eyeshadows, but also equally impressed with the service I recieved shopping with Beautybay. I would highly recommend this product!
5 Alina
This palette is the best thing that ever happened to my eyes! I thought for a long time whether I should buy it or not, because I thought it was too shimmery for day/work and that it only suited skin with cold untertones. But I made the jump and I couldn't be happier! This palette is pure perfection! The colors are amazing (and definitely NOT too shimmery for day looks, they are just right), the texture is soft, the staying power is incomparable and I could keep going for a VERY long time. Bottom line, if you're on the fence about this, it's time to jump! Really, you won't use any other eyeshadow in your LIFE!
5 Amy B
Honestly, nicest combination of colours! The colours are all so pigmented. Definitely a must have for any girl!
4 Natasa
Excellent quality, the only down fall to this is the fact that the colors are a similar shade.
5 Kimberlee Capararo
Love this palette, I feel like my make up identity has been reborn with these amazing complementing neutrals. This is an essential for ever bodys vanity!
5 Vibecke
The amazing thing about this is that I can use ALL the colors. You know that feeling when you buy a palette, but there's always one or two colors you just never use? This isn't one of them! I'm so glad that I bought this item, because I finally have a palette I can take with me everywhere and not worry about not having the colors I want or need. Ten stars!
5 Jatta
Love this palette. The colors are pigmented, soft and they blend very well. I've been using this for a bit over a month and most of the time I reach for this palette. Excellent for traveling as well
5 Oana
Just one word: Love
5 Jane
This is worth every pound. There's plenty of colour in each and with 12 it is good value and versatile. The quality is great and it ideal for natural and more dramatic. The packaging feels quality making me reassured that the shades will last and be protected. I can see me using for a long time and not needing any other shades. I'm glad I finally picked one up!I wasn't sure at first but I'm so pleased I have. My only disappointment is its size - the palette is quite long so it doesn't fit in my makeup bag. A small sacrifice though for such a lovely product
5 Pauline
This palette is gorgeous! I love it so much. I would recommend it to everyone who's looking for the right palette. A for this product. The colours are great too.
5 Mia Petersen
Love the colors SO much, just bought this, and i'm so excited to try this agin, have tried it once before, and loved it so much! thank you beauty bay, for selling this nice palette!
5 Aisling
this palette is amazing. the eyeshadows are very pigmented. i use this all the time. the eyeshadows can be used day or night. i would recommend this to anyone.
5 Viki
Amazing! The quality of these eyeshadows is fantastic. Very pigmented and blendable. If your looking for an eyeshadow pallet this is it. Well worth the investment. Xoxo
5 Theresa
best pallete ever, enough said
5 gabby
LOVE LOVE LOVE this palette, you wont find anything better!
5 Jade
I've been wearing this eyeshadow everyday since I got it! I never used to wear eyeshadow but I've heard so many good things about this palette, given the range of shades I thought way not and it was one of the best purchases I've made, you will not regret adding this to your collection!
5 natalia
Love it! Ideal for a natural daytime look or for a party night! The colours work beautifully together!
4 Vanessa
I love it, I use it everyday but I wish there were some more matte shadows.
5 Satu
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Excellent product and very multipurpose. You'll find shade for every occasion from this outstanding palette.
5 Heidi
Love love love this palette!S hard to find in New Zealand will be getting all makeup from from now on...
5 Masha
The pigmentation and quality of these eyeshadows are outstanding! This palette is superbly chosen; long-lasting and versatile enough to cater for any occasion. Half-baked and blackout have to be my favourite of the shadows.
5 dollvyn van luyn
this is a super awesome palette, high quality, perfect colors and i guarantee u wont regret if u buy it here !! cheaper :) thanks love love love xxx
5 Osiane
I really love this palette. The colors are fantastic and fixation is great. I have not chosen my preferred palette ... it is naked 1 or naked 2?! very fast delivery.
5 Baiba
I love this palette. Great pigment and beautiful colors.
5 Rosalind Glossop
Gorgeous Product, these eyeshadows come in 12 gorgeous shades, they are ideal for the natural daytime look or for those party nights where you want to sass it up! They are long lasting and will now be a permanent member of my make up bag! I'm going to treat myself to the other Naked pallet as I'm totally hooked!
5 Sarah-Jane
Couldn't live without this palette, the matte black works beautifully with UD Skyscraper. Do not hesitate to chance you'll be disappointed!
5 cherryl
i got mine today together with the smoked palette, and i am so amazed with it! this is absolutely what i wanted! nice colors for an asian woman like me! i love it!!! 5 thumbs up for urban decay!! shipping is also incredible, though it came a bit later but it was because of the bad weather/snowstorm we've had in Stockholm for the past few days so mail delivery was not operating for like 3 days, and the two orders i made came at the same time, and to me thats was perfect ;) good job anyway beautybay! and please look forward for my next order soon!
5 Sheri
My palette came in 8 working days (normal shipping)! Was very impressed with the delivery. It came in perfect condition and it's such a beautiful palette!High quality, wearable colors :)
5 Helena
I've been wating a year to buy the palette, and it's defintly been worh the wait. There is sooo many possibilities in this palette.
4 Elle
Just arrived, I do love it!The delivery was a bit slow (ordered on November 23rd arrived Decembre 6th). The same order was divided into two for a problem to the warehouse stocks. However, the customer service was helpful and courteous in answering my questions. In the end I'm pretty satisfied with!
5 biiiiiin
Love this palette! ALL the colours are so versatile and pigmented, so a little goes a long way.
5 Jill Scriver
After coveting this item since it's release I finally purchased during the Black Friday sale...needless to say I have been wearing it everyday since then. The colours are absolutely amazing and very wearable for day or night.
5 Estefania
It's perfect!
5 Christine Uy
I am in love with this palette!! One of my best purchases from Urban Decay, the quality is amazing and the shades are just so beautiful. Definitely worth every penny spent on it!Thank you so much BeautyBay for the super fast and safe delivery of this palette. Your prices and quality of service are top notch!! Definitely one of my favourite beauty online sites. :)
5 Ingyin Aung
this palette is a must have, all colors can mix and match so u can create different's worth to get this palette!!!
5 Anubha Hota
first ever proper palette and from the minute i saw it, i was blown away. beautiful colours that are suitable to create a diverse range of eye looks :)
2 Ifrith
Good colour pay-off and "staying power", thus great quality. I guess... I disslike glitter fallout and ultra-shimmer eyeshadows. While I really do love some of the individual shadows, the palette as a whole simply doesn't "do it" for me. Thus my low grade. But I am sure others, with different preferences than me, will love it!
5 Irada
my first ever palette. will always come back to this palette. from natural to dramatic smokey eye, this palette has it!
4 Barb
Highly pigmented. Fab colors. One wish: a few more matte colors
4 Sam
Love it, great set of neutrals and I actually reach for it more than my original Naked palette 1. However, I don't like the packaging/case at all. Mine doesn't quite match up when you close it in one single motion, you need pull it over and firmly click it close. Also two shades have now fallen out of the case, funnily enough they're the only two matte shades in the entire palette and the ones I use the most. The only good thing about the case is the giant mirror - which I now cant hold up for fear of more shadow pans falling out >.<
5 Giselle
It's THE BEST palette you 'll ever buy!!!The colors are gorgeous and natural and naked, every one will look stunning with it!Definitely a MUST have not only for a make up junkie but also for someone how doesn't wear a lot make up at all.
5 shab
got my palette today and i loved it:)
5 Alexandra
Gorgeous palette! Amazing colours great for night and day also I am in love with the lip junkies cool
5 Jess
Urban Decay's eyeshadows are utterly amazing and this palette is definitely no exception.. whether I'm going out for a night on the town or going for a work appropriate day look this palette has everything!! I love that it offers a range of cool neutrals too :) *thumbs up*
5 Christine
Love this palette, fantastic shades for day or night.
4 Kathrin
I like the palette very much! I think the pigmentaition of the eyeshadows is pretty good. And the colours you get are from neutral to dark and you can create a smokey eye or a neutral daytime look. But some of the shades look a little bit similar, I think Urban Decay should have changed one or two colours. But all in all I love this palette and I would never give it away! :)
5 Annika
I LOVE this palette, and I have absolutely no regrets in buying it, it seems pricey, but for what you are getting it really isn't. I did hesitate in buying this palette, but I am so glad I did. I didn't have any other eye shadows, so this is perfect for a starter, especially because it has a double ended brush. The only fault this palette has it that it only had three mattes, would have loved for it to be half shimmer and half matte.
5 Patrícia
This palette is wonderful, made in a kind of metal, not heavy, but completly chic. I have nothing to complain about. I loved all the colors and the pigmentation is amazing.I have absolutely concern that everyone will shine with these eyeshadows.
5 Lim
It is the all in one colour for all the girl. Must have !!
5 Anastasia
charming colous and quality, - and all you need in one palette!
5 barbara
THE BEST PALETTE EVER! I like that it contains both shimmery and matte shades. I’m especially fond of the nude, Foxy, and the black, Blackout. I also like that there are both cool and warm shades.the palette contains 12 shadows, 3 of which are mattes (foxy, tease, blackout) and I think it's a good call that they added a matte highlight shade and matte black this time around.
5 Julie
I freaking love this palette! I use everyday for natural eye makup, and every time i am going somewhere special i wear the darker colors to make my eyemakup more intense. I don't need any other eyeshadow than what i get from this palette! When i showed it to my friends they were like: omg... OMG !!!! and two of them bought it haha!
5 Maren
This palette is da bomb! With highly pigmented, discreet and long lasting colours, it is perfect for everyday makeup. But by applying some of the colours with shimmer and glitter, you can glam it up and make it wearable for nighttime! All the coloours fit well together and it also comes with a very nice duo eyeshadow brush, that makes application even easier! Another 5-star product from Urban Decay!
5 Madelin
Beautiful range of colours both matte and pearl effect. The palette itself is really nice and the brush it comes with is super good to use.
5 Gabriela Lopes
It's everything I imagine and ever more. The only thing I didn't like was the delivery process, but the Naked is amazing.
5 Rhiannon
really lovely, has a gorgeous variety of colours with excellent pigmentation. the perfect neutral palette. shipping was really fast as well, slightly longer than the expected time given, but much quicker than most things get all the way to australia!
5 fani
the best palette i have ever had !!!!so many options !!!! the colours are amazing!!so pigmented!!!! love,love ,love!!!
5 Zana Hamzah
This palette creates from natural to a DRAMATIC look. Fantastic! Loves it! It also comes with a soft brush
5 Svetlana
for me this festive reticulation, it shines a lot for everyday makeup, though, and declared it as a natural, I use it when you need to look gorgeous at night. so much of it filmed the video and it is super popular for good reason! the shadows wonderful! I advise it to all!
5 Jelena Milinkovic
The best eye shadow palette I have ever used! Once you go NAKED you never go back. LOVE LOVE LOVE!
5 Zoe
I LOVE this palette! These colours work beautifully together whether your doing a smoked out or a classic nude/minimal look;. They look great on any skin colour and the colours blend really creamily on the eye. AMAZE :D
5 Natalie
This palette is amazing! The colours allow you to create many looks!
5 Gainor
I love this palette so much! I use it almost every day! Great pigment and it doesn't wear off! Definitely a must buy for makeup lovers!
5 ana
Great palette! beautiful colors!!
5 Anna
Amazing! Love very much! Perfect colors, good pegmented! Use it every day.
5 Maite
I love this palette and use it daily. Someone said the mirror is blurry but mine is perfect. Very high quality and versatile. The brush and lipgloss are very nice too. I don't have anything negative to say about this product!
4 Sara Z
At first I wasn't so satisfied with the colours, they all seemd so intense and I couldn't get them right with the brush! But I gave it a try and noticed that the colours really look their best the whole day and that I can combine so many looks! And because of the numerous combinations it would be nice if you would get some kind of inspiration broschure.
5 Isabelle
This is hands down the best neutral palette I have come across. The colours are just beautiful and the quality of the eyeshadows are amazing! It's excellent for both day
5 Mette
This is my fave eyeshadow palette. It has all the colors you need and its basically what I use everyday. Its a bit pricey, but I promise you you wont regret it. Probably the best money I've ever spent. Vibrante and longlasting colors and sooo pigmented, its crazy! If you're a makeup junkie like me, this palette is a must in your collection!
5 Judith
Best buy ever! The blending brush is amazing.... the lightest color is great for highlighting under the eyebrows and the darkest one for a great smokey eye look... This definitly is the best pallette I've ever bought.
5 Mariann
LOVE IT! It is well worth the money and you will not be disappointed. So many people can not be wrong -it is an icon!
5 venn
my first naked pallet,, i dont own the first one, but i totally have head over heels with this !! <3 good for day to night :)) awesome awesome!!!! versatile n travel friendly :DD get yours now ! :D
5 Bruna Marinho
Esta paleta magica! Com ela pude criar desde looks simples, para o dia-a-dia, looks super elaborados para a noite. O glossque vem de brinde ; maravilhoso, gostoso e dura muito. A testura das sombras incrvel de o macia e quase borra. O melhor que a sombra acumula, super pigmentada e dura o dia todo. Estou apaixonada. Translation: This palette is magic! With it I was able to create looks from simple, to the day-to-day, looks super prepared for the night. The toast comes from glossque; wonderful, tasty and very tough. The incredible testura shadows of the soft and almost sludge. The best that accumulates shadow, super pigmented and lasts all day. I'm in love.
5 Mandy
I am not a huge eye shadow wearer but I LOVE this palette! Every colour is super cool and chic! Amazing and well worth the $$$
5 Polly Stafford
This is an amazing palette! I have this one and the original, fantastic pigment and you can do so many looks! LOVE IT
5 Laura
This is a must-have palette! Its versatility and quality is amazing, the formula is creamy and doesn't' crease and the staying power is excellent.
5 Loren
ho acquistato la palette il 27/07/2012 e dopo una settimana &#232; arrivato il pacco...adoro questa palette, la utilizzo ogni giorno, per fare make up sia al mattino che la sera, adoro i colori shimmer,(ben 8 su 12) super scriventi e pigmentati.Adorabile &#232; anche il penello Good Karma Shadow/Crease brush .voto: A <br><br>I bought the palette on 27/07/2012 and after a week it's pack ... I love this palette, I use it every day, to make up in the morning and in the evening, I love the colors shimmer, (about 8 of 12) writers and super pigmented. Adorable is also the Good Karma Shadow / Crease brush. Grade: A
5 Gina
I love this product. The colours are amazing. The packaging was secure and arrived in perfect condition, very fast and free delivery. I had wanted to buy the naked pallet for a long time and so glad that I did..Colours will be used everyday :)
5 Forida
I absolutely love this palette. It has beautiful cool neutral colours that are perfect for everyday look. Also very pigmented. I own both naked palettes and have not been dissapointed. Both palettes are neutral but naked 1 has more warm neutral colours and 2 as I mention has cool colours. I think everybody should purchase both of these palettes. You won't be unsatisfied.
4 Belinda
I love this palette! You can create so many different looks with it and you get a great variety of colours plus a lipgloss!
5 Caren
I am completely in love with this palette. She has incredible colors, and super pigmented. Just prefer it had been the primer potion instead of gloss.
4 Hannah
AMAZING! I love it. I like the cold colors and they are easy to use. I'm a bit confused by the brush because the "fluffy" end did not pick up the color as much as I wanted it to, but maybe I just need a better way to use it. The lightest one on the left someone said was useless but I think it's perfect to make the eyelids flawless and blending other colors.
5 Claire
everything I could ask for in one palette. There are so many looks that can be created and it lasts forever. I have been using it everyday for months and it doesn't even have a dent. Such an amazing product!
5 Emily
Love this palette! So happy!
4 Sue
A great palette but I think that I prefer Naked 1 as the colours are warmer but I do use it and love the quality of the powders and the staying power.
5 Gry
I'm not much of a makeup buff, but to me this Naked 2 palette is just perfect. The steel case it sturdy, I love how the colors are lined up, I love the double ended brush and the mirror and I love pretty much all the shades, they all look great on me.Even though this palette contains all I really need I am getting Naked as well (lol). I hear it is better suited for people with yellow undertones and it'll be really awesome to be able to compare the colors from each palette.Maybe getting both is a bit excessive but since shipping is free I don't feel quite so guilty.
5 Gab
Absolutely love that I can purchase UD online through Beauty Bay. They have the best range of a product line I fell in love with while travelling. The texture and colour pay off for these shadows is amazing, colours are so flattering on my fair skin. Thanks beauty bay.
5 Sarah
This product really is EXCELENT! The range is well a large range :) they colours were very pigmented and shimmered in a nice subtle yet "LOOK AT ME" sort of way :) all the colours let my eyes shine and match a whole range of different outfits :) I am In love with Urban Decay Naked and now own both pallets :)
5 Olivia
Love this palette, has such a great shadow range. You can really create any look with this one palette, from day to night or natural to party. I often use the black shadow with a push liner brush and wiggle it in to my upper lash line for a fuller lash effect. Can't recommend this product enough!
5 Florence Wong
I love this palette so much! I got Naked 1 & 2 and was worried that I was overdoing it, but I am glad i bought both. You can create so many looks with this palette!
3 tabitha
i recently bought my naked 2 palette and i have to say i'm not THAT impressed with it as i thought i would be unfortunately most colours are gorgeous but some are so not right for my skintone (medium) :( but still all that said i still love it and the coulours are super pigmented which is always a plus. i would say i love my naked 1 better :D
4 Priscilla
Love this palette, although I can't depart with the first Naked Palette. The only good thing I would say about this palette are the matte colours. Overall great quality shadows and great pigmentation. It hits the usual high standards of the Urban Decay brand although it does cause a bit of fall out too. Having both palettes I'm more inclined to use the 1st
5 Miriam
Woooop Woooop :D Got my Naked 1 & 2 palette today and it's just awesome....and the package was so well done. Thank you ;) everything was perfect!!!
4 Kandice
I have mixed feelings on this one. I looove Urban Decay Naked 1 but I don't think this one was as great. The mirror inside is blurry so you can't actually use it. Don't get me wrong, I still love it.. Just prefer naked palette 1 :)
5 Franca
I love love love this palette, it has such great shades for day or night
5 Erin
Perfect colour range! I love this palette so much, I don't use any other eyeshadow anymore!
5 Nathalia Lubini de Melo
Comprei minha paleta recentemente e ela chegou em prefeito estado,Linda e muito rapido,apenas!!!! estou muito satisfeita com a compra,vou comprar muito mais!!!! English Translation: I bought my palette recently and it arrived in prefect condition and very fast!! I'm Very pleased with the purchase, will buy more!!
5 Kelly
Just recieved my palette today,Perfect condition! I was a little worried it would get damaged on the way here but it had great protective packaging! I am so happy with the service and of course my new Urban Decay makeup! Thank you Beauty Bay!!
5 Roula
I do love this palette!amazing colors,nice texture.
5 Sally
Most amazing colours! so perfect and for such a cheap price, would not shop anywhere else! Thank you so much, perfect :)
5 Nisakan
Fantastic Product, extremely good packaging and fast delivery (approx 2 weeks to Australia) Thank you !!
5 Graziele
I loved!! I bought here in Brazil from internet, left 34 days to receive. Thanks a lot.
5 Maya
My precious arrived today! So, so, so happy about it. It tokk about 2 weeks to get to Croatia. It came perfect, no scratches, nothing. I will purchase more from beautybay for sure :)
5 Lina Araam
I received my beautiful palette within 7 days and i live in Australia. It was super quick and they packaged it so safely that it came to me with no damage. Definitely recommend it for others to buy! Thank you Beauty Bay.
4 Claudia
I am brunette with copper tone, darkbrown eyes, medium skin w yellow tone. Use this palette w Stila in the light. Don´t want 2B without either. Love Bootycall, adore Tease for crease, lOVE Busted more definition. Haven´t played around som much yet, but adore those for work for a natural feminine look for everyday glamour feel! If less shimmer I would give 5
5 Marion
I want to marry this palette :)
5 Lynn
Love-love-love-looooove my Naked Palette 2!!! The colors are beautiful for any occasion and the black shadow is perfect as an eyeliner. Use a good primer and you will look gorgeous 24/7! And I adored the little lipgloss too, very addictive and therefor rapidly empty ofcourse, unfortunately... :)
4 Phoebe
Great palette. The colours are great as you can do natural looks all the way up to really glamorous looks. I'm a makeup artist and I feel that this is great for my kit. Delivery took 8 weeks to Melbourne, Australia. A very long time! I was really happy with the customer service of Beauty Bay though. Thanks!
4 B
I ordered my naked 2 on the 1st of august and got it on 14th of august haha :) so 8 working days till it arrive in New Zealand ! .. not bad though.. I was abit exited but the package of naked got scratch :/ i dont mind much about that..but thanks beauty bay :)!
5 Linda
Ordered the product on monday and received it this morning. Well packaged. Very pleased with the range of colours. Would buy again from this site.
5 Jessica Eridhani
I got it in the mail today. Came earlier than I expected. 12 great pigmented colours for just $50 is a bargain. So exited!
5 km16
The best makeup palette ever!
5 Maya
I am very satisfy with the product, worth of money,recommended if you like something nude :)
4 Mel
Just got palette and very happy with it. The mirror in the tin is a tad blurry (not really useable) but eyeshadows are great. Took 12 working days to reach NZ which is more than the 7 working days advertised but was packaged AMAZINGLY. No complaints there at all!!
4 St&#233;fanie
The products were nicely packaged. All in all very pleased...
5 Wendy van der Linden
just arrived today and i love it! beautiful colors and supernice brush
5 Lauren
Just got the palette today and I love it! Took 2 weeks to deliver to Australia, very nicely packaged and the eyeshadows are amazing!
5 sofi
Beautiful colors,very good quality,nice packaging!
5 Yulia Nedobelskaya
This is a great eyeshadow! Thank you! Shipping came to Russia for two weeks! Great service!!!
5 Alicia Webster
Beyond thrilled with this product !! I am a newbie to "high end" makeup, so I hesitated to plunk out a bunch of cash for one makeup palette, but I am so, so glad that I did. I am very, very fair and I have trouble finding colours that don't make me look like a clown, so imagine how excited I was to find that every single shade in this looks gorgeous on me.
5 H
I love it so much, all the colours are extremely beautiful and pigmented! I also like the double-ended brush and the lip junkie very much! Definently will buy more from this brand :) Took only 5 working days to Finland, I'm really impressed :)
5 Indriani
like this better than original naked palette
5 Nattha
Took 5 weeks to reach Norway! But I looove the product! Best eyeshadow palette ever!
5 Eleni
I looove it!! <3 The colors are beautiful! Took 12 days from dispatch to Norway :)
5 Rosie
Postage took about 10 working days to Melbourne Aus, but the wait was so worth it - Urban Decay eyeshadows have such a pigmented, buttery texture like no other eyeshadows I've used before, and are easy and amazing to work with - such a great price too! Definitely recommend both the original Naked and Naked 2!
3 Ute
Tried it out, but I am not really impressed. Colours just look dirty and dont last that long. Bobby Browns eyeshadows are by far better in quality.
5 Sarah
Took 9 working days to reach Melbourne, Australia, beautifully packaged! Love the product! Thanks BeautyBay
5 Stephanie
Thank you beauty bay !! I love my naked palett by urban decay so much. Took 12 business days to get to Sydney Australia very impressed and so quick will be telling my friends about this site
5 Madde
Best neutral eyeshadow palett EVER!!! <3 My favorite combo is Bootycall and Half Baked on the eyelid with Blackout as eyeliner = super easy and flirty ;D Fast delivery to Sweden as well!
5 Vitória Gomes
Great colors, loved it! Awesome price, and delivery to Brazil took less than 2 weeks! Totally recommend it!
4 Duki
Delivery in about 2 weeks to Belgium ! But still ok, very happy about the product ! Nice package :)
5 Kirstie
I ordered the UD naked 2 pallet and the UD primer potion in sin. They are fabulous! packaged wonderfully and in pristine condition!! fast postage to Australia. very very happy beauty bay.. will be buying off you again very soon!
5 Helen
I live in Melbourne and received this palette in 18 days. I also ordered the primer and a UD blender brush. The parcel is incredibly well packaged. I was worried it might be damaged and was extremely pleased that my items arrived in mint condition. The colors of the UD palette are just beautiful and the shades are so blendable. Great quality. Very happy!
5 Danila Fracaroli
Ola, recebi a minha ontem é linda e amei o serviéo da loja...excelente, fiquei muito satisfeita com tudo.... Hello, I received my yesterday's beautiful and loved the store ... excellent service, I was very pleased with everything ...
5 Manuela Costa
Acabei de receber a paleta. Foram exatamente 2 meses de espera, mas ela chegou muito bem embalada e em prefeitas condi&#231;&#245;es. &#211;timo produto e loja excelente. <br><br><br>I just received the palette. There were exactly 2 months of waiting, but she came very well packaged and perfect conditions. Great product and great store.
5 Melissa
I love this palette so much! Fast & free delivery to Belgium ;D
5 Leonie
After reading about this product I had to try it. Not sold in Australia. Amazing quality and fabulous colors. Great price from Beauty Bay. Love it and use it every day.
4 Nadear
I ordered this palette on the 14th March and got the package on the 27th March.. I live in Sydney so I was really happy when I saw the package has arrived because it would mean it is time for me to test the colour.. Thank you Beautybay
5 Natalia
I got it a while ago. Brilliant palette, neutral colors, my faves for evening and day make up. honestly, the only palette that travels with me now :) and yes, i would not say it is a dupe to a naked original palette. these are two separate products, and i love both of them
5 shahnaz
I love my Naked1 and love this even more!!!
5 Roxy
Fast and free delivery to Switzerland, great product. I'm very happy with this purchase.
5 M
Amazing.colors are beautiful. took 10days to get to New Zealand, which is not too bad. Love this palette.
4 Arianne
I absolutely love this palette it took 3 weeks to get to Australia though :'( ... nonetheless I super love it.
5 Meys
THIS IS WITHOUT DOUBT MY BEST BUY EVER! This palette is worth EVERY COIN. The colors are absolutely amazing every single one of them. Some might think that the price is high, but I promise, it's really worth it! The colors are amazing and the quality too!
5 Danielle
As good as the original naked palette. The black is fantastic and the lip gloss smells divine!
5 Macy
Excellent! I have no words other than "i am in love!" Also,amazingly fast delivery. Thanks a million! :)
5 denitsa
what to say!!!just amazing :).colors are worths every euro!!!thank you Beautybay!
5 Serene
I've read other reviews on the net and most said about the delivery speed. But for me,the package took 9 days to reach me and I was pretty amazed! Awesome colours in great condition! :D
5 Vicki
I absolutely love this pallet. I have the first naked pallet and I thought I couldn't get anything to match but this pallet is just as gd. Love all the colours. Fab buy!!!!
5 Donna Vie Mendoza
Hi BeautyBay!! I'm extremely impressed with the fast delivery:) 9 working days in total to Sydney, Australia :) Naked2 palette-I'm loving it and I'm soo happy that you guys stocked it(I wouldn't buy It anywhere else) and I got free delivery too :) :) :) Thanks again x
5 Elisabeth
The colors have great color payoff, the quality is excelant. I think this palette worths checking out. I love that they added a black matte shadow too.
5 Vendela
I love this so much!!

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