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Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel 8ml

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel Zoom
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5 Emily
This has quickly become my favourite brow gel. Gorgeous packaging, stays in place all day and looks subtle. Would recommend!
5 Kerry
Amazing product, keeps my eyebrows in place all day! Would 100% recommend!
5 Lydia
Great for taming stray eyebrow hairs!
5 Amy
This product is insane... I have naturally thick dark eyebrows plus my eyebrow hairs are quite long yet this stuff keeps the hairs in place SO WELL. Doesn't make my eyebrows feel stiff or uncomfortable and it looks very natural - not shiny. DON'T CONTEMPLATE BUYING THIS, JUST DO IT YOU WON'T REGRET IT TRUST ME :)
4 Danisia
My fave brow gel, i've had mine since late 2015 and it is still going completely strong and I use it pretty much daily. It works great even when my brows really need to be threaded.
5 Anna
Love this clear brow gel,it sets my brow powders and pomades perfectly!! It also makes the brows appear more full,products applied seem more natural as if it's your real brows!! I will never be without this Product again!! Love love love!!
5 Meg
Nothing compares - my brows don't budge! Worth the money.
5 Amber
I love this product!! It sets your brows in place without looking flakey,the smell is strong but overall a great product! Highly recommend
5 Nali
LOVE IT! Since I already have very thick brows I prefer having a transparent brow gel and this really does the trick, the product stays in place all day!
5 Sasha
I do not pluck, wax or thread my eyebrows and my eyebrows are quite thick so I wanted something to keep them in place and make the look a bit neater and this works wonders. Perfect for those who want to keep their eyebrows natural and still have some control over the rogue hairs. I will always make sure I never run out of this brow gel. Delivery was so quick and the item was packaged so well.
5 Sofia
I love this brow gel. Makes the brows stay put all day long even through hard sweating when working out etc.
5 Mimi
Great brow gel. Doesn't feel too thick or stiff on the brows, much better than the MAC eyebrow gels. Keeps them in place all day.
5 Birgül
Best brow gel i ever had!!!
5 Amy
Love it! Been using this for the past few months, The clear is so good for beginners and people that want to do it quickly, takes me seconds to do and hold all hairs in place all day even when i have the roof down in my car
5 JoJo
This brow gel is definitely my favourite along with the Gimme brow from Benefit. By far the best one I've ever tried out. Really does exactly what it claims so I can't say anything else but that. 100% recommend!
5 Leah
Keeps all the hairs in place and dries nice and quickly.
5 Vidya
Keep your eyebrow on point! My eyebrow is thick and this product keep them in place.. Such a Lovely product!
5 Amrit
Absolute love this product! I don't know how I ever went without it. I am required to fill in my brows and using a few stokes of this on top makes them look so natural. Will defiantly buy again
5 Lydia
I debated about buying this because how good can a clear brow gel be? But honestly it's amazing! Sets my brows in place all day and they don't budge till I take my makeup off at night!
5 Deanna
It's like super glue for your brows but you don't feel in the slightest. The got this product spot on. I'll never use another eyebrow gel!
5 Larisa Suponitsky
Perfect brow gel
5 Teaspoon
Love the packaging, works with pomade
5 Bethany
Keeps your brows in place all day, perfect!
5 Giulia
Love this brow gel! I have very thick brows and yet it manages to keep them in place all day, with no touch ups needed. Packaging is lovely and sleek too! Perfect combination and brilliant results when used with the ABH pomade.
5 Vaida
Love this product, keeps my brows in place and you don't even notice it on, worth the money, highly recommend.
5 Ja
Love it
5 Lisa barrett
Great product, keeps brows look great
5 Karoliina
Very good! Keeps my brows in shape the whole day!
5 Helena
I absolutely love this product, I have the brow powder duo also to define the brow then lightly and naturally set them with this wonderful gel. Brow perfection!
5 Joana
Great product! It really keeps your eyebrows in place throughout the day.
5 Genevieve
By far the best brow gel I have used. Long lasting and has a great texture. So happy beautybay is stocking it!

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