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Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz

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  • Auburn
  • Blonde
  • Caramel
  • Chocolate
  • Dark Brown
  • Ebony
  • Granite
  • Medium Brown
  • Soft Brown
  • Taupe
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5 Kim Kardashian
So smooth and lasts forever! Worth the price and the spolie is amazing but if your looking for a dupe go for the zoeva eyebrow pencil which is also on beautybay xox
5 Beatriz
I LOVE this brow product! Definitely my favourite bro product of all time. Very pigmented but also natural, makes the perfect shape to your brows. Also the brush is super dense so it blends everything perfectly! My brows are black and I choose ebony, this color makes my brows stunning and people can even tell I have my brows done. 10 of 10! This is my favourite place to shop :)
4 Emily
Amazing product, super creamy and pigmented! Only thing is that it runs out pretty quick, my first one ran out in 3 months. Dipbrow lasts much longer but this is easier to use and also much quicker!
5 jessica
Amazing product. No faults!
5 martina
this is just perfect, very precise andlong lasting. Get the midium brown if you have hashy undertones. Love it!
5 Melissa Smith
Absolutely love this! Doesn't even go on like a pencil at all!!
5 Gabrielle
obsessed with this product, I buy a new one every month. no other brow pencil matches up to this, I use this to outline my brows and then use the Anastasia brow shadows to fill in the rest and they work so well together. I have tried the dip brow pomade and don't find that as good as the brow pencils, 100% recommend. I am in the shade Taupe and it suits well with any bold hair.
4 Kerry
Love the product and have bought 2 of these now. My only problem is with the spooley end of the brush, it breaks off so easily. The first one I bought, I thought I was being heavy handed, the second brow whiz, the spooley came off while sitting in my makeup bag!! Really frustrating as you wouldnt expect this to happen for quite an expensive product. Apart from that, I love this product and buy shade Ebony (I have dark brown hair).
3 Cherie
I LOVE this eyebrow pen, BUT this has been the second time that the spooly end has broken. And I take care of my products as they are expensive. This has also happened to my sister's pen. Please let the company know because now we can't use the spooly bit and its a good spooly!
5 Darcy
Honestly the best brow product! I have platinum blonde hair and very fair eyebrows so having the brow wiz in taupe is a life saver
2 Josephine
I used this brow pencil for about 2 month, and it was working fine and I enjoyed it. But after 2 month the brush broke, and the product became weird and dry and also broke. I couldn't even get the rest of the product out. I don't know if I just got a bad one. So I wouldn't repurchase it again for a least a while, but I think I would do it again because I liked my brows before it went weird.
5 Marichu
My second favourite after my abh brow definer ?? Amazing on getting a very detailed eyebrow look, perfect for filling in sparse brows because of its fine tip pencil. Recommend!!
5 Erin Milner
So creamy and creates the perfect looking brow! At first I was unsure on the colour and if it was too light but when putting it in my brows it gave the most natural look but can be builded to add more intensity.
5 Marie
I love brow pencil more than any other brow pencil I've ever used and I've used a lot! ABH beats all the benefit brow products by a long shot! I always have a back up on hand.I have light/medium light cool toned brown hair and I use the shade 'Taupe'.
5 Carissa
I bought dark brown for my dark brown / black hair and this is my second purchase of this product and I wouldn't think of buying anything else.Its a God sent !. So easy to apply perfect for a natural look and for filling in gaps and spars areas.Thin pencil ,great colour ,comes with a good spooly, what more can you ask for?. Love it love it love it !
5 Robyn
best eyebrow pencil I have ever used. use to hate eyebrow pencils, the abh pomade was my go to for my brows but tried this and love it. so quick and easy, gives a really natural brow. still use my pomade for a more defined brow. i have dark/dirty blonde hair and went for 'blonde' and it is perfect.
5 Sandy
Love this so much!!! Just wish it didn't break so easily and would work until the end... But I look past it because I love this product so much!!! It matches me perfectly, It's invisible in my brows, looks so natural and flawless and lasts all day!!! This is a must have for everyone!
5 Ella Rose Davis
I recieved this in the mail with Next Day Delivery, and I couldn't be more impressed. The product is very easy to use, and comes with a soft brush to brush out your brows for a softer effect. This would be good for people who have started with makeup or need a trust worthy product for their brows. This brow pencil has a 5 rating because I like to overdraw my brows slightly, and this does it easily. Would recommend.
5 Nurun
Really impressed with this product, recommend to all :)
5 Emily
For someone who's not that great with brows, this makes it easy! Natural, full looking brows in seconds. I've tried other brands eyebrow products before and since using this and nothing has compared. I find myself repurchasing every time!
5 Sonia
I used to always struggle to get my brows in the right shape that I wanted until I started to use this product, it's so easy to use and product is very buildable to help you achieve either a natural or fuller brow! Would recommend you trying this product out. I picked it up in the shade ebony and it's perfect for people with very dark/black hair!
5 Taylor
This brow wiz really is the bomb. I have thicker eyebrows and this product is perfect for filling in sparce areas, leaving a totally natural look. 100% recommend
5 Andra
Love it! Ordered it for the first time, but I'm sure this is not my last time. ABH is my absolute favourite!
3 Andrea Teresa
I don't get the hype... Maybe I got a faulty product? It came broken and after 2 weeks the spooly came off. The actual product is not that amazing... I find other brands do better brown pencils.
5 Autumn
Perfect size to make hair like strokes. Great shades, and easily blendable
1 Kate
Got this product for my birthday as it was very 'hyped' up. Used it everyday or the first month and loved it, unfortunately i went to use it one day and realised the spoolie had broken off!!!!! This product is no longer of any use, not worth 15.50, next time i'm going to purchase the nyx brow pencil instead....
5 Ninke
I have the color dark brow and I use this product every day! It's an amazing product and it stays on all day!
3 Lynda
This brow pencil is amazing for filling in brows, you can go for a natural or a bold look. However, i've had mine for a month, and it's nearly run out.
5 Frida
This is my favorite brow product that I always come back to. So easy to use and perfect for any brows. Works easily for creating both natural and soft or bold brows. Great pigmentation and consistency and stays on all day. Love this product!
5 Georgia
BEST brow product I've tried, tried so many others incl. benefit's brow pencil which is more expensive and no where near as good. Plus delivery is always super fast!! Fave product ever from fave website ever.
2 Lucy
I normally love this product but I recently purchased one and it fell apart in my make-up bag. I got 2 uses out of it. Money wasted!
3 Katie
Easy enough to use. However I find that the colour granite isn't very deep and the brow wiz didn't last very long. Have swapped to the dip brow and it is so much better!
5 fazi
Amazing results , always get natural and beautifull brows.
5 mathilda
this is my all time favourite brow product ive ever used, all other brow products I've tried seem to make my brows look on the ginger side but i ordered it in the shade soft brown and its perfect for my darkish blonde hair but i think this shade would go well with any shade of blonde hair. totally recommend x
4 Emma
Unbelieveable brow pencil, when I first received this I tried to draw on my hand and nothing came off and was like, oh. But then I used it on my eyebrows and it felt like a completely different product. Brilliant, creamy and so pigmented. Only reason i'm giving a 4 is that my dipbrow will always win.
5 Stacey
I absolutely love this product. I tried many things on my brows and this has to be the best. Will never use anything other now. It is the best.
4 Katie
This is one of my absolute favourite products ,and would recommend it to anyone it also goes really well with the dip brow pomade
5 Kimberley Taberer
Don't think I'll ever use anything else. Amazing!
5 Wioleta
I really really love this palette. Definitely will buy another one !!
5 Cara
The only brow pencil I use!! Nice thin tip for precision and creating the look of hairs, I have light blonde hair and dark eyebrows so I use soft brown and it is perfect.
5 Joyce
Easy to use by beginner, lovely dark brown color suits for Asian and black-headed!
5 Sara
I ordered the colour medium brown and it is perfect for me, I used the dip brow pomade to fill out the end of my brows and the pencil to fill the rest out so it looks a bit more natural compared to using just the pomade. Really like this product and will keep on using it.
4 Kanni
Can't say that it's my holy grail product. Though it is my first brow pencil, I am not that impressed. Was hoping for something more of it. It is good for giving your brows a nice shape but you can't imitate actual brow hair as the tip is not very precise. Doubt that I would repurchase it as it's rather expensive.
5 Dovile
Best brow wiz ever! I will definitely purchase this product again, makes you eybrows look on point! Highly reccomend
3 Jill Lawson
I adore this product and have bought many. However every time the brush end chips off and also the pencil falls out of the holder. This time having just bought a new one the pencil has completely fallen out and broken. Is there a solution to this on an otherwise great product
5 India
Can't even begin to describe this product! I have been using this for over a year and still have not found a brow product that is better for me. I always struggled slightly with brow kits, never finding the right colour for me. I'm a light blonde so brow kits were always that bit too dark. But ever since finding this I have never looked back. Whether you use it to fill out the entire brow or just use it for the subtle outline. It is perfect. Definitely worth the money as well. Honestly wish I could give this product more than 5 stars. Love, Love, Love it.
5 Anne O'Brien
I have been using this on my brows for a while now and love it, it's really good for getting my out line and filling in any gaps I have
5 Emily
I purchased this product just over a week ago and I can honestly say that I have fallen in love with it! I have wanted a high end brow product for ages and it is honestly worth the money. My brows have some spars areas and with this product you can create and imitate natural hairs so your eyebrows don't look harsh (which I wanted). I got mine in the shade soft brow as I have light brown hair. This shade is possibly a bit too light for me but that's okay because it gives me the excuse to buy another! All in all this product is brilliant; it's compact, has a natural finish, is suitable for everyday use and Anastasia Beverly Hills is a cruelty free brand!!! lastly, I ordered standard delivery and the product came within two days which was fabulous. I would highly recommend this product and Beauty Bay to my friends and family.
5 Olivia
I love this product, it has amazing pigmentation and makes your eyebrows look so natural and flawless would 100% repurchase!
5 Laura
Taupe is the perfect colour for dark blonde / light brunette! Neither orange nor greyish toned. But as someone who has really sparse eyebrows I prefer the Brow Definer it glides on faster.
5 Morven Carruthers
Wow! This product definitely deserves the hype it gets , I was able to draw convincing hairs on my eyebrows not just obvious lines. The consistency is helpful as it is not to creamy to run out quickly and not too hard making it unusable. Depending on the amount of pressure you use the colour and intensity of the lines will change. Works really well to line and fill I gaps for natural brows.
5 Issy
In LOVE with this product! I've always struggled with eyebrows but after purchasing this, I'll never try another brand again! I can't recommend this highly enough!
4 Florence
Absolutely LOVE Anastasia Beverly Hills products and Brow Wiz is no exception, probably my favourite product out of them all. Fantastic range of shades, glides on beautifully to look natural but also can be buildable if you want to really chance your whole eyebrow shape. I have repurchased 4 times and love how long it lasts me. Excellent pigment, long wearing and love the spoolie that comes with it. The only con is that 2 of the purchases have resulted in my spoolie end snapping off, which is really irritating. But nevertheless, I will continue to purchase until I find something that matches up to my favourite eyebrow pencil!
2 Alice
brought this to define the shape of my brows before putting dip brow on, worst product I've ever used, it doesn't do anything for my brows, doesn't even show up unless I draw it a couple of times. However dipbrow is my 100% fave brow product.
2 olivia
After loving dip brow I thought I'd try this product for a day to day look, however very disappointed, the pencil snapped inside so bits of it fell out, and then using it again the end with the spooli fell off, for the money paid not to happy about this, maybe I just got a faulty one, as I love ABH products usual!
5 hannah
i just ordered this and I love it! dark brown is perfect for brunette hair colours with slightly darker eyebrows. standard shipping came in 2 days! really impressed! xx
5 Denise
I had the brow definer 1st in medium brown & then decided to try this as it was a little thick. I love this product, its not too soft so you can get a nice filled in look without any un-eveness & it doesn't smudge. 5 stars every time.
5 Patricia
good product, highly recommend
2 Erin
Heard amazing things about this product so I quickly ordered it. I have light hair but I love darker eyebrows, I purchased medium brown. The pencil and the colour is amazing! HOWEVER, I have had the product about 3 weeks and it has already run out. The stick for thr colour snapped easily and sometimes wouldn't even appear no matter how much I twisted or turned the pencil. I love the colour but if I was to continue using this product I would have to buy a new one every 2/3 weeks which is wayyyy too much money to spend on something that won't last very longOverall the product is good but very expensive to keep up with it and the pencil was sometimes unreliable
3 Aqsah
Bought this in granite, good product until it all starts falling apart, not the only one it's happened too. Beauty artists on Insta reported the same- shame I didn't listen, the spooly brush has come off and the application tip has snapped in half :(
5 Sana
The product is great! It just glides on and doesn't look too harsh especially when you use the other end to blend the product in. It is extremely pigmented and precise so you can get the perfect shape especially if you're not blessed in the brow department. I ordered this product and got an email to say it had been delivered but it hadn't.I contacted customer services and they replied swiftly and sent a replacement so quickly. Great service,I would definitely recommend this product and this website to everyone.
4 Sarah
Amazing product but the price has gone up by almost double the price!
5 Anna
NYX micro brow pencil is the same as the brow wiz!!!!! The brow wiz is a great product absolutely love but it's dear for something that runs out very quickly if you want to pay a smaller price use the NYX micro pencil it is the exact same product but cheaper and some might say better!!!!!
5 Rachel
I adore this product! Before, I was using the Makeup Revolution Ultra Brow Kit but it took me ten minutes to do one brow let alone two! I got the dark brown and it has worked wonders. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for something easy-to-use. :)
5 Shelina
Well what can i say about this product?? I am in love with it and sooo obsessed with it too!! It is perfect if you want to achieve natural brows. Fantastic service as it is quick and easy and also the delivery is free too and my one came within two days, that is just great. This was actually my first time ordering and definitely not my last. I would totally recommend it to everyone
2 Frances
Strangely, one of the worst brow products I've ever used. I thought I was using it wrong, but no, my friend told me I was doing what I was supposed to. Maybe I got a dud but the pigmentation for me is way off.
1 Anne
I have been using ABH brow wiz for over two years now. Was very happy with all of my purchases until very recently when I decided to try a different colour (chocolate). It was extremely difficult to fill my brows in with this new colour, I had to apply extreme pressure only to obtain minimal colour payoff (could barely even draw a line on my hand with this pencil). Absolute disappointment as ABH has always been my ride or die brow pencil. ABH, please be more consistent with the pencils you produce!!
5 Kiran
The best brow product out there! It has a great texture which makes it easy to create both soft and dramatic brows, and it lasts all day!
5 Libby
I love this product! I ordered it yesterday at 10:30 am and turned up today at 9:45 am! Will definitely be ordering from here again!
5 sophie cook
have bought 4 of these, two shades - soft brown and taupe for me - and two of blonde for my mum. cannot recommend this and the dip brow more! these combined with the duo powder by anastasia is also incredible and the clear eyebrow gel just arrived today so cannot wait to test it out! 10/10 have and will continually recommend to friends and family. everyone NEEDS one (or two)!
5 Joni
Love this product, I mostly use it in conjunction with dip brow but can also be used on its own. Lasts a lot longer than you would expect, great range of colours, good long lasting formula
4 Sarah
I am repurcasing this product but since I bought it the price has gone up by over €2!
5 Chanice
Best eyebrow product to define your brows! Bought this multiple times, you can't go wrong
5 Emma
I have repurchased this product about 4 times and I absolutely love it. Nothing beats it for my brows, although I do feel like the formula has changed recently as it's a bit softer and less sharp.I use shade Dark Brown which suits my almost-black eyebrows without looking too harsh. A brow wiz pencil typically lasts me about 2 months with daily, quite heavy handed application. Never had a problem with the brush end of the pencil but the last one I purchased snapped off and I'm definitely not heavy handed with this end. That's the only downside I can think of!
5 Jayne
Absolutely love this product, stays put all day and gives me a very precise line. Very easy to use. Love it!
5 Pops
I'm obsessed with this product! Will definitely order this again and again! Every make up lover should purchase one
5 kate harris
5 Rachael
Love this eyebrow pencil ! Previously used to spend more on Bobbi Brown and this is so much better !
1 Millie
Really disappointed with this product, as soon as I took the lid off the entire led fell out, I managed to put it back into the holder but it just crumbled and broke every time I went to use it.
5 Jacqueline
Just purchased this pencil,what can I say,love it,wish I known about this product sooner,delivery was brilliant,will definitely be using this fro now on,thank you Beauty Bay.!!
5 Mante
ABH eyebrow products are the best! Love my brow wiz in Taupe. Gives such a natural look .
5 Eyðrun
I adore it, you can make them look fleeky or natural, sometimes i only do my brows with this and have a bare face, and no one notices that i did my brows
4 Monica
Love the product. Glides on beautifully and just the right amount of pigment. I've given it 4 stars because it runs out so quickly! I will probably repurchase anyway.
4 Jade Emily Magowan
Absolutely obsessed with this product! I've tried so many brow products over the years and had small love affairs with many but I have not loved any as much as I love the brow wiz the colour pigmentation is divine and perfect for adding to smaller eyebrows without making that obvious! I wish there was more product though as I go through quite quickly and at first I snapped quite a large amount of whilst adjusting to the pressure required, It's also a bit of a shame the initial triangle shape blunts after the first use; perhaps a triangle sharpener would be helpful? Also I've tried the fool proof brow product from benefit which is very similar and definitely prefer the abh product! Absolute staple and everyone should have one!
4 Katja
It's quite good, and is easy to use to fill in your brows. The stick can tend to dry out though
5 Melissa
Love It , Love It, Love It !!! Fast shipping. In the first the product was good working, but they immediately send a new one!! Great service !!! :) O Will definitely order again soon!!!
5 Izz
I'm in the shade medium brown and it is jus perfect. I can do both very natural and very defined brows with it (thanks to the size of the pencil it is easy to do a defined arch). Using only a few days ago but deeply in love with it. First i thought the pencil is a little hard but the second time it was absolutely perfect, glides on like a dream, can do beautiful hair-like strokes with the micro pencil. SOOOO GOOOD. It's a must have.
5 Inka
Absolutely fell in love with this product! I've gotten many compliments on my brows while using it and it's so easy to make my brows look very natural while still filled in. I have a grey-ish undertone in my medium brown hair and the color Medium Brown is excellent as it is a little bit on the grey side of browns. For warmer medium browns I recommend chocolate. This totally lives up to the hype!
5 Ciara
I had been using the NYX pomade for almost a year and bought this on a whim and I LOVE it. It is so quick and easy to apply and looks so natural. Will be repurchasing!
5 Kristine
As a cool toned bleach blonde I feel like many brow products are just too orange, but not these. Nice consistency and longevity. Taupe is not too dark, but buildable. Perfect!
5 Katherine
First of all, I was very impressed with Beauty Bay's delivery. I ordered the pencil one afternoon and it arrived's a quality product, but I think I made a mistake in ordering 'Blonde' as it is quite light, and because the pencil is very hard, it's difficult to build up enough depth of colour. I'll still use this though in areas that need less build-up and am planning to buy another in a darker colour.
5 Poppy
I have browny ginger/auburn hair and I use soft brown, brow wiz, it is absolutely amazing I love it so much, it does only last a few months but is absolutely fantastic and worth every penny. Love love love
5 Stacey
Been using the NYX pomade for around 9 months since having my eyebrows tattooed but finding its to much like felt pen! So looked up reviews an choose the soft brown brow wiz an love it! So natural shows my brow shape to perfection
5 Nanette Gillespie
Love this product - fantastic natural looking
4 Lila
great for those who want natural looking brows, unlike the Anastasia dip brow that gives a defined look
2 Margrietha
At first Ioved it, but after a few weeks it got very dry and hard to put on the skin. I really have to push hard to get some color on! Bit disappointed of the quality.
3 Ellen
I absolutely love this product - hands down it's the best brow pencil i've ever used and BeautyBay offers exceptional value. However the spoolie on my pencil has just fallen apart, like literally the plastic has just crumbled to pieces. What the? I would have expected more from an expensive brow pencil. Ive had drug store brow pencils that have never had this happened. Not so sure I want to purchase this product again now :(
5 Freya
Loved this. It did only last two or three months but was well worth only paying 15 pounds. Arrived two days after purchase and is the best brow product I've tried.
5 Zin
I used this product till the end. Really great product - doesn't deposit too much colour to remain somewhat natural rather than looking like a feltip pen. The spoolie is so good! It brushes out brows really well and helps diffuse the colour. Definitely a great one!
3 Aleena
Absolutely was obsessed with this brow wiz, was so amazing BUT on only the 4th time of using the product had stop coming out, whenever I twist it, it was just making a clicking noise, so GUTTED
5 Valentina
This is the first abh product I have tried and I'm glad I did. Gives the brow a fuller and natural finish. I'd recommend going at least one shade lighter than your actual brows to prevent a sharpie look. This product stays on ALL day. Delivery came fast and the packaging was undamaged.
4 India
I loved using this product! But the only thing is that it broke about 4 or 5 weeks of me using it!
5 Chloe
I have been using this product since its release date. Unlike other pencil-based brow products, the formula is smooth and creamy, making the application easy on all skin surfaces. Typically the product lasts me around 3 months however I use it almost everyday. I use the shade Dark Brown which is the perfect colour for a defined but a 'non-heavy' look.
5 Issy
Love this product! Glides on and lasts all day! Can be built up or can build a subtle brow. Will be repurchasing!
5 Lucy
Incredible product! I ordered this in soft brown (I have naturally very light eyebrows and have recently dyed my hair platinum blonde), and this compliments my look very nicely. It is so easy to use, and stepped up my brow game from the first use! Honestly, a must have for me, and I'd never go back to any other product I have previously used!
5 Diana
I absolutely in love with this product! The color,the texture, the shape - everything just perfect!
5 Linda
Absolutely love this product. Only lasted a few months but i use it every day . Just away to order another because i can't find another pencil as good. Worth every penny.
5 Mia
I bought Dark Brown shade and it's a great warm brown shade for brunettes .
5 Ty
I absolutely love this product the colour I chose for mine was perfect I have dirty blonde hair with blonde highlights and I chose the brow wiz in soft brown it's just amazing and I highly recommend it also thank you beauty bay your service is super fast I ordered mine on a Friday and had my two products on the Sunday afternoon I'm so pleased :)
5 Emily
Fantastic!! I love Beauty Bay as the delivery is so fast! Ordered this and arrived the next day on standard free delivery! Very happy customer. Heard rave reviews about the Brow Wiz and had to try it for myself, I have it in medium brown and it is fantastic, easy and gentle to apply, last all day and looks great! Very pleased with my purchase and will definitely buy again!
3 Yasmin
I've purchased two different colours of this product and it's amazing. One big issue I have with it is the fact that both pencil filling and the brush break or fall out which is weird! After a few uses, I happen to have opened the cap upside down and the whole pen filling falls out, breaks into to two pieces and I have to keep putting it back in! The delivery and packaging were perfect but I think there is a fault in the item itself. Really disheartened because I absolutely love the brow wiz.
3 Naomi horton
I loved this at first! But then my led fell out of the top and it ran out soooo quick!!! If it was packed with more product it would of been perfect.
5 Alice
Love this product, i got it in caramel and it matches my natural eyebrows perfectly so looks really natural.
5 Hannah
This product really is a brow game changer!! i use the shade medium brown and what's so great about it is that its not got warm reddy undertones to it: i have mousy hair and so all the brow products in the drugstore are always far too warm for me but this shade is perfect for me. the product itself is wonderful and so easy to use and the payoff is wonderful: strong and not patchy but not overpowering so the brows still look natural. i bought mine in april and its still going strong but one thing i will say is that the packaging isn't as great as my spoolie snapped off! as a whole the product is great especially for those who are brow filler beginners but just be careful for the packaging breaking!!
5 Casey
Easy to use, portable, good colour pay-off and lasts all day! It can be hard to find grey-toned colours for dark-haired East Asians that don't look too brown, but Ebony is the perfect colour! For the blackest of black hair, Granite is also quite grey-toned, but was a little too dark on me. Only cons are that it's a bit pricey and I go through these like there's no tomorrow!
5 Noako
5 Sarah
Really easy to use but is quite time consuming. It's quite good for just even lining out the brows and then you can fill them in using a pomade.
5 Dita
I really like this product! It is super easy to work with. Best brow wiz I've ever tried - this is also really good if you are new to the makeup world, and doesn't really know how to apply. Beauty Bay ships very fast outside the uk (europe) So i will continue to shop from beauty bay.
5 Sofia
I love this brow pen to fill in my brows with. The small, precise, tip makes it easy to mimic the brow hairs and makes the brows look natrual. I also do love the color range which is quite wide.
5 Kat
I've been using brow wiz for about a year now, I think I've gone through 4 or 5 of them, but I use every single day and sometimes top up if needed. The texture of the pencil makes all the difference, it is not creamy or waxy like 99% of all other brow pencils so it leaves a true pencil rather than a wax finish which is really easy to blend it or leave for more dramatic shape. I've tried probably 10 brow pencils and they all pale in comparison. I wear the soft brown as I have a red undertone to my hair, I ordered the medium brown the first time and it was a bit ashy / dark for my liking. Soft brown is a natural brown with no grey undertone - which so many other pencils have. Good work ABH, this one is a make up staple for life
5 Hope
I love this product soooo much! I'm usually awful at make up and even this I can do it's so quick and simple. You can even completely change the shape of your brows and it still looks natural, also thank you beauty bay for the such good delivery.
5 laura
This is my go to eyebrow pencil it's amazing!
5 Taylor
Amazing product! Runs out quick if used daily
5 Ellen
Love this product! My eyebrows have been perfect ever since I bought it, it stays on all day and it's so easy to apply
5 Marita
Absolute the best brow product out there! Enough said!
5 Grace.
This product is AMAZING!! completely changed my brows, it's so quick too and the brush you get with it give your brows a gorgeous shape your brows look natural but defined !! Excellent product !!
5 Beck
Definitely get this. I've tried several pencils, powders and waxes, this is the one. Great precision and very natural.
5 Sophie
Honestly beautybay never fails me!!! I always order my Anastasia brow products from here and I run out pretty quickly, so yesterday morning I ordered this product as I had suddenly run out and I've come home from work the next day and it has been Delivered already!? On a Sunday!!!! Best service I've ever had from a company!! This product is also amazing.
5 Dragana
I am a bit late on the bandwagon, first I used the dipbrow and later the BrowWiz! Since I have purchased the BrowWiz I use nothing else, especially on days that I don't wear makeup! Greetings from the Netherlands
5 Munpreet
My go to eyebrow product! Ive re-ordered around 6 times thanks to the free delivery. It gives such a natural finish on the brows and so easy to use. Never use anything else for my brows
5 Melisa
Love love love this product! Only thing I use on my brows now nothing else seems to work like brow wiz for me. Ordered it for a second time today used it for two months which is great also shipping is super fast !
5 Mira
J'adore ce produit
3 Drita
My first time buying this eybrow hope il love it as much as
5 Hattie
Best eyebrow product I've used by a mile and I've got through a lot! It makes your eyebrows look so natural and it so easy to use, absolutely in love with it !! Only took 2 days to arrive aswell :)
5 Chloe
changed my life, makes my eyebrows look amazing even when they are so overgrown
5 Julie
I have blond highlights and use the taupe brow whizz along with the pomade in medium brown. I love them both and feel they complement each other, however I've only had the brow whizz a couple of months and already out, so it doesn't last long if you are using every day, having said that I couldn't live without it now! I'm in my 40's with sparse brows, I think you could get away with this product alone, but I love the two products together and feel they complement each other.
5 Agi
Great product. Makes a big difference to your eyebrows! Very quick delivery!
5 jess
ideal for brow game beginners like me! loved it
5 Chloe
Fantastic product, stays on through any weather condition, even after the gym they were on! However, it doesn't last long for the price of the product, and if you're like me who wears their brows everyday you'll need at least two! Getting the powder along side this to last longer. But all in all, great! No one compares
3 India
This is good for filling in gaps looks really natural but doesn't last long when filling in the whole brow, it also snapped so I didn't finish the tube.
1 Robyn hughes
Rubbish! Used four times before the whole thing fell out and snapped.
4 JoJo
Amazing product! However, Anastasia please incorporate a sharpener or something because once you've used this a couple of times, the tip becomes less sharp and we want the sharpest one to draw fine hair strokes!!!
4 Abigail
By far the BEST brow product I have ever used (and I've tried them ALL!). I am fair skinned with natural dull blonde hair. I've always found it so difficult to find a way to fill my brows to a natural looking finish, until taupe brow wiz. However there is a down side, it runs out so fast! I have to buy a new one around every 2 months, which annoying & you never know when it's nearly finished until you here that double click of dooooom. Luckily beauty bay have a very speed delivery service!
5 Yasmin
Great product! The nib is super small so it's so easy to draw hair-like strokes on. It makes your brows look so naturally full, if used correctly. Will be picking more up for my kit.
5 Hanna
Honestly the best brow pencil I have used. The range of colours they have is great, I love the fact it has a spooly on the other end so you can comb your brows through and even out the product easily. The product itself isn't too waxy that it slides off your face half way through the day but it stays and it's easy to apply especially if you want small hair strokes throughout.
5 Amy
This product has changed the game! Set with the clear brow gel to create the perfect quick brow :)
5 Naia
I didn't understand the hype of this product until I used it. REALLY amazing, natural and easy to use.
5 Chelsea
I have this in chocolate and it makes my brows look so natural. The price is very reasonable. I love this product and will continue to buy from Beauty Bay. Another plus is that I ordered yesterday and it was delivered today !!
4 Kadee
Such a precise application, colour is awesome and application is so easy!! Also love the spoolie on the end! Shipping took more than 7-10 days (actually 20) but other than that it's a great product!
5 Ruby
Love that, best thing to happen to brows, couldn't be more impressed X
5 Nicola
Thought it was a bit pricey for what it was, however wouldn't go back now, absolutely love it.
5 Jessica
Product itself is amazing for defining and filling in just depends on how much pressure you use. Makes my eyebrows look perfect every time, an essential.Product arrived and the inside was loose however Beauty Bay were amazing and after I contacted customer services and sent a few pictures they sent me a brand new one on next day delivery. AMAZING customer service.
2 beth
Loved this product at first, but I found it faded a lot throughout the day and needed something like the dipbrow on top. After having the product no longer than two weeks the product was falling out and eventually snapped, even though I had never dropped it. So I have paid ;15.50 for a spooley brush!
4 Arizona
Absolutely love this product! I find it very easy to use and it gives me a presise finish. Only downside is that it runs out pretty quickly!
1 Abi
Perfect if you like your brows smudged across your forehead. previously purchased the brow pomade which was a far superior product.
4 Glacy
I have very oily face and all the other eyebrow pencils I've used would come off by midday but, not this one! Its so easy to use and the medium brown colour looks so natural on my NC35 skin tone. Will definitely buy again!
5 june
In LOVE with this product! Leaves a nice natural look eye for day time and a beautiful bold eyebrow for night time. A must have for any makeup bag.
5 Kelsie
Love it, amazing product goes on easily, would totally recommend it
5 Amy
I don't think I've ever used anything as good as this product, I've used Mac and benefit but this has the best results, it looks natural and goes in so easy, would highly recommend
5 Vidya
My first ABH products purchased years ago, really love this products! Beesst ever! Very natural, blend easily with your eyebrow, looks like your truly 'hair'. If you have a budget and want the products that really worth your money, you must try this! Been trying many dupes, but always come back to this.
5 Sara
I absolutly love this product!! I love this for the tail of my brows where my brow definer is just a bit to big for my liking!! I already recommend it for a friend x
5 Kirsty
Bought this as a gift for a friend. Absolutely amazingly! Looks so fleeky and is really easy to use! Will definitely be getting myself one.
5 Leah
Amazing Product .It s really good at creating a natural brow as well as a bold brow.It mimics real hairs and it blends easily
5 Jemi
I was quite sceptical about this product as I tried to colour match online, I have mousey blonde hair so I went with medium brown. This order arrived super quickly (2 days) and got an email when it had arrived. I was delighted to see that my colour match was spot on with my eyebrows - no orange undertones!! Application is very natural and the spoolie is just amazing! Also I found I stayed on for quite a long time! Thank you Beauty Bay - I love you x
4 Jemma
I brought this product due to everyone saying how great it was. At first I was a bit disappointed but once I got used to using it I loved it! One of the quickest ways to do your eyebrows
3 Jade Armstrong
I really love this product, but the spooly on my wizz breaks off everytime I buy one! So cheaply made, don't expect that to happen when spending so much on a product! Otherwise it's good :)
5 Ðeni
OMGG!!! I love u beauty bay!!! This pencil is everything!!! Finally is with me and im just crazy happy!!!!!
Best thing I've bought - make up wise. I used to use pencil, but when I discovered brow wiz, it has made a huge difference. My brows look more natural and it is very easy to use
5 Maria
Since I have dark eyebrows and dark brown hair I got 'ebony' even though I was suggested 'dark brown'. The colour was like almost black but brown and was quite fair in tone depending on how hard I applied it, also my order came the next day even though the shipping was free! I will definitely be buying this product again and maybe even try the pomade, and btw IT'S WORTH THE HYPE!
5 Ellie
I think this website is brilliant! I ordered Brow Wiz and opted for standard free delivery and I have already got it the next day, highly reccomend this website. Excited to try out this product!
5 Heather
Magic wand for your brows, I'd rate this a 10 if I could
5 Anna
I must admit that up until recently I thought that doing my brows was an necessary step for me, which I would not even consider. However given the hype brow wiz has gotten I wanted to keep an open mind and give it a try. Needless to say my life was never the same again! A turning point for me was when a few weeks ago I was rushing to get to work and somehow I completely forgot to do my brows... I ended up having to backtrack home and fix the situation!
3 Huyen
Great product but it broke too easily. I was just using the spoolie brush on my brows and then it broke.
5 Aaliyah
This product is amazing! Literally the best brow product Iv ever tried, love that they also have a colour that suits me! Will 100% repurchase
5 Betija
This is by far THE best brow pencil in the market. Dark brown matches my eyebrow color perfectly. I will definitely continue to repurchase this product.
5 Katrina
Excellent product; tip of the pencil is thing so can shape eyebrows very well
5 jenny
3 Zaina
I feel like the brow whiz wasn't for me. If you have sparse brows like me I'd opt for something like the ABH powder that would be the better option
5 Eda
Absolutely amazing!
5 Sarrah
Amazing, amazing, anazing! I use this along with the dipbrow pomade because I have really uneven eyebrows, with one being more sparse than the other one! Totally, totally, totally recommend this product!
5 Collette
The best eyebrow makeup, applied properly it's amazing. Very fast delivery by Beauty Bay
5 Amy Sheldon
Love love love this product!! It makes my brows look so effortlessly perfect in so little time! I have sparse eyebrows which I also get tinted and using this just fills them in so naturally. They look so much better than they do with any other brow pencil. Bought the pencil in medium brown and I have light brown/blonde hair. Shipping was also great.
5 Lily
I bought this product (honestly) because I saw a lot of the make up artists that the Kardashians have, use this product. I am a big fan of the Anastasia BH contour kit too so I thought I would give it a try. I have never really pencilled my eyebrows before but this was so simple to use and the spoolie brush made it so easy to blend everything. I would highly recommend this product.
5 Kisha
The most amazing brow pencil that I've ever tried. It stays put throughout the whole day. No smudges and most importantly it doesn't melt off. It allows you to fill in your brows and shape them as desire! A must have for any beauty enthusiast!
5 Vania
THIS IS BEYOND AWESOME!!! & I'm In love with this product. And for a first time as a Beauty Bay customer, I am very impressed with the time it took to deliver...Very quick! Deffo coming back here more often :D
5 emelia
This is by far the best eye brow product i've tried and now that i have, i can't imagine my eyebrow-routine without it! absolute game changer.
5 Igli
Delivery of item was very quick and arrived in perfect condition. The brow wiz is amazing, the colour fits my natural brow colour and it is so thin you can make it look like real hairs! Would definitely recommend and it is well worth the money for the amount you get and how long it lasts!
4 Ikra
Brow wiz is far mor sutle than the pomade which creates harsh edges and a dramatic look therefore this pencil is good for everyday. My eyebrows are big and thick and black, and this product is recommended for sparse brows yet it still works well in creating a prominent yet naturalish looking arch. Will try the definer next!
5 Melissa
Got the wiz chocolate, the product is just AMazing will defo goin to order more soon thank you soo much #@beatyBay !!!
5 Katy Young
Best brow product ever! Comes on so smoothly and looks so natural.
5 Tia
Love my brow wiz! I have the colour Taupe and it looks very natural and is very easy to apply!
5 Liraz
I love this product. Easy to use and looks natural
5 Emma
Used the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade but i definitely prefer the brow wiz. You can create a natural brow or for a more defined brow just apply more pressure.
5 Cathryn
Second purchase for me. Use pretty much every day. Just wish you got a bit more product for your money!
5 aisha
I love this brow wiz. I bought mine in august and ive had to replace it after 7 months which is incredible value for money. My led snapped and so I contacted beautybay who replaced it for free so the service is also great and I've not had problems with my pen since. I would recommend this pen to anyone who is after a natural look.
5 Abbie
THIS IS AMAZING!!!!! It goes on so effortlessly and looks so natural I am so in love and will 100% be buying again Also I only ordered 2 days ago and it arrived today.. ON A SUNDAY I love you beauty bay
5 Nicola
Changed my brow game, couldn't live without it now
5 Christine
Absolutely amazing product.
3 Farah
I got this and the pomade due to the hype but I think I prefer the natural looking brow using powder. This is nice because it comes with a spoolie but I don't know why I find it hard to use! Maybe it's just me!
5 Sahar
I absolutely love this product, it makes your eyebrows perfect. This website has amazing shipping and it arrived like it said in 2 days
5 Ellie
Believe me when I say this will change your brow game! I used to use a Mac paint pot for my brows, I've been meaning to get this and so happy I did! It makes it so easy to do a quick fix on the brows if you're rushing out the door! But also great if you want to take your time and get them perfect! Can't wait to try the new one!
5 Virdzhiniya
Fantastic product!! I got the shade Medium brown and it looks very natural for my complexion, thanks to the grey/ashy undertone. Overall very easy to apply and play with.
5 Bernadett
This is such a great product, it gives a very natural look. Thank you Beauty Bay for the great service! :)
5 Isabel
Such an amazing product when your after that precision mainly for the arch of the brow, although if using to fill in the full brow the product can run out fairly quickly. I find the pomade is more suited to filling in the brow with the brow wiz for those sharp outer areas! Overall such an amazing choice especially for those more new to filling in brows. Also an added extra with the spoolie!
4 Amy
I love this product, until the spooly end completely broke off. I've only had it a few weeks and I was hoping this would be my go to Brow product. Such a same as well as I love it. Its so simple to fill in your brows.
5 Lisa
Honestly amazing! I have bleach blonde hair and I ordered medium brown cause my brows are brown colour Use it light handed! It looks very natural if you use it with a light hand. Definitely buying this again!
5 Lauren
I am in love with ABH brows! They are my holy grail of brows! This brow wiz is a repurchase of mine. I initially bought it on its own, i loved it but i ran out real quick. This time i have purchased it alongside the pomade and I'm loving it! I will use this brand for, most likely, the rest of my life x
5 Kayla
I would give this more stars if I could, an essential in my makeup bag.
5 alex
I absolutely adore this product, such a good brand, stays on so well and swatches are true to colour. About to buy my third repurchase, use it everyday :)
5 Maria
I ordered this product and it arrived but the product would't go up. But fortunately the customer service was absolutely amazing and they delivered another one after I informed them. It was extremely quick and I didn't have to return the item. Beauty bay is honestly the best.
5 Orly
Love love love it. I have a very fair skin with indigo black hair, and medium brown is perfect for me for its cool undertone. This product is on more expensive side, but for me it's worth the money. I prefer to spend few more $$$, then buy cheaper pencils that don't work for me
5 Lisa
I recently received this and at first i wasn't sure weather i liked it or not (i usually use a gel) but after a couple of uses i got the hang of it and now i am in love! I love this for when i want a more natural eyebrow look.
5 Kirsty
I loved this for my eyebrows. I brought Taupe which is perfect for my blonde hair and you can draw on the shape that you want, however product does not last long! I didn't buy it too long ago and it's ran out already! Will be repurchasing
5 MG
Me encanto el producto, dura todo el da y cuentan con una gran gama de colores no son grasos pero tampoco secos son perfectos.. ;)
5 Cellina
Amazing thank you beauty bay for your fantastic service! Ordering from this web site all the time! Also my favourite eyebrow pencil in the world!
5 Sophie Powell
This is one of the best products i have bought in terms of what to use on the brows. It took me a bit of usage for the pencil to go on to the brows smoothly. The spooly is also very good, and the shape makes it easy to hold.
5 Nicola
I absolutely love brow wiz! I have auburn hair and trying to find a nice eyebrow pencil the same colour is hard but this one matches exactly. So natural and lasts for ages. Can't wait to try the new brow definer too!
5 Debby
All I can say is wow. Definitely worth buying.
3 Faiza
I like it but don't LOVE it This is great to draw the shape you want before going in with dipbrow.
5 Rhea
Perfect for filling in the sparse areas in my brows. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.
5 Emily
Amazing product and really easy to create the brow shape you want. Taupe is the perfect shade for blonde hair! I would definitely recommend using this alone or with other brow products (their dip brow pomade) depending on how natural you want to go. I have sadly used mine up but I will be purchasing again.
5 Avni
Such an amazing product, I see why everyone recommends the Brow Wiz, gives a natural look which I LOVE! It's so easy to use and lets your brows look flawless. Thanks Beauty Bay for providing this product in the UK :)
5 Jenny
Great product by Anastasia! Love that it comes with a little brush to blend the brows and ensure a natural finish. Small pencil like end makes it easy to apply and replica fine brow hairs.
5 Aliyaan Gilani
Came really fast , and love the product X
5 Abbie
I have really struggled in the past to find a suitable colour and product for my eyebrows but have definitely found the one with this brow pencil, would 100% recommend.
5 Iman
Fast delivery. Amazing product and with excellent packaging. I would recommend this to anyone who is a beginner especially.
5 Sasha
My holy grail eyebrow product!! So quick and easy :)
5 Hannah
My new favourite eyebrow product, lasts for ages, creates sharp lines and is really easy to apply. Would definitely recommend!!!
5 Jolien
Definitely a winner here! It was so hard to find the right shade for me. All other brow pencils I've tried turned out to be very odd shades on me (blonde). Ordered the brow whiz in Taupe in August 2015 and has lasted me until today. Used it every single day since then, and still it lasted 5 months!! So worth the money. Just a new one today, and one for my mom too :)
5 Ellie
Amazing! Best thing I've used for my eyebrows, the pigmentation and consistency is perfect. The product is neither too dry or too oily so it stays all day!
5 Jess
Love love love this product!! My best one so far! It goes on so well helps cover areas that are more bare on the brows, I use the medium brown then sometimes fill it in with brow powder too for more definition. This is a must have for anyone! Would recommend it to everyone! Delivery was so fast too!!
5 Marta
Amazing product! Has lasted me for ages, very easy to apply it also doesn't snap. I use this product every day! Brow wiz is for everyone as it has plenty different shades for any complexion.
5 Tracy
Amazing product, I use with the Dip Brow. Best eyebrow products ever.
5 Viktoria
YES! I have been waiting so long to find the perfect item for on the go and this works wonders. Having the spoolie makes it much easier too. If you are doubting getting this just take the plunge! I will also be ordering the dip brow pomade and the brow definer (when released UK). :)
5 Anna
AMAZING. Literally so quick and makes my sparse eyebrows look full. However, I would say order a shade darker than what you are in the pomade cause I ordered taupe and it was way too warm for my ashy blonde hair.
5 Emily
This is an amazing product, probably the only product in my entire make up collection I couldn't live without! One tip would be not to use too much of a heavy hand and be patient when filling in your brows, just to give you more longetiviy with this product. Other than that, it's fantastic. Stays on all day even with my oily skin!
5 Kira
I ordered this on Saturday night and it's just arrived, did not expect it to come so quickly which I was thrilled about! Product is really good, it's my first time using it and overall very happy.
5 Amelia
Love this product! So easy to use and tames my eyebrows really well. I have light blonde hair and picked medium brown which works well for me as I like my eyebrows to be defined but natural.
5 Kerri
Gorgeous product. I have very thin eyebrows, but this product has allowed me to build up the look and shape of my brows, without looking harshly fake or unnatural. Easy to use, and can be built up if needed. Would recommend. :)
5 Ruby
This product is amazing! I will never use anything else now.
5 Ceri
Absolutely love the Brow Wiz pencil, the pencil is a lot slimmer than your average eyebrow pencil making it a lot easier to define the eyebrows.
5 Chloe
Will never go back to Rimmel eyebrow pencils again! This product is just so easy to use and looks really natural. I've had 3 so far. Have seen comments on here that the product doesn't last very long, however, mine has lasted about 4 months (with daily use) and I still have an inch of the product left. You don't need to press very hard. Thanks Beauty Bay.
5 Georgina
If you are striving for that perfect brow, look no further. The wiz brow fills and defines your brows !!!! If you are just starting out or you are a makeup pro this product is an essential to your collection. plus Beauty Bay has amazing prices on all Anastasia Beverly Hills products and speedy delivery.
5 Ria
Absolutely amazing, been using this for about 5 months and I don't think I'll ever use anything else! Already bought for 2 of my best friends as presents and they're as obsessed as I am! Colour is perfect, I use dark brown.
5 Kitty
Amazing product, I would recommend the dip brow if you're a perfectionist/like to spend time on your brows otherwise this is the next best thing. Quick and easy and such a creamy product.
5 Holly
Best brow product ever! It looks so natural and so easy to use.
5 Holly
I've used this product everyday since I got it, it looks very natural and it's very precise. It's easy to use and after 10 weeks it has run out but I will be repurchasing!
5 Zee
Totally worth the hype! I love how I have full control on how much I want to fill in my brows. Does not easily budge too and lasts the whole day. Chose the next day delivery and received it the next day and got the chance to try it before I go out in the afternoon. LOVE!!
5 Ella
Honestly? … Incredible. I don't usually write reviews but this is the best product I have ever used on my brows and I now feel as though I could never use anything else! Brilliant product with amazing colours - there's literally a colour for everyone! Frankly, I love the Anastasia Brow Wiz and have already bought three!
5 Jade
I have previously used many different brow products from a lot of different brands (and I mean a lot) but never repurchase as always move on looking for that one holy grail brow product. I am now on my second brow wiz. This is the first time I have ever re-purchased a brow product. This is amazing, does my brows perfect every time, so quick and easy and more importantly so natural looking. Would highly recommend to everyone. I was a bit reluctant to splash out on this at first given the cost compared to other brow products out there however now I have I will never use anything else again. If you're thinking of trying this, don't hesitate buy it today you will not be disappointed. I am only gutted I did not find this product sooner and wasted time/money on other lesser brow products.
5 Olivia
This product is absolutely brilliant!! I brought it because my eyebrows have so fine light hairs and with this you can draw such thin lines without it looking fake :D definitely worth the money and I would recommend :)
5 Paris-Eve Powell
Wow, firstly the packaging is so beautiful. Opening the box honestly felt like Christmas had come early. The product itself is fantastic, I ordered shade chocolate and it matched my hair colour perfectly. I would recommend this beautiful product to anyone!!! THANK YOU BEAUTY BAY!!
5 Tayah
I love this product! Goes on with ease and looks natural, looking forward to trying other ABH products.
5 Elena
This is the best for all of those that don't have a lot of hair on your brows because it makes them look realistically thicker, and the spoolie is awesome to blend out the brows to make them look more natural! Everyone should have Brow Wiz in their makeup collection, you can make your brows look natural but it's also very pigmented if you just press harder they will be more harsh, so versatile and great.
5 Alora
Excellent product. I have extremely fair eyebrows and dark red hair so I ordered soft brown. It is a very skinny pencil but that does give a more natural look. Much softer than other brands if eyebrow pencils I've used. I would buy again.
5 Ella
I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!! Thank god for beautybay! It is so easy to use, very light strokes will achieve such a natural look. The spooly really helps distrubute product evenly. This will forever by my favourtie brow utensil!
5 Clo
Brill delivery service ordered sat turned up Monday! I prefer using this to my brow zings! Little goes along way! Thank you!
2 Summer
The only think I like about this pencil is the shade. It's much lighter in comparison to the brow pomade in medium brown. I find the pencil lack pigment and is extremely hard. If you want a barely there sort of pencil is great but I like a fair bit of definition. I also think the amount of product you get is pretty stingy. Would recommend the pomade over this anyway, lasts forever and has great colour pay off.
5 Laura
One of the best brow products I have ever tried, I don't use anything else since I got this
5 Rebecca
I love this eyebrow pencil it's so natural the best I've used so far and will be replenishing soon!!!
5 Laura
This pencil totally changed my brow game forever!! It's the best pencil I have ever used & I have repurchased many times now & it still cannot be beaten by any other. It's perfect for everyday brows, it's quick & easy to use and gives excellent results. When I'm going out & want more dramatic brows I just layer MAC Fluidline Brow Cremegel (like the Dip Brow Pomade) over it & it works perfectly. Also I have platin about it, just buy it, you will not regret it!!! I have ash blonde hair and the colour taupe is ideal!! Can't recommend this product enough...
5 Dragana
Great product!!! It is easy to use for every day make up routine!! I'll definitely order this product again!!!
5 Taj
This is really good, however does finish quick!
5 Diana
The best brow product I ever used!
5 Shannen
Well what can I say... I'm not one to usually review products but this definitely needs to be reviewed simply and purely because its amazing!! I've literally just used it for the first time ever and all I can say is that I'm gutted I never purchased it sooner! I ordered the medium brown on a bit of a whim as I was unsure what colour would be best for me but that is absolutely spot on! So for anyone reading this review and still unsure whether to buy it or not... DO IT. You wont be disappointed!! Best brow product I have ever used and not as expensive as some of the other products I have purchased too which is always a bonus! Will never go back to anything else!!
5 Charlotte
Amazing product, especially with the dip brow pomade! And Beauty Bay are great, fast and careful delivery! Definitely will buy again.
5 Jessica
It's just amazing. The best eye brow product I've ever come across and I have tried so many! Will always buy this from now.
4 Lisa
Amazing product. Favorite browproduct, but there's not as much in it as a normal brow pencil.
4 Vanessa
Great product - so easy to blend (thanks to the spooley brush) and the thin tip means you can be really precise. The only bad thing is, it's a little lighter than the swatch shows, so I'd advise anyone to buy a shade darker than they need. Overall, a must buy!
5 Amirah
Absolutely LOVE this product! I have black (with a hint of super dark brown) hair, so I got the dark brown. Perfect colour! Easy to apply, doesn't smudge at all throughout the day and my brows look natural. The price has always put me off, but I thought I would give it a go because I wanted a trusted brow pencil and I'm so happy I gave this a go. I will be definitely purchasing this again and would definitely recommend it!
5 Mel
I've only recently started experimenting with brow products but this is definitely the best I've tried so far. Its so easy to use and looks very natural. A little pricy but definitely a good buy for a beginner. I have mousy brown hair and purchased in medium brown which works well for me for just filling in what's already there! Thanks Beauty Bay :)
5 Abby
I have used a few different eyebrow pencils etc, however this takes the cake. Best by far! So easy to apply and they look great :)
5 Nadine
This is the best brow product I've ever used! The colours are true to what it says and lasts all day!! Super fast delivery, too!
5 Khristina
Since I've been using this, I've had so many compliments with my brows. I used to love a strong brow but the brow wiz adds more 'hair' to my naked brows and is still defined without using powder. the packaging is so thin, I can fit this anywhere. I'll definitely repurchase this!
5 Liraz
The best brow product EVER. Easy to work with. This one is the only brow wiz/pencil that do not rip the hair while using it.
5 Claire
This is my 3rd purchase from Anastasia, I have the dip brow pomade & the brow powder, they really do make the best brow products you won't be disappointed. The brow wiz is so easy to use. If you are trying to choose between two shades I would say go for the lighter one. I'm already planning to try the brow gel next.
5 Kaleigh
The best eyebrow pencil EVER! Beauty Bays customer service and delivery have been exceptional and I cannot recommend enough.
5 Hollie Tanavar
I have used so many different brow kits over the past few years and they've always been too harsh looking or time consuming. I bought the brow wiz as I've used the anastasia beverly hills dipbrow pomade (which is amazing but time consuming), so I thought I'd try the brow wiz and I must say it's amazing! My brows have never looked so good and it's so quick and easy to use, perfect for those early morning starts as it only takes me a few minutes to get perfect eyebrows! Would definitely recommend !
5 Eleanor
This is the best brow product I've ever used!! The colours are true to what it says & also gives them a natural look when used. I can't express how much I loooove this. Fastest delivery ever :)
5 asifa
5 Lee
Felt I had to comment on both the product the service from Beauty Bay. Ordered the Dark Brown Brow Wiz on Saturday afternoon received my product within 24hrs. This was on a standard delivery, which I didn't pay for as the order was over 15. Excellent service from Beauty Bay, excellent product price. Easy precise application which blends perfectly.
5 Rach
Amazing brow pencil! The tip is tiny- so really easy to achieve perfect, flawless, but still natural looking brows. Doesn't smudge lasts ALL day! I have platinum/white blonde hair and most brow brands don't seem to have shades suited to me (they always look too orangey or too dark!) I chose the colour taupe as it's more ash-toned and it's perfect! (Also have it in the pomade which I highly recommend!) Super fast delivery, too! Thanks beauty bay :)
5 Adelya
This is the best eyebrow pencil I have ever used. The colour is perfect for my eyebrows (I got medium Brown), they have very good selection of colours. It is enough hard to make the better application, it is very tinny for precision application. It stays put for whole day and doesn't smudge. I highly recommend it.
5 Bree
The BEST brow product you will ever use!!! There is a large variety of colours for all hair colours! It lasts quite a while, and I use mine every day! Fills in sparse areas and still manages to look natural. Cannot rave about this product enough!
5 Holly
This product is truly amazing! I am very fussy when it comes to eyebrow products as my eyebrows are difficult to tame and not a great shape. This pencil smooths over my hairs creating a perfect shape every time, not to mention it is quick, easy and smudge proof. I do use a brow set on top but that isn't even needed. The pencil end is so tiny so you can get into tiny areas and create detail where you need, with ease. I can never go back to using my brow kits, I will continue to repurchase this as nothing really does compare!
5 El
This is the best eyebrow product I have ever used in my life! It's perfect for thick or thin eyebrows and it's so long wearing! I wasn't sure what colour to pick so I just looked at the colours it shows you and picked chocolate and it was perfect! Another amazing thing is that I don't normally like eyebrow pencils as I find them quite waxy and they can look very unnatural however this product is literally life changing! Another great thing is how quick it gets delivered! I would 100% recommend this to everyone
5 Malin
Love this product so much! The tip is small which is fantastic on the end of your brows, and it stays on all day long. Blends smoothly too. All i have to say is BUY IT!
5 Valerie
First time purchase of Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz. IN INLOVE. It really is an amazing product. You will not be disappointed! The Brow Wiz has become a staple in my daily make up routine. So quick and easy to use. It's also smudge proof, which gives me confidence that it will never run in the hot climate where I live. Absolutely will be purchasing more!
5 Helena
Amazing product, I've heard so much about Anastasia Beverly hill brow wiz used lots of different products and nothing compares to this!
5 Shazell McFarlane
This product is the absolute best, its thin and very easy to use. I have completely used mine all up. Defiantly will be repurchasing !
5 Harriette
I am so impressed with this product, if you have tried the Sleek Brow Stylish you will LOVE this. It is the same concept but a million percent better. I bought this product in taupe (i'm an unnatural blonde) so the Brow Wiz is slightly lighter than my natural brows. It gives the most natural looking brows I have ever been able to achieve, you can make really thin eyebrows look naturally thicker. I don't know how it does it. I have used the Benefit brow kit for years and now I realize how unnatural my brows look with it. I cannot wait to try more ABB products.
5 Sarah Andrews
Absolutely love this product. By far the best brow product I have ever used, since using this no brow pencil has come close to the quality! No problems at all, delivery and service from beauty bay brilliant as always.
5 Char Rowe
Matches my eyebrows perfectly. I ordered soft brown and the pencil looks exactly like my eyebrows. I didn't know whether to go for it as I usually buy cheap makeup but you defo need to get it. Worth every penny!
5 W
I do not wear a full face of make up and was always concerned about using a pencil on my eyebrows, just in case it made them look to fake and not blend in with the rest of my face. Brow Wiz for me is perfect for achieving a natural but full looking eyebrow. I absolutely love this product. I have managed to get both my mum and cousin to appreciate this product as much as me!!!
5 Cisil
This is everything that I expected! The PERFECT eyebrow product. The fine tip lets you draw individual hairs and the result is completely natural. It also stays on all day due to its waxy consistency.
5 Sarah
I absolutely love this brow pencil! I have strawberry blonde hair and found so many other brands made my eyebrows look orange, but this one has more ashy tones and suits me perfectly. I don't think I'll ever buy another brand!
5 Roberta
I love it from Italy!
5 Abi
I cannot rate this pencil high enough!! It gives you completely natural brows, I have really thin eyebrows but this makes it soo easy to fill in without looking fake, no one even notices I fill them in! AMAZING! If you're thinking about buying it do it! Delivery came really quickly too.
5 Kathy
I mean who does not love the Brow Wiz. Amazing product worth every cent. Gives such a great finish to the brow and in turn completes any makeup look. I don't feel done till my brows are on.
5 Ciara
I absolutely LOVE this little pencil! It's so natural looking and because it's such a thin pencil, it's amazing for keeping your brow defined and creating the look of more hair than is actually on your brows. I used this over the space of 2-3 months, so if you intend to use it daily or often I would get a backup just in case you run out. It ran out fast without me even being aware it was almost at the end. The brush on the end is super handy and the shade Taupe is perfect for anyone with Blonde or Dark Blonde hair :)
5 Lauren Wright
Heard lots of good things about this and wasn't disappointed! It's a lightweight pencil meaning that your brows always look natural and never over the top. But the pencil goes on so wel, doesn't smudge and lasts all day! Don't think I'll ever get another eyebrow pencil again. I wasn't sure about the colour at first but after researching I went with medium brown which was a perfect match for my gingery brown hair. Reckon I could have gotten away with dark brown but still very happy with my purchase!!!
5 h
This is by far the best eyebrow pencil I have ever used!! I will never use any thing else now! The brush end is really good for combing through the brows and helps them stay in place. The actual pencil matches my brow colour very well.
5 Maeghan
I absolutely love this product, hands down the best brow product I have come across. The colour match is next to perfect to my natural hair colour and compared to other products I've used the soft brown really is soft brown and does not have orangey hints like others I have used. As for the price it really is worth it and also Makes a great base to apply the anastasia brow powder as the waxy pencil helps the powder stay in place. I will be buying this product again and again!
5 Kristiane
I'm with everyone else on this product. It is easy to use. It looks very natural and is great for filling in gaps and shaping. I think if someone was into very dramatic eyebrows, the product would be gone in no time. The fine pencil is great and the colours are very natural.
5 Sigrit
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this brow pencil! Very easy to use. Natural looking!
5 Abigail
Absolutely love love love this! It's my daily go to!
5 Natalia
best brow product ever - love this brand!!
5 Ad
Very easy to use and applys softly so quite natural looking. I absolutely love it.
5 Margrethe
I love this brow pencil! It's thin and percise, and i really like the spoolie! It's so great when i travel, because i don't nerd anything else than this! Like the colorrange
5 Claudia
Great product! Bit difficult picking the colour but if you follow the guide it's okay!
5 Kelly
love ABH and love this product hence why I'm buying another!! :-) The pomade is amazing but for an every day quick make up look the brow wiz is perfect !!
5 Kiah
Love this product! Easy to apply and stays on all day!
5 Aimee
Amazing product. Love love love
5 Jennie
I ordered this after hearing good things about it, and I wasn't disappointed! It makes my eyebrows look full while still natural I love it! Fast delivery too
5 Kyra higgins
It's perfect for my brunette eyebrows, makes them so much more fuller - I got the soft brown
5 Stephanie
Granite is the perfect shade for my black hair. I have really sparse brows and this looks really natural - everything else I've tried in the past has been way too warm toned/obviously brown or super Sharpie-marker black. Spoolie end is great too. Definitely repurchasing.
5 Francesca
Love this, I'm on my second one; taupe is the perfect shade for cool blondes
5 ninoska
Fast shipping.
4 Mehmet
I don't see special in this pencil. I have medium dark and this color is quit pretty
5 nazmin
OMG....this is my ultimate favourite brow pencil, its so natural on my eyebrows...I got the colour ebony as i have black hair and it's just the perfect colour for my skin tone and hair...i will definitely buy this again...Thank You beauty bay for bringing it to the UK.
5 Eva
This is my favourite brow product. My brows are naturally full and shaped well but i use this to fill any little gaps here and there. Works great, lasts all day, very natural. The shade Ebony matches my dark eyebrows exactly.
5 Daniela
One of my favourite products for brows! its a very fine pencil, very easy to use. it also gives a very natural look!
5 Harriet
I bought this in dark brown and it's the perfect shade for my brows! It makes my brows look really natural and I like that the end of the pencil is small giving you lots of control
5 Sharoon
It is an amazing brow product . Very natural and easy. It definitely pulls up your brow game.
3 katelynn
I did like this pencil but it's not one of my faves. I think it is mostly because i bought a shade that was bit too warm for my brows. I also found the tiny pencil a bit fiddly, i've used the hourglass brow arch for so long that this pencil was quite a change. Apart from that i did think the formula was smooth and the spooly at the end one of my faves.
5 Kyleah
Easiest brow pencil I've ever used - I have barely any brows so it's hard to make them look natural. This product is so easy to feather and its very precise! Will be stocking up on this!
5 Siti Hadjar
This is the best... Excellent product i came across. will surely repurchase...
5 Tasha
OMG IM BUYING ANOTHER 1 and only had mine for 3 days!! lol I am a brunette my hair is naturally dark brown close to black but right now im a chocolate brown so I brought the shade dark brown and it is PERFECT! not to dark and not to light.. looks super natural ! and everyone compliments my eyebrows saying they look so natural and full :D I have even thrown away my Mac one!
5 ashley
Ordered Taupe, perfect colour for blonde which isn't too golden, prefer this over Nars. Love this product however wind up makes it hard to know when it will run order. I hope my new one comes quickly!
5 Michelle
This is truly a great pencil and totally lives up to the hype! It makes the finest of lines on the brow, mimicking real hair and lasts all day. I ordered mine in taupe which is great for fairer complexions and doesn't have that evil yellowy tinge that so many lighter brow pencils have. Finally, my brow game is on point!
5 Madara
Amazing! It looks so good on me! I got it today and I felt in love with it!
5 Jess
Best eyebrow pencil I have EVER used! It's very easy to use, can create the perfect eyebrow without it looking like you've drawn it on. It's convenient to have the pencil on one end and the brush on the other. I love that you can wind it up and down to see how much of the product you have left.
5 Iliya
This is the easiest brow pencil I have ever used. I dont usually fill in my brows coz other pencils dont blend nicely etc and this pencil just transformed my eyebrows. Beginers will love this pencil.
5 Holly
AMAZING! So glad I bought this normaly I use powder I have for years read so many reviews about this decided to get one I am not dissapointed ?? if you have black hair like me don't be out off by ebony it's not jet black it's very dark brown and natural looking x
5 Ellie
So obsessed!! My brows have never looked so good, plus it's super easy and fast to use. Lasts all day and great pigmentation. Will defiantly be repurchasing this, possibly in a few different shades.
5 Rebekah
I adore this pencil. I have light skin and pale blonde hair so I've always found it hard to find a light enough brow pencil and this is it! In the colour taupe. So natural looking. Worth the money!
5 Sara
Got this product in dark brown, my hair is more of a black/brown but it matches my skin tone and hair colour perfectly! I love this product, it's so easy to apply and you get fabulous brows in minutes! Would defo recommend!!
5 Louise
I am absolutely in love with this product! My brows have never looked better - the colour is perfect, the nip is well sized and the spoolie is good! Only downside is that I've used it up way too fast, haha :D Would recommend to everyone!
5 Mao
this is a top product! definitely MUST HAVE! soft, precise, natural colors, easy to apply! love it :)
1 Sarah
This product is great - easy to use and good colour. But it ran out after only a month! Granted I used it everyday but I think a brow pencil should be designed for daily application purposes.
5 Sarah
Obsessed with Brow Wiz, it's the best brow product I have ever used, I prefer it to my ABH pomade (which I was in love with). It fills in the brows without looking too full-on or fake, it literally does mimic hair if you use light strokes. I have dark and soft brown, using soft brown near the front and the darker colour at the tail end of my brows. It's definitely worthy the price. Amazing product.
5 Laken
Love this product, easy application and perfect long lasting finish! My holy grail for sure!!!
5 Sara
Hands down the best brow pencil there is on the market. Precise application, pigmented waxy consistency that, once set, wont budge. I first purchased the shade medium brown which is perfect for a natural looking brow if you have dark brown hair. Here i am repurchasing another medium brown and a soft brown for when i want a statement brow. Cant beat this product. Highly highly recommend it to anyone, it is a must have in every makeup kit.
5 Genevieve
This brow tool scores 10's (5's in this case) in every category. It is the best brow tool out of any pencil or powder I have tried for blonde hair. It's so precise and just the right colour! Alright I'll say it, best brow product I've used without a doubt.
natural, and easy to use, love it!
5 Andrea
5 Tine
Soooo impressed with this product and with the ABH brand. Those people clearly know what they are doing. After trying the brow wiz I really want to try the dipbrow and the brow powder. Because these are awesome brow products. Will recommend this product to everyone. Ideal for people like me who are starting with brows. If you only want to use one product, get the brow wiz!
5 KC
Love this product. It has a fine point which gives precise application in drawing the shape and filling in the hairs in the brow. Haven't been using anything else since I got it.
5 Mars
Absolutely love this - the fine pencil makes filling in the brows much easier to make it look natural. love that it is a mechanical pencil - no need to sharpen!!
4 FC
I love this product as an everyday natural wear. I bought this in Ebony as I have been loving dark browa at the moment. I also have the Promade in Dark Brown and apply It with the Anastasia Mini Duo Brush and then also use the brow wiz to define the edges. Great product.
5 Hannah
This is the best brow product I've ever used. The colour for me is perfect and looks incredibly natural (I have the shade dark brown and I have black hair). I will definitely be repurchasing when it runs out.
5 Ashley
totally worth up to the hype. i can see myself sticking with this brow pencil for a really long time
5 Alfiya
I bought a dark brown, I liked it so much, thank you
5 Rathavann
It gives me beautiful and natural eyebrows. If you're not good with filling eyebrows like me, this is the one for you. You're never over-doing with this!
5 Amie Trutch
Wonderful product! I have medium blonde hair, and have great difficulty finding a brow product that doesn't make my brows look too dark and heavy- I bough this in the lightest shade (taupe) and its perfect. Applies really easily and blends flawlessly with the brush- and doesn't look too dark!
5 Ivana
To be honest, I used to think that perfect brows is much more up to the artis than his/her kit (make up), but having bought this product only a few weeks ago - it makes such a difference! This pencil makes fine, very natural-looking strokes and I love it! I think it`s worth every penny.
5 Izabela
5 Anna
Fantastic product! Very easy to apply and it easily gives you the most natural-looking eyebrows! Medium brown is a perfect shade for dark blonde hair ladies.
5 Vic
I first tried this product about 2 years ago and was always very scared to use a brow pencil type of product, however this is different. I'm a beauty fanatic but when it comes to my brows im quite lazy and don't spend forever getting them perfect but this product is so easy to use and I (hope) can never put on too much as the brush/spooly on the end helps blend the waxy consistency perfectly. I have dark brown hair and use the Brunette shade which is perfect. It is so easy to use, I have gone through phases of using brow powders etc but I always come back to this. It's easy to wipe away if you overdraw or make a mistake and yet it stays put all day, crazy! If you are worried but using a brow pencil type of product definitely invest in this, it is very natural lokking but can build up to a strong look. I also think the spooly on the other end is magical and blends the product perfectly. love it!
5 Ana
I have this in Medium Ash and boy I didn't go wrong! For my ashy brown hair it's a perfect match. Truly, HG status for a bunch of reasons - it stays all day, looks natural, never overdone, easy to use, has a brush on other end, it's mechanical so you don't have to use sharpener, it's just PERFECT!
5 dilek
i love it!!!
5 Harriet
Amazing product! Fab delivery arrived just 2 days after purchase , brilliant! Very pleased. Would recommend!:Dx
5 Linnea Andersson
This is the best eyebrowpencil I have ever tried. No red pigments and a perfect match for my blonde hair!
5 Ashlee
This is now my holy grail brow pencil. I love the consistency, the pigmentation, the staying power and the fact that it has a spooley with a lid! By far beats the brows off every other pencil out there!
5 Hannah
This is the ultimate brow product for me. I use the shade brunette (which I now believe has changed it's name to dark brown) and it is perfect in every way. Love the spooley at the end, love that both ends have lids keeping it very clean and hygienic, love the consistency of the pencil (soft enough to give a perfect brow without applying too much pressure but hard enough not to melt on your face). I happily pay for this product as I could not be without it, personally I'd pay double. There's a reason why Anastasia is the Queen of Brows and this product really shows what she's capable of!
5 kerry
I love this eyebrow pencil. I'm blonde and it's quite hard to find one that will suit blondes, one which won't be too orange or too dark but this one is perfect. The brush helps everything blend
5 Rosanna Presentato
easy to use, wide range of colors
5 Savahna
Best. Pencil. Ever. Replaced my M.A.C one already. As everyone says - Anastasia is the queen of the brow department. 100% recommend!!!!
5 J
After being a huge fan of the MAC eyebrow pencil I was reluctant to try anything else, because this was my holy grail item. I bought this just to try it out and see what the fuss was all about. I'm so impressed that I am actually going to buy a back up. Very natural looking and blends extremely well. The tip is fine so you can be extra precise. Overall quick delivery, would purchase from this site again.
4 Raine
I've always struggled with brow pencils in the past as they never seem precise enough. The brow wiz is absolutely perfect, simply because the tip is so thin that it will always be precise. My one (quite big) criticism is that it is really expensive for the amount of pencil you get. I used this almost every day and it lasted seven weeks. Just SEVEN weeks! I've just bought a second one and wound the pencil all the way out to see how much was in there - it's just 1.8cm long. I feel short-changed paying for 1.8cm of very very thin pencil. Surely they must have space for at least double that length inside the casing? I really wish another brand would come up with a competitor to this - it doesn't seem like a difficult concept to develop. I don't think there is anything special about the material used in the pencil, what makes it so good is just that it's really thin. I guess just no other brand has thought of it before.
1 Tina Eldred
Colour way too dark, even though I got the lightest one
5 Sharon Garcha
Easy to use and looks natural.
5 Blanca
The best brow pencil I have ever tried!!!!! It is very easy to use it and it has a great pigmentation. Luckily I have the perfect shade for my brows. Perfect!!
5 Becky
I have the brow wiz in ash blonde and it is the perfect colour for my pale blonde eyebrows. The brow wiz is a great formula, longer wearing than other eyebrow pencils I have tried in the past and easy to blend. Anastasia Beverly Hills is the only brand for eyebrow products I trust.
5 Amy
BEST brow pencils!! The pencil is thin and precise enough to apply fine detail, but sturdy enough so they don't snap easily like other brow pencils I've used. Simple to use windy pencil so no hassle of sharpening. I really love all Anastasia Beverly Hills products, and am stoked BeautyBay are now stocking them as they're not easy to buy in Australia.
5 Diana
Anastasia Beverly Hills is the best brow pencil ever!
5 Charlotte
There is one thing I cannot stand in life, that is bad eyebrows. I personally was born with extremely wonky eyebrows that send me up the bend, I have spent many years, plucking, shaving, shaping and praying my way to good eyebrows. One magical day my prayers were answered and I discovered the brow wiz. This has changed my life in so many ways, I am for the first time in my life able to look in the mirror and be happy with my brows. First of all wiz looks natural, I draw on about 90% of my brows but no one can tell. I am able to go to the gym sweat myself silly and my brows still be In place when I'm finished. However the most important thing the brow wiz has given me is a new sense of confidence it has really fixed something that had troubled me for as long as I can remember. I will continue to repurchase this product again and again. 50 stars.
5 Natalie
This is the best tool for your eyebrows. I have bought it over and over again and I could not live without it. It has a very fine pencil and my eyebrows looks super natural. I have got my mum using it and my friends too. They all say its the best ever! Buy buy buy!

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