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Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette

5 339 Reviews
Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette Zoom
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5 Filio
Amazing palette. Extremely pigmented. A must have!!!
5 Kyra
So pigmented, you can create lots of different looks with this palette. It also came the morning after I ordered it!
5 Marina
This is by far the BEST PALETTE I OWN and now the next i'll buy as to be so food as this! It kicks up a little but i dont even mind that. This is the best texture, pigmentation and blendability i ever seen! K.O to my chocolate bar and urban decay ones. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
5 Megan
I'm a beginner when it comes to shadows, so this was my first proper eye shadow pallet, it is so beautiful and easy to blend, colours are stunning!
3 Robyn
Although the shades are still highly pigmented, my palette does not look exactly the same to the picture which has me questioning whether it is fake or not? The only difference is, is that the writing below the mirror and on the front of the palette does not have the ABH logo and 'beverly hills' is in squarish writing not swirly.
5 Margherita
This palette is my favourite! I use it almost for every look i do. You can create so many look with it, the shades and pigmentation are amazing. Colours are super easy to blend. And the packagin is so beautiful! I highli reccomend it.
5 Theresa
Loved this palette and I truly believe it's worth the money. It's incredibly versatile and the shadows have the ability to blend together seamlessly allowing you to create a handfull of looks. The shadow quality is amazing as expected, they're pigmented, consistent, creamy and blendable. The shade sellection is great and the matte to shimmer ratio is just right. This palette will always be a cult product, would recommend 10/10. As for Beauty Bay, I was very satisfied wit the service, the product came well packaged and within a week. Never had bad experiences using this site, very professional and my favourite online retailer! :)
5 lily
Most probably one of the best Eye shadow palettes you can buy, all the colours are super pigmented and easy to blend, each colour is wear able and can create so many looks. Will be repurchasing
5 Meg
I ordered this palette yesterday and it came this morning, it is heaven on earth. The colours are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I know that this is going to be my go to palette from now on. The pigment is amazing, the packaging is gorgeous and I literally cannot fault it. I would recommend this palette to anyone, 10/10.
4 Ellie
This palette is amazing!! I used to be obsessed with the Morphe palettes but since purchasing the Modern Renaissance I have avoided buying any other branded eyeshadows due to the quality of this one! The colours are soo pigmented and soo beautiful, they also blend amazingly! The only downside is that some of the shades are very powdery and therefore there is quite a bit of fallout, especially with 'Tempera' and 'Cyprus Umber'. Apart from that, 10/10 and I will defo be repurchasing!
5 Lidiah
Best quality eyeshadows I've ever used A really lovely mix of colours - perfect for a fall, berry lookThe only thing that could have made this palette better was to have a lighter, baby pink colour
5 Dinah
Love this palette !!! everyone needs this!
5 Amelie
Honestly never want to buy anything other than ABH eye shadows. They blend so beautifully and are super pigmented. 10/10 would recommend this palette to ANYONE and EVERYONE. I can't wait to get more of their shadows
5 Karen A.
I love this. Extremely pigmented, blends like a dream.The formula of these shadows is SUPER soft, so be very gentle.
5 Shreya
Best palette ever!!
5 shelly
fantastice love it it is my life i love the pigmentation OMG!!????
4 Nicole
Es una buena paleta, la selección de colores que me encanta, pero tiene dos cosas que no me gustan, primero el embalaje se ensucia muy fácil y cuesta lavarlo, y en segundo lugar, muy polvoriento, que claramente contrasta con su pigmentación.
5 Lacie
Beyond amazing product so Smooth and buttery blends amazingly
5 Natalie
Hands down the best pallett I have owned and I have LOADS. ABH eyeshadow formulas are one of the best, so much pigmentation. Only downside is the kick back the shadows give, but I've never had a problem with it at all. I've hit pan on a few shades which shows how much I love it!!
I have had eyeshadow palettes from MAC, Morphe and Too Faced. None of them are anywhere near the quality of this - I've FINALLY been able to easily create bold eyeshadow looks. I love it! I couldn't say anything good enough - if you're thinking about it just do it!
3 Kiera
I'm confused about this product because the shadows are not blending for me and the picture from the websites is different so I'm really confused
5 Ellie
BEAUTIFUL eyeshadows, amazing pigment and sooo easy to blend! So happy I finally have one of my own!
5 Phoebe close
This is fab for creating so many different looks. The shadows are buttery and so easy to blend!
4 Isobel
This palette is to die for the colours are really pigmented so it lasts all day, Love letter is my favourite so far, haven't tested out the other colours yet but I love how bright it is. The makeup brush on the other hand is awful, when I went to use it, it made a huge imprint on the eye shadow, very poor quality. Even so I have put it to one side as a desperate measure. I am sure if it costs this much they should put more money into having a better quality brush.
5 jaz randall
This eye shadow palette is my life! I love it. You have a variety of warm naturals and on the other side of the palette you have lots of bright, summer colours. The pigmentation on this is OUT STANDING!! The packaging is very pretty. The mirror and the brush are great..... REALLY RECOMMEND.
5 Olivia
Everyone on youtube was raving about this palette and I just thought the colours did't look special and I didn't get the hype at all. I decided to finally buy it as it was still coming up on all my feed months later. This is the best palette I have ever bought in my whole life, nothing compares to the pigmentation if this and it blends sosososo well. They're all super smooth and I know it's pricey, but honestly it is so worth it. Everyone must get this!!!!
5 Roma
Absolutely loved this palette so much that I'm ordering a second one for my friend
5 Jemma
I just looove this palette. Since buying it, it's practically been the only palette I've grabbed when doing my make-up, with it being so versatile. Would definitely recommend as anyone's next palette to get.
3 Aimee
Maybe it's just me (and judging by the reviews I think it is) but I don't love this pallette. I wish I did because I waited so long to get it and it was a gift off my loved one. The shadows are pigmented and pretty with minimum fallout. They blend well and last well through out the day. Why don't I love it then? I don't know, I think it's because I prefer a brighter, more shimmery eyeshadow look and this is a mostly matte and packed with, bar a couple of colours, a lot of brows and creamy coloured shadows. Like I say though, if you like a matte shadow this may suit you better.
5 Patrycja
Bought after a week of hesitation and comparing this to other palettes, wasn't sure if the shades will be as dark and pigmented - which they are. So glad I purchased it, would be hard to replace this palette with any other
5 Rebecca
This palette is amazing! Well worth the investment. I think it's the best palette I've ever bought because it's so versatile and the colours blend so well!
5 Yasmin
I brought this palette based only on the hype that it was getting on social media... and they weren't lying! It is an amazing palette, the packaging is so beautiful and the colour selection is divine. The colours are buttery, pigmented and so creamy! They are so easy to blend and so fast to put on, they create a beautiful look every time! This palette definitely lives up to it's hype.
5 Claudia
Shadows blend out BEAUTIFULLY!! The colour payoff, especially in 'Love Letter' , is sickeninggg! Thank you so much, BeautyBay, for another killer product, werqqq....!
5 Sarah
Absolutely love it! Plenty of colours to play with it and they blend really well!
5 Em
I was deciding from Morphe, Urban Decay, ABH or Too Faced and I'm glad I chose this one - the pigmentation is unreal.
5 Antonella
This is amazing palette. I am fall in love.
5 Lisa
I love this palette! 10/10! IT is stunning, there are a range of neutral and burgundy shades! The shadows are buttery, super pigmented and so easy to blend! My holy grail, I cannot recommend enough!!
4 Random
I bought this palette from ABH directly but I absolutely love it the shades are stunning and perfect for blending them into your crease and so on the only thing I would say is there is so much fallout and I don't think it will last long so I have to jump back and forth the colours are amazing I found out the hard way that a little goes a long way so you don't have to put that much on you're brush.over all I highly recommend this palette !!!
4 Leah Griffiths
Lovely eyeshadows, but packaging has no logo 'A' logo, not sure why?
5 Heather
Very pigmented easily blended shades, gorgeous colours to create flattering eye looks, must have for make up lovers
5 Natasa
Best thing ever... Love it!
5 Anna
Absolutely amazing palette, blends so well and an amazing range of colours that lead to such a wide and versatile range of looks. Only negative is that there is quite a bit of fall out but not much product is needed to create a look. Would highly recommend and purchase any future palette!
5 Ramona Uritescu
This is a wow palette, will 100% be buying again when i run out of this product. So so pigmented, blendable, worth every penny! i will recommend to everyone.I love this palette !!!
5 Shaista
Please get this pallete back in stock.i want to buy for my wedding purpose.
5 Shauna
Amazing palette the best I have used! I get so many remarks on my eye make up and it lasts all day too! It's a must have!
5 Beatriz
Best palette i've ever had. The colors are super adaptable for so many looks, the shadows are super smooth and easy to work with them with the brush. A must have!
5 Esme
By far one of the best palettes, would rate it above the chocolate bars by too face and urban decay naked line. Super pigmented and the eye look choice are unlimited, really good transition shades to.
5 theresa
Friend of mine had previously bought this palette - fell in love with the colours straight away! Especially love how pigmented the colours are as well as how long wear they are. 10/10 would definitely recommend!
5 Kiera
Excellent quality and well worth the price I would recommend to anyone!
5 Lucy
I absolutely love how pigmented this palette is and I love the berry tones they are so easy to blend, it has slight bit of fall out but nothing noticeable. I LOVE it!!
5 suzie
Best palette I own!Extremely pigmented and the colour lasts all day!
5 Anya
Best palette I own
5 Ana
Wow, i am so impressed by this palette. This is now my everyday go to! I love red/pink shades on my eyes, and these ones are so pigmented and such striking colours. There are also more neutral shades which are perfect for an everyday look. Would recommend using a primer with these shadows to ensure they last throughout the day.
5 Simran
This eyeshadow pallette is one of the most pigmented ones I own! The colours suit olive toned girls like me and the velvet packaging is a nice touch! The delivery came very fast and the packaging was secure- no breakage of the eye shadows. 10/10 reccommend this pallette for any makeup lovers!
5 Al
Must admit I love this pallet! The packaging feels luxurious and I love the velvet. It is such good quality and the colours are all gorgeous! I use it regularly and lots of different looks can be achieved. The shadows are very pigmented however it does have a slight bit of fallout but that isn't a problem for me as I do my eyemakeup before my face makeup. Would recomend this pallet to anyone and would say it's worth the money.
5 Gabriela da Costa
I own palettes from Urban Decay, Too Faced, Morphe, etc. This one is the best! I'm buying any palette ABH comes out with from now on.
5 Rita
This is an amazing palette!!!You can create any kind of look-daily natural o colourful for the evening-I really recommend this product not only because of the colours but also for the quality.
5 Paris
I loveeeeee the warm shades in this palette. The pigmentation is unreal. The gold and champagne shimmer shades are so creamy. They blend so lovely on the eyes. The only promblem is when you dip your brush in the eyeshadows you get quite a bit of fall out but other than that this palette is amazing.
5 Medi
i LOOOVE it!
5 Chelsea
10/10 for this palette! Colours are so easy to blend and have a great finish. Would repurchase again and recommend any to buy
5 Violeta
love this palette!!!!! THE BEST :)
5 Amy
the best palette i have ever owned the pigmentation is incredible, so easy to blend, and hardly any fall out!
5 Jade
Amazing palette, will 100% be buying again when i run out of this product. Strong pigmented, blendable, worth every penny! Came next day with free delivery. Over the moon with this.
5 Mia
Such a great eyeshadow palette. I am so pleased with it. Lovely colours and super easy to blend out. Fast delivery. Most definitely a 5/5
5 Rebecca
Love this product, very pigmented it has colours. It's a cute package can be bit messy because the eyeshadow easily spreads and comes off.
5 Emma Jones
Best eyeshadow palette I have ever used, as an aspiring makeup artist, I love using this to practice as its sooo blendable, and will never do me wrong. With the colours being so creamy and blendable, there is alot of pick up so feel I will go through the palette pretty fast. Can no be disappointed though, will never be without my holy grail.
5 Sarah
The most pigmented creamy and amazing eye shadow I've ever owned. It's pricy but my God is it worth it and cruelty free which is always the best thing to see!!!! :)
5 Nina
10/10 !!! Amazing! Would be happy if it was the only pallete I ever bought
4 charlie
The colours are wonderfully pigmented and creamy. They build and blend perfectly. The accompanying brush, however, is terrible. It really digs into the product, meaning that you loosen far more than you want/use. The bristles are extremely thick and wiry, so much so that many were actually falling out of the brush.. They left my eyelids feeling itchy and raw for around an hour after use. I would completely avoid using the brush..
2 Katie bromley
Lovely pallet but mine came with a different brush to the one in the picture?
5 Me
Love it Well worth the money
5 Aoife
10/10 amazing! Pigmentation is fantastic! Really worth the money. A little bit goes a long way with this product. Absolutely love it!
5 Megan
The colours are so beautifully and very pigmented. There are so many looks you can create from this palette! It may seem pricey but this really is a bargain.
5 Molly
This palette is beautiful, very pigmented and easy to blend! Definitely worth the money!
5 Zoe
This eyeshadow palette is a dream, all the colours are beautiful and very pigmented. The only issue I would say was it does have quite a lot of fall out, however a few taps of the brush and it's fine.
5 Amie
Hands down best palette I've ever spent my money on. The colours are extremely soft, creamy and pigmented. They blend out so effortlessly and never look patchy. If you love warm colours you need this in your life!
5 Jen
AMAZING! so buttery and creamy great pigmentation barely any product needed for a complete look, so many combinations of looks and colours. The rave is real and really worth the price; each pan is quite small but as little product is needed it will last a long time. Slightly concerned about the use by date as it says '6m' (6 months) which I think is quite short but i hope it lasts longer. 100% recommend worth the splurge!!!
5 Brooke
I love this palette, the colours are so pigmented and such a beautiful range. delivery was so quick and i was so happy to find out it was free. Definitley use again.
5 Morven Carruthers
This palette is pigmented it's amazing , the shades are so blendable. The only downside is that there is a lot of kickback in the pan but no fallout
5 Kim chadwick
Amazing palette!! Wear it everyday now a little bit goes a long way with this one and very pigmented!?? Definitely worth it!
5 Eve
Best palette I've ever used and pretty much the only one I reach for now! The pigment is absolutely incredible and the colours are gorgeous, can achieve so many looks with it! Absolute must have in my opinion!
5 Aurelia
The most beautiful eyeshadow palette i have ever used till now and the best customer service .
5 Nadine
Creamy, blendable and an amazing selection of colours. definitely a staple in my collection.
5 Caitlin
So glad beauty bay added this palette. Absolutely amazing!
5 Evie
this is the best eyeshadow ive ever used, and ive used some good ones !! 10/10 reccomend
5 Andjela
This is the BEST makeup product I have ever used. I have even bought a backup because it's worth every single penny. Stays on all day even without a base and a primer. AMAZING
4 Kelly
The product arrived packaged well, however there was a deep mark in one of the shades which looked like someone had dug their fingernail in there! This may have been something that happened during production though. In regards to the palette, it really is beautiful. The shades are very pigmented but they kick up s hell of a lot. As soon as your brush touches the product it will just kick up shadow everywhere. They blend really nicely though. It's a shame the palette is more expensive in the uk than in the us where it is only $42. If you are someone who is very heavy handed with shadow like me then definitely apply foundation after your eye makeup as the fall out on this will go all over your face! Only thing this palette is missing is a matte black. these shadows really are the softest I've ever used which means they blend extremely well which is s good thing. Only last downfall is that because of all the kick up and fall out you're losing a lot of product which is frustrating !
5 Shri
OMG THANK YOU BEAUTY BAY FOR MAKING MY DREAM COME TRUE!!! I got my anatasia beverly hills pallate and super excited really love your website. I ordered via free shipping and for a No Tracking shipping this is unbelievable and extremely well. I received my parcel on the said shipping duration period and I'm very very happy on your service Beauty Bay. Thank you so much :) will definitely purchase more from Beauty Bay.
5 Naomi
You can create the most beautiful looks with this palette. Having hooded eyes i struggle with blending into and above the crease but this palette is amazingly pigmented and not patchy at all! A MUST HAVE!
5 sophie mcdonough
Amazing quality and pigmentation!! Also packaging is beautiful! 100% worth every penny
1 Stevie
Mine came covered in red/pink ink and the logo is missing off the front of the actual palette. Not sure if it is legit or not. Wonder if anyone else has has the same issue :/
5 Megan
After splurging the last of my paycheck on this and having to live off toast for a week I became the proud owner of this beautiful palette which I believe I love as much as I will love my first child. It is the most beautiful palette in my ever growing collection and the pigmentation is phenomenal, everyone should own this!
5 Imogen
This palette is to die for! Such an amazing amount of colours and they blend so well. It's my go to palette now.
5 Eleesha Gibson
Great product, love the packaging & quality of the eye shadows - very pigmented! Would deffiently recommend purchasing from Beauty Bay, I have purchased a few products in the past & have no troubles! Came in the time frame & supplied all tracking details with frequent updates!
2 Lillian Linton
I saved up for two years for this eyeshadow palette since I heard such good reviews about it. I completed multiple extra shifts with my horrible boss Mr Ambrose which was a complete nightmare. BUT I thought it would be worth it since someone in the reviews called it 'peng'. The pigments in this eyeshadow gave me a horrible purple rash which now makes me look like an aubergine- however the only positive outcome is that I don't need to wear eyeshaow any longer since I have permanently purple eyes #lifehacks101
5 Jess
This eyeshadow pallette is packaged beautifully, the eyeshadows are so pigmented and easy to blend. The pallette features a little mirror on the inside too for easy application when out and about. You can create so many different looks using this product. Delivery was on time next day just like it said. Im so happy with this product and will be ordering more from beauty bay in the future
4 Annabelle
Just received it in the mail today. The shadows blend like butter. I don't know if it's just me, but I got it without the Anastasia logo, so it looks like a fake.
5 Melissa
Honestly this palette deserves all the hype it gets! Incredible for blending and brilliant pigmentation.
5 Karmela
Love this pigmentation. Can't wait to try some new combinations. A bit expensive, but definitely an awesome product.
5 Razmina
Love how it is so pigmented! Wow just wow! Fast service too!!
5 Jasmine
This palette is so versatile and by far one of my favourite eyeshadow palettes that I own, love it.
5 Ane
OMG! I love this palette! The formulas on this one is amazing! So creamy, smooth and so easy to blend. 10/10!!
5 Sal
I don't normally write reviews but I have to say this palette is amazing and the colours are so pigmented! This is a must buy! Delivery was very quick as well!
5 sophie
pigmentation of the shadows is amazing!! Blending is so easy, definitely worth the money as the shadows are so wearable
5 Sonni
Absolutely great palette. Gorgeous colours and amazing pigment
5 Poppy
I am in love with this pallet. It is blend able and highly pigmented. Definitely worth the price.
4 Laura
First 'expensive' palette and I do love it BUT I have cheaper ones (max factor and revolution) where the pigment is as good but probably doesn't last as long !
5 Daisy
If you're in two minds about his palette, get it! It's truly beautiful and so pigmented and super bledanle, all the colours are gorgeous and it's just fabulous.
5 Milly
Amazing palette, a must have for everyone! Eye shadows have a great pigmentation and blend out so well. Some colours I tend to reach for more than others but, if I'm feeling brave, the choice is perfect. The only thing that i would say is that the packaging is a suede/felt material which doesn't mix well with makeup, especially such a light colour. However, this is easily forgivable considering the quality.
5 Nina
SUPERB COLOUR PAYOFF!!! I'm so surprised how pigmented the shadows are. No wonder it is highly raved. Definitely worth it!!
5 Lily
My go to palette!! So easy to blend and really pigmented, the colours are amazing and you can create so many different looks, none of the colours go to waste, 100% worth the money
5 Ludovica
10/10! The best eyeshadow palette I have.Pigmentation is great, easy to blend, definitely worth the money!
5 Ellie
I love this palette its super pigmented and soo creamy, its one of my new favourites!!!!
5 Lisa
Amazing palette!New to eyeshadow and spoke to a couple of MUA's about which palette to go for, after being recommended this and seeing it was actually in stock I purchased it straight away.I know it's expensive but it is SO worth it, the shadows blend super easy even for a beginner like myself and they're very very pigmented. There's endless looks to be created and it will last a very long time because they're so pigmented and you don't need a lot of product to see colour pay off.Cannot recommend highly enough.
5 Justyna
The best eyeshadow palette, easy to blend and very good pigmentation.
5 Alice Taylor
I LOVE THIS!! I wanted it for ages so when I actually bought it I was so excited and it didnt let me down. I love how a little goes a long way and it blends perfectly... I have a lot of eye shadow palettes but I barely use them as this it my go-to!
4 Rhianna
I really like this palette and there so smooth and creamy. Fast delivery which was also free! But when it arrived it was nicely packaged but the actual palette on the front doesn't have the actual logo, it has the name Anastasia... But not the actual logo of ABH. and don't know if it's meant to be like that or not.
5 Sophie Daykin-Brown
Just received the palette today as a present for valentines and wow the colours are so pigmented , easily to blend and best of all .. it only took less than two days to arrive! In love ! 5 stars!!
5 Caitlin
Buy it! I have so many high end palettes I thought I didn't need this- I DO- YOU DO!! So creamy and pigmented- every shade is brilliant!! Seriously buy it and you will not regret it!
4 Isabelle
Really pretty colours and a nice variety of looks. didnt like the blending side of the brush that it comes with but oh well if you have a nice separate brush set you can make it work - really nice for either a subtle rosy look or a bright look!
5 Klaudia
The best Palette I have ever used!!!! The pigmentation is super intensive, blends perfectly, definitely a Must Have !!!
5 Chiara
I am absolutely in love with this palette. Such warm colors perform beautifully and you can recreate so many looks. The texture of the shadows and the color pay off is well worth the money!
5 Ellie
Best palette going! Worth the money and really compliments blue eyes (the orange shades) xxxx
5 Wioleta
I love this palette!??Definitely will buy another one !!
5 Sophie
most amazing palette. Excellent quality, bendable would definitely recommend.
5 Tayla
Couldn't live without it. By far the best palette I own!
5 Zara
Great palette and eyeshadows are really easy to blend. Deffo worth money!
5 Jess
10/10 recommend love it!!
5 Ellen
Really, really good! Colors are beautiful and so smooth it's unbelievable. Pigmentation is great, a little bit goes a long way, and the packaging is really nice. Will absolutely repurchase. I love it!
5 Sarah
Super pigmented, easily blendable palette filled with beautiful warm tones. Because they're so pigmented I do experience a bit of fallout with these shadows but it's nothing too major. Could do with a few more shimmer shades as there is only three.
4 Anmol
Thank you beautybay for making it possible to buy this lovely product. It was the money worth. The only thing I dont like from your company is that it takes long time to receive an order. But other than that I AM happy and I will buy again from this site
5 Marta
I love it!! my fav palette
5 Jess
Love this palette, lived up to the hype. First time using Beauty Bay and shipping was very quick. Perfect!
5 Rheannon
Amazing, in love with every shade. So smooth and easy to blend, lasts all day. There's a good reason everyone raves about this palette!
5 Maddalena
I love this beautiful palette! It arrive in Italy in seven days, without any damage. The package is well packed and the site was very kind! I purchase again on Beauty Bay!
5 Molly
I love this palette! I've been considering buying it for a while, and I'm SO glad I did! The pigment and blendable shadows are a dream! Thank you Beauty Bay!
5 kathixbeauty
Love this palette so much, it has a range of warm colours in it. Absolutely love the colors and the formula. You can blend the shadows so easily and they won't get crumbly or anything. Worth the money, if this are your shades you just have to get it!
5 Nina
By far the best eyeshadow palette I've ever owned! It is so pigmented and very easy to blend. x
5 Jess
The BEST palette in the WHOLE world for warm tone looks I am so in love with it.
5 Viktorija
The quality of this beautiful eyeshadow palette is AMAZING!! This is the first high end palette that I have and I'm very happy to choose exactly this one! The pigmentation of the shades are insane.. 110% recommend to everyone who wants try it, but still thinking about how worth it is.. Definitely worth every single penny! ??
5 Elle
Absolutely love this palette! I've been getting compliments every time I use this and I would recommend it to everyone, definitely one of my favourites
5 Zaynah
The best eyeshadow palette I've ever purchased love it! It's amazing the colours are gorgeous and blend together well too definitely worth the money!
5 Emma
I have already made a dent in several of the colors in this palette. It is just amazing quality and I am in love with the warm reds and the shimmers in it. I'm not very fond of the brush that comes with as it feels kind of sharp and stabby when you use the 'blending' end, but I didn't buy it for the brush anyway! This is simply a must-have.
5 Nadia
Perfect palette !!! Amazing
5 Grace
Love this palette. The colours are so rich and are very blendable. I am not a pro at make up but I am able to create lovely eye looks easily with this palette. Highly recommend
5 Jenna
I've been considering buying this Palette for about six months and I'm extremely glad I did! Beautiful colours and so pigmented! My favourite palette ever.
I made an order just for this palette, the shades are gorgeous, buttery and really easy to blend even for a beginner like me!
5 Heidi
Beautiful shades, strong pigments. Absolutely love it!!
5 D
This palette is the best! Definitely worth the money!!!
5 Beth
The best eyeshadow palette I have ever brought! Absolutely in love with this I use it every day the colours are really pigmented and a beautiful selection of colours.
5 Adrija
Absolutely an amazing palette ! Love the texture of the shadows, the pigmentation is stunning ! The quality of the brush is great as well ! Love it !
5 Maja
Definetely one of the best eyeshadow formula I've tried! It's amazing!It has a lot of fall out when you put your brush in it but if you work carefully,there wont be a problem!:)
5 Gemma
Absolutely amazing, the colours and blend ability of the eye shadows are increadible! Not forgetting the pigmentation!! Thank you so much Beauty Bay you made it so easy for the delivery and work really hard I'm so greatful and so overwhelmed by the shadows. Such an amazing brand! xxxxxx
5 Aylish
I am soo obsessed with this palette! Incredibly pigmented and blendable like nothing else I have ever used! There is definetely a lot of fall out but I don't care because at least the pigmentation is crazy!
5 Javiera
Best eyeshadow palette ever! Really pigmented, creamy and blendable. 10/10
5 Danni
Luuuuuuuv this palette !!. So pigmented, and easily blended!! Would definitely recommend
5 Sarah Abrahams
I am not usually into makeup but when I laid my eyes on this palette I just HAD to get it, of course the price at first can put your mind in a - then crucial life decision of 'do I really need this?' but fear not ladies, that crucial life decision that probably upset your allowance is all covered by the free drinks you will receive with those bold, dangerous eyes this palette can produce. Highly pigmented, easy to blend and not to mention the incredible brush you get with it which basically does the work for you! Don't hesitate buying this gals, it will serve you well.
5 Hannah
Absolutely love this palette! Colours are so pigmented and last so long. Favourite palette of 2016 by far!
Cant even get over how great this is.But the cover thing sucks for travelling. Its suede, and mine is dirty af
5 alice
Reslly good product worth the money, thank you beauty bay!
5 Iona
Heaps of complements since wearing this eye shadow! Love love love it recommended piece of kit for anyone's makeup collection and came really fast
5 Clare
Ordered yesterday and has already arrived, the eyeshadows seem really creamy and I can't wait to have a proper play around with it
5 Becky
Best palatte I've ever used!!! Colours are stunning and so pigmented, only thing is lots of kickback tho :( but definitely worth the money!!!
5 Catalina
I am shocked by how buttery the eyeshadows are, the colours are absolutely amazing and they basically blend themselves. Thank you, Beauty Bay for the quality of the service and and interest you put in your customers! I am not from the UK, the delivery was on point, it was a little bit late because of the post from my country but the customer service helped me out and responded very quickly, even on facebook. I recommended this site to all my friends and I will continue to purchase my makeup from here!
5 Sonia
I am beyond pleased with the palette! The texture of the shadows is very soft and they blend seamlessly. It is an amazing products and I would recommend that all beauty lovers should add it to their collection as it includes a range of very unique and quality shades!
5 Pilar
Reviews don't lie. I was forever guessing whether to buy the Huda Beauty palette or the ABH MR palette. Now I purchased this one, I'm so glad I did. I have never tried eyeshadows that blends so nicely. The result is so professional, even if you are not. The dark brown works almost like a black, and you have the most beautiful warm tones ever. The perfect warm everyday palette is here.
5 Roxy
This palette is gorgeous! If you are into warm tones, it is a dream come true. This palette is so versatile, the colours are so pigmented and ridiculously easy to blend. I find myself constantly going back to this palette, as it has everything you need to create a complete look, whether it's a simple smokey eye or full glam cut crease. It is definitely worth it!
5 Maisie
I adore this pallet! As this was my first Anastasia eyeshadow purchase I was sceptical wether it would be worth the pricetag; but it 100% is! They are the smoothest, creamiest shadows I have ever used. The colours are gorgeous & so pigmented; lovely warm tones, absolute go to pallet & would definitely reccomend (:
5 Rhiannon
Came in less than 24hrs, had my eye on this palette for a while but could never get it due to it being out of stock. It was well worth the wait! The best palette ever! The pigments are unlike anything I have ever seen! Definitely recommend well worth the money!
5 Sophia
Amazing pallet! Definitely worth the money.
5 irene
I ordered this palette and it came today, but something that threw me off is that the symbol previous to the 'anastasia' isnt on my palette. Why is that...
5 molly
this palette is abso cool. x
5 GMac
If you are trying to decide whether or not to buy this it! I wasn't sure, due to the colours and the price, but it is so versatile, the colours are stunning and they blend so easily. The shadows are butter soft. Worth every penny! Best makeup purchase yet!! Thanks beautybay for having this in stock !!
5 Ciera
I love this palette! its insanely pigmented and the shadows are so buttery! A little dab into the shadows go a long way!
5 Saturn
This is the best quality eyeshadow palette i've ever had the honour of owning! I have brown eyes and i feel as though this palette really compliments my eyes and especially red ochre and realgar bring out the warmth in my eyes and skin tone. The colours are insanely pigmented and a little goes a long way, very creamy and a good selection of warm and cool mattes - the shimmer shades are like butter and are gorgeous as a highlight too! I seriously couldn't recommend this more, definitely worth the money!
5 Kathleen Connors
This is just a beautiful pallette I love it it's so pigmented and the colours are just so blendable I would highly recommend!!!
5 Elyse
My favourite palette by far. Primavera is god !!!
5 Hannah
This is the best palette I've ever brought! It blends so easily and all the colours are so pigmented, best eyeshadow palette I've ever brought, 10/10 would definitely recommend!
5 Alexa
I love this pallet the product really comes out well and is brilliant for wearing on a night out I would recommend it , makes ur eyes stand out and really holds your eyes I absolutely love the colour they very classic but go if u want to go on a night out I love it I think it's one of the best pallets I have ever used also freeeee shipping
5 Fleur
I love this palette so much!
5 Jemma Croll
I use it all the time now! Has basically replaced all my other palettes !! it's so pigmented and the colours are just to die for! This palette has everything I love and is right up my street! If you're thinking about getting it, do! Click add to basket, you won't regret it !!
5 Natalie Mcmillan
This is by far the best eyeshadow palette I have ever had. So smooth and creamy and so easy to blend. I applied with a cheap blending brush and it went on like a dream because quality is that superb. When I run out I will definitely purchase again. Fast delivery also which was free. Thanks for stocking this beauty bay!
5 Lexie
I love this, absolutely peng
5 Ffion
I really love this palette, definitely worth the money!
5 Alice
I have wanted this pallette for a really long time, so when I finally found out they sold it on beauty bay I was over the moon! When it arrived it was packaged so nicely, and the shades are absolutely beautiful. They are so pigmented aswell, I would really recommend this palette to anyone who is thinking about buying it!!
5 Chloe
Best Palette on the market! Holy grail for me! if you love your warm red tones you will fall in love with this palette! A MUST BUY!!! Worth the hype 1000000%
5 Miriana
Molto bella
5 Gabi
Amazing palette for young and old. Extremely blend able and gorgeous.Thank you beauty bay for extremely fast delivery
5 Amy
This is hands down the best eye shadow palette I have ever purchased, and it is worth every penny! Unlike most palettes there isn't a shade which gets unused, they are all so beautiful and blend easily. 'Vermeer' is gorgeous under the brow bone and also works well on as a highlight (it's a shame it isn't sold as a highlighter!) This, along with warm taupe, burnt orange and red ochre are my favourites.
5 Gül
best palette ever..!! amazing Pigmentation :)
5 Lucy Antell
Amazing palette, favourite in my collection. Better than too faced! Very pigmented and colours are beautiful! It is expensive but worth the money?? Only negative thing is lots of product is picked up easily compaired to other shadows I have so I have to be very delicate otherwise product is wasted.
5 Christine
Like most of the people who own this palette I can really recommend it! When I first touched the pans it reminded me of butter, very soft!The colors are highly pigmented, you have to be careful not to use too much. Every look can be created. For a daily natural look there are taupe to brown shades and for a more dramatic, maybe night time look there are these gorgeous red/berry and orange shades. As most of the colors are matte, there are still some beautiful shimmery ones which I love to use on the rest of my face too.Amazing product! To everyone who thinks about buying it: You won't regret it :)
5 Egle
Best eyeshadows I've ever tried!! Super creamy, pigmented and blend beautifully. Lasts a very long time and does not crease. Only downside is that its very powdery so have to go gentle with the brush. Love love this palette!! X
5 Mia
In love with this palette. Its amazing
5 Nadia
Stunning colours, arrived with free next day delivery, would deffo order again!
5 Tamira
I am obsessed with this palette! I bought it the day it was restocked because i didn't want to risk it going out of stock again before i could get my hands on it. I can, without a doubt say that this is my favourite palette that i have ever owned. The shades are crazy pigmented and the colours are beautiful and blend amazingly. I highly recommend this palette to anyone and everyone!!!!!!
5 Karen
This is seriously the best palette I've ever used!! Never known eyeshadows blend so easily, I'm actually thinking about buying this again for when this one runs out. I love the shades and that there is so many different looks you can achieve with this palette. They did good with this one!! I'm now an ABH convert and tbf the brush is actually quite good that comes with it too and I don't say that very often with palettes ??
5 Iida
My favourite palette of all time! It's so versatile, perfect for beautiful everyday looks and more daring looks aswell! Just bought my second one since I was hitting the pan on so many shades. Get it while you can!
5 Tereza
This is my first high end palette and I am totally in love with this one. I expected the best quality, because it was one of the best palette last year and the quality is even better! I think I will be using only this one. Colours are absolutely amazing, the ingedients are good too. Pigmentation is sooooo amazing, I can handle how pigmented these eyeshadow are and working with them is heaven. One thing I don't like is kickback which has matte eyeshadow. Last thing is the packaging, it is something to die for! :) Love it and recommended for every #makeupjunkie !
5 Natasha123
Best palette I've ever used?!!
5 chiara
this palette is amazing! the pigmentation and texture of these eyeshadows is unbelievable. The only disappointing thing is the brush, it's pretty soft but every time I use or Wash it, it loses lots of hairs!
5 Poppy
A gorgeous palette which can make a simple warm toned brown eye look or a stunning gold and berry eye look (my personal favourite) I have a few palettes with similar shades but none of them have the same high pigmentation that this does. It is so worth the money
5 paris
this is the palette of dreamsssss! the shades are so creamy and pigmented and blend so easily. it has a gorgeous range of warm toned colours which suits my complexion and hair so perfectly. burnt orange is a perfect transition shade and i absolutely adore love letter , venetian red and realgar as well. i would definitely recommend the tape trick with these eye shadows as they look so incredible with the pigment when the line is really crisp :) if you are on the look out for a new palette i would say definitely get this one, it will become your favourite instantly! xxx
5 Jessica
I love this product so blendable and you can create so many looks with this palette it is a bit expensive but so worth it plus delivery was amazing I ordered and received it in 2 days.
5 Vicky
I absolutely love this palette! The colours are so pigmented, 100% worth the money!
5 Lois
This palette is a MUST have. It's super pigmented and creamy. The shadows blend soooo well and the colours are honestly beautiful.
5 Ellie
I thought I loved the Naked 3 but this pallette has completely knocked it out of the water , the shadows are so pigmented but blend like a dream would recommend this to anyone x
5 Yasmin
Such a beautiful palette definately recomended it to anyone. I was worried that the eyeshadow wont show up on my comeplextion but the eyeshadows are so pigmented will work with any skin tone. If your thinking about buying, think no more and buy it
5 Olivia
Beautiful palette with amazing pigment, very creamy shadows which are easy to blend. The colours compliment each other perfectly and can create so many gorgeous looks.
5 Lucy
Love love love this pallete. The colours are great and I will use all of them. Very pigmented, so you don't need to use too much on your brush. I would highly recommend!
5 Kanni
Love this palette! The colours are so amazing, nothing I have ever seen in other palettes. The pigments are super intense, thus you only need very little on your brush. Perfect balance between matte and shimmery shades. Plus the package itself looks soo pretty. Even the brush is really good.
5 Meg
Insane pigmentation, and the shadows blend so well too. The colour range is beautiful for a warm eye, I love this palette so much.
4 Jennifer
So I already owned a couple naked palettes from Urban Decay and bought this because I'd seen so many people talking about it. They're talking about it for good reason!! This palette is unbelievably pigmented, you only need to use the tiniest amount to get an amazing colour payoff unlike my naked palettes where it would take ages to build up colour. The shadows are so blendable and are the best I've ever used. The only thing I would say is that since they are so blendable and soft they can create fallout when you're picking the shadows up so use a light hand and don't press onto the shadows in the pan too hard or you'll break them, for that reason and because the palette is so amazing I'm too scared to take it out and travel with it in case they break! Other than that, the palette is 100% a must have. The shadows in this palette are so versatile and can be used in so many different looks- it's all I use now! The brush it comes with is great as it is double sided- the blending side blends well however it can be a little scratchy on my sensitive eyes, if you have a softer blending brush that will be better but the brush is still great to use especially if you don't have a great deal of blending brushes already. Overall the palette is beautiful and 100% worth the money.
5 Danielle
I could not recommend this palette enough. Long lasting on the eyes and the pigment is amazing. This is a must have.
5 Mia
I love this palette ,it's honestly amazing!The colours are highly pigmented,easy to blend and quite frankly beautiful! You can create so many stunning looks because there is a perfect balance of matte to shimmery shades. Overall I would reccomend this palette to anyone and everyone,regardless of your skills with makeup!
5 Caitlin
Ordered this palette last week and I'm already in love with it. The colours are super pigmented and gorgeous colours!! They apply so smoothly and are easy to blend! Not a bad word to say for this amazing product! I qualified for free next day delivery and despite ordering late evening the product was with me by 10am the next morning! Thank you so much beauty bay!!
5 Chloe
This palette is beautiful!! The shades are so perfect not one I wouldn't use. I had never tried Anastasia shadows before this palette but I 100% will purchase more! They blend great and are very pigmented.
5 Elisha
oh my lord best buy ever!!!! this palette is so pigmented and has all the tones I've been looking for since forever, and the delivery so fast too and on a Sunday amazing xx
5 Lola
Amazing pallete
5 Anonymous
Saw this palette was finally available, after wanting it for soooo long and ordered! Haven't tried it out for a makeup look, but just searching the colours I know I'll love, there so pigmented and true to colour! Definitely would recommend!
5 Fran Hill
Absolutely recommend!! So pigmented and the colours are so soft and creamy to apply. This and the morphe palettes are my ultimate favourites at the mo! Anastasia is such a great brand, totally love all the products. My favourite look in this pallete has to be love letter with a bit of primavera in the corner. The brush also applicates very well, and it is very soft! As soon as this package arrived ( 3 days after , so quite fast ) I was very surprised at how good the palette really was!! So overall, fab fab pallete, totally recommend, 5/5!!
5 Chelsea blount
Such a beautiful palette. The colours are amazing and such high quality. So worth the hype and the price. Would recommend to any one.
5 Mariam
Beautiful palette, creamy and buttery texture. Fast shipping too
5 Millie
Amazing! The packaging is amazing and very pigmented, gorgeous colours!!
5 Jessie
My go-to palette. I'm a redhead and the orange shades compliment my hair so redhead girls out there don't be afraid to use it! The pinks make for a lovely clash too. You can make so many looks from day to night. The colours and build and blendable, and vibrant without primer. I love it.
5 Anna
I own a lot of eye shadow palettes and Modern Renaissance is 100% the best one. The formula of the shadows is incredible, they blend easily, do not crease and stay vibrant on the eye throughout the day, whether I apply a base or not. I only wish ABH was easier to get hold of in the UK as I would buy all my eye shadows from here!
5 Flora
This palette is so beautiful. The packaging is simple yet so pretty! Would definitely reccomend!
5 Abi
Top marks to Beauty Bay for delivery, well packet and super quick. I'm in love with this pallete! Beautiful warm tones that are buttery and really blendable. At first I didn't think it would be a very versatile pallete, but I was wrong. You can create a multitude of looks that will look gorgeous on any skin tone. This could be my new favourite palette!
5 Lucy bowers
Litreally my holy grail! Highly pickemented, blends like an absolute dream???? Looove x
5 Lauren
This palette is amazing, the colours are so pigmented and blend so well. The shimmer shades are also amazing for inner corner and brow bone highlights. Definitely worth buying!
5 Milli
Best pallette I've ever bought! Usually when I buy a pallette I don't use every single shade but in this pallette I do. The shadows are also creamy and insanely pigmented. Definitely worth the money!!
5 Hollie
I was a bit apprehensive to order this at first as I didn't know if the colours would suit me, but after reading all the reviews I decided to splurge and I'm so glad I did! The pigmentation is amazing and it's beautifully packaged would 110% recommend to anyone who is on the edge of ordering it, I'm annoyed I didn't order it sooner!
5 kaya white
AMAZING, in love with this palette, got this as a gift for my birthday and was so so happy with it! I wear it all the time it is my go to palette & it deserves so much more than 5 stars! the shadows are so pigmented and blend so well!
5 Deanna
Best formulation for eyeshadows I've ever used. So pigmented, velvety and easily blendable. The brush it comes with is really handy and the shades are really popular, lovely burgundies, reds and oranges. Would recommend as my number 1 palette!
5 Kara Jessie
Not one single complaint about this palette! i have been waiting for it to be in stock for a while now and i finally have my hands on it. The pigment in each shade is incredible and i could not recommend this enough! beautiful palette by a fantastic brand, i just cant wait to experiment with it!
5 Sonya
This is so amazing, the colours are so pigmented and beautiful! My favourites are love letter,burnt orange and vermeer, i love all the colours but these are my absolute favourites
4 Emily Berriman
The pigmentation and colour range of these shadows are amazing!!! If you love makeup then you definitely need this in your collection. However the shadows give a lot of kickback, leading to hitting the pan in a short amount of time but overall it is so worth the money!
4 Princess
I have recently bought this palette along with the ultimate glow kit and I would 100% recommend them both. Great quality and worth the money even though they are quite pricey. The colours are true to the picture. The brush is extremely soft and unlike most palettes I actually use the brush.
5 Sophia
I love this palette its matte and shimmer shades are both extremely pigmented and are great for creating cool and warm toned looks !Xx
5 Heather
This palette is gorgeous, wasn't sure if I should get it or not last time it came into stock but decided to in the end and I was not let down! The pigmentation is insane, all shades are super blendable and there's little to no fallout from any of the colours. Very similar to the Morphe 35F and Violet Voss Holy Grail but worth every penny.
5 Matilda
Absolutely love this pallete! Had been debating purchasing but so glad I did, so worth the money. The eyeshadows are so creamy and pigmented. Love love love
5 Taylor
Amazing product! Best palette I have! Highly pigmented and easy to blend!
5 Saoirse
Not a single shadow in this I don't use!! Usually theres a plain black or some other dull colour I don't touch, every colour is so pigmented and complimentery, if you're having trouble keeping clean try a microfibre towel and a face cleanser ?
5 Laila
omg!! I'm so inlove with this palette!! So glad I didn't hestitate to purchase xx
5 Maria Gordon
This is my favorite eyeshadow palette of all times! The pigmentation of the eyeshadows is sky high combined with an excellent consistensy which makes application easy peacy. I have already hit pan on 2 of the shades !! Love xx
5 Lauren
This pallete is everything !!
5 Emily
The best, most used palette I own. Beautiful shades, amazing pigment and they last forever on the lid. The only issue I have with it is that they are very powdery so you need to be careful when dipping your brush in so as not to waste any product. But I can look past that. Just a truly beautiful product.
5 Marianthi
The most beautiful pallete!!!!!
5 Rebecca
I think palette has featured in just about every favourites video or blog I’ve read of 2016 product, and it's because it is such a beautiful palette of warm, creamy colours. They blend so easily, even someone with zero make up skills like me can get lovely everyday or evening looks from this palette. Sometimes when a product is so hyped like this one, it usually doesn’t live up to all your expectations, but this one does. I constantly reach for this palette in the mornings – I particularly love the darker orange Realgar, as well as Burnt Orange and Red Ochre. Golden Ochre is my go to transition shade, and is definitely my most used of the shadows. I tend to go for mostly matte shades, and twelve of the fourteen shadows in the Modern Renaissance palette are matte, which is ideal for the style of makeup I prefer to wear.If you’re still undecided on whether or not to purchase this palette, I would recommend going for it. This is definitely one of those products worth the splurge.
5 Sophie Irving
This palette is beautiful, extremely pigmented, soft buttery shadows and blend like a dream. Definitely one of my favourite palettes.
5 Charlotte
I cannot explain how good this palette it, each eyeshadow is so pigmented and there's not a colour I don't like or can't use!! It's my everyday palette and worth every penny!!
5 Molly
If you rated it lower than a 5 you're either stupid or have no eyelids. This palette is insane, I'm pretty sure it's the reason my bf loves me because my eyelids are always looking bomb af. Every colour you could ever want / need, get it while you can or you might as well stop wearing makeup.
Literally my fave palette. I use it every weekend. My daytime look is burnt orange, raw sienna and Vermeer. I have also hit pan on tempura. Love it!!
5 Hannah
This is a beautiful palette, the shades are really blendable and creamy!! 10/10 recommend!
5 Georgie
My all time favourite palette hands down! Pigmentation is amazing, the colours are beautiful, I use it pretty much every day. I just wish there was one more intense shimmery shade. But other than that, perfect!
5 Edna
This is a very lovely palette, I have been following this brand on instagram and was so happy that Beauty Bay was one of the official stockist and they offered free delivery also. The pigmentation of the eyeshadows on this palette is amazing and the fact that the colours stand out without even use of primer is amazing and just what I was look for in a palette, and I own my fair share. The colours in this palette are great as you have that option to play around with your look. Definitely be careful with the using the shadows as they are quite sensitive and I would not recommend being harsh when using your brush to get to the colours as the shadows are sensitive and may easily break. Overall I love this palette and is a good addition to a make up lover's collection
5 Melissa latham
Absolutely amazing colours, so pigmented and easy to blend, my favourites are burnt orange, love letter and realgar if you are hesitant about this palette I would say go for it. I really wish beauty bay would stock the single shadows as I would certainly buy more
5 Eden
Couldn't live without this palette the pigmentation is insane use this on allllll my clients
5 Ann Campbell
Can you tell me when you're getting this item back in stock please
5 emily
the colors are fricken amazing. i love how good it blended.
5 Emma
Absolutely incredible palette - the shadows are super pigmented and soft so easy to blend. The colour selection is spot on! One of my favourites!
5 Sel
Best eyeshadow pallette I have ever purchased Lovely array of colours that stay all day and are very pigmented Love the size and design of the palette My must have product of 2016 Love it !!!!
5 Tashja
Such a nice palette! The eyeshadows are soo soft, it's nothing like I own already and I own palettes from brands like Too Faced, Urban Decay, Stila and Makeup Geek, but this formula is the best formula I've tried to this date. The packaging is unbelievable although I wouldn't recommend using the brush, it's a bit stiff. Be very careful while using these shadows cause they're so soft, they're quite vulnerable so take care especially while travelling. The colour are very versatile so don't worry if the pink toned colours aren't your thing, cause you could create a very neutral eye with this palette too. I'm very very happy I bought this and would recommend to anyone who is into makeup.
5 Lauren
Absolutely adore this palette! So pigmented and such a beautiful array of shadows I was so so excited when I received this palette! Cant wait to create so many makeup looks with this. Highly recommend! Love it.
5 Holly
Phenomenal pigment it is the most stunningly beautiful colour collection I've seen in a palette beautiful packaging and very versatile if you'e looking for a nice colour collection this is the palette for you take any look from day to night in an instant just amazing so glad I purchased this.
5 John Costley
Excellent product
5 Natalija
The best! Love it.
5 Nicola
This palette is AMAZING! Worth every penny, eyeshadows blend like a dream and the colours are beautiful.
5 Abbie
This is now my hands down favourite eyeshadow palette! The colours are all so beautiful and the looks you can create with it are endless. The shadows are super pigmented, so a little goes a long way and they blend out like an absolute dream, while keeping the pigment there. My only bad comment about this palette is the fact there isn't a black shadow in it. But if you're a makeup addict like me you'll probably have loads kicking around anyway!
5 Kelly
This palette is amazing I'm in love!!!! So where to start in the list of good things..... First off delivery speed from beauty bay, I spent a few days looking at this agonising over it, too often the colours you see online are not what you see when you open the pallete.....guess again (well they're even more beautiful) so after days off looking at it longingly I jumped in and bought it hoping that buying on the Wednesday it would arrive in time for the weekend! As if there was any doubt, I had my mitts on the little beauty by tea time Thursday!!! It is even more beautiful in person than the pics would imply, amazing colours that stay vivid. Only had a trial run so far but so very impressed (although my husband thought I was crackers as did a different look on each eye just so I could play) I have two favourite colours, love letter is a really rich pinky burgundy and it's incredible and a gold shimmer champagne type colour called primervera. Although ask me again next week and it might change as they're all so versatile and pretty. I can see myself using all of the colours which I quite unusual in a pallete as usually something remains untouched! The packaging itself it also lovely with a suede like feel to it, and it comes with quite a nifty brush. I know brush preferences are each to their own and all that but I quite like it. to be honest there isn't a single down side to this palette, anyone considering it should absolutely buy it, you won't be disappointed!
5 Hannah
WOW!!! Where do i start with this palette? not only are the shadows extremely pigmented, but the colours are absolutely to die for!! I have the self made palette also by ABH, but i have to say, this tops that by 100000, the warm orange, pink and brown shades are so complimentary on my blue eyes, and they are me to a T. I am SO in love with this palette!!!
5 Rosie
This is the most amazing eye shadow I have ever worked with. Blends like a ******* dream! I was so shocked as to how good it actually is! Beautiful shades for all eye colours, my eyes are a Like a blooming sun set right now! The brush is a little rough but still went on amazingly. So pigmented, so velvety, and brilliant delivery service too. I can't wait to use this on some clients! Thank you so much: I am in total ore.
5 Hannah
Love this palette! So beautifully packaged and with a useful brush too (although the brush does pick up a LOT of colour so be careful). The colours allow you to create beautiful daytime and evening looks and are all so perfectly pigmented. I think this palette will last well and there are no colours that I wouldn't use. I've already had tonnes of compliments on my makeup when wearing it! Also beauty bay as usual amazing service and super fast delivery.
5 fiona
I absolutely fell in love with this palette when I first saw it.The colours are always so pigmented and this palette is all you need because the colours are just all in that one palette. Took a while to get here, but I'm a very patient person :) so thank you beautybay for the best service xx
5 Poppy
BEST PURCHASE EVER! I am so so in love with this palette, I have many high end palettes I have found not to be worth the money but I adore this. The pigmentation is real with this palette. The colours are also so lovely and versatile, you can create so many looks with this palette. I don' use the brush as it is not the best but it's worth it for the shades.
5 Miriam Selbek
in love
5 jenna
Absolutely in love with palette! Has the most perfect amount of shades so you can so do many looks with just this one palette, the eyeshadow are so pigmented and buttery by far my favourite palette from anastasia, and amazing delivery services from beauty bay, comes so quick even on standard delivery!
5 Jessica
By far the best eyeshadow palette i have ever used!! I am in love!!!
5 Ellie
I used this palette for the first time yesterday and can say that it's already one of my all time favourites !! Absolutely amazing quality, could't be more pleased :)
5 Cupcake
I absolutely love this palette! It blends like butter and the colours are SOOO gorgeous! I know many feel the price is a bit steep but for the quantity and quality of the product I think it's great (considering there is a very good brush included). Would recommend, definitely for those who are new to eye makeup as it is so easy to use. In love!
5 J
Absolutely amazing!!
5 Natalie Buchanan
This palette has just gone to my number one all time favourite. The colours are so divine and I use them all. The quality is second to none. So creamy and buttery extremely pigmented and very easy to blend for that professional makeup look. Such a good price for what you get. This will last for ages as you only need a little bit to go a long way. My ultimate palette for day to nighttime. Would highly recommend this gorgeous Anastasia B Hills palette. Has the right amount of beautiful mattes and the shimmery ones aren't too shimmery, just perfect.
5 Caitlin
Amazing quality, so buttery and lovely and great colour payoff
5 Larisa
Best palette that I own! Very pigmented and easy to blend eyeshadows. Highly recommend it!
5 Cristina
This palette is great. The colors are beautiful and super pigmented. If you don't already own it, maybe you should reconsider. :D
5 Francisca
The most beautiful palette I have ever seen! The 14 shades are extremely pigmented and have that really nice Italian feeling to it. I do not think I can find a better palette for the Fall. I truly recommend it!
5 lucia
order this palette. All the colours are amazing very pigmented and love anastasia, please bring anastasia lipglossess again :)
5 Becky Key
This is a glorious creation. Nearly all matte, with the most beautiful, blendable, buttery formula - I just can't fault this palette at all. It does run very warm, but it's really easy to create looks that are totally wearable for every day. I find even on my oily lids these shadows hang around for hours - oh, and the brush is decent too! 5 stars!!
5 Nina
This palette has by far the most pigmented eye shadows out there! They are all really easy to work with and the brush is very good quality too! Would recommend for all!
5 Shannice
I have three makeup palettes (Which I love) but this may just be my favourite, it's so pigmented - blends like a dream and the brush inside is actually pretty good. I'm not keen on the packaging but it's absolutely beautiful. I'm so glad I ordered it, and first class service from Beauty Bay!
5 Hazel
Very beautiful, very pigmented and application is easy.
5 AmiB
Beautiful product, very highly pigmented and easily blendable.
5 Carolina
Amazing! Excelent range of colors, the pigmentation is very good even on the matte shades! I was very impressed! They also feel very buttery like the eyeshadows from the Lorac Pro palettes and you can do a lot of different looks with it!
5 Maddie Tonge
Amazing palette! All the shades are super pigmented and creamy - and as for beautybay, super fast delivery as usual and great customer service! 5* always! Thank you
5 Olivia
This palette is amazing!!! The colours are beautiful and so so buttery and pigmented, + free and fast delivery.. Fab!!!
5 Lucie
BEST EYESHADOW EVER. Worth every penny!
5 Lucy
The colours are unlike any other palette and so pigmented
5 Jamila
I love this pallette. The shadows blend really well and the colours are gorgeos. Delivery was quick and I am very happy with the product.
5 Hannah pearce
Highly recommend so happy with my purchases. I'm from Australia and postage was not long at all. Will definitely purchase from beauty bay again. Thank you love love love my morphe brushes Palettes, brow wiz and my dipbrow.
5 Laura
I love this palette!!! The shadows are so buttery soft and blend so beautifully. I would recommend doing your eyeshadow before your foundation, just because the butteriness of the shadows cause a bit of fallout, but it's well worth it. If you're considering buying this palette then please do, you won't regret it!
5 Eleanor
really beautiful, pigmented palette! the shades are Stunning... would recommend to anyone who wants a palette with both nude and bold shades. :)
5 Tara
Obbsessed with this! Amazing, super pigmented and buttery! Got next day delivery for free and it came well packaged and not damaged at all! Will order from this site again.
5 Katherine
AMAZING! BUY IT! You will not believe how pigmented they are. I only pressed a tiny bit and swiped the brush and once was enough to cover the entire eyelid. If you have, or have tried, a naked palette imagine that but 5 times better !! amazing. 10 out of 10 for quality and presentation.
5 Marita
These colors are gorgeous! The color span is great with mostly warm tones, but also some cool/neutral tones in there. They are super pigmented and blend well. The only thing i noticed is that they are a bit powdery when i dip my brush in them, but just one tap with the brush and its no problem. Highly recommend!
5 Susie
Amazing, pigmented, blendable
5 Elizabeth
The best palette I have ever used!!! Such gorgeous pigmented shades, so versatile could wear these colours everyday. Best money I've ever spent.
5 Lizzie
5 Rhys
This palette is amazing! All of the colours are wearable and they're all so blendable and pigmented. I noticed in my palette that the colour 'Raw Sienna' was very powdery and has a lot of fallout. Despite this every single colour is beautiful, I'd recommend to everyone.
5 Balanceofbeautee
Absolutely love this palette !! The shades are so beautiful and pigmented.... worth the splurge !!
5 Anji
Snapped this up as soon as it went on sale & have been wearing it every day. Just my perfect palette. You can create everything from a subtle look to a full on Red grunge look. Great pigmentation, blends beautifully. I recommend this to anyone loving the new warm reds & cranberry shades or warm Browns. Buy buy buy!!!
5 Siobhan
I think this is my favourite palette ever. The colours are beautiful and the pigmentation is amazing. It has everything you need,mattes and shimmers,dark and light. The quality is brilliant as sometimes eyeshadow palettes have one or two duds,this is all top notch. I love this palette. It would make a great gift. So beautiful and rich.
5 Laura
Amazing product, so pigmented and they all blend so well. Colours are gorgeous!!
5 Maxine
First ABH product, honestly the most amazing quality, colours and packaging. No need for another palette. The colours compliment all skin tones and are super pigmented and creamy, top UD shadows. There also cruelty free and vegan so its a win win for all. Amazing!
5 Nikoline Birk Larsen
The most gorgeous palette ever!! Super pigmented and buttery shadows in equally gorgeous shades! With this palette it only takes 5 minutes to make a gorgeous eyemakeup due to the colour payoff - definetly recommend!
5 paula king
loving this website
5 Stephanie Mary
Everything about this Palette is beautiful from the packaging to the eyeshadow's ,they are high quality eyeshadow's that are very pigmented and when swatched the darker eyeshadow's covered the tattoo on my wrist ???? Super blendable and a lovely texture I highly recommend this palette and would give more then 5 stars if it was possible
5 Ella
WOW! One of the best eyeshadow palettes I own, they are so pigmented and feel like butter. Couldn't ask for anything better. The brush that comes with it is also pretty good quality that helps to justify the price.
5 Nessa Brennan
Easy to use website with a great variety of brand
5 Laetitia
La palette est délicieuse! Les couleurs sont-elles intenses? La qualité et la pigmentation sont au point - je le recommande +++++
5 Danielle
This palette is so worth the price! The pigmentation on these shadows are amazing and the colours are so unique. I don't have anything like them. It also has a perfect mix and mattes and shimmers which I feel a lot of palettes lack!If you are debating buying it then don't. Just buy it you won't regret it! :)
5 Courtenay moore
Great delivery
5 Kat
Amazing palette, pigmentation is great and blends out so well! One of the best ABH palettes i've tried! If you are a fan of ABH shadows, you need this palette
5 Eleanor
I love this palette! The formula is so soft and buttery and it blends really easily. It's super versatile as well, you can create soft looks or bold looks. It's quite pricey but you're paying for the quality. Would definitely recommend this!
5 Shannon Robson
The shadows are smooth, pigmented and the colours are beautiful!
5 Alejandra
This palette is AMAZING. I couldn't describe how pigmented the palette is. Every single colour that I swatched is incredible.
5 Nicole
Amazing palette! Very pigmented and so versatile
5 Shahrazad
I was so excited when BeautyBay brought Modern Renaissance onto their site, I quickly purchased without a second thought and to my surprise met all my expectations. The colours are beautiful and velvety and very, very pigmented and I love the brush that came with it, which has brushes on both sides! The exterior of the palette is velvet now not many eye palettes have that, it just oozes sexiness and regal-ness.
5 Sophie
Amazing palette, colours blend perfectly and are perfect for spring-summer but would work in winter because of the berry tones. One of my favourite palettes, it's pricey but it's worth it
5 Vicky
Pictures don't do this palette justice! ?? It's ridiculously pigmented and stunning! Definitely buy it!!!!!
5 Maddie
Very happy with this palette! The shadows are creamy and blendable and I noticed very little fallout. The colours are beautiful and offer lots of different combinations. The only things I didn't love about this palette were the packaging, which is lovely but I worry will get dirty quite fast, and the flat brush that comes with the palette, which I thought was a bit too soft to really pack on the product.
5 Iman
This is such a beautiful palette- to be honest I was expecting this to be an overhyped palette, but boy was i wrong! i got this on next day delivery (Which was amazing! thank you beauty bay!)- and as soon as i swatched a few i was pleasantly surprised- the shadows are super creamy and pigmented- i must admit its one of the best I've tried and thats saying a lot. Its definitely worth it The only negative is the brush- the blending side is a little scratchy and just ends up kicking up a tonne of product.
5 Jessie
I was so excited for the palette to be available in the UK and I can promise you it did not disappoint! Colours are so pigmented, Abh offer so many tutorials showing the different looks you can create, the glittery shadows are extremely pigmented, way more than any other glittery eyeshadow I've tried before, defo recommend, Abh is by far my favourite make up brand!
5 Beth
Really pleased with this palette so far, the colours are absolutely stunning and the quality is amazing. I think that this is a must buy!
5 DT
In love with this product! Colours are amazing and beautybay got it sent out to me the next morning after I purchased it for free! Highly recommend it's the only place in the uk currently stocking this palette and it really is a dream!
3 Natasha
The quality of the product is amazing, the only thing I'm unhappy about is the condition it arrived in, one of my eyeshadow a were cracked and one had a chip taken out of it.
5 Aish
This is the best eyeshadow palette from anastasia so far. The colours compliment each other and you can create so many looks!:)
5 Rima
Way to expensive!
5 Aliya
Love this palette!. Its soo pretty and amazing colours. Perfect for summer
5 Bushra Hussain
Haven't ever fallen in love with a palette like I did with this one! ABH done well ???? My ride or die this palette is! MUST HAVE

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