Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette

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5 Gabriela da Costa
I own palettes from Urban Decay, Too Faced, Morphe, etc. This one is the best! I'm buying any palette ABH comes out with from now on.
5 Rita
This is an amazing palette!!!You can create any kind of look-daily natural o colourful for the evening-I really recommend this product not only because of the colours but also for the quality.
5 Paris
I loveeeeee the warm shades in this palette. The pigmentation is unreal. The gold and champagne shimmer shades are so creamy. They blend so lovely on the eyes. The only promblem is when you dip your brush in the eyeshadows you get quite a bit of fall out but other than that this palette is amazing.
5 Medi
i LOOOVE it!
5 Chelsea
10/10 for this palette! Colours are so easy to blend and have a great finish. Would repurchase again and recommend any to buy
5 Violeta
love this palette!!!!! THE BEST :)
5 Amy
the best palette i have ever owned the pigmentation is incredible, so easy to blend, and hardly any fall out!
5 Jade
Amazing palette, will 100% be buying again when i run out of this product. Strong pigmented, blendable, worth every penny! Came next day with free delivery. Over the moon with this.
5 Mia
Such a great eyeshadow palette. I am so pleased with it. Lovely colours and super easy to blend out. Fast delivery. Most definitely a 5/5
5 Rebecca
Love this product, very pigmented it has colours. It's a cute package can be bit messy because the eyeshadow easily spreads and comes off.
5 Emma Jones
Best eyeshadow palette I have ever used, as an aspiring makeup artist, I love using this to practice as its sooo blendable, and will never do me wrong. With the colours being so creamy and blendable, there is alot of pick up so feel I will go through the palette pretty fast. Can no be disappointed though, will never be without my holy grail.
5 Zara
Great palette and eyeshadows are really easy to blend. Deffo worth money!
5 Jess
10/10 recommend love it!!
5 Ellen
Really, really good! Colors are beautiful and so smooth it's unbelievable. Pigmentation is great, a little bit goes a long way, and the packaging is really nice. Will absolutely repurchase. I love it!
5 Natalie Mcmillan
This is by far the best eyeshadow palette I have ever had. So smooth and creamy and so easy to blend. I applied with a cheap blending brush and it went on like a dream because quality is that superb. When I run out I will definitely purchase again. Fast delivery also which was free. Thanks for stocking this beauty bay!
5 Lexie
I love this, absolutely peng
5 Ffion
I really love this palette, definitely worth the money!
5 Hannah
This is a beautiful palette, the shades are really blendable and creamy!! 10/10 recommend!
5 Georgie
My all time favourite palette hands down! Pigmentation is amazing, the colours are beautiful, I use it pretty much every day. I just wish there was one more intense shimmery shade. But other than that, perfect!
5 Edna
This is a very lovely palette, I have been following this brand on instagram and was so happy that Beauty Bay was one of the official stockist and they offered free delivery also. The pigmentation of the eyeshadows on this palette is amazing and the fact that the colours stand out without even use of primer is amazing and just what I was look for in a palette, and I own my fair share. The colours in this palette are great as you have that option to play around with your look. Definitely be careful with the using the shadows as they are quite sensitive and I would not recommend being harsh when using your brush to get to the colours as the shadows are sensitive and may easily break. Overall I love this palette and is a good addition to a make up lover's collection
5 Melissa latham
Absolutely amazing colours, so pigmented and easy to blend, my favourites are burnt orange, love letter and realgar if you are hesitant about this palette I would say go for it. I really wish beauty bay would stock the single shadows as I would certainly buy more
5 Eden
Couldn't live without this palette the pigmentation is insane use this on allllll my clients
5 Emma
Absolutely incredible palette - the shadows are super pigmented and soft so easy to blend. The colour selection is spot on! One of my favourites!
5 Sel
Best eyeshadow pallette I have ever purchased Lovely array of colours that stay all day and are very pigmented Love the size and design of the palette My must have product of 2016 Love it !!!!
5 Tashja
Such a nice palette! The eyeshadows are soo soft, it's nothing like I own already and I own palettes from brands like Too Faced, Urban Decay, Stila and Makeup Geek, but this formula is the best formula I've tried to this date. The packaging is unbelievable although I wouldn't recommend using the brush, it's a bit stiff. Be very careful while using these shadows cause they're so soft, they're quite vulnerable so take care especially while travelling. The colour are very versatile so don't worry if the pink toned colours aren't your thing, cause you could create a very neutral eye with this palette too. I'm very very happy I bought this and would recommend to anyone who is into makeup.
5 Lauren
Absolutely adore this palette! So pigmented and such a beautiful array of shadows I was so so excited when I received this palette! Cant wait to create so many makeup looks with this. Highly recommend! Love it.
5 Holly
Phenomenal pigment it is the most stunningly beautiful colour collection I've seen in a palette beautiful packaging and very versatile if you'e looking for a nice colour collection this is the palette for you take any look from day to night in an instant just amazing so glad I purchased this.
5 John Costley
Excellent product
5 Natalija
The best! Love it.
5 Nicola
This palette is AMAZING! Worth every penny, eyeshadows blend like a dream and the colours are beautiful.
5 Abbie
This is now my hands down favourite eyeshadow palette! The colours are all so beautiful and the looks you can create with it are endless. The shadows are super pigmented, so a little goes a long way and they blend out like an absolute dream, while keeping the pigment there. My only bad comment about this palette is the fact there isn't a black shadow in it. But if you're a makeup addict like me you'll probably have loads kicking around anyway!
5 Kelly
This palette is amazing I'm in love!!!! So where to start in the list of good things..... First off delivery speed from beauty bay, I spent a few days looking at this agonising over it, too often the colours you see online are not what you see when you open the pallete.....guess again (well they're even more beautiful) so after days off looking at it longingly I jumped in and bought it hoping that buying on the Wednesday it would arrive in time for the weekend! As if there was any doubt, I had my mitts on the little beauty by tea time Thursday!!! It is even more beautiful in person than the pics would imply, amazing colours that stay vivid. Only had a trial run so far but so very impressed (although my husband thought I was crackers as did a different look on each eye just so I could play) I have two favourite colours, love letter is a really rich pinky burgundy and it's incredible and a gold shimmer champagne type colour called primervera. Although ask me again next week and it might change as they're all so versatile and pretty. I can see myself using all of the colours which I quite unusual in a pallete as usually something remains untouched! The packaging itself it also lovely with a suede like feel to it, and it comes with quite a nifty brush. I know brush preferences are each to their own and all that but I quite like it. to be honest there isn't a single down side to this palette, anyone considering it should absolutely buy it, you won't be disappointed!
5 Hannah
WOW!!! Where do i start with this palette? not only are the shadows extremely pigmented, but the colours are absolutely to die for!! I have the self made palette also by ABH, but i have to say, this tops that by 100000, the warm orange, pink and brown shades are so complimentary on my blue eyes, and they are me to a T. I am SO in love with this palette!!!
5 Rosie
This is the most amazing eye shadow I have ever worked with. Blends like a ******* dream! I was so shocked as to how good it actually is! Beautiful shades for all eye colours, my eyes are a Like a blooming sun set right now! The brush is a little rough but still went on amazingly. So pigmented, so velvety, and brilliant delivery service too. I can't wait to use this on some clients! Thank you so much: I am in total ore.
5 Hannah
Love this palette! So beautifully packaged and with a useful brush too (although the brush does pick up a LOT of colour so be careful). The colours allow you to create beautiful daytime and evening looks and are all so perfectly pigmented. I think this palette will last well and there are no colours that I wouldn't use. I've already had tonnes of compliments on my makeup when wearing it! Also beauty bay as usual amazing service and super fast delivery.
5 fiona
I absolutely fell in love with this palette when I first saw it.The colours are always so pigmented and this palette is all you need because the colours are just all in that one palette. Took a while to get here, but I'm a very patient person :) so thank you beautybay for the best service xx
5 Poppy
BEST PURCHASE EVER! I am so so in love with this palette, I have many high end palettes I have found not to be worth the money but I adore this. The pigmentation is real with this palette. The colours are also so lovely and versatile, you can create so many looks with this palette. I don' use the brush as it is not the best but it's worth it for the shades.
5 Miriam Selbek
in love
5 jenna
Absolutely in love with palette! Has the most perfect amount of shades so you can so do many looks with just this one palette, the eyeshadow are so pigmented and buttery by far my favourite palette from anastasia, and amazing delivery services from beauty bay, comes so quick even on standard delivery!
5 Jessica
By far the best eyeshadow palette i have ever used!! I am in love!!!
5 Ellie
I used this palette for the first time yesterday and can say that it's already one of my all time favourites !! Absolutely amazing quality, could't be more pleased :)
5 Cupcake
I absolutely love this palette! It blends like butter and the colours are SOOO gorgeous! I know many feel the price is a bit steep but for the quantity and quality of the product I think it's great (considering there is a very good brush included). Would recommend, definitely for those who are new to eye makeup as it is so easy to use. In love!
5 J
Absolutely amazing!!
5 Natalie Buchanan
This palette has just gone to my number one all time favourite. The colours are so divine and I use them all. The quality is second to none. So creamy and buttery extremely pigmented and very easy to blend for that professional makeup look. Such a good price for what you get. This will last for ages as you only need a little bit to go a long way. My ultimate palette for day to nighttime. Would highly recommend this gorgeous Anastasia B Hills palette. Has the right amount of beautiful mattes and the shimmery ones aren't too shimmery, just perfect.
5 Caitlin
Amazing quality, so buttery and lovely and great colour payoff
5 Larisa
Best palette that I own! Very pigmented and easy to blend eyeshadows. Highly recommend it!
5 Cristina
This palette is great. The colors are beautiful and super pigmented. If you don't already own it, maybe you should reconsider. :D
5 Francisca
The most beautiful palette I have ever seen! The 14 shades are extremely pigmented and have that really nice Italian feeling to it. I do not think I can find a better palette for the Fall. I truly recommend it!
5 lucia
order this palette. All the colours are amazing very pigmented and love anastasia, please bring anastasia lipglossess again :)
5 Becky Key
This is a glorious creation. Nearly all matte, with the most beautiful, blendable, buttery formula - I just can't fault this palette at all. It does run very warm, but it's really easy to create looks that are totally wearable for every day. I find even on my oily lids these shadows hang around for hours - oh, and the brush is decent too! 5 stars!!
5 Nina
This palette has by far the most pigmented eye shadows out there! They are all really easy to work with and the brush is very good quality too! Would recommend for all!
5 Shannice
I have three makeup palettes (Which I love) but this may just be my favourite, it's so pigmented - blends like a dream and the brush inside is actually pretty good. I'm not keen on the packaging but it's absolutely beautiful. I'm so glad I ordered it, and first class service from Beauty Bay!
5 Iman
This is such a beautiful palette- to be honest I was expecting this to be an overhyped palette, but boy was i wrong! i got this on next day delivery (Which was amazing! thank you beauty bay!)- and as soon as i swatched a few i was pleasantly surprised- the shadows are super creamy and pigmented- i must admit its one of the best I've tried and thats saying a lot. Its definitely worth it The only negative is the brush- the blending side is a little scratchy and just ends up kicking up a tonne of product.

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