Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow Pencil

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow Pencil

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  • Auburn
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  • Caramel
  • Dark Brown
  • Granite
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5 Jenny
I didnt buy this product from here, but bought it just over a year ago in America. I think its way under rated in comparison to other ABH products, because I have been using it almost every day for over a year and I've got a little less than a quarter of the pencil still left and I use it daily to fill in and lengthen my eyebrows. You can go for a natural hair look on your eyebrows or make them bold depending on how much you press, and if you use any brow setter it will stay on permanently until removed on areas with hair and fade sometimes on places without. I draw parts of my eyebrows on and you cant rub that part against anything because it will come off, but on places with hair it stays even when rubbed which is very impressive. Its only a bit more than the brow wiz, which I've heard lasts about 6 months when used daily, whilst I find the pencil isnt even finished after 13 months.
5 Angela G
I found this product using a Google search for make up for redheads and the shade "Caramel" came up for me. I was delighted to be able to order this product and receive quickly from the UK. I am 39, it's the first time I ever tried a brow pencil and it looks amazing. It really frames my face and looks great either with day make-up or evening without being too severe. I would 100% recommend it to anyone considering buying it.
5 Kathleen
For some strange reason, I prefer this over brow wiz. I guess I like a classic way of filling in the brows. Great stuff when you are rushing and you don't have time to use a brow pomade.
5 Naz
I was on the search for a good quality brow pencil for absolutely ages!!!! And I found this product which not only makes my eyebrows look natural but is very easy to use as well. The brush at the end is nice and strong. I would highly recommend this product!
5 Quynh
Best brow pencil! Buy it and you won't ever need to look for another one. Literally, the pencil lasts forever, I have used mine for more than 3 years and still have plenty. It's waxy enough to thicken your brow hair naturally and the color matches perfectly with my medium asian skin tone and black hair (I use Dark Brown). Very happy with it.
5 Kylie
This pencil is a game changer. It's so natural and easy to use. Plus the spoolie on the end is magic! Will repurchase!
My brows look natural with it
5 Rebecca
I've got auburn hair so it can be difficult to find a suitable eyebrow pencil. Funnily enough, rather than using the brow pencil in auburn, I use caramel and it's the perfect match for my hair! I found that auburn didn't look natural at all, so I'd steer clear of that one if you actually have auburn hair. A really great, cruelty-free product!
5 Katie
Great product! Hardly ever have to sharpen it
5 Anna
My favourite eyebrow pencil!! The brush on the end also helps me shape it before I fill it in which is useful!!
5 Georgia
This is the best eyebrow pencil I have ever used, i have black hair and use granite and its not too dark at all! its definitely worth the money!
5 Sylvia
Defenetly must have product! Super easy to use and gives some fantastic results!!! Love it!!! Best pencil I bought and for the quality the price is fantastic!
5 Cecylia
Great and easy to use! Must have in my make up bag! :)

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