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Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Series Contour Cream Kit Medium

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Series Contour Cream Kit Medium Zoom
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5 Kit
Super impressed with this pallets. At first I found it hard to blend so now I use beauty drops with it. In love with it purely because of the banana shade. I thought the colours looked too dark for me but they compliment me so well. It also doesn't slip and slide around my face like other cream contours do so I can wear it all day long without touching up my makeup.
5 Gabrielle Davies
The quality of these creams are amazing! So blendable and gives a lush look on the skin. Love shopping on beauty bay the delivery is always quick :)
5 beautybay@istanbul
I use this contour kit with some drops of prep primer. High quality is available with Beautybay
3 Grace
Found this very hard to use and blend and the two darker browns were too dark on me and wouldn't say I have pale skin. I did like the pinky shade and it was ok just not for the price. I ending up selling it on depop and the girl accused me of selling her a fake so i guess that shows the standard you get. I've heard the powder version is way better.
4 Marita
I dont use this much as i feel like for contouring these colors are too warm and the contour kit was too dark for my skin tone, i have olive skin so i bought the light one and its a lot better.You dont need to use much as a little really does go a long way.
5 Tropez
I love the ABH powder contour kit and so I had no disbelief in the fact that the cream would also be amazing and I was correct! The contour shades are perfect for my fake tanned skin tone. However the bright red colour took a bit of getting used too. But I love it now and it's a great colour corrector for under the eyes. Well done ABH and BeauyBay aswell for the great delivery time!!!
5 Samiah
Definitely worth the splurge! Easy to blend and lasts all day. Amazing product quality & rich colours.
5 ID69989 Stela
Thanks for fair treatment of beautybay.com . The palette is great for professional use.
4 Katherine
I really like this pallet, it has amazing shades for contour and highlighting. I just found it a bit hard to blend but overage is great
5 Charley
After watching youtube bloggers saying how hard it is to blend and use this pallet it was a risk buying. BUT a little goes a realllyyy long way and I'm literally in LOVE. Banana is amazing for under eyes.
5 Barbana
I was very concerned that i might not know hot to use this Kit . The second it arrived i started doing my contour and I have to say it is very easy to use, the colours apply so easily and they blend magically. I have a very dry skin but it works perfectly for me I don't have to use moisturiser underneath at all. I am very satisfied with beauty bay and i am definitely going to recommend this site to all of my friends!
3 Becky
This product is OK, I don't find myself reaching out for it very often.The formula is not creamy so you must use an oil such as vitamin e oil to make it creamy and much easier to blend. I feel like this can easily look over the top so you must be careful when applying. I really liked the banana shade in the medium palette as it highlighted my under eyes well. The darker shades look almost muddy on my skin and unflattering at times.This is not really suitable for everyday wear and I would recommend buying the powder contour palette by Anastasia over this as it is good for night and day looks and lasts all day.
5 Sara Cook
I absolutely love this product it's amazing for when you're doing your all out contour for nights out. Highly pigmented and very blendable. This is also a very good brand I have many other products from this range
2 Amy Grant
All perfect on beauty bays part but So disappointed this kit seems to have totally changed from last year. It's way darker and creamier than the first time I bought the kit. I'm gutted as I LOVED this kit before and now I can't get used to it at all. People did complain it wasn't creamy enough to and didn't apply easy at the beginning but with a bit of spray on your brush the kit was totally perfect and now I'm not a fan at all. Gutted.
1 Daria tabaka
Was so upset as the picture is nothing like the colours on the photo so I had just wasted money on this pallets also concealer just creases under your eyes and it takes some time to blend do not recommend this
5 Nargis
Awesome brand, we don't have it here in Afghanistan so I got shipped to Dubai to a friends house and she brought it for me. The products is great. I hope we could also buy other products of your company from here.
5 Sarah
I have this pallet and I am really pleased with it I have really dark circles and I find it's perfect used as a concealer for under the eyes the only issue is I only really use the two lighter shades the darkest light one I use to conceal and then the yellow one issue to put over I to brighten and also to contour I use the lightest dark as I tend to find the other dark colours make my face look dirty but I use to darkest colour for my eyebrows I am just running out of the yellow colour now and just wish I could buy it desperate coz as I have hardly used the rest of the colours and would feel it's a waste to buy the whole thing again so I was debating weather to get the lighter pallet as it has a lot more lighter shades on in which I might use more of the shades in that one although I'm reluctant incase there more pinky shades as I'm a yellow undertone. Xx
5 sanna
This is by far the best contour kit i have ever used!! Would highly recomend this product
4 Leanne
Only contour kit I will use!! So easy to blend and perfect colour. Love that it includes a colour corrector too. Only problem is that if you have it for a while it starts to go a bit horrible and harder to blend. Also found I used the banana shade a lot quicker than the others.
5 cheyenne
5 Laura
I Love it!! I Love this product because it's so smooth and it is easy to Blend it. The price is perfect ! I will buy a new one but in light and next Month i will buy the Same again!
5 Emily St Claire
This is the ideal product for contouring in the industry now, the highlighting and contouring shades work seamlessly together to create a flawless look, I am so glad I purchased this product and recommend you do aswell. Blend well and I ensure you will have perfect looking skin, the trick is to keep blending!!
4 Noreen
Amazing contour kit! I got this last year and have been using on clients.. It is amazing easy to blend amazing coverage & buildable if you need more .. anastasia beverly hills products are all good qualit .
5 Rosie
So so so so good! Blends beautifully, straight forward to use and well worth the money, it leaves my skin great! Also came super fast and was really well packed
5 Aml
Love it . Arrived to israel in 30 days , look amazing
5 Kirsty
Amazing! So glad I purchased this contour kit! Easy to apply, blends so easy and a little goes a long way so it will last for ages!! When it arrived the colours looked quite dark and I thought I would never use them however it's perfect for daytime or night makeup! The pinky shade covers bags under eyes brilliantly! love this kit, definitely recommend it !!
5 Lucy
The makeup palettes itself is absolutely fab and is very easy to apply! Best cream contour ive ever had. It's very easy to blend and matches well with the skin. No creases are left and is very smooth to apply within seconds.
5 marine
Un seul mot pour dcrire cette palette: MAGNIFIQUE ! Plus que satisfaite de mon achat, les fards sont crmeux souhait. Je nai pas encore travaill toutes les couleurs mais pour le peu utilis, je vous recommande fortement cette palette au mme titre que le site
5 Laura
Bought this kit about 6 months ago and it's still going! The colours are so creamy and feel smooth to apply. I actually use the darkest colour for my eyebrows sometimes as it's a bit like the 'dip brow pomade' Very impressed. (-:
5 Maria
I love it. Shipped and arrived fast, without any scratch. I love this kit, it blends out super easily and covers well. I have dry skin and it works fine with a good moisturising cream. Will definitely order again from here
5 Vic
In love with this contour kit! Best makeup product I have ever purchased!
5 Courtney
This is amazing! Completely under estimated the power of contouring until I used this, it has amazing coverage and lasts literally all day. One of the best buys ever.
5 Sasha
Love this kit! Creamy if you warm up the product with your skin, I have dry skin and applies fine :)
5 Megan
I would not recommend this product if you have dry skin, I found the highlight colours easy to blend with a beauty blender but the contour colours very hard to blend and they left a muddy look on my face. I also find you have to put a lot of product on the brush to give you a good coverage.
5 Maria Gordon
Best cream contour kit ever! All the colours are very creamy and blends perfectly on the skin. Very happy With it! Just ordered the fair kit and I cant wait to use it!
5 Edita
I just love Anastasia Beverly Hills and they are all worth the money.
5 Aisha
Love the product, blends easily and worth every penny!
5 Funda
This contour kit is amazing! It is a little bit dry but I really don't care cause the result is perfect!
5 Joanna
Love it definitely buy again.
5 Carissa
Love this palette already wanting all the different shade! Brought with the Morphe contour set and makes contouring so effortless. And the best price I have found for this in UK!
5 Sian
By far the best contour palette, perfect colours, perfect definition unreal finish and blends quickly and easily. MUST BUY. it's worth the price in my opinion.
5 Francesca
Came sooo fast and in a beautiful box, the item is absolutely amazing blends beautiful and very high quality.
5 Chloe
If you are looking to purchase this I would definitely recommend!!! I've been telling everyone about this product and this website! I'm soo obsessed with this! Really well pigmented and extremely easy to blend! It's just amazing and will 100% be getting more!!
4 Summer
It's a good palette, very blendable however I am a NW10 in Mac so extremely fair and have the fair option and the two highlight shades are still not light enough for me! But it does offer great coverage so I love it as a brightening concealer. The contour shades are incredible, very grey based. The shimmer shade is very Vaseline-like and I find no shimmer shows up at all alone, so I do layer it with starlight by ABH and u find its a great base for the powder.
5 Chanel
Blends perfectly and so suited to my skin tone and such fast delivery!
5 Ell
LOVEEEE, I was sceptical at first because of the price but then again I am a total cheapskate but I found out this is well worth the money, makes your makeup look flawless and more professional, I paired it with Morphe brushes contour set and it blended sooo well!
4 Georgia
Light weight on your face and has a very high coverage!! The darker shades are very warm and I personally prefer a cooler toned contour however they still work well and that is personal preference. Overall very happy with this product!
5 Rimsha
Absolutely love this! Was really hesitant whether to purchase this item at first but ahhh now I'm so glad I did! Lovely to apply and blend, definitely can create a dramatic look. Purchased the anastasia powder contour kit now as this one was so good!
5 Zaneera
Amazing products, one of my favorite makeup brands and a very good service provided by beautybay, just ordered my products yesterday and today they are here. Really pleased with the service definitely will recommend beauty bay to all.
5 abi
definitely need this product in your makeup collection. if you want perfect contour this gives you it. blends so easily it's unreal, can be a little dry when trying to get the product on your brush however I don't mind it and others say if you add a little facial oil to it then it gets creamier. the palette is bigger than I expected which is great, going to have to get all the shades because it is just great.
5 Eva
Tried it so many times before and loved it, so happy I've just purchased my own! Goes on like a dream and looks amazing
5 Tayler
Love this contour palette! Blends so well makes your skin look great! Delivery was fast packaged very well!
5 Karlie
So excited to get this product. It blends seamlessly and looks natural and is so much cheaper than in Australia.
5 Jane
I've been wanting this all my life! Glad i found this site. This is a must have contour kit for everyone who loves contouring. High coverage, non- greasy and love it with 6 diff types of colors including the color correction too! You will definitely going to love this! Satisfying!
5 Jasmine
I love the creamy texture of this product, it glides on smoothly with the use of a makeup sponge (beauty blender). I also only needed to use a little, so hopefully this product will last. If it does, then it's definitely worth the money. Created a great look, I've only used for evening wear as I feel it's not worth it for everyday. Highly recommended!
5 Anika Siddik
I love the cream contour kit it's amazing
5 Miré
This palette is amazing, blends in so well, and feels amazing on the skin!! I can really recommend this! I'm in love with it :)
5 Sandra
Wonderful product! I use this in conjunction with the powder equivalent and the results are amazing. The kit is of a superb quality, blends wonderfully and a little goes a long way therefore it is very economical. I have bought all shades of the contouring kit as my skin tans easily and the light kit is a little too pale for me during the summer months. If you are looking for a contour kit, I would strongly recommend the Anastasia Beverley Hills kits as a contender to consider.
5 Bianca
I'm so impressed with this product! I bought it two days ago and it arrived yesterday and I'm in love. For the people that are saying the consistency is dry, it's really not. I would recommend using a moisturiser on your skin before applying if you find it dry, but its so creamy I don't see how it can be dry. It blends so well too which I find important for contouring as there's nothing worse than trying to contour and it looks all muddy and thick. But yes, the ABH cream contour kit is amazing! Completely worth the money. Also another bonus is that the palettes are 4.5g each, so they're pretty big which means it will last you longer.
5 Alisha
Wow!! This is amazing , so creamy and easy to apply! I didn't need a base foundation as it was so nice and thick I would Defoo recommend Xxx will be purchasing in the future x

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