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Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Series Contour Kit Light-Medium

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Series Contour Kit Light-Medium Zoom
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5 Lid
All time favorite contour kit! LOVE! Very pigmented but so easy to blend and does not look muddy at all on the face. Makes me look chizzled and feel confident
5 greis
I think this is a really great palette for any beginner who is interested in learning to contour. That being said, I think it can still be a great asset to any growing makeup collection or kit.Its wide variety of shades are suitable for most skin tones with the exception of probably those with extremely light or dark skin. For those with lighter skin, I would suggest contouring using Fawn. Those with medium skin should stick to Java. And lastly those with darker skin should fall in love with Havana. I think all the highlight shades are fantastic and like there is a shimmer one as well. I especially love Banana as its yellow undertones mask virtually any redness and is perfect for setting your under eye concealer. Each shade is very pigmented and applies smooth. When using a brush, I noticed that the formulas are very powdery and tend to make a mess on the palette. Since they are so powdery, I advise knocking off you brush of any excess before applying it to your face.
5 Lauren
Can't believe I've haven't got it before!! It is smaller then I thought, but it's good because then u can bring it around with you! The pigmentation is amazing and I've bought it for my mum and grandmother for Mother's Day and just heard from them and they love it! So easy for people who are starting off makeup or maybe not very good at it! Love it ?? x
5 Emilia
4 Al
If your looking for a good powder contour pallet then this is the one! It comes with a range of colours so something suits everyone who is within the light to medium skin tone range. I'm quiet pale so I was worried about the darker shades looking dirty on my face but I was wrong! The shades I mainly use is the middle contour shade (fawn) to contour with as it's quiet cool toned and the lightest powder (vanilla) under my eyes and under where I contour. The other shades in it are also nice and I tend to use them from time to time. It is a great pallet and I'm so glad I own it as I use it almost everytime I wear makeup.
5 Anna
Amazing !!!! Love the pan size, the pigmentation and it really gives you that shadow you want to create the perfect contour !!
5 Courtney
This product is amazing!! Tried many other contour products from different brands and nothing compares to this.
5 Nazia Begum
Sister bought this for me, love the variety of pigmented colours
5 Maddy
I ordered this for my friend's birthday and can I just say the customer service is excellent. I ordered this on a Saturday at 5.30pm and it arrived the next day at 12.30pm. And the best thing is, is that I didn't even pay for next day delivery or anything, I did standard shipping!
5 caciulan
5 Jas
5 shafiqah
I love this product sooooo much!!! like seriously !! im obsessed with this product and this is the only contour palette i have!!! and i dont think im changing to a different one soon..
3 Zara
Don't think this product was worth my money, as I only use two shades.
5 Lauren
My favourite contour palette. The shades suit my skin tone perfectly. It is highly pigmented and not at all chalky. The powders are so easy to blend. All round good palette.
4 Kitty
4 olivia
The product came super quickly, looks lovely but the highlight doesn't look very pigmented, can't wait to try it!!
5 Jade
Such an amazing product!! Got spoilt by my best friend, only use for special occasions, will definitely buy the refills when I run out!!!
5 Jess
Highly pigmented. Normally only a fan of cream contour but can confidently say that this is the only powder contour set that i stick by so far that has managed to get me better results than cream makeup.
5 Emma
Such a nice, easy to use product, I'm very fair skinned, so the banana shade is little too yellow on me, Havana and Java and slightly too orange, but fawn is the one!! I still use all the shades, just little by little. Anastasia, you are a genius!
5 Moira Robinson
5 Arlinda
Super product ich empfehle euch !!!
5 Pops
5 Leah
After hearing so many good reviews I was excited to get this, I was amazing at how much you get for your money, however although I love it and use it almost every day Im not as inlove with it as i expected to be, its really just a hyped up hoola (benefit) with a few other shades which are either way to dark for me or too orange! dont really have much use for the lighter shades any more, i did use them at first but some are too yellow for my face or too dark. Good product and I would purchase again but maybe try buying a single colour first thats all thats really needed!
5 Michaela
I am I am happy that I ordered this pallet. For the first time I saw it at my favorite girl Christen Dominique and then I watched recommendations online. Very I am happy with product and service of Beauty Bay. Finally somebody who sells such products in Europe! Finally I do not have to pay customs.
5 Nina
Seriously great product! It is very pigmented and blend smoothly. Would definitely recommend this palette. x
5 Siret
Very pigmented product. Love it.
5 Miriam
I totally and completely love this product! The results are amazing, far more better than I imagined. The pigments are rich and easy to blend! Perfection!
5 laura
I love my contour kit. Even for the pale people like myself you can use the contour shades in this palette, and i love the highlighters, they give an amazing effect on the skin!??
5 Line
I love this product. It's very good and very pigmented. I love ABH.
5 Urska
This product is sooo amazing!
5 Meg Nor-Mally
WOWZAZ such an amazing product!! Use it everyday and I'm always amazed by the results of the finish and pigmentation!
5 Brenda Higgin
When will anastasiia cream kit light be in stock
5 Misba
I love this palette. It's definitely the best contour palette, the formula is so pigmented and easy to blend and the colours are perfect for light to medium skin. The palette lasts you a really long time si it's definitely worth the money.
5 Caitlyn
This product is amazing! it's very pigmented and the colours are amazing! i can't see myself going back to another contour kit again. Not only was the product amazing, the delivery came so quick! very pleased with it and 100% recommend!
5 Sophia
I'm so glad I finally bought this! I was debating wether or not to get this for a while it I got it a couple of weeks ago and i have been using it non stop. The shades are perfect for contouring and are very blendable and work well with my skin
5 Han
I LOVEE this product soo much, very good, very pigmented highly recommend it to EVERYONE, affordable, great size and came next day!
5 Avantika
My order just arrived today... It's magic... I'm so glad I invested in this contour palette it's so pigmented and just blends of so well with the skin. So happy to have it finally!!xx
5 Ana Tolj
The best product ever!!
5 Shagufta
This is so amazing contour kit
5 Sophia
This is great! Very pigmented and great colors. I do recommend this mostly for warm skin tones, as the colors are on the orangey side.
5 Francisca
I never had a contour kit but this caught my attention. And I must say I was not disappointed! I tried it with and without foundation and both the results were fantastic. The colours are very pigmented but blend perfectly. Besides, as soon as I run out of any colour I can simply purchase a pan of it individually. I do recommend it!
3 Morsal
My Sister got this pallete for my birthday gift but compared to what I have seen it is really small like half of what i actually thought it would be.
5 Denisa
Excellent! I can say i'm in love with the kit. Makes me feel like i'm Kim Kardashian. And lovely customer service :)
5 Nyssa
There's a good reason this kit is a cult favourite. It gives an amazingly natural contour and highlight. The powders are very easy to work with and I recommend this to everyone!
5 Ella
In love with this contour kit! Definitely one of the best ones I've used, a little goes a long way so you can definitely get the most for your money!
5 Megan
So beautiful, easy to apply just the right amount and doesn't fade throughout the day!!
5 Jonelle
AMAZING!! I could never reallyContour but bought this as I wanted to use some good quality makeup for my prom. I am so happy with how easy it is to use and how well it stays on.
5 Danielle
This is a beautiful palette with very blendable colours. Honestly some of the best contour powders! For me the most significant part about why I liked this palette is it didn't crease my undereye concealer when I set it with them. Fantastic
4 Leanne
Love it! Always use on top of the cream contour kit to set it. However the powders start to go a get horrible after a while if you have had it for a long time and use a lot.
5 Stacey
After purchasing many contour kits and not being happy with them i finally ordered this kit after reading so many positive reviews and i'm so glad i did. I have fair skin and the colours are so natural looking and compliment my skin so well and are long lasting. I will definitely be recommending this product to others
5 Lisa
Love this product with easy light application.
5 Kelsie
LOVE THEM! So soft and excellent quality. Would totally recommend.
5 sabrina
This is amazing, it is not drying and so much better than other ones I've tried. If one of the pans run out, I can even buy them again here online! I have tanned skin, and it even suits me perfectly! It is worth the money people!
5 Chandni verma
REVIEW- ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS CONTOUR KIT(LIGHT TO MEDIUM)- The palette comprises of six shades.- The top line has 3 powder highlighting shades (L-R) Vanilla, Banana, and Sand.- The base column has 3 powder contouring shades (L-R) Java, Fawn, and Havana.- All the shades are matte, aside from Sand which has shimmer.- Extraordinary palette for any beginner who is occupied with figuring out how to shape. - Its wide assortment of shades are suitable for most skin tones except for presumably those with to a great degree light or dull skin.WHICH COLOUR TO USE ACCORDING TO YOUR SKIN TYPE- For those with lighter skin, I would recommend contouring using Fawn. - Those with medium skin ought to stick to Java. - Those with darker skin should use Havana.- I particularly adore Banana as its yellow undercurrents cover for all intents and purposes any redness and is ideal for setting your under eye concealer. - Every shade is extremely pigmented and applies smooth. - This palette is usually out of stock so grab yours as soon as possible.
5 Shanaz
Love love LOVE this palette! This palette has seriously become my holy grail. The contour shade is perfect it's not ashy at all. Really glad I purchased this. x
5 Georgie
Really LOVE this contour palette and is seriously worth the money! The banana shade from the light-medium palette is great for setting the under eye concealer and the rest of the shades are excellent for sculpting out your face.
5 Emma
I love this contour kit! It has perfect colours which blend so well on my skin, I've had it over 5 months and barely made a dent in it. Would highly recommend to anyone who loves make up, it's definitely work the money!!
5 Jasmin Ali
5 Ayesha rahman
This contour kit is amazing, it lasts all day conparee to any other brand, and gives you a flawless contoured look, glades on nicely,would never change my contour kit.
5 Betija
Love this contour kit! Very pigmented, buttery and smooth. I use it for every occasion. If you are questioning yourself about buying it - just buy it, because this is the only contouring palette you will ever need!
5 Sarah
Love love love this product. I have pale skin but it's still great even with a tan or if I get a spray tan. A little really does go a long way. All the colours are fab and apply beautifully. I'm trying to keep this for best but I just use it every day!! Only thing I would say not that (please note this wouldnt put me off buying it again though) I thought it be a bigger palette. I love the fact it's refillable too.
5 Niamh clift
This is such a good product, it came today and I only ordered it yesterday and the colours are amazing and it creates a gorgeous contour xx
5 Alicia
I love this contour kit, it's not too big so easy for travel and the shades are spot on for my skin tone! Absolutely love it
4 Paige0712
Amazing !! Sets beautifully can wear for any occasion and gives the perfect finish x
4 Chloe
Love this palette the contour is amazing over any foundation and my skin i oily and last all day. it also last a long time had mine for over 6 months and still full!
5 nicol
Yo soy de chile se paga cuando llega o se paga en la pagina me gusta mucho los contornos.
5 Manuela
Absolutely LOVE my ABH Contour kit! Best contour kit I have ever had. A little goes a long way as the colours are quite pigmented.
5 Barbara
Excelent product! Second time i purchased it. I'm from Chile (South America) and both times it arrived right to my frontdoor without paying anything extra. Would definitely buy again. The product is amazing i love it!
5 Lizzy
Love this palette. I have used so many other contour kits and this is the best one! The powders are buttery and blend like a dream. They are the most pigmented shades I have used. I love how you can refill the palette. A little colour goes a long way. Will definitely be repurchasing this when I hit pan!
5 Candiece
Fabulous, ummed and ahhed whether or not to buy this as I've wasted so much money on contouring but this is fabulous. Got light to medium even though I do fake tan I thought this would suit my skin better. Absolutely worth the money wish I'd have bought it sooner.
5 Reanne
I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! Everything from Anastasia is heavenly - and its cruelty free with is an added bonus for me, it blends perfectly and the highlighter shades are to die for! I have the cream contour kit as well but I only use that when I want a more dramatic look eg. When I'm going out.
5 Niamh
I have been searching to find this product on a UK site for so long, but could never find it and could never bring myself to pay the postage from America! I was ecstatic when I found it on Beauty Bay, along with several other Anastasia products I had been lusting over for so long. I ordered it straight away and was happy to see that delivery was free and that the product would arrive within 2 days :) When it arrived I couldn't believe the high quality of the product, and the range of colours it offered for countouring. The Fawn shade is the shade I wear for everyday makeup, and I like to go darker if I'm going out so use Havanna or Java, whichever best suits the colour of my tan. The Banana shade is perfect for brightening up dark areas of the face such as under the eyes. The palette can also double as an eyeshadow pallete, I have used every shade for my eyes, and have found that they are extremely pigmented and can blend well with other shadows! Thank you Beauty Bay for finally allowing me to get my hands on this product, it lived up to all my expectations! Can't wait to sample more products X
5 pinar
This contour palette is amazing, I use this one more often than my cream one as it's easier to put on when on a rush. If you have oily or problemed skin going for a powder based contour kit is better as it won't budge and will help reduce the oiliness of your skin, so if you're looking for a great contour kit you found the one!
5 Reut
This palette is AMAZING !! super pigmented and buttery textured, very good colours for light skin, I'm in love with it !!!
5 Felicia
Amazing Palette. I do tend to use the banana shade the most along with Fawn but so handy to bring with you over the weekend and to reach in the morning when you're doing your makeup. Will definitely keep purchasing.
5 Jenny
Anastasia have done it again, these contour shadows are absolutely amazing, fawn is my everyday contour shade and all of them blend so smooth. Havana is pretty to bronze the face with, at least for my skin tone. When I first bought it I hated the banana color, but now is it an must have, using it to brighten my under eye area. Vanilla is amazing for setting my eyeshadow primer and blend out my nose contouring, even setting my foundation on more trouble areas. When I want a more dramatic look and when I'm more tanned am I using Java to contour. The highlight shade is pretty as well, but I'm not using it that much. I love the fact that you can pop the shadows out, I store mine in a Z palette. Thank you for reading, hope you're convinced, hugs!
5 Leanne
Whether you want to go natural or dramatic, this contour palette is perfect for any look. It's pigmented and incredibly easy to blend. The colours compliment my complexion nicely and never look patchy or chunky. They always look incredibly smooth no matter what I have as a base. Definitely recommend to everyone and I'll certainly be repurchasing when I've run out (which I don't think will be any time soon as a little goes a long way, so it's going to last a while).
5 Amy
I absolutely love this product, better than any other Contour powders I've used before!
5 Shamira
Talked myself out of buying this so many times! I'm sorry I didn't order sooner. Great variety of shades for sculpting the face and banana is amazing for under eye highlight. Fast delivery, safely package and excellent customer service. I've already placed another order.
5 Stefani
This is now in my every day make up routine, can not imagine my make up with out the Fawn contour colour! Great texture and quality. Really nice and sleek looking too :) Love it!!
5 Ellen
The only powdered contour kit I will ever use! Shades are super pigmented and so easy to use and look so effective on your face when finished, 100% recommend and will buy again.
5 Sophie
Amazing product !! Delivery was fast and it's such an easy product to work with, anyone who is thinking about buying it DO IT it's so worth the price and i will 100% be repurchasing.
5 Leonor
Love the color selection, I thought I wouldn't be able to wear all the colors, because I just didn't see purpose for all of them, but as I got to play more with the kit I started using all of them. The powder are smooth and nicely pigmented. Overall great product.
5 Natasa
Love it. Great product!!
5 Alexis
I didn't realise how small the palette was! Nevertheless, I am happy with the quality and the colours suite my skin tone. Thanks Beauty Bay for supplying overseas products to us!
5 Shiful
This was my first purchase of this brand and I have to say it's amazing. The powders blend so well and stay on all day, the contour shades were perfect for my light to medium complexion and the pigmentation is very good. And the highlight shade in sand is so pretty, no chunky glitter just tiny insy glimmer and better than my Benefit moon beam highlighter. And the bannana shade is divine.
5 Kim
I use this kit every single time I do my makeup. It can be used for a subtle daytime look but can also be layered up to create a dramatic contour. The colours are very pigmented and so easy to blend. A little definitely goes a long way. I absolutely love the highlighter, it creates such a gorgeous glow! The only downside is the colour Vanilla doesn't really seem to show up on my skin tone at all, however the rest of the colours are perfect and more than make up for it!
2 Halta
I really wish I loved this product as much as everyone else, especially after paying so much for it! I decided to try contouring and I thought if I'm going to do it I'm going to do it with the perfect contour kit. Maybe it's my fault for not doing it properly, but i've followed so many guides and I think it's just the product itself. The different shades of brown are great and they blend in so well. The lighter shades however I've not even bothered using. They don't show up at all on my face, and do nothing in terms of highlighting. It is a good product- but for the price it's definitely not worth it! Like I said, maybe i'm just doing something wrong but I doubt it...
5 Jasmine
I love it, put off buying it for ages but it was totally worth definitely one of my holy grail items now!
5 Sukhjit
Love this product, its so easy to create a nicely blended contour look, would recommend to all, very easy to use!
5 Steven
Really good and versatile powder contour kit. The powders are pigmented, but easy to blend. Definitely worth the price tag and WILL be a repurchase in the future.
5 Lisa
Great powder contour product, love the highlighter.
5 Charlotte
What a great product this is, amazing quality and a great price, every girl (and some lads) needs one of these, fast and well packed delivery, some products are cheaper on Beauty Bay and just as good as anywhere else, will most definitely be buying from here again soon.
5 Sally
This is the first time I've bought Anastasia products and I will be buying many many more! After watching a lot of make up tutorials and through Instagram accounts this product was recommended over and over again! I absolutely love this product, so easy to use and all the colours are great. I also bought the brow powder duo in dark brown and the corresponding brow brush, and this product is also brilliant! So worth it for the money! I am an Anastasia Beverley hills convert!!
5 Kerry
Well to start, very fast delivery, Beauty Bay are amazing for this, quick and easy to purchase things! I absolutely love this palette, use almost everyday. Best contour kit I have ever owned and I won't look back! Suttle enough to wear and not look like you're caked in makeup. Worth the purchase and I highly recommend. If you are the type who doesn't know where everything goes there is a lot of YouTube tutorials, pictures etc. out there to help you with it. Banana and java are 100% my favs and the bronzers are good for a transition shade for your eyeshadow too! A must buy! x
5 Kersti
One of my favourite contour kit! Looks natural, but can be layered for more dramatic look. Creamy enough!
5 Aniqa
Absolutely love this contour palette, it's just so perfect and makes contouring so much easier! Once again, Beauty Bay never fail to impress with their delivery service, arrived within the next day of my order date! xx
4 Hanna
Great pigments. Beautiful Packaging. I just thought the colours are a bit lighter.
5 Rania
I receive the product very quick and in very well condition!! sure will not be the last time I buy from the website :)
5 Maria
Excellent service, I recived the parcel in time and I am so happy with my make up!
5 Selcan
The product arrived within 2 days which was great! The palette holds 6 different colours that are perfect for a natural contour but can be built up for more predominant enhancements. Anastasia created a palette that is cruelty free which is always a plus. If you have sensitive skin like me, this product will cause no concern and no breakouts as it is hypoallergenic (dermatologist tested). This product is worth the value as there are 6 shades (3.0g each). Therefore this palette is definitely more useful as there are set of colours to use according to your undertone. Finally, the texture. The texture is amazing! No patchiness and no lack of pigmentation! It has a airbrushed, flawless finish. I will definitely purchase it again!
5 Charee
Best contour kit ever!! Love it. Fast deliver!!!beautybay is awesome! Just placed another order.
5 asifa
5 Natalya
Brilliant! Ordered Thursday evening and arrived Friday afternoon! Best contour kit iv ever had will never use another brand! Xx
5 Muniba
Excellent service and delivery took no time, one of the best contour kits out there. Definitely worth a purchase, contouring colours for any type of undertone.
5 Lisa
This contour palette is a must have in every girl's makeup collection! Always pleased with beautybay's safe and fast delivery
5 Beth
Amazing contour kit, I order Sunday morning and arrived Monday morning. Fab service and great product
5 Xo
Amazing, a lovely selection of shades to chose from
5 Chelsea moffatt
It is the most amazing palet ever!! Goes on the skin perfect and has the most flawless blend, would definitely recommend and now I have used it I would never use another brand! Absolutely love it
5 poonam
awsome contour kit... one of the best brand,,, luvd it
5 Amy
Orders always arrive so quickly. This palette is fab great colours and easy to use! Kk eat your heart out!
5 Hollie Clark
Amazing website! Absolutely in love with my product will never ever go to another contour kit!! Highly recommend!
5 Demi
Just received this product absolutely loved it. It arrived in perfect condition and wi defiantly be ordering more products from your site thank you :)
5 Kayla
Such good products!! Would love to spend much more!
5 Paula
This contour kit is amazing! It has six beautiful shades, one powder, highlighter, banana powder, and 3 contour/ Bronzer shades, when I first got this through the post it was packaged very well! And all compact, nothing was wrong with it at all, the packaging of the Anastasia contour kit is very sleek and easy to handle, all the shades and formula are very smooth and silky, they blend very nicely on top of foundation or even on there own! I would say from pale- people who get a tint of a tan on holiday should get this! As I'm tanned and I found that the light one is perfect for me, but if your pale you can easily use a light hand with the contour shades. I think the highlighter is universal for everyone and so is the powder and banana powder. About beauty bay, I think the product came very quickly and I was happy with how it came and how it was packaged, I would advise people to buy from beauty bay since they have stuff that no other places sell in the uk, and I shall keep buying from beauty bay! Thankyou
5 Hana Mohammed
Best product I've purchases
5 anna hadra
perfect contour kit ... i need this in my life!
5 Amy
this is the best contouring product used to date!! colours suit my skin perfectly. the colours are so nice, banana is my fave for highlighting!! team it up with Nars concealer for a flawless finish!! i've placed more orders for ABH!! dip brow is my next purchase!!
5 Shepa
I love this contour kit it has the perfect colours for highlighting and the contour powder colours are just perfect! The light kit is good for all skin tones.
4 javairia
i was looking forward to trying this product out and when it arrived i absolutely fell in love with it, however be careful when choosing your shade, the highlighting colours in the palette did not show up on me whatsoever and i am olive skin toned slightly leaning onto the dark side but overall i love this pallette for the contour colours!
4 claire
After reading numerous different reviews on differing contouring kits ( Anatasia/Smashbox/Stila) I decided to go with the Anastasia light kit and I have not been disappointed!!! Even though there was no how to guide with the kit itself, the website shows how you can get those Kim K razor sharp cheekbones and the other contouring tricks that can help everyone achieve their ultimate best look. Ive used it every day since I got it ( both for work and for heading out) and the number of compliments I've had is directly the result of the magic of the kit. Definitely a kit that everyone should have in their makeup arsenal :)
5 Agata
Absolutely love it! Its so amazing and easy to work with
5 Anne Shankley
AMAZING! Absolutely love this. Waited aaaaages for it to come back into stock, everytime i went to buy it it was sold out! Well woth the wait. So pigmented and beautiful. The shade banana is incredible.
5 Emma
I was so happy with the quality of this product! I'm in love with the highlighters and the banana shade for my dark circles, I'm constantly reaching for it. Highly recommend!
5 Louise
This contour kit is well worth the money. With different kits to suit each skin tone everyone can enjoy the product. The contour colours are highly pigmented leaving you with a flawless contoured look. It is perfect for bronzing up your skin or adding that extra definition to your face. with videos online with how to use this product it is made easy for everyone to enjoy and get full use of this product definatly well worth the price.
5 Saffiyah Khan
This has got to be the best product ever!! Pricey but worth it i have this in light it is perfecttt the dipbrows are good too love everything about anastaisa products deffo would recommend.. :)
Amazing! Use a little so much affect.
5 Katrina Jayne
I saw this on YouTube videos after firstly seeing this from fellow make-up enthusiasts that were raving about this product, on Depop, but wow! The price might first knock you back, but its fab! It's worth all of the money! The range of colours you get is ranged from light to bronzing/ dark contouring shades, it's brilliant. And the ability to use the pallet afterwards to add your own replacements is even better! The quality of the powder of this product is 5* In itself and it doesn't make you look cakey! Worth the rave:)
5 Hamna Begum
Absouloutly amazing best contour kit ever! Highly pigmentated and easy to blend..Definitely worth purchasing if you want your features too look more bold and sharp! :)
5 April
Amazing very good contour effect
5 Chloe merrigan
I absolutely love this! The colours are perfect, so smooth on the skin can create the perfect effect with this Anastasia contour pallet.
5 basiliki
Well.. l don't think that there is a better pallet for countour than this fron anastasia ... its gorgeous !!
5 Louise
Amazing palette so easy to use perfect shades for contouring and highlighting!brilliant for budding makeup artists and pros alike!!!love love love!!!
5 Lydia
Amazing product .. A must have
5 joanne adams
Amazing xxxx
5 Nan
I really love this contour kit. I have been using it non-stop since I got it. I really love the contour colors and banana for highlight.
5 Sebrina Juul
I bought this palette a week ago and it came quickly! I love it so much is good both for everyday use but also celebration. you can choose whether to have extreme contour or slightly
5 mehreen
Amazing quality, it is quite small, aboutthe size of my hands but it will last a while as you dont need much at all and it blends seemlessly. Would definitely recommend.
5 rabya
Amazing product with super fast delivery. My one stop for make up buys is beauty bay now. Five stars xx
5 Lilly
I got this contour kit and I absolutely love it! I just love the look and the way it goes on the face it's absolutely beautiful! Anyone who loves to contour needs this!!
5 Elise Gregory
I have wanted one of these palettes for a long time now and I was so excited when it arrived. The shades in the palette are amazing and very pigmented so you won't have to use a lot of product to get an amazing contoured effect. I'm in love with the 3 darker shades as they're very matte and don't make your skin look orange or make you look cakey or muddy which I've noticed a lot of contouring products do. I don't regret buying this in the slightest as it's by far the best contouring product I've ever used and I've been recommending it to everyone! Definitely worth every penny, a must have for any make up enthusiast!
5 Chloe
So happy to be able to buy this product in the UK without having to pay a massive shipping fee. I am so happy with this product, it is perfect for contouring and highlighting the face and the powders blend onto the face fabulously! I can't go a day without using this product, a definite recommend!
5 Roxana
It's amazing! ! ! Top product! ! ! I love it! ! !
5 Tazbia
A great product, has everything u need for contouring and highlighting and so far the best pallets with six colours....highly recommended if you love contouring your face and nose
4 hollie
I cannot wait to try this product out!! So excited so good to find a website that actually ships to the UK well pleased !!
5 Charlotte
This product is well worth the money, a little goes a long way. Best contour product on the market well worth the buy
5 Taz
One of my faviourite contour pallets, blends really easily and give a natrual finish.
4 Sushoma
I'm surprised of the size it's smaller then I thought, it's a magnetic pallete you can refill it, the powders are very smooth on touch and very buttery very good quality I use the banana powder for my under eyes it's so flawless the powders are finely milded very good quality and it's very heavy and sturdy the pallete
5 Aqsa Iqbal
Absolutely amazing contour kit produced by Anastacia but more importanly I love how beautybay sell it much cheaper, along with quick delivery and free delivery!
5 Ellie
Absolutely adore this palette! Received it about a week ago and can't put it down. I use the banana and fawn shades the most, although all 6 shades are very usable.
4 Lucie
All in all this palette is great, the colour range is fantastic for almost all skin tones, the colours blend beautifully and leave a truly great finish. However, the only downside point I have about this product would be the highlighting shades, I have quite fair skin and I have a hard time really making it pop, due to the highlight colours not being light enough.
5 farrah barber
Amazing!!! Makes your skin look flawless, can make face look dirty if not applied properly but beautiful. Would recommend as a contour kit to anyone
5 Kelly evans
Really good product! Would recommend it to anyone who likes to look good on a night out or if you just like that hollywood look...
5 Deborah Feeney
Delivered very quicky and well packaged to protect Item, my daughter has wanted this contour kit for a while and this site is the only availability, although not tested yet as it is for a Christmas present it looks very professional with a great selection of shades to suit, she has the eyebrow pomade already in this brand and is the best yet for her and she is a make up artist! she will be delighted!!
5 Emilyrelts
Truly the best beauty product I have ever bought, quality is beautiful and I have absolutely no regrets in purchasing this! It is extremely hard to find these in stock within the UK so grab it while you can!!!
5 Nels
All in one, very good product love it.
5 kriste
its very versatile and can be used for all skin types really good for freelance makeup artists really is my hoy grail product i recommend it
5 miriam
amazing !!!!!! so easy to blend , i see why all the kardashians are raving about this product its amazing id recommend it to everyone ! definitely purchasing again

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